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USS Tarawa (CV 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tarawa (CV 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 146 crew members registered for the USS Tarawa (CV 40).

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Nathenson, RobertFTSN1952 – 1953FOX
Peercy, BobAO 2ND CLASS1952 – 1954Ship's Co. Aviation OrdnanceMade 2 Med Cruises. Second one went through Suez canal and around the world. In port I went temporarily to transportation division as driver. Had a ball!!!!
Cuccia, Joe CuchSeaman First Class1952 – Jul 13, 1954Store KeeperDoes anyone remember Valentines in Austrailia? I was on the port side gun mount, loading ammo.
Mann, EdAN1952 – 1956V1HI was the only one aboard ship that formed a skin and scuba diving club, as the sport was just getting going. I would love to hear from anyone in my group or remember it.
Connally, MaigenAOAN1952 – 1955UnknownI am a granddaughter of Thomas Connally who served aboard the Tarawa for the world tour. I have dozens of photos from his time aboard this ship and would love to share with anyone interested.
Freymoyer, Richard (Dick)EM2Feb 15, 1952 – May 1, 1955EAssigned to the IC gang, because of my schooling at Bliss Electrical School, Mongomery Collage) in Washington,DC. & graduating 2nd in my class. Discarged, worked as an Electrical Engineer at Met-Ed. Have 3 Children,8 grandchildren & 2 Grang
Barry, BobRD3Mar 1952 – Oct 1955OIThe OI Division has reunions annually, usually in May.I will be happy to provide infomation to any former OI Division officer or crewman via E-Mail. My e-mail address is
Hull, Paul3RD CLASSApr 6, 1952 – Apr 11, 1956v1f
Ballisty, RobertPetty Officer 3rd ClassJul 4, 1952 – 1956abe
Nathenson, RobertAug 1952 – Nov 1954FOX
Nathenson, RobertSNSep 1952 – Nov 1954FoxAnybody know the whereabouts of P.J. Hurt from Covinton , KY?0gk15
Meyer, RobertCPL - USMCOct 1952 – Nov 1952VMF 114My father served aboard for 2 months, October - November 1952. He was an airman in the USMC. He never talked alot about it, does anyone remember him? Contact me about ship information, I have an "EXTENSIVE" collection of items from the ship.
Kurciviez, Bradford/bradOct 1952 – May 1956Fox
Gianzero, PatsyFNOct 1952 – Sep 1955AWas in A Division diesel room also was engineer on liberty boats
Altmann, RayAK3Oct 1952 – Apr 1956V2 AND S1Great memories and lasting friendships - Especially of the Air Department office crew, Ted, Don, Wuerfel, Easter, Clapp, Marty and others. Also remember Cilff from Aviation supply. Wonderful four years!!!
McCord, Richard R. MacMM/2 Top WatchOct 1952 – Mar 23, 1956MIt was a great experience , but wouldnt re-up for 6 years for a bonus of $800.00! Met & worked with some great guys . Still keep in touch with several shipmates.
Ferguson, JimAIRMANOct 15, 1952 – Jul 2, 1953Flight DeckEnjoyed The cruse to Gitmo and the Med. Want to hear from/about Sisco and 'Killer' Clay. 904 260-9432
Mann, EdANOct 24, 1952 – Jul 20, 1956V1HWould like to hear from anyone in hagar deck division. I had the only skin diving group on the ship.
Schaal, HankFTC31953 – Mar 13, 1955FOX
Shaffer, Cecil (Shaf)FP21953 – Apr 1955RI WOULD ENJOY HEARING FROM PAST FRIENDS EMAIL ADDRESS cjshaf@verizon .net
Digiacomo, FrankAVIATION BOATSWAINS MATE AIRMANJan 2, 1953 – Nov 15, 1953Arresting GearEnjoyed my time on the Tarawa. The 53 Med cruise was great experience. Had some great liberties.
Mascarelli, JohnSeamanMay 1953 – Jun 1956Ship servicesLiked the Caribbean Cruise
Kosek, JohnAB3Jun 1953 – Aug 18, 1956V1HWas a Plane DSorector on the Hangar Deck. Great world cruise, great stay aboard my second home. I still miss her.
Diggins, Jay 'Digger'AT3Sep 1953 – Oct 1954CAG3 VF102World cruise was great, would like to hear from VF102 guys or anyone who remembers me; JYNNDI@AOL.COM
Dahlhausen, Bill profile iconthird class petty officerSep 1953 – Apr 1955s-2 divisionthis is for my father who just tuned 80. He often talks about the world tour cruise. i would like any information on a reunion for the world cruise or the USS Tarawa cv-40 crew members. This would be something special
Stubblefield, John L. "Stubby"Nov 24, 1953 – Feb 3, 1955John "Stubby" Stubblefield was my father. He died in 1990. Served on the Tarawa the dates listed. He told me stories of going around the world. I have his Shellback certificate. Looking for anyone who knew him. Pls email.
