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USS Midway (CV 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Midway (CV 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2181 crew members registered for the USS Midway (CV 41).

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Smith, GregAE31975 – 1977VA 115Many terrific memories. Spent more time at sea than stateside carriers. Worked hard and played harder. The girls of Olongapo had a special liking for Midwaymen.
Klein, LarryBTFN1975 – 19771 bakerwould like to here from anyone thats remembers me
Redkey, FredADJ31975 – 1977VA-56Had some great times with some of the guys in all the ports of call.
Ward, TomOS21975 – 1977OII see "Sly" Williams, Rickshaw,Dave Mimm are listed and I hope you guys and everyone else is good. I was able to go back on the ship in Sept. 2009 after 32 years. WOW! they have done a remarkable job.
Hudson, JamesFireman BT1975 – 1977B divisionSnipes kept it moving baby. Steam for the drive and the cat.Had a good time in Yokosuka, and can still speak a little Japanese. Had some nice times in Hong Kong, PI,Korea,Singapore,Pakastain, I've been looking for anybody from M or B div
Stewart, Leeamsan1975 –AIMD IMS2So many memories. Anyone can email me The Eagles & Wishbone Ash concert @ Tokyo Buddakon. Too bad I didn't make the 75-76 cruise book.
Stanek, Davee-31975 – 1977b divworked in 4 able fireroom with bt1 hall, hulett, flagg,peterson,dixon,frost,and others
Hood, Robert CTO11975 – 1978OS
Casey Calhoun, Ao3 CalhounAo31975 – 1977G1/ G4 misselsLike to say hey to any of my navy buddies that remember me, great times, many memories Japan, PI, west pack cruise, anybody remember Monte flagg, would really like to get in touch with him
Mason, Walter ADJ-31975 – 1977VA-115 Power PlantDoes anybody remember Stumpy & Gimpy's bar on the beach next to Baby Doe's? I remember drinking 3 glasses of Mojo while playing Smilies & when I got up the pool table ran out the front door.. LOL Those were the days.....
Jesgarz, FredAE31975 – 1977AIMDOn Memorial Day, 2019, I’m thinking of all the men I had opportunity to serve with aboard the USS Midway. I wish my shipmates well. I especially remember the friends made at the Christian Servicemen’s Home in Yokohama.
Cutter, Michaelan1975 – 1977supply
Selman, Stuartseaman1975 – 1976foxhoping for dry dock and we get a museum .
Valdez, Frederick profile iconABE-ANJan 2, 1975 –V-2 divisionOperation “frequent wind”. I will never forget “shellback” initiation. Lol. Good times.
Trevino, CarlosAnJan 6, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977Weapons AdminAssigned to weapons admin as an aviation yeoman
Neutz, MarkETN-2Jan 8, 1975 – Nov 10, 1976OE DivI have reconnected with a lot of old friends from the Midway . Now I am searching for Keith Reese
Ramsey, ShaunAMH3Jan 10, 1975 – Jan 10, 1977va 93Great time met some unforgetable people in unforgteable and remarkable places. Mostly enjoyed Atsugi.
White, EdFiremanJan 12, 1975 – Jun 7, 1975M / Engine room 3Was there but for a short while, got hurt and had to leave when we arrived back in Japan from Vietnam evac. Would like to go one day to see her in San Diego.
Ragland, Ronnieazan-az3Jan 21, 1975 – Jan 7, 1977VA-115 ( ARABS) Worked in maintenance control. Great memories of Japan,P.I., operation Frequent Wind.and many other adventures.After USS MIDWAY i was stationed on board the USS ENTERPRISE with VA-196 (MAIN BATTERY).
Webb, JeffreyAMS3Jan 25, 1975 – Apr 21, 1978VA115My time on the midway was very interesting. I learned alot about myself and the countries I visited. I made some good friends,ad will never forget this time of my life. I'm proud to be one of the men who served on the best ship in the flee
Garcia, JohnnySGT.Feb 1975 – Nov 1975VMCJ-1 MarDetServed as a final checker on the flight deck and during operation frequent wind. Really enjoyed my time out at sea.
