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USS Chicago (CG 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Chicago (CG 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 421 crew members registered for the USS Chicago (CG 11).

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Monroe, BillGMM31968 – 1972T-3best years of my life there
Shotts, RobertSN1968 –3rd and HThe year and a half on the Chicago along with the West Pak cruise were probably the most growing time in my life.
Finley, MikeFTM21968 – 1973T1 Division. Forward Talos Missile Computer & RadarMet the ship at sea in the fall of '68. First worked the Mk111 Mod 1 analog computer, later on moved to working the ANSPG-49 radar.
Lamb, DavidFTM 11968 – 1971T-3Worked at Mk 118/119 Tartar computer.
Wilson, LeroyEm31968 –E
Slack, RichardE51968 –R DivisionPlease forgive me. My father was Richard Rey Slack. I am looking for anyone who served with him on the USS Chicago CG-11 He lost all his navy stuff so I'm trying to find pictures and any stories people remenber.
Alexander, MichaelRD31968 – Mar 1971OperationsLook for some old friends. I haven’t seen or talked to anyone from the Chicago since I got out of the Navy. My nickname was Alex.
Steel, BrentFTM1Jan 10, 1968 – Mar 1, 1971T-1Worked in WDE/39 and Aft W-2. Still in touch with Jackson, Pearl, Maurer, Emmett, Wilkens, Keeran, Elliott., the Facebook CG11 group and the Chicago Reunion Committee
Goidman, BillCYN3Feb 7, 1968 – Sep 15, 1969CRwould like to hear from anyone that I served with that remembers me.
Maurer, DennisFTM-1Feb 15, 1968 – Aug 1, 1972T-1 Foward Talos Radar # 1Enjoyed my time aboard the Chicago. Made 4 partial/total West PAC cruises. Had great times in Japan/Hong Kong/Subic Bay/Okinawa etc. Would really enjoy re-connecting with fellow shipmates especially from the Talos Div.
Shaffer, DavidRD1May 1968 – Jun 1968STAFFCOMCRUDESFLOT 11 Radarman
Pierce, SteveLTJGJun 30, 1968 – Oct 15, 1969S-3,S-4,S-5 OFFICER
Morris, ArtFTM3Aug 13, 1968 – Jun 7, 1971T 1
Tveit, JimPO 1 Electronics TerchnicianSep 1968 –Shop 67 RadioGreat shipmates, the 4 cruises to West Pac, seeing Hong Kong each year, Singapore and crossing the equator becoming a shellback, Sasebo and Yakuska Japan and of course Subic Bay.
Watson, ChuckFASep 18, 1968 – Apr 6, 1969EngineeringWould like to locate Steve Van Horn? We joined the Navy together in KC, MO and were on the Chicago until I injured my knee and was airlifted off on April 6, 1969 while in the Gulf of Tonkin. Does anyone else remember that day?
Girsch, Michael (Mick)E-3Sep 18, 1968 – Jun 18, 1970Med. & DentalJust looking for any of my mates during that time: Van Orden, Harry Delaney, Jim Seiferman, Ricky Booth. Would love to coneect with those heroes on last time!!!
Gerth, PhillipIC 2nd classSep 24, 1968 – Feb 14, 1972E_Proud of the time I served and the friends I made. Wish I had the opportunity to see them all again. 4 of us got together in Minn. several years ago to tell lies. 4 of us got together at the last San Diego ships reunion
Berg, Andrew (Aj)STG-3/2/1Oct 1968 – May 19745th
Hermes, RogerSAOct 1968 – Jun 19702ndNo better times than Hong Kong hell of a way to party but worth it
Rothwell, DavidQM2Nov 1968 – Sep 1, 1970Navigation
Hamilton, RickBM2/cNov 1968 – Sep 19722nd. & 4th BM3/c shortly & was transferred to 4th div BM2/c. Honors BM for awhile, lead BM in underway replenishment for awhile, LPO of 4th div., until last 4 month of my enlistment. Got out & became Pro. FireFighter for 27 yrs..
Schenkel, DonaldGMM2Nov 1968 – Jun 1972T3Three WestPac cruises, came aboard as a GMM3 left as a GMM1 selectee. The Chicago one of the two best ships I was on. She was always ready to go, and ready for a good fight.
Seifert, Bill (William) profile iconSH-3Nov 15, 1968 – Sep 11, 1972Ship Servicemangreat time and bad time on the mighty Chi town
Farrell, GearyBT3Dec 1968 – Sep 1970B
Buffington, William "Buff"ETCDec 1968 – Jan 1970Fully enjoyed my tour. Married my wonderful wife, Linda, shortly sfter going aboard. Fully enjoyed working for LCDR Vince Orbish, and ETCM Smith. The highlite of my career.
Nelson, BillSH-2Dec 2, 1968 – Sep 29, 1969S-3
Fay, JohnGMG 3Dec 15, 1968 – Jun 6, 19726th
Vegazo, ClarkBT3Dec 20, 1968 – Aug 3, 1971BFresh out of Boot Camp, straight to the fire-room. A year later, went to BT"A" school. BT3 in November 1970. Passed the BT2 leadership exam, but never allowed to take the technical exam, I had enough trouble just being a third class!
Vegazo, ClarkBT3Dec 20, 1968 – Dec 20, 1968BC-Average kid, right out of High School, straight to the Fireroom without school. After first WESPAC, applied for "A" school, got it & made 3rd soon after.
Sardinha, Manuel (Babes)FTM21969 – 1973T-3Participated in 3 West Pac cruises to Vietnam and I was discharged from the Navy when we were in the Long Beach shipyards in 1973. My shipmates gave me the confidence I needed for the rest of my life.
Moore, KeithFTM21969 – May 2, 1974T-1maintained Spg 49b Radar Director 1 for talos missle system
Frank, GaryFTM21969 – 1974T1Forward W2 guidance radars.
Cook, DanielBT21969 – 1973BServed as Oil King
Boelema, Gary profile iconFTG21969 – 19726th
Rinehold, Jerrymm31969 – 1969m divisionI have great memories and made some fantastic friends what a ride it was.
Eddy, JohnRD-3-E41969 – May 7, 1971OI
Nash, KenFTM21969 – Apr 15, 1974T4Aft Talos computer room. Two Westpac tours.
Haney, SteveFTM2/FTM1Jan 1969 – Nov 1971T-3SECOND TOUR JULY 1974/JAN. 1976
Patrick, RogerEN3Jan 17, 1969 – Jan 1971A and BServed in 4 Fireroom for a while then went to A div. Have a lot of memories. Subic red dirt streets and tropical whites.Butterfly girls and mamasans.San Miguel.Flight quarters. Battle stations.Unreps.Purifing JP5.4on4off.oil king..friends.
Matthews, Charles {chuck}SH1/SHCFeb 1, 1969 – Jun 30, 1970S-3I enjoyed my tour of duty on board the Chi, and my best buddy was HMC Max Wiesenfluh,sic.
Pelhank, Kevin (Hank)GMM3Feb 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1972T-2These was a bad time to be in the Navy. Converting from the old to the new especially with Admiral Zummwalt trying to make changes. But looking back,I wish I would have stayed in,I loved the team work and comrodery
Blake, Harrison "Doc"HM2Feb 2, 1969 – Jul 2, 1971H Div (Medical)
Holland, WilliambmMar 14, 1969 – Mar 6, 1972namy father was stationed on this ship.
Knopf, RalphBM2Jun 1969 – Apr 19711st Division2nd Div. to 1st because of cummins then to 3rd after the refuel accident then to 4th when LPO went stateside early during 70 to 71 deployment
Puskar, JamesLTJGAug 1969 – Jul 1970S-4I served as Disbursing Officer and Wardroom Mess Caterer. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Chicago. Great ship, great crew.
Wilkens, KlausFTM2Sep 1969 – Dec 27, 1973T1/T4
Beal, RichardFTCSSep 1969 – Aug 1972T-3FTM1 and FTMC onboard Chicago.
Gazan, EliezerE3Sep 16, 1969 – May 16, 1974S-5/ AChange my rating from SN to MRFN
Kinkade, Mitchell W.Sm3Sep 18, 1969 – Mar 11, 1971CSWestpac 70/71 Man overboard exciting. T.O.Brite, L. Schaver, Kelly, Tucker, Goodwin, Chief Wheeler,{Crazy} Great Skiviwaver Gang.
Beaal, RichardFTMCSep 19, 1969 – Jul 15, 1972T1Came onboard as FTM-1 and made FTMC prior to my second deployment to Viet Nam. Crossed the equator as a new chief. What a brusing experence. SPG-49 supervisor and SERT chief. Great ship and crew.
Foster, StephenFTM3Oct 1969 – May 1972T1AN/SPW2B Aft Guidance
Horan, DouglasLTJGOct 1969 – Apr 1971boilers
Curnutt, FloydEN3Oct 1969 – Jul 1970A digCaprain's gig engineer
Abbott, Mike profile iconE-5Oct 19, 1969 – Jul 8, 1972OI/OWHad a great time, you're either a cruiser sailor or not. It was the real spit and polish Navy while I was aboard, rocks and shoals was still fresh in everybodys minds so you carried your weight.
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Junttonen, KenSK3Dec 1969 – Sep 1971

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