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USS Midway (CV 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Midway (CV 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2171 crew members registered for the USS Midway (CV 41).

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Baird, DaveAMS31977 – 1980VA-56Had a great time worked for an excellent squadron. Was there for the first hostage episode in Iran.
Mccausland, AlfredCTI2/CTI1(NAC)1977 – 1982OSTAD numerous times to CV41 from NSGA Phil, btwn 1977-1982, as a flyer (EA-3B), and Cryptologic Direct Support Supervisor.
Aflleje, DavidYNSN/YN31977 – 1980XO-ADMINWorked in the Executive Officer's Administration for Cdr Mills, Mark Hightower. New people in Captain's Office: David Grove, Calvin Tate; Mike Barber, print shop. Anyone remember me?
Worth, CharlesMSSR-MS31977 – 1979S-2/S-5The Mighty Midway was my first and she will always hold a special place in my heart.
Hartman, MarkHT 31977 – 1979RepairHad a great time and wished I had stayed onboard to finish out my time. The Pacific is the best duty by far. Anyone wanting to shoot the breeze, drop me a line. Do you know how to contact Colt Stevens?
Vandeveer, DennisAO11977 – 1980VA 56Would be great to hookup with the Champions again.
Hall, MickMM E31977 – 1979M
Budd, DouglasBT21977 – 1979B4 Able Fireroom
Omlor, Mark (Gopher)E-41977 – 1979BOil King.
Thompson, BMM21977 – 1979M
Beasley, Randye-31977 – 1979s-3hey guys, hit me up
Gardner, HalMMC E-71977 – 1980M-DIVLCPO 4 GROUP
Surface, Randyhtfn1977 – 1980R-DIV.
Lombardo, CarlBMSN1977 – 1979deck divisionServed on the USS Midway from 1977 to 1979
Sutherland, SteveCaptain1977 – 1978VMFP 3 DETSTwo 6 month tours on Midway. Honored to have flown the RF4B Phantom from the Midway all over the WestPac with 106 arrested landings including 42 at night. What a magnificent crew and boat!
Hart, DavidE31977 – 1980B DivAnyone from 2group BTs. Would love to hear from some of you guys
Gore, David profile iconAO31977 – 1982G3Looking to reconnect with people I served with in the Weapons Department.
Youmans, WilliamAE 2nd Class1977 – 1979AIMDI really enjoyed my time as ships company, Got to see the world and have so many great experiences. Loved the OCSC Servicemen's center where I became a Christian.
Scott, LynnETN31977 – 1979OE
Baxter, JohnBT31977 – 1979B-DivWorked in 1B and was a serious problem child but wanted to thank you all for what you did. I retired in '96 as a BT1/DV1 (1st Class Diver).
Blechel, StevenAMSAN1977 – 1979vf151 LINE DIV
Underwood, Kevin JE21977 – 1979M DivisionI am from So CA but now live in Las Vegas, NV. I would really like to hear from some of the crew. email me at and please notify me of any reunions on Midway. Toured ship in 2016. Thrilled to be there
Renomjurbina, RenoABF31977 – 1979V4Very grateful to be stationed on the USS Midway in Japan. Never thought I would see the Far East. Looking for my Navy buddy Steve Haas.
Gabbert, Steven L.Jan 1977 – Apr 1978V-4
Goulet, LarryMM1Jan 1977 – Jan 1979(4 Engine)Loved the Midway and Japan! Great folks both on the ship and on the Economy. Wonder how the "Honch" is doing these days?
Guadalupe, Fred Nickname Was HulioooooooGMG3Jan 1977 – Jul 1979WEPONS GUNMOUNT 51man those were the best years.17 young and CRAZY REALLY GOOD TIMES be grate to catch up with old ship mates
Wiley, GregoryABF3Jan 1977 – Jan 1979V-4I loved pulling in to the P.I so much that I moved there after retiring.
