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USS Albany (CG 10) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Albany (CG 10). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 655 crew members registered for the USS Albany (CG 10).

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Miller, GarySN1972 – 19756thWorked on the ASROC team
Harris, DavidGMT 31972 – 19766TH Division
Minor, WilliamEM21972 – 1975EAssigned after being dropped from NPS due to loss of hearing. Met 'Big Al' while anchored off Athens.
Cooper, Garysa1972 – 19742 divcame on in mayport looking for tom barlet
Shuman, James profile iconFT21972 – Sep 1975F4Initially with 48A radar but slept with F1 in forward quarters, moved over to 1st class section b'cause too tall for head to foot racks ( 6'-6" ). Never wore my cap below decks - couldn't see obstructions as I walked around.
Burnett, GlennRM2Jan 1972 – Aug 1975CRTo the CR Div do you remember when the Bilge leaked into the fresh water and the Admiral would not let us return to port. As for me got out in 75 out 13yrs. Join NR in 88. Went to Iraq in 03 with EOD. Ret 21yrs
Childress, LarryBM-2Jan 1972 – Sep 19751st LT sail locker- lst DivLiving in Okla since discharge. My time aboard the Albany required me to do some growing up, lots of long hours, hard work and laughs. Plenty of sea time. Med, all over caribbean and N. Atlantic. To Bob Reeder, Thanks
Griner, Vernon(vern)RM3Jan 10, 1972 – May 14, 1974CR(COMM)MED CRUISE 72 AND PHIL YARDS 73/74. Hey Jude I got a copy of the Med CRUISE BOOK!
Frasier, LarryBT2Feb 1972 – Apr 1973Boiler- Oil ShackAlways a great time on the Albany. Worked in the B division Oil Shack. Partied heavy in final Navy year with Eddie Romano of fireroom #1. Great ship, crew, and officers. Sail on.....
Odaniel, MichaelHt3Mar 10, 1972 – Nov 28, 1973A
Carnes, DavidE2Mar 28, 1972 – Mar 28, 1975ELooking for Mike Bishop.
Hill, Steve (Freq) profile iconRM2Jun 1972 – Apr 29, 1974CROn board for 72-73 cruise. Mustered out during Philly overhaul in 74. Remember Nixon's visit? I almost knocked him on is butt when the Cap. and he were waiting for the elevator outside of the radio room.
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Condra, BillRM1Jun 10, 1972 – Aug 11, 1974CRServed in Albany CG-10 from 72 to 74. Remember Vaillancourt, Donohue, Hill, Griner and Burnett as RM2 & 3's. Made the 73 cruise as well. Sorry no book/photos. Retired off California CG-36 as RMC.
O'Grady, Bill "Shady"EM1 , made Chief onboardJun 10, 1972 – May 29, 1974E DivisionMerry Christmas to all !!!
Horsch, JCFTM-3Jul 1972 – Aug 8, 1975F-4Memories of Mayport, Med cruise, Philadelphia, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Boston, and Caribbean
Roberts, RoyE4Jul 15, 1972 – Jul 15, 19761st
Roberts, RoyE4Jul 15, 1972 – Jul 19, 19761st & 2ndwould like to hear from anyone serving with me, and am especially looking for a buddy nicknamed paddle and served as a fireman. My Tele # is 830-569-4061. or email @
Mason, JerryMM1Aug 1972 – Apr 1973Generator GangNot a lot to say here. Made the Med cruise and re-enlisted under the guard program in order to return to Norfolk. Learned to play cribbage with MM1 Davis. Flew home from Athens for Christmas
Donohue, MikeRM3Aug 15, 1972 – Feb 4, 1976CRid love to hear from shipmates in cr div. also am looking for a copy of a cruise book from 1972-73 Med. cruise. mine is missing and would pay to have a copy made. thx
Vaillancourt, RichRM2Aug 28, 1972 – Sep 7, 1975CRWent on 72 to 73 Med Cruise. Enjoyed all the ports with my shipmates. Enjoyed caribbean cruises as well. Was discharged in Sep 75, then reenlisted in Naval Reserves for total of 23 years. Now a retired RMC. Hope to hear from some shipmates!
