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USS Boston (CAG 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Boston (CAG 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 328 crew members registered for the USS Boston (CAG 1).

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Travis, RobertBM31967 – 19672ndI am trying to find someone who was on the USS Boston in VietNam in 1967 that recognizes me as a BM3 on the ship. I was on Vietnam soil twice taking the captain in to shore and need to prove that for the VA. Anybody out there?
Davis, CharlesFTM21967 – May 15, 1968MissileThe Boston was my first ship and I totally enjoyed the experience.
Morrissette, AlRM31967 – 1969CR Division
Goodall, DavidFTM11967 – Jan 5, 1970Fox & 10thI was aboard for all 3 Wespac deployments. Best ship with the best crew in the fleet.
Voss, JohnGM1967 – 1969NavyHello, This is John Voss Jr. The Son Of "John Richard Voss senior" Served as a GM On The USS Boston CA-69 during 1967-1969, Did anyone know him?
Free, BillSFP1967 – 1969M-RAnyone remember the great valve failure that flooded M-R div.while taking on ammo and fuel ,only to have one of our planes shoot a missile at us .
Hiltz, Georgebt31967 – 1969BTwo trips to Nam, Made many good friends, anyone should E mail
Shigley, JamesMM1967 – 1970M divisionGreat time. Loved Subic.
Tier, Joseph (Coolhand)PFC E-41967 – 1970MarineMy husband was on the USS Boston the Vietnam War Marine. Looking for someone who can help in getting information to celebrate his Welcome Home with Warrior's Watch Riders. I have a pic of Joe on deck. w/ 5 other Marines.
Giglio, Anthonye3Jan 17, 1967 – Oct 19681st divisionWas on two tours of duty to viet nam..Was in first division on deck force. Does anyone have any information on us docking on april 30, 1967 and May 17, 1967 in danang? Need for agent orange claim.
Giallombardo, Salvatore/sam profile iconIC3Feb 1967 – Feb 1968E-DivisionLooking for buddies to reconnect with.
Phillips, MichaelFTM3Feb 16, 1967 – May 21, 196910th Division ( AN-SPQ5 Radar)I enlisted in the US Navy from 24 Feb 1964 in Reserve to 15 June 1965 in went to Great Lakes after Ft School ( 2 Phases) . 25 July 1966 to 27 Jan 1967 I went to An/SPQ 5A, Then on 16 Apr 1967 to 21 May 1969 on USSBoston.
Ellison, W.j./ ButchRM3Feb 21, 1967 – Nov 2, 1968crretired/ two nam cruises / web for shipmates/
Trader, WayneE-3Feb 24, 1967 – Feb 16, 19694th
Wales, AndyFTM2Feb 27, 1967 – May 31, 1968FTServed two tours aboard to Vietnam Operation Sea Dragon 1st tour on Missile computors 2nd tour on Terrier Missile radar Left in 1968 to go NESEP
Eden, GlinIC2Mar 1967 – Dec 11, 1969EI was aboard from oct 67 to dec 69 made all three west pac cruises start to finish.
Woodhams, DouglasFTM2Mar 4, 1967 – Jun 1970Fox and 10thWas onboard for all Viet Nam cruises. I would like to get a copy of the tape that was recorded on the sound powered phones during an attack from shore batteries 1967.
Pearson, MarvinE3May 30, 1967 – Nov 16, 19681ST
Maggio, JoePN1Jul 19, 1967 – Oct 1969xcame aboard while ship was coming out of yard left for seatrials gtmo spent 1 mo in States left for Westpac made 2 westpac trips went to shore duty retired E8 selectee. Proud to served on board.
Lafrenier, DennisRM2Aug 1967 – May 1970CRWas In Xmitter2 off Signal Bridge when we were hit by our own missile fired by our Jets. Other ships were hit and 5 sailors were killed on them. I was on DeCom as well. There is a Reunion Every Year. Go to
Ketchum, FrankSnSep 8, 1967 – Jan 8, 19703rd
Probst, BarryBM-2Oct 1967 – May 5, 19704th DivisionCurrent President of the USS Boston Shipmates, Inc. Next reunion is in Albuquerque, NM July, 2013. See our website
Kahle, DavidIC 3Oct 1967 – May 5, 1970E DivisionRemembering life on the Boston 1967 - 1970.
Hatfield, BruceE-4Oct 1967 – Dec 1969EngineeringRode to Nam for the 1968 and 1969 cruise. Hoping to learn a trade. Was the experience of a life time.
Burns, DonaldAG2Oct 4, 1967 – Oct 26, 1968NavigationHaving been career designated, getting discharged on arrival back in Boston was not easy to accept. I gave the Navy away for a new life, and my family, but miss those shipmates. I hope to hear from them again.
Moon, J.m.E3Nov 1967 – Dec 8, 19685
Probst, BarryBM-2Nov 1967 – May 19704th Division2 Tours of Vietnam. Put it out of Commission in May of 1970. Currently the President of the USS Boston Shipmates, Inc. Next Reunion is in Danvers Massachusetts July 10-13th.
Porter, Phil (SNNov 1, 1967 – Dec 19693rdIt was a privilege to serve with the best group of guys anywhere. Subic, Singapore, Hong Kong, and, the coast of Viet Nam were so long ago, but they, and the great group of guys I served with, I will always remember.