McLaughlin, DerrickE2Jan 1, 1977 – Mar 1, 1979V-2catapults
Slentz, DanE5Jan 1, 1977 – Jul 4, 1979communicationsIt was a pleasure to serve with all of you!
King, John profile iconETR2Jan 11, 1977 – Sep 10, 1980OEI was in Radar Room 7, on the aft section of the new Radar tower when the collision alarm sounded. My bf, "BD" Clark was there with me. He opened the hatch and we both jumped out to witness the Cactus hit port bow side.
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Bacchus, DanQM2Jan 15, 1977 – Nov 15, 1979Navigation
Bjork, RussellABF3Feb 3, 1977 – Apr 1, 1979V-4Started my Navy career aboard the Midway, and retired after 26 years. Would like to here from some of the old shipmates.
Hass, SteveABF3Feb 9, 1977 – Mar 3, 1979V-4Enjoyed my time on the Midway.
Feldmeyer, KarlE-4Feb 28, 1977 – Feb 28, 1979Ships Co. Mar-DetWould really like to hear from or find Johnny Valero Mar-Det 77-79. Please email me if you know where he is. Thanks
Campbell, Lamont (Campy)AMS3Mar 1977 – Mar 1979LineI served with VF-151 Vigilantes onboard the Midway. As far as being battle ready, this was the best carrier in the fleet. All we did was train, train train! I was a plane captain, and I loved every bit of it.
Omlor, MarkE4Mar 1977 – Feb 1979b divoil lab
Fischer, Donmmfn/mm3Mar 1977 – Feb 1979engineering / MJust got back from visiting the ship what a trip! I was in 4 pump, 4 gen & 4 eng. what a great bunch of guys to serve with.
Gilchrist, StevenGMTSNMar 1977 – Apr 1978W-DivisionI did a lot of growing on the USS Midway. It would be great to hear from my former shipmates I have been a public school teacher for over a quarter-century.
Dennis, Scottie DYN3Mar 1, 1977 – Sep 30, 1979AdminOps Yeoman/Ready Room
Tierney, James "Jimmy"JO3Mar 9, 1977 – Apr 10, 1979XGreat Memories. Worked in the TV Studio and PAO office, delivering the news to the crew on KMID-TV9 with my Boston accent, radio show on KWAY-FM98 "The Music Wizard" and in the Midway Multiplex newspaper. Lived at Akiya Beach. Loved Rapongi in
Hass, StevenABF-3Mar 10, 1977 – Feb 23, 1979V-4I'm looking for Michael Damato, Jeff Mercer, AAron Juarez, Jessie Jurbina
Newton, RandallLCDRMar 15, 1977 – Nov 22, 1979S1
Stockstad, VirgilAD-1Apr 1977 – May 1980Aircrat Division & QA
Maas, BobE3Apr 1977 – Mar 20, 19791st
McAllister, MikeAMS3Apr 1, 1977 – Jun 1, 1979AIMDI worked in the GSE shop as an airman but then changed my rating to Hammer Slammer...
Askew, Victor ( Spanky)BT 2, BT 1Apr 3, 1977 – Oct 9, 1979B 2 division , 2 c, 2 b fireroomsHello to all of my Midway shipmates out there, Hoping that life has been good to all of you and that many more good yrs are in front of all of us. I was in 2C & 2B firerooms during my time on Midway.
McArthy, PatrickBTFNApr 7, 1977 – Dec 14, 1979Oil ShackCommonly referred to as "MAC"
Shaw, Rich (Rikshaw)OS1Apr 10, 1977 – Apr 10, 1979OICan't wait to get to San Diego, possibly in July 04 to go aboard again. Raines? Where are you? Give me a call.
Karlik, John profile iconRM3Apr 15, 1977 – Mar 1979CSI picked the ship up at Subic Bay in April of 77 went through dry dock. I.O. cruse. would like to hear from any radiomen/signalmen. I visited this ship back in 2006 in San Diego. took the family on board.
