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USS Midway (CV 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Midway (CV 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2177 crew members registered for the USS Midway (CV 41).

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Esquivel, MarcelinoABF31989 – 1992
Gordon, Edward M.LCPL1989 – 1991MARDET
Bolliger, ChrisDC31989 – 1991DC
Viera, ScottBT31989 – 1992Oil LabJust wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Midway Magic and all the great guys who i met while serving, hope to get in touch with some of you!!
Russell, JamesMM31989 – 1991Group
Cox, WesleyMS1989 – 1991S-2Man I saw the posting for Kelly. I have been looking for someone from the Midway for years. I became a man on the Midway. Thanks to all of my shipmates.
Champlin, Steve/chappy DogAMSAN1989 – 1991VAQ-136Wow I'm glad to hear she's still around. I thought she was a gillette raisor by now. I had a great time on the Midway. A lot of great memories when I saw her picture on the web. Remember our Persian excursion. God bless.
Lobb, BillBTC1989 – 1992BLooking for old 3 group BT's BTCLOBB@MILITARY.COM
Slaughter, JohnAD 31989 – 1991VFA 192Proud to be a Midway Sailor Veteran Email me if you served with me.
Bredlau, TomOS31989 – 1992OPSWhat a great ship and a great time!
Check, Corey1989 – 1991ABF
Lewey, PaulSH31989 – 1991s-3Looking for anyone that served in S-3
Goeking, EdMM/31989 – Sep 1992M divisionworked 1 group mostly in 1 generator. good times, bad times. glad I did it tho
Bissman, ScottYN31989 – 1990MIDWAY DATLooking for anyone who was at DAT. YN William Wallace.
Hogue, DonaldHTFN1989 – 1991R- DivisionI was on the Flying Squad on the USS Midway. I'm still in, now I'm in the SeaBee's out of FL. heading back to war in 2012. I'm a SW1 now working on Chief.
Garner, Dannyic31989 – 1991e
Porter, JimLT1989 – 1991V-4Thanks to a great bunch of Grapes, terrific Chiefs, ABFCM Holcomb and Bos'n Brown. Thanks also to the crews who stood the bridge watches with me. Greatest respects to the memory of VADM Cebrowski, one fine Skipper.
Stover, GregoryMA11989 – 1990Legal
Evans, ClintonE-31989 – 1992VFA 151
Nash, VicAMSC1989 – 1992IM2
Harris, ScottieABF31989 – 1991V_4What's up men. Trying to find some old Midway buddies and try and get a reunion started .
Whelton, DanMM21989 – 1991M- division #1 engineworked in #1 engine and decommissioned the ship
Worley, Mikemr21989 –machine shopSure do miss those days and all my brother.
Williams, Josephossa1989 – 1991OI
John A East, JohnBT11989 – 1991B (A Group) (BR Shop)BTC(S) Sahr
Peck, AlfeedBT1(SW)1989 – 1991B Div 3 Group
Mowers, KirkEM31989 – 1992Eah man the times I had with my brothers on the Midway, the A club in Yokosuka, and the little metal bar "pumpkins" that was in town. looking for all brothers!
Estacio, FranciscoSHCM1989 – 1991S-3An honor to have served onboard a Great Ship "MIDWAY" Met lots of great hardworking people and True Patriots! Thank you shipmates for making my tour memorable and unforgettable! Keep in touch.
Shelley, TerryBT31989 – 1992Engineering1 Baker Boiler Room Part of the last crew for decommission brought her home from Yokosuka Japan Went to USS Kitty Hawk after being back in San Diego.
Campbell, ChuckOS21989 – 1991OIMost cohesive awesome tight knit command I ever served. The best life experience one could have. The Midway was simply the best.
Jonathan Gibson, Jonathan  NEWAZAA1989 – 1990AviationWorked in the maintenance office amidships, hangar deck level. Chief Hirschman was a memorable head. Other sailors in the division: Saunders, Westbrook, Miller
Collier, Stacey W.BT3Jan 1989 – Apr 11, 1992BoilersI thought I'd never leave that ship, but damn...what great memories!
Alford, AlfBT3Jan 1989 – Feb 1991BOILERSGood Times!!!!
Lavery, TerryAC1Jan 1989 – Nov 1990OC
Dillahunty, Dillye-1Jan 1, 1989 – May 19, 1990Bhad a blast with all you snipes. anyone from 2-able fireroom get in touch with me. HP Williams get in touch me at this email.
