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USS Midway (CV 41) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Midway (CV 41). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 2171 crew members registered for the USS Midway (CV 41).

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Howell, CarrolFR1973 – 1973A
Castelveter, DavidE5/SM21973 – 1975Communications
Madron, MikeBT31973 – 1976B Division
Colbert, LarryETR-31973 – 1974OEMember of the OE division test equipment repair pool. I would like to find and say hello to anyone from the division.
Cochran, William (Peaches)cpl1973 – 1974vmcj-1 det 101
Moody, HaroldE-41973 – May 19754thI am looking for Jimmy Dunlap
Pierce, RandySn1973 – 1974Admin
Miller, Keith profile iconBT 31973 – 1975B DivThis is for anyone that may remember me. I was the supply petty officer for B Div and worked in the Boiler repair shop with WO2 Barnett, BRMC Brown, BT2 Solly, BT3 Colbern, FN Nuttal.
Kelley, JimMM31973 – 1977M-DivisionNo 3 Generator, stood top watch #3 Engine
Hayes, PedroE31973 – 1974v4 aviation FulesLooking for any one that was aboard the USS Midway when we had general quarters training and was shooting the big guns. At that time our home port was Yokosuka Japan.
Waite, CraigMM21973 – 1975AA division EA02 Steam Heat/Catapult Steam shop
Mathias, TonyRADIOman E31973 – 1974COMMUNICATIONSHad a wonderful time on board HER met alot of good people. loved ever day i was on board
Girard, AlAKCS1973 – 1977S-6 & IM-1Originally in S-6, then SUPO's Office and then IM-1. Went on Midway as AKAA, left as AK2, retired years later as AKCS. Worked for AKCS Blue, AK1 Garvin, AK1 Steward, AK1 Stine, AK1 Hood and AK1 Lugay.
Funk, MarkMM31973 – 1975MWorked in #1 group, throttles and pump room
Brandenburg, BarryE31973 – 1976V4
Gardner, Nigel (Spooky)SM3Jan 1, 1973 – Aug 25, 1976Communications-Signalman if you would like your crossing certificate re-done. the address for it
Slate, DonaldE-5Jan 2, 1973 – Jan 12, 1974
Autry, Richard profile iconFAJan 19, 1973 – Jul 19, 1974MAssigned to #1 Generator Room as a generator top watch.
Focht, BillMM3Feb 1973 – Feb 1975Propulsion Engine Room
Blouin, RickETN2Feb 10, 1973 – Jun 23, 1975OEOE02 Transmitter 1&2 Link4/Link 11 Great group of guys I served with, have already connected with a few and hope to find the rest of the guys. Looking to visit her in March 2009
Howard, LeeroyMM3Mar 1973 – Jan 1975m-division2 engineroom and 2 generator room
Terry, DillonPN2Mar 1973 – Oct 1974X DivI worked in the Ship's Office most of the time, but also worked in ESO and Captains Office.
Carter*, DonE2Mar 1973 –Fireman BT
Fontaine, BradseamanMar 1, 1973 – Jun 12, 1974gunners mate I worked in a gun mount with a guy name Steve? great times! email me if you remember me.
Castillo, Arthur profile iconMS1Mar 3, 1973 – Jul 15, 1975S-2Had some great times, and met some fantastic shipmates.
Crough, MichaelDS3Mar 19, 1973 – Jul 1975S-7Great duty. Operation Frequent Wind was tour of duty highlight. Enjoyed visiting different countries and experiencing first hand the culture and people.
Elton, Sanders (Oakie)OS3Apr 1973 – Aug 25, 1975OII am very proud to have served aboard and remember only good things from my time on board. I hope to see her again in San Diego soon. Nick, Ken, Dennis, Prange good to serve with you guys and all the CIC gang.
Reedy, Jim The Speedo profile iconHTFNApr 1973 – Oct 1977Repaire mail
Remington, BobPN3/JO3Apr 1973 – Jun 1976X-DIV/PAOMany memories good/bad --served as great bookmarks for future growth. Retired as JOC(SW), Jan '92 Work at Naval Hospital Pensacola. Been in Pensacola since 1993.
