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USS Midway (CV 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Midway (CV 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2180 crew members registered for the USS Midway (CV 41).

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VanHorn, David1980 – 1982GSE IM-4
Roberts, Edward WE-31980 – 1983Aircraft fueler. All 3 years of me being on the Midway was in Japan, and it was my best time in the Navy and I put in 20 years. My kids always liked going on the boat just to look around, but they hated the doorways. LOL. I had some great friends on
Stresing, RussellJO31980 – 1982ExecExcept for my kids, there's nothing I'm more proud of than having served aboard the Workingest Ship in the Fleet. Miday Majitsu still casts it's spell on me after almost 25 years. It'd be cool to here what shipmates are up to now.
Flanary, JamesAKAN-AK21980 – 1983Midway... Wow such a long time a go. Anyone out there from S-8 or S-1 division?
Peter, PathASAM-PO31980 – 1983aimd-gseyo any ship mates out there !!!!!!
Warren, JimAN1980 – 1982VAW-115
Tozer, TerryDPSN1980 – 1982S7
Stavely, JimAMH-21980 – 1983AirframesHC-1 DET-2 Corrosion Control
Perry, DavidICC1980 – 1981E
Brown, StevenE41980 – 1982IM-3
Stanton, Redbonecpl1980 – 1981VMFP-3Best time of my life. Miss all you Squids & Jarheads.MARDETS Well thats a differnt missing.
Schaffer, David profile iconBTFN1980 – 1981B Boiler Room 1A
Schmidt, LeeMM31980 – 1983M-DivisionSpent most my time in Engine 1 (throttleman)
Clark, BillAK21980 – Dec 1983VA-93 TAD to S-6 DivRan the IM2 AWP
Leigh, Bradleyht31980 – 1982RLooking for any one R-Division/Flying Squad 80-82. My first command and by far my most memorable! I came on board in Subic just after the Cactus collision. I still have my Flying Squad plaque on display at my house!
Gass, James(Jim)on e4 - off e21980 – Nov 1981A gangForward elevator shop. Most fun in life.
Jacobson, JockoMS 31980 – 1982S2Looking for fellow cooks
Schindler, RandyDS31980 – 1984Electronic
Lowder, Ronald profile iconFN1980 –RepairThat ship and crew still inspire me
Grimes, HenryRM21980 – 1983CRUSS Midway CV41, my very first command. I didn't know what to expect, first time leaving my family and the US, I was excited and nervous at the same time, but I was headed to Japan. A new adventure and new world.
Vaghy, GlennMR21980 – 1984A Division
Thompson, Larryhull tech e-31980 – 1982pacific fleetthe uss midway took me to lots of plces around the world and yes made friends with lots of crew members . and i was only on board a short time when we crashed in to the cactus ship i was in the sheet medal shop port side
Yancey, Mike R.E4Jan 1980 – Mar 1982HC-1 DET-2Would like to hear from anyone serving in this fine helo outfit. AKA Doggus Maximus
Stone, AdrianRMSNJan 1980 – Oct 1982Deck/ComI arrived in Yokosuka, Japan strapping young man the tender age of 19; and when I return state side I was a well rounded man of 22. I can honestly say that serving aboard CVA-41 Midway help shape the man I have become in life.
Langteau, JamesIS1Jan 1980 – Dec 1981Intelligence OZServed on USS Midway for 2 years in Intelligence, then one year at HQ USF-Korea in Seoul, then two years at CINCUSNAVUER in London. Have a BA in International Relations. I am married, have 3 sons and we live in northern MI. Jesus lives.
Fitzgerald, JamesFAJan 1980 – Jul 1983 B ( Evaps, 1 Able Fireroom)
Brackett, RonaldHTCJan 1980 – Jan 1983R DivisionMy first ship as a Chief! Quite a baptism and many crazy times. My division officers got progressively worse, but my guys and I accomplished a lot. Survived the collision with the Cactus.
Wijers, EduardMM2-MM1Jan 1980 – Nov 1982A Division
Feenan, Leonard (Lenny)ABH3Jan 1, 1980 – Oct 1, 1982V-1Just looking for a few old DAWGS. Anyone seen Kurt Shaw? Hey Danny, Hey Todd (TMFJ)...please email me at
Diaz, RichardYN1Jan 1, 1980 – Mar 31, 1982VA-93The Midway Magic was a Great ship to deploy on while out to sea. I am a proud and happy Sailor to have had the opportunity to serve onboard the Midway.
Evans, DougBTFNJan 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1981B DivisionAttached to 3-Charlie fire room, later served in Boiler Repair shop. Looking for any hole snipes from same time frame.
