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USS Boston (CAG 1) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Boston (CAG 1). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 329 crew members registered for the USS Boston (CAG 1).

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Bender, JackEN 21964 – Jun 1966AI went from a ENFA to EN3 while I was aboard. We made two Med cruises, worked and played hard. I left Boston in '66 and went to Nha Be Vietnam. Everything I was taught aboard Boston came in very handy fixing PBRs and Mike Boats on the rivers.
Andrews, BobbySK31964 – 1966S1Had a great time while onboard. Lots of great memories. I should have made a career of the Navy.
Messer, Carl profile iconSN1964 – 19685th/OLLooking for some old shipmates that served during the 67 Vietnam tour. Having the same problem as many in finding proof that we had liberty in Da Nang for the VA. Anyone having any luck please contact via email. Tks.
Guzovich, JohnBM31964 – Sep 19667Just looking to see if anyone else is using the site from the 7th division
Phillips, MichaelBOS'NJan 1, 1964 – Apr 1, 19665th
Proudfit, JohnDC3Mar 5, 1964 – Nov 17, 1965EngineeringI was a Ship's Carpenter with Chief DelGado.
Bean, William J.SNApr 1964 – Dec 1967OI OE3 med cruises, numerous carribean jaunts and 67 Nam. Fond memories of cruiser life and old shipmates. God bless all who served and my appreciation for your commitment to our country.
Moore, BruceRM3Apr 1964 – Feb 27, 1967OR
Maysonet,elias Reyes, AntonioFNApr 1, 1964 – Nov 1, 1965Machinist MateI served on the USS BOSTON CAG-1.Wish I was still on it.It took me to places I never would have seen.I still get teary eyed when I think about her.She will be in my heart for ever.Thanks for having me aboard. A.C.M. Retired.
Broughton, RonE 3Apr 14, 1964 – Apr 12, 19667th
Smith, JimSHB 3May 15, 1964 – Nov 15, 1965S3
Pruess, LarryGMG2Jun 1, 1964 – Feb 25, 19685th
Karam, DavidSNJul 9, 1964 – Jul 9, 1965Navigation
Bellamy, Edwin (Ralph)ETR-3Aug 1964 – Sep 1967OELooking for all my "The Fugitives" band members from our 1965 Med cruise when we played the USO Clubs in the Med and our "Battle of the Bands" in Malta.
Messer, CarlE3Aug 4, 1964 – Feb 4, 19705thLooking for William Marshall (BO), Gary Fairchild, Ronne Wright, Gary Stutsman, Mike Moon, Buddy Burns or anyone who might remember serving with me Also any help with VA claim proving we had liberty in DaNang in 67.
Schweers, William.ET3Oct 1964 – Feb 20, 1967OE2 Med cruises, 1 Gitmo, 1 high line to repair oiler radar. Skied Cedars of Lebanon. Girls of France! Hung out wi/ pro’s, great officers. Drunk/Boston 21st Birthday @ Your Fathers Mustache. Hi Doug M, Phil M, Bob S, Fred
Konecny, JohnBM3Oct 1964 – Sep 8, 1966second div
Messer, CarlSEAMANDec 1964 – Dec 19675th, OLServed on 05 level duty station as lookout. Vietnam cruise 67.
Kelley, Herbertseaman apprentressDec 1964 – 1966boatswain
Gilmore, Charles1965 – 1968
MacOlini, KenE 51965 – 1968MWould like to here from anyone in M Division that went to nam
Nevel, TimothyFTM/FTG1965 – 1968
Worrall, BillFTG31965 – 1969FOX
Daigle, Gary "Mike"BM-21965 – May 12, 19697TH / 8THi just want to say hello to all my old buddies. i hope you all are happy , healthy and successful.