Roberge, RobertOs2Feb 1975 – Feb 1979OI
Rivas, DavidE2Feb 10, 1975 – Feb 11, 1977BSeeking info on USS Midway A-6 lost in 1975 or 1976 off Japan coast or elsewhere in Pacific. Also, a fire aboard the Midway, same time frame.
Masters, CarlosE4Mar 7, 1975 – Apr 1977V4
Schoen, DonABH 3Apr 1975 – Sep 1977I would not give those years back for nothing Great times saw alot of the world. Work in fly three aera on deck
Luka, JeffAME3Apr 1975 – 1977va 115t-branch ran a hell of a shop,the best man i have ever worked for.many great memories to spare and i still think about it often.would love to see or here from old buds
Van Horn, Glenn)S#Apr 1975 – Sep 1978O.I. Div
Emerson, JamesOSSNApr 1975 – May 1977OINever got to thank Master Chief Craver and all he did for me! Visited the Midway 5x since 2004 and had the opportunity to enter CIC even though unauthorized area. Anyone remember the mermaid on the door of CIC?
Novak, David EPR2Apr 1975 – Mar 5, 1979VA-93
Williams, Sirroll/slickOS3Apr 1, 1975 – May 1, 1977operationsHi to all of you radar duds that served with me and gary phillips.
McCain, Gregory RayE4/PersonnelmanApr 1, 1975 – Jun 4, 1978ExecutiveServed as Ship's Company Personnelman E3/E4 , General Quarter's Captain Phone Talker, Ship's onboard Radio DJ (soulful sounds) and with USS MIDWAY (CV-41) Dependent's Assistance Team (MIDWAY DAT). Operation Frequent Wind
Lominac, CharlesAO3Apr 12, 1975 – Nov 20, 1977GM
Merrill, James Jim)AQ3Apr 14, 1975 – May 23, 1978AIMDSlavin' Raven
Thurston, Randyms3Apr 15, 1975 –supply
Stone, RandyABH3Apr 29, 1975 – Apr 1977V3Proud Midway Veteran
Bunch, SteveFNMay 1975 – May 1977M DivisionVery adventurous 2 years of my life. Had some great times with all my fellow snipes.
High, RobertE 3May 1975 – Aug 1977AuxiliaryAlways enjoy going into Hong Kong Korea Phillipines and Yokosuka
Williams, SirrollOS3May 5, 1975 – May 5, 1977operatrions
Rucker, GeorgeAO2May 15, 1975 – May 16, 1977GM, G3The Best ship I ever served aboard... she got it done!!! Loved Yokosuka too...Didnt get any better than that, well maybe the P.I. But then.. thats another story..
Morrill Jr, ThomasHM2May 30, 1975 – Jun 1, 1978MedicalProud to be there and was a time of growth
Ebey, EdgeE-4Jun 10, 1975 – Nov 12, 19753maw
Kujat, JohnAO3Jun 19, 1975 – May 10, 1977G Fwb Bomb, Hangar DeckTons of memories....... all good!! The PI, Yokosuka, Yokohama, Tokyo.
Carpenter, GlennHTFNJun 28, 1975 – Jun 30, 1977R DIV
Kreager, LewisBT2Jul 1975 – May 1977BDuring my time aboard the Midway, I worked in 2C, 2B,and 2A firerooms in that order.
Hoskins, ThomasAO2Jul 1975 – Jul 1977G DivisionGreat memories of my time onboard U.S.S. Midway. Reside in Yuba City, CA. Retired, father of two, grandfather of two.
Crowley, Mike (Clutch)OS3Jul 1, 1975 – Jan 6, 1977OI
Hall, Steven L. HallAE3Jul 7, 1975 – Apr 11, 1978HC-1 DET-2Search and Rescue Aircrewman
Mitchell, Jayson(mitch)SHSNJul 19, 1975 – Jul 22, 1977S-3Had a great time on the Midway. Met some real good people there. Back then it was join the Navy, see the world and did we ever. I'll never forget Japan, Hong Kong,PI,Pusan,Singapore,or Karachi.Wow,what a time.
Simoni, RickDP3Aug 1, 1975 – Oct 7, 1977S-7I went from darkness to light. The end of an old life and beginning of a new one. Will never forget my time and my friends on the Midway. LTJG Nelson, Dave Haman, Chief Rick Mints, Churillo, Bill Lamkin.