Palmer, Timao3Jan 1, 1980 – Jul 25, 1982aimd
Trafton, JackABH-CJan 1, 1980 – Jan 1, 1983V-1 E-mail , . Also on Facebook .
Carter, JohnAE2Jan 1, 1980 – Jun 30, 1983IM-3I served on the USS Midway from 1980-1983. Good times, great people!
Lee, ThomABH3Jan 3, 1980 – Apr 23, 1983Air - V1The V1 Dawg's are having a reunion soon in San Diego, Ca. Please email for information. We have located 30 Dawgs from 1979-83 era of the flight deck
Devito, StevenbtJan 3, 1980 – Apr 4, 1982B Division
Romero, MichaelQMSAJan 6, 1980 – Dec 23, 1981NAV
Carlisle, Danny C.ADANJan 8, 1980 – Sep 26, 1983VAQ-136
Beaty, Denton (Dennis)AME-2 (AW)Jan 8, 1980 – Jul 14, 1983VAQ-136 AME Shop/ CVW-5 DCPO TeamThe Best Time I ever had in my life! I'll never forget that Midway Magic.
Knoechel, ScottAO3Jan 9, 1980 – Jan 14, 1982G2 Weaponsi would like to hear from one of my old buds. JT VanMeter, or anyone in weapons that remember knuckles. 5135692712.
Murphy, Scott 'Zen Marine'CPLFeb 1980 – Nov 1980vmfp-3 avionicsServed with Sgt Jensen Cpl pfenning, Sgt Jiacobi,sailors- mazziar,dillingham, maneely,Major hegstromm Capt pistokeeny, and a cast of thousands. Wondering who went where. send me an e-mail
Griffin, RichardAOANFeb 1980 – Feb 1982G-3
Neal, BobbyMS 3Feb 1, 1980 – Dec 1, 1982
Dempsey, MichaelAMH2Feb 10, 1980 – Mar 6, 1982VAQ-136Had a great time on 2 I.O.s. Missed a lot of my ol shipmates.
Pegg, DavidAT3Feb 15, 1980 – Feb 15, 1982AIMD, IM3, VA-93Looking for any and all who served in WC610 during these years.
Sbrusch, LarryGMTFeb 18, 1980 – Mar 27, 1982W-DivisionWould love to catch up with some of the other folks that have served on uss midway about the same time I was on it
Cotto, FrankieSNMar 1980 – Oct 1981X-3TV/PAO Served with Gary Smith, Russ Stressing, Orion Gallagher, Dave Ball, Speedy Gonzalez. Great first command. Great Ports. Except for the collision things were awesome. Midway Magic still lives even though she's no longer with us!
Winter, Alvin (Joe)LT jgMar 1980 – Mar 19822nd
Gardner, PaulAEANMar 1980 – Jun 1982VAQ-136, IM-3, WC653THE BEST TIMES OF MY LIFE!! Would love to hear from old shipmates!! Email me at paul at pdgservices dot com.. God Bless America!! Web site pdgservices dot com.
Schlup, RonaldE-4Mar 1980 – Mar 16, 1982Supply
Zoffke, JeffreyMS3Mar 1980 – Apr 1982S-5I would love to reconnect with shipmates. Especially from S-5 and S-2 divisions.
Lee, Thom profile iconABH3Mar 1, 1980 – Apr 1, 1983V-1AB's were the landlords of the flight deck. God is good God is great God was an Aviation Boatswains Mate
Pegg, DavidAT3Mar 15, 1980 – Apr 15, 1982IM3 AIMDLeft the midway and went to the Kittyhawk...Just looking for my shipmates!!!
White, KevinMachinist MateApr 1980 – Feb 1981A
McCollom, RobertissnApr 1980 – Mar 1983oz divProud to have served aboard her
Jordan Jr., MauriceIC3Apr 1980 – Mar 1982Electrical DivisionGeat 1st Ship to indoc for my 20 years. Great times in Yokosuka and deployment port of calls. Best liberty ports in the Fleet. Fare Winds and Following Seas to all.
Valantine, DavidCorporalApr 10, 1980 – Nov 11, 1980VMFP-3I served as a Marine com/nav tech with VMFP-3. We flew RF-4B's.
Gramlich, MarkAD2Apr 12, 1980 – May 25, 1982VF161
Joines, MarkSHSNApr 13, 1980 – Apr 23, 1982SupplySpent two great years on the Midway,except for SH1 Lindsey,what a jerk.Trying to locate shipmates who I also went to boot camp with.Andy Stockdale,Mark Roberts,Jim Huddleston, Monty Maldanado,and Ron Farrell.You Guys were there when we....