Allen, L. Frank Aka Big AlAO3Apr 1973 – Jul 1975VA-93
Anderson, James EE-2Apr 1, 1973 – Nov 1, 1974VMCJ-i DET-101Just looking to find Marines from VMCJ-1 DET-101, who were on the 73-74 West Pac cruise. RIP Lt's Jot Eve, Dave Moody and the other Navy aircrew members who perished on October 22nd, 1973. It was a bad night for U.S.
Jones, RayAE 2Apr 1, 1973 – May 28, 1976IM3 Shop 5I worked the INS bench. (SACE). Give me a shout.
Hailey, Steven (Redbone)DP 2nd ClassApr 1, 1973 – May 1, 1975S7 Data Processing
Pilgrim, JeromeACCSApr 14, 1973 – Apr 12, 1975OCCATCC controller. Worked final and Approach. Also served as supervisor during Case lll recovery. Was primary controller during "Frequent Wind" when I only had the bridge radar to assist me.
Allen, Robert (Al)SNMay 1973 – Feb 1975Ops YoemanLots of good times, some not so good. Still was a great experience and proud to serve. Squadron drunk (jk)
Goytia, JesusSK@May 1973 – Nov 1974S-1I swap duty with a sailor on this ship because I wanted to go overseas since I was in for only 2 yrs. and on the USS Robison I was going to sit in Long Beach, Ca. O I took the swap with delight since Japan is one Favorit
Bryant, GaryAO 3May 1973 – Jul 1975G Division
Mahoney, David (Mofo)mm3May 3, 1973 – Jun 8, 1975engine room # 4#4 ran hot and wild but not as wild as PI. remember a6 crash and helicopter loss, fire in engine room, flooded bilges with jet fuel, great times.
Johnson, GaryAQ1May 6, 1973 – 1976AIMD - TAD from VA 93
Moseley, WayneHTfnMay 19, 1973 – Sep 1975R divisionBest ship that i served on. I saw alot of countries and mad alot of friends. Looking foward to visiting the ship musum in San Diego.
Theodorelos, Pete J.CDR.Jun 1973 – Sep 1976Air Boss
Mazza, RichardL/CPL-SGTJun 1973 – Sep 1975VMCJ-1 Det 101in The Hyd Shop of the best
Walker, Gary Alias SnuffyCPLJun 1973 – 1974USMC VMCJ1 DET 101I was aboard the midway when the EA6 supposedly touched wing tips with the A7. The com/nav package on the A6 failed and the A7 was escorting it back to the ship. I have never found any written documation on this crash.
Hester, James profile iconIc fnJun 1973 – Jun 1975ESound powered phone shop Old man 28 repair or put em on. Freq.Wind. Looking for IC buddies. Was all over the ship
Schmitz, Theodore profile iconHM1Jun 1973 – Jul 1975HWhen I first saw her I wondered how something that big could float. Picked her up in Alameda, rode her toYokosuka and left just after the evacuation in 75. Stil think of her as the best ship in the Navy
Tittle, LennySGT.Jun 1, 1973 – Aug 9, 1974VMCJ-3/VMCJ-1 ECM then Man/Mat Control
Hawkinson, DavidSNJun 10, 1973 – Jul 1, 1975V4none
Newbrey, RichardAZ4Jun 15, 1973 –QUALITY ASSURANCE READY ROOM
Valenzuela, RichardE-3Jun 18, 1973 – Jun 14, 1975B divisionTrying to contact anybody that remembers me.
Varca, JoeAOAN- AO3Jul 1973 – Jul 1975VF-161 TAD TO Aimd Ord
Lindman, WilliamLTjgJul 1973 – May 19762nd and 3rdLooking for any officers who served in Deck Department and ship's company from July 1973 to May 1976
Impinna, ChrisRM3Jul 1973 – Aug 1975CR/CommunicationsLooking back it was a great time in my life. I still talk to a few buddies once in awhile.
Carter, RaymondICCJul 1973 – Jun 1976V-2, E-Div.I met some memorable shipmates.
Sargeant, DavidAQ3Jul 5, 1973 – Jul 3, 1974VF-161A great part of growing up!