Stanek, DavidfnAug 15, 1975 – Aug 15, 1977b division 4 ablebest ship i was on and i was on 3 of them
Stotser, JamesAQ3Aug 25, 1975 – Aug 25, 1977VF-151Nickname RED
Grone, Alan J.AK3Sep 1975 – Sep 1977VA-93
Poulos, MarkCPLSep 1975 – Mar 1976VMAQ-2Had a lot of great times and friends in the IMA division. Shellback initiation on 1 November 75 was an experience. You bet your sweet Axx I am. To all my fellow marines aboard.....Semper Fi And to all the fine men in ships company, Thanks
Gonyer, DonaldAE3Sep 1975 – Sep 1977IMD-3 Generator ShopLooking for any of the old guys from the shop or any word about them.
Boyer, RandyAQ3 (RETIRED 1997)Sep 1, 1975 – Jun 1, 1977IM-3 AIMD Avionics W/C 690I worked with the guys in the Computer shop AIMD W/C 69A. I am now retired, living in Alabama.
Stevens, StanMM2Sep 5, 1975 – Dec 9, 1977M Good memories
Dixon, Jimmy profile iconfnSep 15, 1975 – Oct 29, 1978B division 4 ableHad a great time
Santos, Noel TMM3Sep 18, 1975 – Sep 20, 1977MNo.1 Group. Ichiban!
Benavides, JerryHT3Oct 1975 – Nov 1977RWow, I actually see a couple of the "newbies" who came on board to R division on this list! I need to see if you guys know of a few others! I was 18 when I landed on the Midway on a COD near Bandar Abbas, Iran. Any MARDET out there? Kiner??
Jerry Fisher (Strong), Fish profile iconAMH ANOct 1975 – Oct 1977VA 115Yokosuka-Atsugi-Olongapo-Subic City-Pusan-Hong Kong-Singapore-Karach-My Youth, I love it.
England, RichardE4Oct 1975 – Sep 1977Marine DetachmentWish to here from fellow brother Marines I served with
Nesseth, RodEnsignOct 1975 – Apr 1978VF-151Flew in the back seat (RIO) in F-4 Phantoms. Great squadron on a great ship.
Devries, RichYN3Oct 1, 1975 – Oct 5, 1977xAssigned to Chaplain's Office. No other duty station onboard
Clarke, JamesOSSNOct 1, 1975 – Jul 1, 1977Operations and IntelligenceWaited in the PI for a month while the Midway made its' way back from the Indian Ocean. Best month of my enlistment.
Newton, RandallLT.Oct 6, 1975 – Dec 20, 1976CODBoy that Golf course in Atsugi sure is high off the ground!
Reusing, DavidOS2Oct 10, 1975 – Dec 29, 1976operations
Cornell, Brettmm2Oct 11, 1975 – Dec 15, 1977a div
Robinson, EarlE-3Oct 14, 1975 – Sep 10, 1977DeckJoined the Midway at Subic bay mid Oct 75. My first cruise was the 43 days in the IO. We crossed the Equator I think near my 18th birthday in Nov 75. Capt L.C. Chamber crossed too. Shellbacks!
Wijers, EduardMMFA - MM3Oct 25, 1975 – Dec 1977A-Division
Huff, ReggieE3Dec 1975 – Mar 1976Squadron VF 161Frequent Wind Operation always remains an epic event.
Spaulding, LonnyfaDec 1975 – Dec 1977B divisionworked in 3A fireroom
Reed, Edward profile iconPO2 ASE2Dec 1975 – May 1979AIMD
Radford, WilliamMM -2Dec 1975 – Mar 1979M-div 1-engLearned how to be a snipe here
Black, RichardDP3Dec 1975 – Dec 1977S7Looking for members of S7 From 1975 to 1977.
Sasse, JohnDP3 John SasseDec 1, 1975 – Dec 1, 1977S-7Retired from the USN in Jun 1995 from US Special Operations Command at MacDill AFB, Tampa Fl. 28 years later (Jun 2023) I am still working at USSOCOM as a government contractor.

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