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USS Tarawa (CV 40) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Tarawa (CV 40). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 146 crew members registered for the USS Tarawa (CV 40).

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Mabe, William 'Glenn'Seaman 2 Class1944 – 1946? not known by his daughter-- my apologiesGlenn was part of the first crew of the USS Tarawa. I was a member of the arresting gear crew of about thirty men; . My specific job was to operate number twelve deck pennant and number one and two wire barrier cables.
Oberg, WalterSignalman1944 –CV-40I would love to hear from my shipmates.
Podgers, DaveMACHINIST MATE 2CJun 5, 1944 – Aug 10, 1964My uncle Dave loved they Navy. I was very young when he retired but heard alot of his stories. Wondering if anyone was aboard ship and remembers Dave.
Clayton, WhiteyF2C1945 – Aug 1946BRemembering my buddies: Frank Larecy, and Richard Morgan, Bobby Ratz. God Bless Them
Whelan, John1945 – 19473rd gun deck
Toombs, Roy V. "Skip"1945 – 1953 Dad passed away, served on this ship, I have pictures of him with a navy buddy, no idea who it is. I was born 1950.Dad was out at sea. Does anyone have any info- Thanks Cathy Toombs email:
Estes, Ben1945 –My Dad served at the tail end of WW II as radio operator and deck gunner. Would like any pictures if available. He passed away in 2001.
Morgan, Richard L. (Dick)Fireman First Class1945 – 1946BMember of initial crew. Whitey, I have a photo of 4 of us you mentioned. I'm living in south Alabama and have fond memories of our time onboard the ship. Would like to be in touch with you.
Giacomuzzi, RichardRMOct 1945 – Jul 1946CR
Chester, JamesSK2Oct 10, 1945 – Jun 15, 1949
Baker, JamesSEAMAN 2/C (ABN/CAC)Dec 2, 1945 – Jul 24, 1946V-1-AAssigned to Arresting Gear & Catapult duties. Relief Aerial Gunner (Trained at CASU-21, Norfolk NAS);trained in Crash & Rescue, CASU-21, Norfolk NAS); retired 1980 as Mustang Officer, Commissioning Crew
Gulde, BobMUS 2/CDec 6, 1945 – Jun 5, 1946Ship's BandPlank holder. Participated in Commission ceremony.Had a great time in Guantanamo and Caimaneras during Caribbean shakedown.
Glen, Edward "scotty"SEAMAN 1ST CLASS1946 – 1947Flight Deck/QuartermasterI'm filling in this info for my father. He would LOVE to talk to someone who may have served with him! He remembers Joe Reid and someone with the last name "Marchbanks" or something like that! Thanks so much!!! corybrown007@comc
Higginbotham, Samuel PateMM31946 – 1946Pipe FitterMy Dad was very proud of his Plank Certificate from the shake down cruise. He passed away in 1979. He still had his Sea Chest with his Blue Jacket's Manual and Pea Coat.
Glen, ScottySeaman 1st Class1946 – 1947Flight deckI'm filling in this info for my father. He would LOVE to talk to someone who may have served with him! He remembers Joe Reid and someone with the last name "Marchbanks" or something like that!
Kacura, Edward J.ARM21946 – 1947VA-1AMy Dad served aboard CV-40 from shakedown cruise in Feb of '46 to late '47 first Pacific cruise. He was radioman/gunner on Curtis SB2C Helldivers. His squadron was VA-1A Tophatters. Dad passed away in 2013.
Bottom, Clifford (Bud) profile iconSeaman 2nd Class1946 – 1948aviation ordinance
Durrant, Heber DaleN/a1946 – 1947N/aLooking for any information about my grandfather, Heber Dale Durrant. Pictures or stories.
Wheeler, George-1946 – 1947Radio Operator
Griffith, RichardMM2Jan 1946 – Jun 1949Engine Room & GenreatorsWorld Cruise #1,Shake Down Cuba.De-Commission Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Horn, ErnestTHIRD CLASSJan 24, 1946 – Dec 5, 1947Electricians MateVictory Metal WWII.
Page, ArthurFeb 1946 – Dec 18, 1947ElectricalAnyone left from the CV 40 ....
Sandberg, ErnieSFCFeb 3, 1946 – Dec 15, 1947V1FWould be interested in getting a hold of some ship mates especially Joe Walsh, and Sullivan just to name a few. Any information would help my Dad so much.
Sinclair, RaymondAug 1946 – Aug 1947(Entry by Son) Aircraft Mechanic 1946-47 his e-mail:
Georgion, MikeENSIGNJun 28, 1947 – Nov 28, 1948Air Group 1 Torpedo Squadron VA 2AI flew off CV 40 and NAS San Diego in TBM 3A Avengers. I had 70 carrier landings (2 at night), and 50 Cat shots. I may be to only pilot who took a wave off to the RIGHT and kept flying ! It was a great ship, a great crew and a airgroup.