Vance, John (Jp)E-3Sep 1972 – Jan 29, 19741st LTMed cruise was alot of fun. Enjoyed my time with shipmates in Mayport also. Im still in contact with a few of you after all these years. Hope more will join to reunite us. JP
Schwalm, Micke-3Sep 19, 1972 – Aug 25, 1974boatsamate1973 med cruise,philly drydock,i re pres nixon in greece
Hickerson, DanielFTMSNOct 1972 – Dec 23, 1974Missile Fire-Control Tarter RadarThere is a site on Google Facebook for the U.S. Albany CG-10, you may want to join. I worked in the Missile Fire-Control Rooms aboard (Port, Starboard) around the ASROC launcher, from 1972-1974 Med Cruise,
McCullough, DavidMarine CoporalOct 1, 1972 – Jan 7, 1974Marine DetachmentGood Years
Velazquez, RayfieldE 2Oct 27, 1972 – May 5, 1974Aft Engine Room TurvinesLooking for members that made the cruse to the Med in 1972 witch Badges did we revive from the 1972 med cruse.
Van Hoy, BillLTJGNov 1972 – Jul 1975Missile Fire Control OfficerMy first ship as a junior officer. The Warrants, Senior Chiefs and Chiefs I worked with taught me a lot. I remain convinced that the FTs in my divisions were some of the finest in the Navy.
Wade, BruceE-2 /BMNov 1, 1972 – Jun 30, 1973Deck HandI was assigned to the uss Alabny after i completed my basic tranning in Orlando Florida.We were sationed in May Port floridaIwas assigned to the deck crew and served in that capicity until we moved to philly in the summe
Hendricks, Kevin profile iconMMFNNov 1, 1972 – Jun 18, 1974M DivisionI remember some of the port and liberty calls, plus I remeber Donald Fredricks, Jim Ball, Jim hicks
Brock, James Aka Rick Or RocketmanMS2Nov 15, 1972 – Dec 19, 1975s-2great time really liked Chief Jones. Rocky wasn't too bad either. Walker was a charcter. Names are hard to come by. remember the fire. we took all of staffs coke J. Alston ms1 will always remember kindness showed when my dad died.
McCray, LarryE2Dec 1972 – Jul 1973I cleaned Eisenhowers toilet many time how about you. R/division
Setters, DavidCPL1973 – 1975Marine Detachment
Smith, DaleMSN1973 – 1975SD2Wish I stayed for the Med Cruise in 1975.
Locktosh, MikeEM11973 – Jan 31, 1975E-Div.Great ship and Crew.
Kurz, DavidSTG21973 – 1976Sonar
Phelps, MikeE31973 – 1975master at armsGreat memories
Johnson, RoyGMM3Jan 14, 1973 – Aug 15, 1975Forward Talos Missile HouseHI,everyone. I just came across this site and wanted to see if I had any shipmates who might remember me. Any Gunners Mates or fire control men esp.
Kassab, MarkOS2Mar 1, 1973 – Sep 30, 1976CIC, Operations SpecialistIn early 2017, I'll be retiring in Brevard, NC. Originally from Clearfield, PA. Doing great, 2 sons and 4 grandsons.
Seidel, BobBMApr 1, 1973 – Oct 1, 19761st LTI came aboard in Philly 1973 and got out in Gaeta in 1976.
Tapley, LeeE-4/RMApr 5, 1973 – Jan 6, 1976Radio Communications
Brigham, John MichaelSTG 3Apr 10, 1973 – Nov 29, 1976SonarMy husband "Mike" was on board the USS Albany when it was stationed in Gaeta and in dry dock in Pascagola MS. I am trying to find some of his crew mates. Mike passed away in early 90's & would like to share past history
Wilbur, BruceQMSNApr 28, 1973 – 1975NavigationTo Larry Childress BM 1 night mid watch underway you and I port bridg wing smoking a J . LTJG Cannan came out to talk. Smelled and said I hope that’s not what I think it is. I’m going back into the bridge and when I com
Mangano, Dennis/dennySNMay 3, 1973 – Feb 2, 1975S-4Reported aboard ship in Mayport,Florida as a seaman apprentice and was a seaman stricker in Disbursing(supply)before being honorably discharged from active duty in Norfolk,Va.Div.officer was Ensign Bickers,& I worked for DKSN Charles Dean.