Kirk, William (Horse,willie ) profile iconSnNov 17, 1967 – Dec 6, 19682nd division
Perry, Tom "plummer"SM 3Nov 20, 1967 – Dec 5, 1968CommunicationGreat shipmates and good leadership.
Maginnis, TimDNNov 21, 1967 – Jan 30, 1970a couple !
Hagan, FrankBT3Dec 1967 – Feb 1970BI served in #4 fireroom and in the oil kings shack.I was proud to be part of this ships company. Made many good friends , and many good memories 1967/1970
Walsh, MikeBM-3Dec 1967 – 19701stTwo West Pac tours, Sailmaker, Helped decomission. Have been a Tinsmith for past 24 yrs. Also do Colonial reenacting.
Hiop, MikeBMSMDec 1967 – Mar 1969mid-shipsI'm going to edit my entry, if you were on the 68 west pac cruise you must remember Turkey, If you don't remember him then you weren't on the Boston. Also Mike Radka the finest loader on the 3" guns other then myself.
Tardy, StevenSNDec 1967 – 19693rd, X-raySome of the best friends I every made where from the Boston. Proud to have served aboard her.
Lamb, Gerald (Jerry)SNDec 5, 1967 – Dec 4, 19683rd DivisionJust looking for fellow "deck apes" from 3rd division to see how they are today. Especially Dave Mesick, Fred Stabell, dan Mattingly
Martinez, Lino profile iconSNDec 10, 1967 – Apr 1, 1969thirdGreat time on west pac cruise. Patrol tonkin gulf around tiger island. Our ship the uss boston took some hit from enemy migs jet. Would like to here from my deck buddies, steve Tardy, Richard Boulet, Porter, Michael.
Gilbert, SteveETR-2Dec 20, 1967 – May 5, 1970OE DivisionMy service on the Boston help to form me into the man I am today. I will remember my shipmates and and especially Roland Shattuck who sat below me while they disarmed a live missile next to us.
Schavone, JimFTM21968 – 1969Tenth Div.
Perez, HenryBM-31968 – 1970Side Cleaners 4th Div.I would like to hear from: Eddie Otero, Edwin Soto, Rico Spells, John Loyd Spenser III, Julio DeJesus, Delgaudio, Pocowatchit. I was on board during the last two Viet Nam tours, Guantanamo tour, Caibbean cruise, etc..
Lee, ThomasFN1968 – 1970X divisionThe best ship I ever served on,. helped to decommission her after 1969 tour in Viet Nam.
Hulings, PhilipE41968 – Sep 1969CommunicationsI Was aboard for 2 tours of Vietnam. I look back on my time aboard USS Boston as building my character. Now I do custom window murals for trucks and cars on
Johnson, SteveSeamanJan 1968 – Apr 19701st divisionI came on board thinking an east coast ship has to go to the Med, but ended up at Vietnam instead. Surprise!
Halk, JamesLcpl usmcJan 1968 – May 1970Marine detachmentLooking for any other marines. Especially Charles w Stevens.
Berkowitz, Bob / BerkFire Control Technician (FTM3)Jan 15, 1968 – Nov 1969Fox / 10th
Larochelle, Thomas RockySH3Feb 1968 – Nov 1969S3
Haskins, DaleETN-2Feb 1, 1968 – Mar 22, 1969OE Divany and all ET's from 1968 Please send E-Mail
Dennis, Schadler profile iconSNMar 1968 – Dec 1968X
Beal, Stephen profile iconLTJGMay 1, 1968 – May 15, 1969CR and SecondRetired from Northwestern Mutual 12/31/2015 !
Sims, RaySNJun 6, 1968 – May 5, 1970SK storekeeperLove to hear from my fellow shipmates
Sims, RaySNJun 7, 1968 – May 5, 1970SK StorekeeperLove to hear from my shipmates when I was on.
Swinhart, StevenQMSNSep 1968 – Jan 1970NavigationHope to see more shipmates sign up. Also, you can go to website: and meet about a thousand more USS Boston shipmates.
Swinhart, StevenQMSNSep 1968 – May 1970Navigation Division
Grenier, RayCs3Oct 1968 – Feb 1970Commissary
Rebro, RandyE-2Oct 2, 1968 – May 5, 19701ST DIVISIONWe all fought hard on the last tour in Nam,we gave our best and nothing less than that.Had good friends,and lots of good times.Iwas the last one to leave the ship,i stayed behind to ready the ship for decommisiom.
Pattee, DanQM3Nov 1968 – May 1971NavigationStill like the water!
Cannon, WilliamE 2Nov 1968 – Apr 30, 19701 stI am retired now . Would like to know about Ronald E. Quillen. From Jacksonville Fla. We were friends often think about him.
Musumeci, ThomasS/NNov 23, 1968 – May 1, 1970OL divisionRetired Computer technician I was on fantail watch looking for a man overboard both my buddy and I moved over to the port side after the ship turned we both would have been hit when the starboard side 5 inch gun blew
Mitchell, EdwardcssnDec 1968 – Apr 1970S- DivisonShipmates please contact me: Edward Mitchell - 2750 Eastbranch Rd - Malta, OH 43758 740-962-3640 home 740-541-5555 cell
Wolfe, Robert on ship called me Little JJSH3Dec 10, 1968 – May 20, 1970SupplyWas on this ship till its very last day when it was decommissioned in Boston Mass 1970. Was also aboard it during its last westpac cruise. Sold a lot of soda and candy in the vending machines I filled .my nickname was LITTLE JJ

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