Taylor, TomSEAMANSep 25, 1947 – Feb 21, 1949V2I remember a wonderful World Cruise
Taylor, TomSEAMANSep 25, 1947 – Feb 25, 1949V2The World Cruise Was The Highlight of My Time On The Tarawa. My Picture With My Friend J.E. Duncan in Colombo Ceylon in the (World Cruise Album 1948-1949) was another Highlight.
Witherington, Jack TomDec 19, 1947 – Mar 7, 19504thServed 0ctober 29,1948 - December 5, 1949 in Tsingtao
Martinez, Richard "Dick"RDSN1948 – 1949World Cruise 1948 from Hawaii. Assigned to help decommission ship in Bayonne, New Jersey in 1949.
Price, Kennethgunners mate1948 – 1949aThis is for my Dad who passed away in 1999. I believe he was a gunners mate. I have his cruise book just cannot find it to determine all the specifics
Wedge, Manuel J. (Manny)3rd classApr 19, 1948 – Feb 14, 1950R divison cruise around the world with cammander kane and a bunch of great sailors from 1948 through 1950.
Tice, JamesAB3Jul 1, 1948 – Apr 1, 1949V3I worked in the Aviation Gasoline pump room.
Clegg, TomSAAug 1948 – Apr 1949OIServed as Radarman during world cruise.
Palian, George "chick"Nov 19, 1948 – Apr 16, 1952AO3 Armament Mechanic FasRon TWOEntering for my dad who passed away in 1980. Does anyone remember "Chick"? Any photos? He entered by fudging birth year by 3 years to make himself older.
Lawrence, Leland (Lee)FN - EM11950 – 1958B/EMy father served onboard CV-40 for nearly 8 years, helping recommissioning her prior to the Korean. Talked about his time onboard with fondness. He retired from the navy in 1969, and died in 1990. I followed his footsteps, myself retiring in 1998.
Ayotte, GordonMM2Nov 1950 – May 1952Best ship I ever served on.
Hodge, JerryRD2Dec 1950 – Sep 1953O-IWent aboard in the cold winter of 1950 in Bayonne, NJ. No heat or food and slept in full uniform including blanket. Had meals and showers on LST next berth.
Heck, John EM31951 – 1955 E I had the best time of life made some good friends hope to see some at up coming reunion
McElroy, EugeneAE11951 – 1951VF 34
Bethea, TpHMCJan 1951 – Sep 1952Mdied in 1973, If anyone happens to remember TP, please write me at the listed email.
Bassett, FloydGM3Jan 1951 – Nov 19553RDI would like to hear from anyone in the 3rd division gun crew or deck force
Deebs, Fred GBM2Jan 1951 – May 19531 st & 7 thPiped Adm "Bull 'Halsey aboard for the recommissing ceremony at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 1951
Deebs, Fred GBM2Jan 1951 – Jun 19531 st & 7 th
Merceron, RogerAVIATION METAL SMITH 3RD CLASSJan 1951 – Jan 1955V-2Did world tour and would like to hear from anyone who was on the Tarawa from 1951 to 1955. We have great memories of her.
McKay, Jr., StanleyMCPNJan 1951 – 1952AdministrationI'm looking for Bert Moran, George Bredlinger and Tony Scarano. Anyone with information, please contact me at:
Carlisle, Richard, Dick3rd Class Petty OfficerJan 1951 – 1952ROut of boot camp as Firemans apprentice. On board for Med. Cruise. Off in summer of 52. Then on to Charleston Naval Shipyard. Out in August of 54, FP2. Returned to Ellsworth Maine.
Doerrbecker, JohnANJan 1, 1951 – Dec 31, 195101Photo Department
Esposito, Thomas MumblesAOANMar 10, 1951 – Mar 25, 1954V30 ordancewould like to contact some old shipmates
Rodriguez, Jr., AnthonyAviation Electronics Technician Secound ClassMay 21, 1951 – May 17, 1955Avation electronicsAnthony Rodriguez, Jr. (Newark NJ.) Served in US Navy 1951 to 1955. He served on the USS Tarawa CVA 40 World Cruise 1953 - 1954. He passed away 8/31/2014 interned Holy Cross Cemetery N. Arlington, NJ
Gano, Jim3RD GLASS GUNNER'S MATEJun 1951 – Aug 1951Had a great time on the ship. Kids always bugged me to tell stories and never did. Now I have started and believe it or not they actually listen to me.
Lemaire, LeeSECOND CLASS PETTY OFFICERNov 1951 – Oct 1952Storekeeper (Supply)Looking for fellow Connecticut natives who were on board for the "adoption" of the ship by the State of Connecticut. Governor John Lodge and the First Lady invited us to the ceremony in the tower.

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