Stockdale, AndyE4Apr 23, 1980 – Dec 20, 1983S3
Lingle, ChuckAT1May 1980 – Aug 1991IM-3I did two tours, 1980-1983, 1989-1991, crossed decked to Independence. In between, 84-89 at VQ-1 Det Atsugi.
Schlup, RonaldE-3May 1980 – May 1982SUPPLYLooking for people who served with me on board her. See if anyone else who has had stomach issues from the water. Plus catch up with fellow MSs
D'Arcy, DavidYN3May 1, 1980 – Jan 28, 1983X-1 and Legal Dept
Stevens, WayneAKANJun 1980 – Jun 1982SupplyA trip down memory lane. I can remember 2 dry docks. A collision I still sweat that one at nights some times. My first port Mombasa, they got better after that one. Paradise Beach just a short Jeepny ride from Olongapo.
Stewart, MichaelAQ2Jun 1980 – Jun 1984IM-3AIMD-IM3-Shop 650. One of the greatest adventures of my life. Great friends and great memories. Send me an e-mail.
Clark, MosesIC2Jun 1, 1980 – Jul 15, 1985ELECTRICAL/ TELEVISION STUDIO/REPAIRStarted in telephone exchange, then after gyro. stood IC trouble call/ Gyro watch. In 1984 went to Executive dept. as TV studio repair
Thompson, Jeff (Tomcat)BTFA-BT3Jun 1, 1980 – Jun 1, 1983B
Selman, RickyAK3Jun 7, 1980 – May 3, 1984S-8 SupplyI miss serving on the Midway, I miss Her
Minnick, RichardMM3Jun 12, 1980 – Dec 18, 1982A divisionBest job I ever had.
French, Gregory / FrenchieMM3Jun 15, 1980 – May 17, 1982mi loved serving aboard midway
Sibole, JohnL/CPLJul 1980 – Jul 1982Marine DetachmentStarting a web page for MarDet USS Midway. Would like to get some input from you Marines who were in the Midway MarDet.
Stewart, Michael profile iconAQ2Jul 1980 – Jul 1984AIMDI was VA-115 permanently assigned to AIMD - IM3 - Shop 650 avionics.
Dickerson, KenbtfnJul 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1982B division. oil labLooking for oil lab crew. Ken Dickerson 253 222 4138
Zuschlag, MarkMM3Jul 21, 1980 – Jul 19, 1982a EAO2 STEAM HEAT SHOP MANY GREAT MOMERIES
Dickerson, KenBtfnAug 1980 – Sep 1982BI was in the oil lab when I was 17. What a great place to grow up. I have reconnected with a few friends from that time because of this site, including Burt Settles & Brain Travis.
Ramos, RussellMS 3Aug 1, 1980 – Aug 1, 1982SDStill standing and proud of the USS Midway. If any served in the S2 Division during this time, please contact me at wifes e-mail I am in search of old ship mates
Morin, KurtQM2Aug 1, 1980 – Jun 1, 1982Navigation
Streyar, Robert profile iconE3Aug 1, 1980 –V-1 DivisionProud to have served with The Dawgs on Deck ... I can be contacted at
Dyer, JohnE3Aug 18, 1980 – Dec 7, 1981 would like to get in touch with some of the crew from v-2 division
Rivera, JoseE-3 TO E-5 ATSep 1980 – Jul 1982AIMD IM-3VF-161Hey guys. Dave Pegg, Steve Brown, Al Wunderlich, Al Chaney, Gino Blanton, Mike Shanahan, Ken Ramsey, you guys out there? It's been twenty years!!
Roe, TracyGMG2Sep 1980 – Sep 1984G-1 ArmoryGreat tour.
Cirre, MikeLTjgSep 1980 – 1982OEI'm looking for anyone who may have served with me, particularly ETs and DSs.
Wooster II, Richard LLI2Sep 1980 – Dec 1983X DivisionServed Printshop/Master-at-Arms (Lucky bag) 80-83, looking for shipmates in this time frame. I am a life members of the Midway Veterans Association (MVA)
Gilmore, MarkABH 3Sep 1980 – Nov 1984V-3
Rowe, RichardSGTSep 1, 1980 – Apr 1, 1982Mar DetI am looking forword to hearing from,Other marine who served during that time.
Cooper, Bryan (Thrasher)E-3Sep 1, 1980 – Sep 1, 1984V-1 & MedicalWas a tractor driver on the flight deck for the first three years and then stuck for Corpsmen in Medical for the last year.
Tornabene, RockyBM3Sep 1, 1980 – Jun 2, 19824th div deck
Large, JamesMS3 SK2Sep 18, 1980 – Sep 19, 1982S-2Looking for friends
Griggs, MarkIC3/IC2Sep 20, 1980 – Aug 18, 1983V-2 / X1 / E-3As my first command, it was one of the most memorable. It was an Honor to serve my first 3 years of 20 on the Midway.