Vicencio, Roberto "Jojo"EM2Apr 25, 1977 – May 5, 1982ElectricalBest place to start your Naval career. I had great mentors on this ship.
Lundt, JoelHTFNMay 1977 – Jun 1979RMany great memories. Would like to hear from other snipes during my timeframe.
Roat, PeteBMSNMay 1977 – May 1979snd to nonehotel 41 had some great times on her
Hester, MichaelANMay 1, 1977 – Jun 28, 1979V-3Hi! shipmates. I am looking for anyone from my old division! Keger bear, mcdonald, galbreath. or anyone who wants to get back is tuch.
Amaral, Stephen profile iconE-3 BMSNMay 25, 1977 – Jun 11, 19792ND2ND Division Deck, 2nd to None. BM2 Claus was my immediate supervisor. BM1 Stinson, BM1 Halsey, BM1 Haydorn (some called hardon) Remember the Lombardo Twins BMSN Abubo, BMSN Astoriga
Ray, RandallBTFNJun 1977 – Jul 1979BBoiler Technician, BT, assigned to 3 Baker Fireroom. Names remembered: Beckley, House, Flores, Blevins, Schmidts, Dearman, Young, Frelish, McGowan, Thompson, Bell, Amacher, Ramirez, Hicks, House, Seargent, Fisher, and Shearer.
Gross, HalDSCJun 1977 – Jun 1979OESome of the best guys in the Pac Fleet.
Charboneau, DannyE3Jun 1977 – Jun 1979
Ray, RandallBTFNJun 1977 – Jul 1979B
Smith, Michael/ SmittyBTFRJun 1977 – Sep 19792BAnybody have Tinnitus from boiler room noise? I Need help with VA claims. Have had Esophageal cancer from the asbestos. Daily work involved lots of asbestos and leaded paint dust.
Gilchrist, StevenSteven J GilchristJun 1, 1977 –WeaponsI served on USS Midway as a GMT in W-Division. I met many awesome shipmates and remember them all fondly.
Galvin, ScottBT-3Jun 17, 1977 – Jul 19, 1979boiler room 3-Awould realy like to get in contact with anyone. a respectfull shout out to BT1 Mr. Charles House if you or anyone is out their pls. contact me @ or 727-238-1344
Pounders, JackqmcJun 18, 1977 – May 1, 1980navigation3
Fox, Pinky P profile iconabhanJun 25, 1977 – May 30, 1981v-1v-1 dawgs,you all know who you are.i was one proud mother f er of us all.steve eagleton,jim cook,john spina,tom adkins,allen mcqueen,,,,,,,,,,,
Bakken, CraigFTGSNJun 28, 1977 – Aug 8, 1978FOXThis ship was at sea and flying more than any other in the fleet. Glassy seas in the Phillipines
Kohl, RickSNJul 1977 – Jun 1978G Division Hangar Deck ShopLooking for AO2 Francis (Frank) Horn I owe you $40! Kevin Gessner?
Burns, DaleAO2Jul 1977 – Jul 1980OrdnanceThe Midway and VA-93 taught me how to be a man and a sailor. Great crew and great leaders.
Sullivan, DickE-3Jul 1977 – Apr 1980EGreat memories
Moeller, CharlesAT-2Jul 1977 – Jul 1980VAW-115Greetings to all past shipmates. My time on the Midway was memorable and exciting. If you haven't been to the museum in San Diego, put it on your "bucket list."
Wilson, TomRM3Jul 4, 1977 – Nov 25, 19783rdBest Vacation, I ever had...when asked by a shipmate which sheets to used in Officer Country's bunks, I sugguested the ones that said USN on them (Tablecloths) my favorite hang out place (Chapel) good had a nice keyboard to play songs on.