Hackett, John P. (Boomer)abcsJul 12, 1973 – Sep 1985air dept (v-1)pahrump,nv. 775 751 4820/
Vaughan, Edward (Jim)SM3Jul 22, 1973 – Sep 21, 1975cs signalman commwent abord at nas alameda took ship to japan this was my first ship i was in deck dept went to striker boad went to signal bridge made sm3 was a part of winning the one and only green C
McElliott, Dale (Mac)PHANJul 26, 1973 – Mar 24, 1976Photo Lab/OPS
Chris, CherrieSNAug 1973 – Jun 1975OIcame aboard in Alameda,then off to Yokusaka!
Corre, TelesforoSNAug 1973 – Dec 1975s-1when i check in i was in deck force. then i strike to become a storekeeper (sk) until i got transfer to another ship.__,,
Expose', Ole' BoneE-3Aug 1973 – 1974deck
Doyle, BobE-3Aug 1973 – May 1974AIMDI served on the ship when we moved our home-port to Yokosuka, Japan. My son now serves aboard the USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76, also home-ported in Yokosuka, Japan. My other son serves aboard the USS Lake Erie GC70
Sapata, FrankRMSNAug 1, 1973 – Mar 15, 1975CR DivisionSpent my 21st Birthday on the flight deck cruising toward Subic Bay, with a bunch of Great Guys!!!
Troxel, PeteBTFNAug 2, 1973 – Aug 2, 1975BI was assigned to 2 charlie fireroom.
Smith Jr, Horace C. (Smitty)HT3Aug 8, 1973 – Aug 5, 1975REPAIRLOVE P I
Healey, WaltRMSNAug 12, 1973 – Jun 10, 1975CR (Communications Radio)Had a great time on a great ship and still talk to many of the guys I was stationed with
Hamm, GerardAO3Aug 15, 1973 – Aug 1, 1974GM Division“ And any man who may be asked in this century what he did to make his life worthwhile, I think can respond with a good deal of pride and satisfaction: "I served in the United States Navy" Pres. Kennedy
Cooper, GaryPN3Aug 19, 1973 – Aug 22, 1975X Safety Office / Personnel / ESOLooking back, there sure were some GOOD TIMES on Midway. Lots to remember!
Clemens, CraigABH-3Aug 28, 1973 – May 28, 1976you crash we dash. you burn we learn
Grace, SteveBT3Aug 29, 1973 – Dec 3, 1974M1C & 4c Boiler rooms
Smith, TerryHM2Sep 1973 – May 1975SickbayWas attached to VA-93 Any Corpsman from 1973-75 out there. Makes me feel old now that the Ole Lady is a museum.
Jarvis, DavidRM3Sep 1973 – Sep 1975Comm DeptBoarded in Alemeda, and took Her to Japan. Enjoyed 2 yrs of great service aboard Her with a great crew. Hope to hear from some. Have now been in touch with several of friends, now hope to meet again on board.
Ammons, Ira, (Ricky)E-3Sep 1973 – 1975Stores Div.Played on the ships basketball team which won 2 COMNAVFORJAPAN championships (1974,75). Was the Fareast interservice basketball champions. Want to hear from my old basketball team mates. Was in on oper. Freq. Wind.
Waldron, FrankABF-2Sep 1973 – Sep 1975V-4Always loved being at sea!
Dodson, Randy profile iconJOSN/JO3Sep 1973 – Oct 1975xWorked in Public Affairs 1 year doing daily newspaper and award winning Moving West cruisebook with Ken Hughes, Bill Morris, Al Weston, Bob Remington, LTJG Harlow. Then went to KMID/KWAY with Vic Pinzon, and others.
Joiner, JohnRM3Sep 1973 – Mar 1975CR
Hyle, JackCTO2Sep 1973 – Nov 1975OS
Hopkins, JosephHT3Sep 9, 1973 – Sep 29, 1976R
High, David3rd class Petty OfficerSep 9, 1973 – Sep 12, 1975Air Wing Va 56Great times aboard the best carrier in the 7th fleet. Was sent to Yokosuka Japan as the first crew to serve there as our overseas home base. Traveled in and out of the Phillipines, Hong Kong, Korea, South China Sea etc.