Schaublin, Frank1954 – 1958My Father served sometime between 1954 - 1958. I was just wondering if anyone remembers him. Or would happen to have some old photos to share. Unfortunately he passed away in 1977 when I was too young to remember any of his stories.
Kliegl, Richard (Dick)Aviation boatswain mate second class1954 – Jan 1957Hanger deck
Largent, Donald M.Feb 1954 – Dec 1955MarinesThis in for my dad, who passed away in 1999. He was a Marine & served aboard the Tarawa from 2/1954 thru 12/1955. If anyone remembers him please email me at, stories or pix would be great. Thanks, Laura Martin
Whitaker, DonAD2Feb 15, 1954 – Aug 1954CVG-3 VF 102Transfered from USS Wasp at Yokosuka 2/15/54 and finished World Cruise with VF 102
Lizee, DonaldIM2Mar 1954 – Dec 1955XLooking for anyone in X Division
Yost, ClydeIC3Jul 19, 1954 – Jun 21, 1958I am entering my Uncle Clyde Yost, he has passed away October 12, 1989, and I obtained his Service Records. If anyone happens to have a picture of my Uncle or served with him, I am writing a book on the Yosts.
Wanthal, PaulMUSNAug 1954 – Dec 1954QMI was in the ship's band, playing bass drum & piano.Stood seagoing watches as one of two forward lookouts on the 08 level. Left in Boston Dec. 1954. Reassigned. Anyone remember?
Ault, DickE4Sep 1954 – Nov 1956HangarWould love to hear from any of the guys who knew me. Hey Dick Zappe, Chuck Oliver, where are you?
Hall, Verner Aka BugsFN1955 – 1959A STEAM HEAT GANGlooking for anyone steam heat from 55 to 59
Binette, JosephUnknown1955 – 1957UnknownI'm Joe Binette's guardian. He has memory problems but remembers serving on USS Tarawa w/ Capt Shannon. Says he was a helmsman. SSA reveals he was employed by Navy from 1955-1957. If you knew him please contact me
McGuire, JimMM31955 –A DivisionI didn't realize it at the time, but my time in the Navy laid the groundwork for a very successful career later in civilian life.
Spore, WilliamMm2c1955 – 1960AServed aboard for USS Tarawa CVS-49 for 5 years
Zwick, HowardYN31955 – 1956Gunnery OfficeAfter breaking my ear drum in sub school I was assigned to the USS Tarawa CV40 while in ship was in Boston dry dock.
Renner, JimMM 2Jan 15, 1955 – Jun 11, 1958I was in charge of Boiler Repair and Smoke Watch.Shared the coffee mess with the Oil King. Always had coffee on, guitars and country music going and the work was always done. Great time and a good bunch of guys.Discharged in Newport RI.
Adams, William B.HM3Feb 1955 – Jun 1957H
Giguinto, JosephFIREMAN/BTFeb 8, 1955 – Aug 14, 1959BHell of a ship. Hell of a crew. Best four years of my life,especially the port of Rio Dejaneiro.
Adams, LouisHM3Feb 8, 1955 – May 12, 1957H
Renner, JimMM 2Mar 1955 – Jun 9, 1958B BoilerRepair Shop
Vincent, JohnAIRMANMar 5, 1955 – Aug 4, 1957gaswould like to hear from anybody in that division
Wismer, FranklinSNMar 6, 1955 – Dec 7, 1957Boat
Dejongh, JerrySNMar 10, 1955 – May 30, 1958Operations,, O-P photo labA wonderful part of my life. Met many shipmates I am still in touch with.
Swartzfager, EdwardDC3Mar 15, 1955 – May 1, 1958R-worked in Co2 shop and Hull tool issue.
Clarke, VelvenSeaman ApprenticeApr 1955 – 1957B
Darragh, John40May 1, 1955 – May 1, 1959ClerkMy Father- John Darragh Sr. (New Jersey)-served aboard CVS-40- 1955 thru 59. He told me many stories about life on the Tarawa, going to Rio, Rotterdam, Belgium and crossing the Equator. Just wondering if anyone remembered him?
Marsolek, RouchIC !May 15, 1955 – Aug 15, 1958EIt was a very interesting 4 years but way too long.
Hilscher, Joseph W.MM3Jul 10, 1955 –CVS-40Would like to here from any one that was in a-div from 55 to 59 was in hydralics for a short time then went to refers for the rest of my tour.I work for a mm1 can,t remember his lat name he was call Floyd.He was tough but fare.BU1 Hilscher ret
Skrzysowski, Frank (Ski)EM2Aug 1955 – Sep 1957EWorked at #2 generator/switchboard, forward lightingm and battery locker Remember Eugene (Tilley) Morse EM1, EMC Kane, EMC Von Luders. EM1 lawrence and EM2 Cantu

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1951 | 1952 – 1955 | 1956 – now

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