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USS Chicago (CG 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Chicago (CG 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 421 crew members registered for the USS Chicago (CG 11).

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Reeve, TerryFTM21970 – 1974T1
Tankersley, (Tank) RogerGMM3/21970 – 1973WeaponsI remember going around the island in H. Harbor while they droped mines. It was a slow trip around the island with 5" , shoting at us. Had 2 new crated K-500 in the helo bay. I think they were scared to hit us.
Vaughn, DavidBT/31970 – 1972BServed in fire rooms 1-2-3-4- not enough snipe listed because we are a breed of the past . I sure miss Joe West from San Antonio ,the preachers son ,Dutch the rebel of our bunch. I miss all of you guys .
Kerly, Joee21970 – 1971Deck
Dorigan, JohnSTG21970 – 19745thAt the time I left the ship I was glad to leave, but looking back, it's all good memories. I'd do it again.
Grundman, CraigRM31970 – 1971RadiomanWas the greatest experience of my life.
Draper, KeithJan 1970 – Nov 1972would like to hear from my shipmates (houston , poucher robinson etc.)
Koopman, HenryFTM-2Jan 1970 – Apr 1971T-3What a big target! But what a great crew. I have fond memories or the crew who worked the Port Tartar System. Remember a direct hit on a Bowmark (?) drone by our system, which Talos systems couldn't find.
Goulter, RonFTM3Feb 1970 – Aug 1974T1What a proud ship! I will never forget the old girl! I learned so much and saw some wonderful, some strange and some fascinating places during my time. Looking for Tom Wetzel
McNair, LarryPH3Mar 1970 – Sep 1971XMy first ship. Had alot of good times and some not so good times. Over all, I'd do it again!
Gutierrez, RichardFTM2Mar 1970 – Mar 1974T-1
Kinkel, DarrellFTG-3/2/1May 1970 – Nov 25, 19756thLike to find LTJG Chuck Bambenek and GMG Richie Charles Angel , III from Grafton, Mass. Spent 5 1/2 yrs on the ole "Chi Town" Remember mining of Haiphong, Piraz, rescuing shot down Pilot(s) Man overboard Tonkin Gulf, Mig shootdown,etc.
Ashcraft, LarryBM/3CMay 2, 1970 – Dec 28, 19731st and 2ndBm 3/c
Dixon, SteveFTM1May 2, 1970 – May 2, 1974T-4
Sztejter, AlbertFTM-1Jun 1970 – Nov 1971T-1Mk 118 computer supervisor for 1 west-pac tour. Burned out on Subic, loved Hong Kong, wished we could've gone to Singapor. Loved the middy cruise to Frisco, Seattle and Hawaii before west-pac. Any one remember how we almost drank Guam dry?
McCartney, WilliamEn2Jun 1970 – Oct 1973ABest of all the commands i served in. Anyone remember pollywog night in singapore. Of all the people i remember the ones that stand out the most, steve blankenship (rip), john bloomer and briab tullos.
Brown, BertQM2Jun 5, 1970 – Sep 16, 1973navigationserved two west pac tours for a total of 14 mo. ship was credited with several mig kills and many mobil radar site kills
Hutchinson, Gerald (Hutch)SH3Jul 1970 – Feb 1974Ship Serviceman Great ship and crew mates. Would like to get in touch with former crew to reminisce about our time on board the mighty Chicago and places we been.
Stimmell, JakehtfnJul 20, 1970 – Apr 27, 1972r divwould like to hear from bob wilkinson you took me up in a gliderand i stayed over your house we played pinacle also bosn mate schram from indonisiaalso captain feaster id like my jacket back the one i had sewed in yoko
Stoddard, ThomaslcplAug 1, 1970 – Oct 2, 1972Marine detachment
May, Roger KidE2Aug 8, 1970 – Aug 8, 1972Ship FitterLisening To The Baker Play Guitar
May, Roger KidE2Aug 8, 1970 – Aug 8, 1972Shipfitters
Vaught, DavidBM2Sep 1, 1970 – Aug 30, 19722nd / Captain's GIGReported aboard as SA departed as BM2. Made two WestPac's. Great tour of duty and influenced my decision to make a career of the Navy. Retired 1988 BMCS
Smith, Davidrm3Sep 10, 1970 – Dec 14, 1973cr
Richardson, Vernon/big RichGMG 3Sep 14, 1970 – Feb 18, 1973FIRST DIVISIONNO
Ambusb, Roy / BushE2Sep 19, 1970 – Jan 1973R Does anyone remember BUSH in R division ?