Zink, Larrysn1965 – 19672nd DivisionI was a young guy. a deck ape. Had a great time aboard the Boston. Tom Gallant was the 1st class and the old guy they called Smitty was the 2nd Class. I helped on the Admirals barge and was the center gunner on turret 2
Parnes, SamRM-21965 – 1967Communication
Cooper, Grady ( G. E. )GMG 31965 – 1967GUNNERY
Meyer, PaulFTM2Jan 12, 1965 – May 19, 1966FoxI came to the USS Boston from the USS Springfield. Was on the Boston just a few months when we went back to the Med to relieve the Springfield. I was separated form the Boston in Boston. The Navy was a great experience!
Solomon, Tomuss Boston Cag-1gmm-3Feb 1965 – Feb 17, 19678thjust surfing looking for old shipmates
Solomon, Thomasgmm3Feb 1965 – Feb 19678th
Segro, Albert JRadarman #rd classFeb 11, 1965 – Nov 3, 1966OIWas part of a great Radar gang, made one Med Cruise, the cruise where we searched of a lost bomb at Palermos Spain for a couple of months. Talk about boring!!
Fancy, GarySK3Mar 1965 – Jul 1967S-1The Boston turned my life around. Learned about growing up and being responsible.
Smith, DannyBM-3Mar 12, 1965 – Apr 12, 19671 stREMEMBER THE RED BARON !!!
Marsh, DouglasETR2Apr 1965 – Oct 26, 1968OEOne Med Cruise, two WestPac deployments...Great liberty ports, a great ship and even greater shipmates. Griped while aboard, but realize now how serving on that ship affected my life. Fair Winds and Following Seas to all the shipmates
Flanigan, William RussellSHS3May 1965 – Jan 1967Ship ServiceHad a great tour of duty. Best friend was Dave Weaver. Made Med cruise and many trips to San Juan. Transfered to shore duty until May when ship went to Viet Nam.
Joseph, LuckyGmm 3May 14, 1965 –Gunners mate Gun mont 55 Just looking back
Cecil, Daniel (D.j.) profile iconEM3Jun 11, 1965 – Dec 7, 1967ESoon after going aboard for the first time a guy came up and asked me my birthday. I told him and he happily informed me that I was replacing him as the official ships 'baby'. I was the youngest crew member for months.
Schiebel, Dan (Snake)MM2Jun 15, 1965 – May 24, 1969MMember USS Boston Shipmates ,Inc. reunion in Danvers, Ma July 2014. See our website for reunion registration information. Would love to see more Machinist's Mates there...Smooth seas and trailing winds to you all...Snake
Roberts, StephenGMG3Jul 1, 1965 – Nov 8, 19681STDeck Ape in 1st Division then a Gunner's Mate in Turret 1
Daniel, JohnEM2Jul 18, 1965 – Jul 6, 1967electricalI know there were more EM's on board but it took me till 2007 to know this sight was here.
Cassella, JackRD3Aug 1965 – Aug 1966OIParticipated in the 1965 Med Cruise visiting several countries prior to anchoring off Palomares , Spain to search for the hydrogen bomb lost in the sea following the collision of the B-52 bomber and KC-135.
Davis, Richard ( Roadrunner)BM3Aug 10, 1965 – Apr 3, 19698th & OLMed cruise 65 & 66; Viet Nam 67 & 68. Looking for M G Williams, Glover, Messer or anyone from OL or 8th div. Need corroboration of liberty in Da Nang for VA. Booker & Hilliard included
Marshall, BobMM3Oct 1965 – Dec 1968M
Nick, DaleGMG-3Oct 19, 1965 – Sep 23, 19692ndI worked in Turret 2 as Center Gun Captian. I was told that when I got out I'd only remember the good things and not so much the bad. That's true! I remember the guys and going through Shellback initiation. What Fun!!
Montminy, Art....( Monty) profile iconmmfnNov 1965 – Jan 1968MNam cruise 67 Looking for M Div Ship mates I was aboard the Boston from 1966 to 1967. Im looking for old friends that were in M Div at that time to chat about old times. "remember the captian fell in the drink"
Russell, DougGMM3Nov 1, 1965 – Oct 19678
Mang, JimGMG-2Dec 15, 1965 – Apr 17, 19692nd & 5thTurret 2, Left gun captain, turret 2 captain

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