Logan, MichaelSNJul 7, 1977 – Feb 19803'rd DivisionJust looking for some of my old Midway buddies. Like Todd, Wolf, stone, Garcia, Fitzgerald, Savage, Stass, Herrera, Hehman, Lacey, Martin BM 2 Jensen and Brown. And anybody else whose name I can't think of at the moment
Adams, Johnbt2-e5Jul 15, 1977 – Jul 15, 1981engineeringblack hole gang
Sullivan, Ken (The Mick)GMG3Aug 1977 – Aug 1979G2Came aboard just as the cut the 5"38's off and added BPDMS. Work in the magazines. Would be great to hear from anyone in G div's. OJ, You out there somewhere?
Medcalf, HerbABF3Aug 1977 – Jul 1979V-4Learned a lot and met some of the best people I've ever known!
Trevino, Gilbert NoahAO2Aug 1, 1977 – May 13, 1980G4
Snow, John W Snow Jr JohonAO1Aug 15, 1977 – Aug 15, 1981VA 56
Dews, Tommy/tinyFNAug 15, 1977 – Sep 22, 1979SHIPS AC+RHEY MEN GLAD TO HERE FROM YOU!
Swain, MaxMS3Aug 21, 1977 – Aug 29, 1979S-2Now that I have been away from Midway for close to thirty years, i must admit those were the greatest memories of my life. IO cruise, Yokosuka, and who could forget Subic Bay.
Kelly, Jr, Robert T.MM 2Aug 29, 1977 – Jan 30, 1980Engineering / MCame aboard just before IO cruise,worked 2 group,all phases. Held DC/FF petty officer position for M-division,also went to J.E.S.T (jungle survival school) w/ LT. Stenson & marine detachment in the P.I. This ship was the finest I served on.
Parr, BobbyAEANSep 1977 – Dec 1979HC1 DET 2Love to hear from any DET 2ers.
Ewing, RogerBT3Sep 1977 – Feb 1980B-3
Blair, RalphFNSep 1977 – Sep 1979BStationed in 1a fireroom. I would like to hear from any shipmates that I worked with.
Mahoney, PatrickE3Sep 1977 – Aug 1979V-1Star. Hey Bobby Webster. Where are you dude? Find me. V 1 in fly 2.
David Mimm, DavidOSSNSep 1, 1977 – Dec 31, 1978OI
Ward, AndrewE3Sep 1, 1977 – Mar 1, 1980OCI miss this ship
Mc Gowan, KevinOS 2Sep 1, 1977 – Sep 1, 1979OI DivisionLive in Westville, Illinois. Serving as a contractor in Iraq
Sullivan, The MickGMG3Sep 1, 1977 – Sep 1, 1979G1
Simile, Christian Aka ByrdmanFNSep 8, 1977 – Nov 18, 1979A GANG Lot's of asbestos lagging, damage control drills, and cat watch with no mandatory hearing protection what,s not to love I became a man after lots of ball busting too serious maybe but that's how I do my work
Hamlet, DannyBMSNSep 15, 1977 – Sep 22, 19782NDSubic Bay was always the place To go
Reilly, TomamsanSep 15, 1977 – Sep 30, 1979vf 151 line division/trouble shooters151 what a great time we had,all the ports,the fun.remember it like it was yesterday.
Haberman, PaulAOAA/AO3Sep 16, 1977 – Dec 13, 1979G-3 FOWARD BOMB ASSY & G-4 MISSILE SHOPPLH4559@SBCGLOBAL.NET Two west-pacs and I can't find any of you guys that I served and partied with. Except J.Lewis. I allways felt like we were all brothers and those days would never end Contact me!!
Haberman, Paul profile iconAOAA AO2Sep 16, 1977 – Dec 13, 1979G-3/ G-4I am just looking for some old friends that shared some Great times as young men traveling the Pacific.