Giammona, MichaelSEAMANDec 1970 – Jun 1972deck and quartermasterlooking for old friend shram or cusamano
Haynes, RobertFTMCDec 30, 1970 – May 20, 1974Aft Talos Radar AN/SPG-49BMade FTMC during service on CG-11
Dant, Robert BobBM31971 – 1972I made rate from seamann to BM3 on the Chi. Went on a Westpac and were a part of task force that mined Haiphong Harbor, N. Vietnam. I was on the helo crew. We were firing missles at anything that moved. Scary but exciting. Anyone remember?
Campanella, MichaelBM31971 – 19723rd Division
Clark, SteveIC31971 – Sep 1, 1973EI wish that the city of Chicago had bought the ship when it was decommishened!I would give anything to go back and see it!There was a bosnmate onboard from my county I didn't even realize.
Todd, EjSKCS E81971 – 1974S1At this time just wanting list of surviving shipmates.
Herring, Larry "Fish"BT21971 – 1975BLots of catching up to do with the guys in #2.
Stefancik, FrankFN1971 –B Division EngineeringLooking for anyone who remembers Frank Stefancik. AKA Pollock, Polock. Fireroom 2. 1970-1971.
Pacheco, Michaele-41971 – 1975supplyi hear people now say thank you for your service. sure didn't hear that back in the seventies.
Purcell, Brianbm-2Feb 18, 1971 – Feb 16, 19752 nd divison
Nowell, LarryOSCMMar 1971 – Jun 1974oiACE
Rebhun, FredYN3Mar 7, 1971 – Dec 10, 1973XLooking for other shipmates in X-Div during those times.
Conley, JamesBM3Apr 22, 1971 – Sep 15, 19743rd deckLet's hear from the deck apes.
Foreman, David Aka FredBT 3May 1971 – May 1974BI worked in #2 and #3 firerooms. I sure have lots of great memories of my shipmates and the mighty Chi.
Laurie, BruceYN2May 1971 – Feb 0005XNo comment at this time
Miller, VinceRM 2May 30, 1971 – Jun 24, 1974CRJust found this place! Boy, lots of names from the past.
Sherwood, Rick (Tank)OS2Jul 1971 – May 1973Operation
Hafner, BillBT 3Jul 20, 1971 – Feb 11, 1974BHi Karl and Fred excited to see your names. Once a snipe always a snipe. Lots of great memories of #3 fire room. Where are all of shipmates?
Linn Sr., William T.e.FTM-3Aug 1971 – Dec 1973T-4Talos AN/SPG-49 Dir-8
Rishton, GlennFTM 3Sep 1971 – Feb 1976T 3Now that I am retired from the Merchant Marine and a full time slacker I am thinking back on the good times I had on the Chicago. Thinking of just the good times though.
Spikes, DaleYN-3Sep 1, 1971 – Jul 3, 1973XEnjoyed my tour on Chicago
Hoyt, KarlBT3Sep 10, 1971 – Aug 10, 1974Bwhy are there so few 'snipes' making themselves known on these reunion pages? #3 boiler room ruled back in those days!
Montalvo, LupeCS3Sep 12, 1971 – Aug 10, 1973S-2I was a cook on stbd. watch. Worked with Sims, Sony, Dave Crook, Maple, Adamark, Owen, and Cleveland. I have kept up with Dave and Sims, have not heard from the rest. If anyone knows MC Aguilar from 3rd Div. have him drop me an e-mail.
Nardo, JimRM3Sep 15, 1971 – Jul 10, 1974RM DivWith three years onboard, and having served on the mess decks twice, I knew hundreds by name and face; a great bunch of people; team players. Lots of memories!
Obrecht, TomOS2Oct 1971 – Mar 1974OIGood times were had by the radarmen -- Remember Haiphong Harbor -- Downing a mig -- Olongapo, Hong Kong, Singapore, almost Australia, crossing the equator, of course Piraz, falcon codes, our friends the ETs, etc etc etc.
Cleveland, William (Bill)MS2Oct 26, 1971 – Oct 14, 1974Galley Supplyanyone remember the "Cookie" or "Stewburner"?
Andrews, JohnMUSNNov 1971 – Jun 1972Flag--COMCRUDESFLOT 3Operation Linebaker and Linebacker 1--lots of fire on the beach--kept us from some good liberty!
Brown, DougFTM2Dec 1971 – Dec 1973T-1
Tullos, BrianEN3Dec 1971 – Sep 1974AGreat ship. Would like to hear from some people in engineering. Came from YRBM 21 as an ENFN with EN2 Kucera in Dec 71
Barrett, Mikeboiler technician BT 2Dec 7, 1971 – Dec 22, 1975B divisionGreat times with great friends dirt bikes and dune buggies in the Baja Holt is on it need to hear from more snipes on this page get to me 319 415 1932 or don't miss #2 or chief Rodgers or mid watch

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