Dillahunty, RsndallE-1Jan 1, 1989 – May 14, 1990BoilerI am looking for hp williams and zuniga we use to call ziggy
Korkoskie, Jerry/skiE-4/MM3Jan 5, 1989 – 1991I miss all of you Alot of times we ask ourselves if it was really worth joining,the answer to this question is always yes it was. I want to say that I miss everyone that I had the opportunity to serve with Lord Bless All Of You! MM3 Jerry M. Korkoskie
Linder, BarryBTFNJan 13, 1989 – Jan 13, 1991BHi fellow shipmates not a week goes by i think about the good times we all had.Me bt3 orange bt1 king and many other would drink the bars dry in olongapo play smile no one would win but we all would be plastard after wurds.Drop me a email tc all
Hardee, NorwoodAOANJan 13, 1989 – Jan 2, 1991G-1 DivisionWorked in AWSEP, anyone know what happened to back then AO2 Roger Boivin of G1? I've been looking for him all over, I crossdecked later to Indy stayed in Yoko a little longer and then went to NAS Jax.
Titcomb, WalterE-5/WT2Jan 21, 1989 – Nov 30, 1992WOne of the few WT's onboard.
Dorsett, TomBT1Jan 24, 1989 – Oct 14, 1991BBR Shop and 3Group
Dorsett, TomBT1Jan 27, 1989 – Sep 15, 1991BWorked in BR Shop and 3C Fireroom
Kanipe, JamesABF3Feb 1989 – Dec 1990V-4
Alarcon, Luiscv41Feb 1, 1989 – Mar 15, 1991b/dc
Golanski, Paulseamen/e-3Feb 12, 1989 – Apr 11, 1992Second div
Farley, PhilipBM3Feb 15, 1989 – Aug 19911st DivBest damn group of BM's I had the privilege to learn from!!!
Sebastian, William/billQM3Feb 20, 1989 – Mar 4, 1991NavigationRetired 2005, Bremerton, WA. Trips to S.Dog via Carl Vinson, I made several visits to her prior public opening to help clean up. Used my 1989 Midway shellback card to gain free entry, mostly from public support. Ha!
Jolly, DavidABEARMar 1989 – Apr 1991V-2Had a great time. Would love to talk with some V-2 crew.Very proud to have been on the greatest ship in the navy.
Passeger, RobertABH3Mar 1989 – Feb 1991V-1Miss everyone had a great time wish you all well. Enjoyed being tractor King and being apart of the best deck crew out there
Smith, Harold (Smitty)LI1Mar 2, 1989 – Apr 3, 1989X-1
Young, Eley Frank (Jr)QMCS( SW)Mar 9, 1989 – Sep 30, 1991NavigationThe Absolute Best Nav Gang in the Western Pacific. The Shield, The Storm and Southern Watch. "Let's Rock" Back in the Day, Subic Bay, Pattaya, Perth, etc. Nice to visit, Yokosuka.
Killoran, ShawnHTFNApr 1989 – Oct 1990R
Smith, David (Dr)AD3Apr 1989 – Apr 1991AIMD IM-2Worked in the jet shop
Moore, GaryE-4/SK3Apr 1, 1989 – Aug 10, 1991S-1 & S-8It is with great sadness that I post that Gary A. Moore passed away at the age of 39 on July 6, 2007 of heat stroke. He is missed very much by me, his wife. I would love to hear from anyone who served with him...the email is still valid.
Hambrick, AllanFC2Apr 1, 1989 – Dec 31, 1991OEMLots of memories seared into my mind while on board the Midway. Definitely set the tone and tempo for the rest of my life :) God bless the USN and God bless the shipmates and crew of CV-41.
Hippey, RichardETCApr 7, 1989 – Oct 1, 1991OEC / OERWhat a great tour of duty, after 10 years on the East Coast getting "Brain Washed". I really never believed that Shangrila was a real place, but then I discovered that: Shangrila is the code name for "Westpac".
Scroggins, Colin/scrawgdawgDC2Apr 9, 1989 – Jul 21, 1991DC
Broussard, Steve (Buzzard)RM3Apr 10, 1989 – Apr 9, 1992Comm
Hippey, Richard profile iconETCApr 15, 1989 – Sep 16, 1991OECLCPO OEC LCPO OER
Pabon, VictorE-3May 1989 – Aug 1992G-3Anyone out there from G-3?
Peterson, RobBT3May 1, 1989 – May 1, 1991Bit was fun times.