Gentner, RobertEMFNMay 13, 1973 –EThis ship was straight up dangerous. I had a two ton motor miss me by a couple inches because they were too cheap to replace a $10 nylon rope used for rigging. Ask Dave Duncan.. Oh I was his pallbearer.. you can't.
Hutcherson, MichaelOS2May 17, 1973 – Nov 16, 1976oi
Edson, AlSNJun 1973 – Aug 1975Deck Ape / Master at Arms Force / Corpsman StrikerI reported on board at the Philly Dry Docks. I remember how large she looked out of water. Between 73 - 75 we made a trips to Cuba, Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Mayport and hosted the Russian Navy in Boston for the Centennial. Good Times!
Harris, JohnOS-3Jun 1973 – Aug 1975OperationsReported aboard while ship was in Philly Shipyards and left prior to Med Deployment in 1976. Only made one significant cruise, Ocean Safari 75 after fire in the boiler room. What an experience that was. Never Forget it
Putt, RandyBM3Jun 1, 1973 – Oct 10, 19751 ST.just remembering some great time I had and never knew it. Looking for some old friends.
Racki, Johncs/3Jun 15, 1973 – Aug 15, 1974Commissary
Walden, Wm. TerryHT2Jul 1973 – Dec 1976RWorked out of the D/C Co2 shop- I as the nozzle man with J L Cargle as backup were the first two in to fight the #2 boiler room fire, got fire under control,were relieved and later learned we lost David Duncan so sorry!
Dawson, StephenFTM3Jul 1973 – Nov 1974F2 Division Tartar Missile SystemsWorked on Port/Stbd MK74 Tartar Systems, Danny Hickerson..still feel like opening up a Philly Steak Shop. Wonder if GMM1 Knisely is still around with his cigars? Retired as a Chief after 22 years.
Cartwright, ShermanDT2Jul 6, 1973 – Jul 1, 1976DHad some great times and some not so great. But still enjoyed the time I spent with my shipmates.
Deems, Walter profile iconRM3Jul 20, 1973 – Sep 14, 1975CRServed as section leader in transmitter, also DCPO, buddies were Frank Suber, Ben Green, Don Gaurd. Also served 12 months in Iceland.
Castle, JackBT2Aug 7, 1973 – Mar 5, 1977B- Division
Cella, Daniel K profile iconLi 3Aug 19, 1973 – Apr 27, 1976x Division
Cella, Daniel KLI-3Aug 20, 1973 – Apr 27, 1976X
Myers, DanielHT 2Sep 1973 – Dec 1, 1976RI had some good times with some great people.
Mantel, Donald (Balldee)FTM-2Sep 1, 1973 – Jan 1, 1976F1 and F4My has the time flew by. I hope eveybodys well.. I had the honor of being the supervisor of Director 1, Director 2 and Director 7 AN/SPG-49 Tracking Radars. Where you guy's Burkel,Woody,Dick,Springer,Buck, Trenshaw,Butcher, David.Sloan
Aldred, SteveDS2Oct 15, 1973 – Jan 4, 1978OERetired this year. Who whadda thunk...Would like to know what became of the rest of the DS Gang from 73-78. Hill and Bizzell are accounted for! REC where are you? Cheers! From Elgin Il.
Schubert, TimothyEM2Dec 1973 – Aug 1978ESpent five years on the big Al. Lots of good times. The worst was losing David Duncan in the 1975 north Atlantic fire. Sure miss the crew from the "Red Light". Played on the football teams, tackle and flag.
Kurlychek, JackBM2Dec 1973 – Sep 19742nd DivisionGreat time. Great shipmates. Last duty station before release from active duty.
Pigg, ThomasMM2Dec 3, 1973 – May 25, 1976MI was assigned to forward engineroom and generator gang. Our last big cruise was to the North Atlantic form Sept. 75 to Dec. 75. We had a major fire on that trip and the electrician in #2 fireroom was killed.

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