Ratliff, RonSGT (RAT)Sep 11, 1973 – Dec 22, 1973VMCJ1Was on Midway when EA6 & A7 collided midair. Saw search & rescue helicoptor plung into ocean & explode. 5 died, 1 survived from helicopter wreck. Any info on this event or fellow squadron members, please contact me.
Pope, WayneSGTSep 11, 1973 – Nov 20, 1973vmcj-1 det 101 I was assigned to the flight line. Det 101 was a great bunch of marines. I would like to hear from any of you guys.
Galusha, FranklynE2Sep 11, 1973 – Sep 11, 1974VA-115I would like to say Hi to everyone, also does anyone have any pictures of when we went to Korea? and I hope the years have been kind to you.
Flerlage, DennisCplSep 25, 1973 – Oct 9, 1974VMCJ 1I just came back from the midway on a group tour .Midways squadron and Shipmates. The ship still smells like JP 5 jet fuel . If any Marines from VMCJ 1 would like to join Squaudron and Shipmates contact me .
Whistler, RickSMSep 30, 1973 – Dec 12, 1975X / Post OfficeDid'nt know it then, But it was the best time I ever had!
Holgren, ClaudeE3/SH strikerOct 1973 – Apr 1975Ships Service/S3It was intense being a part of history. I came aboard just before leaving for Yokosuka. I can remember the protests when we first arrived, even then the people were polite and courteous.
Jackson, Delmar  NEWE2Oct 1973 – Mar 19751stGreat deployment. And would do it again on the on the Midway!!
McCord, CharlesANOct 4, 1973 – Dec 18, 1974VA-115 Arabs
Galusha, FranklynE3Oct 6, 1973 – Oct 1974CVA-41
Cook, MitchAO2Oct 13, 1973 – Dec 20, 1975G- DivisionHave a lot of great memories, the PI, climbing Mt Fuji, Frequent Wind, Andy Humphrey and his guitar. Family Day Cruise Streaker.
Schonk, Richarde-3Nov 1973 – Jul 1975s-7
Allison, DarrellMMFN/MM3Nov 1973 – Jan 1976M DivisionAssigned to #2 Engine Room, Messenger, Lube Oil Flat, Pump Room, Throttles, did a stint in #2 Generator and Shaft Alley. Storey, Madden, Schatz, Alvarez, Hernandez... CMDR Kerr was a great EO, you know why sir!
Briggs, BrianbtfaNov 1973 – 1974boiler techi loved service on the midway my only regret is that when we hit pearl harbor i had duty and couldnt get off to see pearl harbor
Shillair, PaulABE-3Nov 1, 1973 – Nov 1, 1975V-2 Arresting gear Wow, that was fun
Shillair, PaulABE-3Nov 1, 1973 – Nov 1, 1975V-2 Arresting gear Wow, that was fun
Galant, DavidSGTDec 1973 – Dec 1974VMCJ-1 Det 101Would like to hear from Marines who served during this time.
Argetsinger, Greg Fritz Or SmileyABE 3Dec 1973 – Jul 1975V-2Looking for Scott Parker, Wally Mefford,David Meister Ben Vermillson and any one that was there for the evacuation of south vietnam.
Lamberti, MikeE 4Dec 1973 – Aug 1976Flight Deck V1Spent 3 years on Midway. First year as a Blue Shirt and in Crash/Salvage, another year was transfered to Photography unit then back to flight deck for last year. I think of and draw on my experiences everyday!
Clark, BillANDec 9, 1973 – Aug 1975S-6Did a wonderful 2 years onboard with Fran and PJ Jewells, Bill Brownly and Nick Antonelli. Worked MSP
Jewels, FrancisANDec 10, 1973 – Aug 1975S-6 DivisionI was a young Buck of 17 when I came on board in 1973. Will always have fond memories of my time on the Midway. An adventure of a lifetime
Antoniolli, NicholasAK3Dec 31, 1973 – Jun 16, 1975AK3 SUPPLYDOING GOOD AND WANT TO VISIT THE MIDWAY IN SAN DIEGO

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