Galvan, JuanABCMMay 22, 1989 – Oct 1, 1991V-1 came onboard in Jan 1974 left Sep 1976 came back in April 1982 left in April 1986 came back in May 1989 left for the last time Oct 1991. I came as young sailor fresh out of bootcamp. I left as ABH3 lleft as an ABHCS
Baker, HezekiahE-4/PO3Jun 6, 1989 – Jul 13, 1994OPS (Signalman)
Vierra, VierskaABH 3Jul 1989 – Aug 1994Air Dept V-3
Jones, JohnCDRJul 1, 1989 – Apr 17, 1992OperationsI was Strike Operations Officer for last two deployments. Memories include Arabian Gulf ops, Desert Shield and Storm, and evacuating families displaced by Mt. Pinatubo's eruption. Midway is a great ship!
Stewart, JeffreyAKANJul 17, 1989 – May 1991S-6I will always cherish the memories I had on this ship. I did a lot of firsts while deployed out to sea, and pulling into ports of call. I may have left USS Midway, but she has never left me.
Cosby, StevePC3Jul 18, 1989 – Jul 18, 1991 V-3 AND PostClerk AdminHello there my fellow shipmates! What can I say about midway, she was my first ship straight out of boot camp. I was very young and new nothing of responsabilty but on midway is were I did alot of growing up & had the best time of my life!
Kelley, DeanMSAug 1989 – Nov 1990S-2S2CREW remember the idiot that jumped overboard while in port or missed the boat in perth or the hugh fight in the A club. I wish I'd done it different. The right way. I will forever regret doing what I did. And I'll miss them days FOREVER:(
Poplin, David"Popdaddy"ABHANAug 1989 – Sep 1992V-3Great boat, miss the "MAGIC"
Abbott, HeathEM3Aug 1, 1989 – Nov 27, 1991E
Saltalamachia, JoeAug 4, 1989 – Aug 4, 1991G-3Trying to find old friends go ahead and email
Fleischauer, MatthewABF3Aug 9, 1989 – Sep 1, 1991V-4was the best ship i served on in the navy a great ship had a great time miss the magic of midway
Tenorio, JosephMS3Aug 16, 1989 – Apr 16, 1992S-2 1989 to DECOM
McCoy, David (Mac)E-4Aug 17, 1989 – Jun 10, 1993S-2
Whitt, Glenn Douglas IIATANSep 1989 – Aug 1991VAQ-136Cross-decking to the Indy in 1991 was not my favourite, but it was better than leaving Japan and VAQ-136. I enjoyed the Midway crew much better.
Karlson, MikeABF-3Sep 1989 – Sep 1991V-4We had a lot of good times but... I got caught!
Wells, MichaelAZ2Sep 1989 – Jun 1990VAQ 136
Jones, AdamDC 3Sep 1, 1989 – Jun 30, 1991G-4
Lobb, BillBTCSep 1, 1989 – Feb 1, 1992B division
Denney, RickAO2Sep 1, 1989 – Oct 1, 1991VA-185USS Midway was the best crew I ever served with. The squadron, under the command of CDR Mike McCamish was the best group of guys ever. It was hard to handle another command because the Magic wasn't not there.
Blea, Martin/cowboyABH3Sep 3, 1989 – Jul 3, 1992V3V3 division,hangar deck guys. We saw alot together,drank together,ate together,fought together! Hell of a party and a hell of a experience,with Mace,Tree,Coleman,Krueggel! Oh and Mckimm,and Houston,Harrio!
Rhynes, WillieAS1/E-6Sep 8, 1989 – Apr 14, 1991IM4Had a great time on Midway and all the ports we visited. I went on to serve on the USS Wasp, USS Saratoga, USS Carl Vinson but no other ship could live up to Midway Magic. No Air Support without Ground Support.
Boyce, DonnieBm3Sep 15, 1989 – Aug 21, 19923rdAdmiral Bull looked out for us
Bishop, DonnieAO1/E-6Sep 22, 1989 – May 1992G-3I was assigned to G-3 division in September 1989. I served in Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, thru decomissioning. The Midway will always hold some fond memories for me. I made friends I'll never forget.
Gates, Robert (Bob)E-3/ FNOct 1989 – Aug 1990Engineering Office ( Fire Marshal YeomanWorked for Warrant Officer Michael Huffman in the office next to Elevater 2 in the Hanger Bay. I miss the Navy life.. I am glad that the Midway is a Icon now in San Diego.. I am going to take my son to see her..
Harris, Scottie/harryo2ABF3Oct 1989 – Oct 1991V-4i was in the v-4 divsion looking for some old midway dogs.we served in desert shield/storm together.
