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USS El Paso (LKA 117) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS El Paso (LKA 117). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 569 crew members registered for the USS El Paso (LKA 117).

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Campbell, MarkSM1992 – Mar 1994deckBest ship I ever served aboard.And to think;I used to call her Hell Paso. What little I knew.Some best and worst guys I ever came across. I remenber you Frenchy. Long live SKA music!
Meader, BillHTFN1992 – 1994R
Martin, JeffMS - E31992 – 1994supplygreat ship to serve on -- miss the old ship
Dudley, ScottEM 31992 – 1994Stream TeamSaw this on a website and figured I would see who is out there! Hope everyone is doing great and hope to hear from some of ya'll soon!
Boardman, Ray "Office Bitch"SN1992 – 1994Deck DepartmentThe time I spent in the Navy was good :) I'd never do it again though lol. I recognized a lot of names on the list. Hope you all have good lives and best of luck to you all.
Carlile, Michaelmm31992 – Jan 1993engineering
Braner, JeffreyBmsn1992 – 1994Deckhello former shipmates of the ole el paso been a long time look me up on face book under jeff braner from highland mi ttys take care or email me at
Jones, RobE-4 SMJan 1992 – May 1994OPS
Green, RichardMMC(Ret)Jan 1, 1992 – Jul 3, 1993M and RServed as R division and then M division chief. We had a great crew for a great ship. Enjoyed my time with in the pit. