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USS Chicago (CG 11) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Chicago (CG 11). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 421 crew members registered for the USS Chicago (CG 11).

Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 – 1973 | 1974 – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – now

Mattison, William/billRD31965 – Nov 1966Had some really good times-looking for Jimmy Lee Vance and Jim Poore-If you know anything about them please call 515-262-5735
Schrand, JayDS31965 – 1966OEFair Seas
Johnke, DavidSTSN-STG21965 – 19685thMy first ship. served aboard Chicago during her first 2 wespacs. I'm sure everyone remembers how much "fun" PIRAZ was. hello to all my old shipmates and God Bless.
Phillippi, PeterHM21965 – 1966MedicalLike to hear from shipmates. Harley, Sam, Denny, etc
Mullenmaster, John (Jack))FTG-3Jan 1965 – Oct 19686TH Division
Simpson, RichardET3Jan 2, 1965 – Jul 2, 19661
Purcell, Charles (Ron)MM3Apr 1965 – Dec 1967AFTER ENGINEROOMWe had such a great goupe of guys in the after engineroom. Proud to have served on her for the fist @ tours to Viet Nam
Burkett, LloydDS1May 10, 1965 – Aug 17, 1969Great Ship
Giles, DennisMM2Jun 5, 1965 – Mar 19, 1969MOne of the "Three Musketeers." Other two were Henry Hoyt from SanFrancisco and Ron from Louisana. And always remember Charlie Sinclair, Richard Price, Mr. Snow.
Triz, GaryE3Jul 15, 1965 – Jul 7, 1967RepairGreetings I am looking for current addresses, and phone numbers of both the living, and deceased shipmates, Divison officers, and Chiefs who served aboard the USS Chicago CG-11. Gary Triz S. # 661-83-85 1-360-683-4929
Lapointe, DansnSep 1965 – Aug 19673rd & mess cookwas attached to 3rd I was mostly on sound powered phones for most details. scariest ones were flight quarters on yankee station. some got awful close to missle launchers
Whitaker, DennisFTM2Sep 17, 1965 – Apr 13, 1970T-1I was a 'twigett' and assigned to the Talos/Tartar WDS. Later I was in charge of the 3D radar SPS-39A. We made three tours of Vietnam and we steamed to N. Korea when the USS Pueblo was captured.
Harold, BelvalPETTY OFFICER 3RD CLASSOct 1965 – Oct 1969Commissary
Broadhead, WilburE-4Oct 15, 1965 – Jul 28, 19681st and XStreet kid from Brooklyn NY, Grew up on the CHI. Great crew
McRae, DonaldSN/PN3Nov 1965 – 1967X
Alekna, CarlMM3Nov 1965 – Sep 19, 1969M
Falcon, HermanBT 2Dec 15, 1965 – May 1967B Division
Kilbane, JimBT-3Dec 20, 1965 – Sep 18, 1967B-divthe worst times and the best times
Bowlby II, RobertET2Dec 28, 1965 – Oct 17, 1966
Carroll, JerrySNJan 1966 – Aug 1968S-2Cook
Hoerner, FredSM 3Jan 15, 1966 – Oct 2, 1969OC1 Mr Mack with you in that boat.Wont forget. Larry I saw you sighed in. Retired as SM1 in 1989 and living in Chas. S.C. area. Good luck to any shipmates that may read this. Now code enforcement officer in dorchester county S.C. call anytime
Pisors, BobUSS CHICAGO CG-11Feb 1966 – Jun 1967Supply
Mitchell, ChuckBM2Mar 1966 – Jun 1968I WAS ABOARD THE CHICAGO IN 3RD DIV AND 1ST DIV
Libby, Keith (Lib)FTM2Mar 1966 – Sep 1969 Tartar Battery I worked with the Tartar batteries. (GMMs and FTs)
Tomlinson, ThomasRD2Mar 1966 – Jan 28, 1968OI
Klemas, PhilipFTM2Apr 1966 – May 1, 1970WEAPONS
Colon, LouYN3Apr 1966 – Jun 1968Executive/Captains OfficeServed with Tim McMaster & Jerry Montoya, under Capt's Cox and DeLargy (RIP) great memories now that I am 60. Became a shellback aboard the "Mighty Chi" and that was a blast. Hey old buddies reach me at
Fugaro, JoeMM2May 8, 1966 – Oct 10, 1969M Division
Romer, GaryFIREMAN 3RD CLASS PETTY OFFICERMay 31, 1966 – May 27, 1968FireRoom 4I am trying to find my best friend friend, the shios librian Wayne Miller
Hovland, BobRM2Jun 1966 – Jul 1970Lots of good times, like to find some old guys that I used to party with.
Michael Boyle, MikeFTM2Jun 6, 1966 – Aug 16, 1968T3Good ship. Great division.
Lollar, JerrySEAMANAug 25, 1966 – Jan 27, 19711ST 2ND 4YH & XO (PHOTO)LOOKING FOR BM2 BEAR
Curtis, Richard (Dick)ETCAug 28, 1966 – Apr 5, 1970OEGot high-lined aboard off the USS Buchanan in the Tonkin Golf to report for duty as an ETR2. Walked off in San Diego in April 1970 as an ETC. Retired in 1991 as ETCM, Great tour on the Chicago. Where is ETCM Smith?
Alekna, CarlMM3Nov 11, 1966 – Sep 19, 1969
Brown, DanielSANov 30, 1966 – Aug 6, 19672nd / CSOnly aboard 1966-67. My first ship out of Boot Camp. Happy to leave 2nd Div and go to Signal Bridge with Horner, Mims and Ski. Remenber the trip to Juneau and to Seattle. Left in Seattle for LST-905 in Vietnam.
Achziger, LorenGMM 3Dec 1966 – Jun 1970T-3Those were the good times
Lee, William (Bill)SNDec 26, 1966 – Jan 25, 19681st ; T-1/T-7 (WDE)Had some good times on the Chi-Town. Had some good friends also. I was transferred in Jan. '68,(just before the trip to Korea), to attend submarine school.
Poucher, Richard Poochftmsn ftcm1967 – 1972t3work in com[puter and port radar
Rector, RonaldE-5 BOILERMAN SECOND CLASSJan 2, 1967 – Jul 8, 1969B
MacK, BobLTJGFeb 1967 – Oct 1968CR Ofcr 67-68, 1st Ofcr 68-69OOD(F), also was Mt.52 Gun Ofcr, Fred Hoerner and I, plus coxswain and engineer were left off North Vietnam a couple of hours in a whaleboat that Capt. Delargy was using to practice Hong Kong moors while the ship chased MIGs going South !
Shandrow, StevenFTM2Mar 1, 1967 – Oct 24, 1969T5Worked Dir 8, and WDE.
Schelstrate, FrankCYN3Mar 1, 1967 – Oct 1, 1969CRI had some great times on this ship. I loved all the Liberty ports, especially Hong Kong. Love to hear from some guys I hung out with.
Keel, PhilipRDSNMay 1967 – Feb 1969OI
Colon, LouYN3May 1967 – Jun 1968Executive
Espinoza, KlentSF3Jun 1967 – Oct 1969RepairLooking for Randy Bullington; Wayne Hines, Steve Sudyka, Rick Mathowitz, John Loggins, Bill Shortall, Rick Shure, and Mike Weldon. All were in the repair division, and first class Vaughn was 1st class PO and Lt JG Unike our
Pettyjohn, Rick / PjBM3Jun 1967 – Dec 19701 & 3Was in third division then moved to first division in '69
Mitchell, Mitchbm2Jun 20, 1967 – Aug 20, 19683rd and 1st i was in 3rd div with bm1 smith and later took over 1st div
Marchant, ReubenMACHINIST'S MATE 2NDAug 1967 – Aug 1972MA fantastic ship, we were far above all others. The Chicago was the standard for all other ships in the U. S. Navy
Peterson, RodgerE3Aug 1967 – Nov 19683rdDoes anyone remember Boatswain's Mate 1st Class Smith from 3rd Division? Give your comments!
Schaver, Larry K.SM3Aug 1967 – Jan 29, 1970CSSignalman
Marotti, JohnsnAug 1967 – Sep 19683 div sidecleaneri fell overboard a day before we got home from west pac may of 68 thanks for coming back for me
Speed, JamesRD-3Aug 1, 1967 – Nov 14, 1968Great experience -- great shipmates. Great ship.
Squier, DanielE-6 FTM1Aug 2, 1967 – Sep 1, 1970FWD Missile House
Murphy, Michael/murphFTM1Aug 15, 1967 – Mar 1, 1971T-7/T-1 Weap. Dir. Equip.
Manning, WarrenFTM2Sep 1967 – Nov 1972T3Embarked as E3 in Yokosuka, Japan and disembarked @ Long Beach Shipyard as E5 w/ early discharge @ Treasure Island Naval Station. Served as 51-C Radar Oper on both port & starboard radar shacks and as Weps Dept Supply PO
Wilkins, Joseph Joe FoxE-3Oct 1967 – Feb 27, 19704thPlease feel free to contact me with any question related to service connected disability while aboard the Chicago, or service in Viet Nam
Sorensen, JoelEN4Oct 1967 – Jan 14, 1971A- DivisionServied during Viert Nam in the gulf, at sea a long time but meet many great guys.
Ondo, TedFTM3Oct 6, 1967 – Dec 12, 1969T5Got my sea legs and shell back on this lady.
Scott, Jim..scottyRM#Oct 9, 1967 – Sep 4, 1969CR ...RadioLots of good times in many ports...Best Ship in Nav.Retired January of 2006...37 years active and guard. Retired as Capt. Live in Maryville, Mo and Bedford, Iowa. would enjoy hearing from anyone who was aboard when I was.
Bruns, LeroyRD3Oct 10, 1967 – Sep 1, 1970OIServed with pride on a proud ship.
Hidalgo, MichaelRM3Oct 11, 1967 – Aug 29, 1969CR
Derocco, EdIC2Nov 1967 – Jan 1970E

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1967 | 1968 – 1969 | 1970 – 1971 | 1972 – 1973 | 1974 – 1975 | 1976 – 1977 | 1978 – now

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