Holbrook, MatthewAirmanOct 1989 – Nov 1991V-3the magic was always there. Was the best ship I served on with the greatest crew. If any of my friends find this please look me up. I still think of you and miss all my friends. Loved Japan.
Byron, GardnerABHANOct 28, 1989 – Dec 28, 1991V1Email: MSN: Yahoo: blgardner2k AIM: blgardner33
Bussey, Antonio / BusstopAo3Nov 1989 – Nov 1991G3
Cable, RaymondAZANNov 3, 1989 – Nov 3, 1991IM-1 AIMDGood times, good friends. Would like to hear from any guys from AIMD or who knew my and my loud mouth on the mess decks or the A-club or Roppingi.
Roth, JustinDksn3Nov 3, 1989 – Nov 3, 1991DkWas a great time with great friends
Bishop, DonnieAO3Nov 14, 1989 – 1992G-3Man we were somethin'. The "masters of disaster". It seems like a lifetime ago, but it feels like only yesterday.
Davis, MichaelABE3Nov 22, 1989 – Nov 25, 1992V-2
Wright, Billie C. Jr.PO3/IC3Dec 1989 – 1991EHated to leave her during the cross-over with the Indy in Pearl Harbor. Never will there be the same level of pride, ANYWHERE! will always miss her.
Brown (Brownie), MikeE-6/ABE1Dec 1989 – Aug 1991V-2There's no finer Lady than the Gray Lady. She's in a class all by herself. no one else ever came close or ever will.
Miller, JeffABHANDec 1989 – Dec 1991V-1Roof Rats
Evenson, KennethABF3Dec 1989 – Mar 1992V-4 Grapes!Looking forward to catching up with old shipmates. One of the very few Airdale Bilge Rats working out of V-4 Divisions BDC. I have served at 4 other commands since but Haze Gray and Under Way are my best momories!
Crowder, JosephSH3Dec 1989 – May 1991supplygreat times and memories on that ship
Wilson, LarryEW3Dec 1989 – Dec 1991OWJust wanna give a big shout-out to anyone who was on her last voyage in OW Division! I miss youse guys!
Martinez, MartuAMHAR-AMH3Dec 1989 –VAQ-136
Harvey, JonAOANDec 1989 – May 1991IM-3 AIMD ORDNANCE SHOPMidway was the best command in the US Navy hands down.
Roth, JohnAA/SN/DC3Dec 1989 – Apr 1992G4/S4G4 & S4 thx for putting up with me. FN Compton & McMillian thx for planting the seeds! Gasaway u out there? S4 guys had lots of fun! Anyone out there here from DK3 Stephens or Justin Roth? Cervantes, u out there?
Kochheiser, JamesPN2(AW/SW)Dec 1989 – Oct 1991X-1 Training DepartmentWorked in Ship's Company Personnel File Room as well as Training Department. Worked on a lot of advancements and training programs. Member of Damage Control.
Brown, KemaE-3Dec 1989 – 1991G-3 Forward BombLooking for old shipmates from weapons dept from Midway and also from the Independence from 1991 to 1993 G-3 Division. Actually would love to hear from anyone during that period.
Esquivel, MarcelinoABF3Dec 1989 – Apr 1992V4Looking for more of my shipmates... V4 Division. Feel free to contact me at!
Scudder, Randy profile iconAO2Dec 1, 1989 – Oct 15, 1991IM-3Proud to have served onboard the USS Midway. Great Warship.
Esquivel, Marcelino "mark"ABF3Dec 10, 1989 – May 1992V-4 "Grapes"I have lots of Video & Photos of my time on the Midway, Looking for some old friends!!
Smith, StevyYNDec 20, 1989 – Sep 5, 1993NavigationI served aboard the USS MIDWAY it was my first command i really enjoyed it met alot of friends on the Old Grey Lady just want to get in touch with some of the old boatmates that were there BM2 Patterson and the rest
Venn, Brian ( 3 Gen Venn)MM3 / E-4Dec 24, 1989 – 1991M- Division / 3 groupThis old girl with all the work to keep her going sure did change my life and all the good friends that I made along the way thank you tip of the sword!!!!!!
Choptij, Dany PAO1 (AW)Dec 27, 1989 – Oct 27, 1991G-3
Smith, SmittyBT3(SW)Dec 31, 1989 – Jun 13, 1991Boilers(4 Group)Looking for anyone out there that was in 4 group from 89-91. Had a blast with you guys.

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