Guzman, GerardoBT3Sep 17, 1977 – Oct 5, 1979B-1 4Able fireroonWould like to hear from Old bud. Tom Budd I see your name here, also BTC Montague
De Herrera, Bernie profile iconE-3Sep 18, 1977 – Oct 15, 1979V-1 RECOVERYJust stoped by to say hellow to all i served with aboard the MIDWAY. Nothing like fly 3 @ 2am cold wet tired miss it somtimes. Peace to all E-mail
Dagsaan, Al "Dagsee"GMSN/DK2Sep 20, 1977 – Oct 30, 1980S4Started as a GM and change rate to a DK. Had a great time specially the liberty ports.
Reilly, TomE3/AMSANSep 21, 1977 – Aug 15, 1979VF 151 LINE TROUBLE SHOOTERSwould like to hear from anyone who served during this time on the midway,in 151 and remembers me.
Mangiaracina, Jeff / "china"CPLOct 1977 – Dec 1979Marine DetachmentHad a great time serving on the USS Midway! Would like to here from any of the Marines who served in the MarDet. during this time period.
Omlor, MarkE4Oct 1, 1977 – Oct 22, 1979boil king gopher
Dennis Rowe, DennisE-4Nov 1977 – Oct 1979V-1 Division Crash and SalvageI was a ABH, worked on bow crew, tug operator and then I was the Petty Officer In Charge of Crash And Salvage, after Jack left,( Jack had about 60 (sixty) Tattoos. We where one of the first battle groups sent to IRAN.
Dove, RobertFTG3Nov 1977 – 1978FOXFirst ship I was assigned to. However rode USS White Plains to meet her.
Lopez, ArturoAO1/E6Nov 1, 1977 – Feb 1, 1980G-2I left the Midway as an AO3 As a reservist I retired as an AO1
Medearis, Jeffrey And FuzzyAMH-3Nov 10, 1977 – Aug 11, 1981AIMD Cod Crew
White, Denny (Boo Boo)AC2Nov 15, 1977 – Jul 12, 1979OCLove all the Liberty ports. PI was th best! Shoot out to Ski.
Barncastle, JesusE-3Nov 18, 1977 – Nov 18, 1979AIMD (GSE)If you remember me drop me a line or two My e-mail is ( I live in Phoenix Arizona love to here from you
McNeese, TommABE3Nov 18, 1977 – Dec 10, 1979V-2
Hinton, RussellMMFMDec 1977 – Dec 1979M
Liotta, Keith / Gedunk profile iconABH3Dec 1977 – Mar 1979V-1Fly One Super Stars baby!
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John, KingETR2Dec 1977 – May 1980OERockin John looking to refriend old shipmates.
Rogero, Glenne-4Dec 1977 – Dec 1979mardet
Kreschmer, Terrence/terryAD2Dec 1977 – Jun 1981IM-2I really enjoyed my time while serving aboard THE MAGIC. AFCM GRAYS and AD1 ALLEN Thank You two for squaring me away and putting me on the right path. I retired in 1997. I'd do it again. Hey ROD say HI if you see this.
Erwood, BrettAK2Dec 3, 1977 – Nov 1979s6 divisionLooking for anyone who may have known my father, Frederick J. Erwood (sheet metal worker). He served on the uss wolverine in 1942 in lake michigan. He also served on the uss bristol, but do not know the dates.
Brulotte, JoeAG2(AW)Dec 15, 1977 – Dec 21, 1979OA DivisionBest duty station in the NAVY.
Kratz, DavidMM3Dec 17, 1977 – Dec 20, 1979M division#2 screw the longest shaft and the best screw
Shannon, LukeOS3Dec 18, 1977 – Dec 20, 1979OIJust thinking about OS3 Nic Hawkins, OS3 David Bruce, OSCS Harry Cannon, and MCPO Charles Seekamp. Thanks for the memories and helping me grow.
Bailey, Dean "beetle"BT3Dec 20, 1977 – Dec 18, 1979"B"Steam'in demons in 3-B... Whats up?

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