Porter, ToddABHOct 1980 – Oct 1982V-1 Crash & SalvageI served in the Crash & Salvage Dept. for two years. I now live in Karlstad Mn. Any friends that remember me or served in C&S during that time are encouraged to contact me.
Satonick, KennethASM2Oct 1980 – May 1983aimd ground support
Ream, Robert Nick ReamABE-2 RET. AS MA-1 DEC. 6TH 2003Oct 4, 1980 – Dec 22, 1987V-2 Cats and The GearAll you guys are still in my thoughts and all my stories . my freinds never seem to get tired of hearing them, or the strange things we used to do. Midway will never be replaced in my life.
Pozos, DanielABH3Oct 10, 1980 – Nov 10, 1984V-1Served on board with all my dawgs. Love you guys. If you wish to get in touch please feal free to e-mail me at Cant waite to hear from my friends.
Mccauley, JimE-4Oct 16, 1980 – Oct 10, 19821STThe time i spent on the Midway was by far the bet time i spent in the navy. If you were onboard at this time you remember it was hard work and great times. Not allot of sleep if i remember . Would like to catch up with Jim Malvasio(Mr Exxon).
Tison, Daniel (Danno, Ti-stick)SM2Oct 17, 1980 – Nov 21, 1982CS(SIGS)The Mighty Mid was my 1st love.Steamed w/Capts.Hoagie Carmichael,Rupe Owens&Chuck McGrail(The Green Flash).Went to Gators after & made SM1 but no other ship was the same.She was MAGIC.Anyone know what Hapn'd to SM1 John Whitwer.Pls contact
Phillips, Kevin. PhilMs E4Oct 21, 1980 – Sep 28, 1982Division s3Served on her n was in a lot of countries n also worked the midway magic galley forward part of the ship looking for guys that served with me to connect with. I was glad to serve there was the best ship want to go see it
Johnson, Timothy (T.j.)AT3Oct 21, 1980 – Oct 10, 1982AIMD/IM-3I started as an AMSU runner on the Hangar deck. Later I was transferred to W/C 610 (COM/NAV). Worked on the ARC-51 & ARC-52 Radio/Transmitters. Left Midway in 82 to go to AVIC-7 school. I retired as an ATC in June 2000.
Gilmore, MarkABH3Nov 1980 – Nov 11, 1984V-3
Elliott, ThomasAT3 - AT1Nov 1980 – 1991AIMD IM-3 Shop 10Retired, but still onboard. Come visit the San Diego Aircraft Carrier Museum and re-experience the Magic!
Glass, JohnE4Nov 1980 – Jan 1982EA04Best time of my career (with exception to uncle dunkle)
Jones, MalcolmSGTNov 1980 – Jun 1983opb photo labserved on the midway from 80-83 with vmfp-3 worked in the photolab (op div) best time of my life out of my 13 and a half yrs in the corps in spent 11.5 yrs southeast asia .should have stayed. it worked out i retire april 2009 with the usn
Gilmore, MarkABH3Nov 1980 – Nov 1984V-3 divThe best experience in my life, It has taught me many things i still live by.
Olmeda, MartinHMNov 5, 1980 – Dec 10, 1982MedicalOperating Room Technician
Martien, KenEM2Nov 16, 1980 – Dec 31, 1983ElectricalWorked Distribution Shop, Safety Shop, and spent most of my time working in A&O Shop.
Thrall, DavidYN3Dec 1980 – Feb 1984Safety, CO's Office, WeaponsNice to visit the MIDWAY here in San Diego (a museum now).
Kowalski, DocHm2Dec 1980 – Jul 1982MedicalGreat ship good crew. Oorah mardet
Austin, RandyE5Dec 1, 1980 – May 10, 1989
Mays, WilliamBT3Dec 5, 1980 – May 12, 1985B Division / EvapsHigh Salute to all my 4.0 sailors!! Midway in Yokosuka Japan 1980-1985, We had the time of our lives, I will never 4get the fellas in B Div, Snipes 4Ever.
Hobart, MarkAG2Dec 10, 1980 – Jul 15, 1982OALoved me some Midway Magic and Rupe's Roast. I now live in Japan; since 1998.
Brairton, Richard Aka BoiE4Dec 21, 1980 – Nov 24, 1982V2Best time of my life especially parting in Olongapo
Gilbert, Gary WSNDec 24, 1980 – Jun 7, 1982MedicalThe first and only ship I served on during my time in the Navy. It was the best time in my life. Really miss the guys I served with.

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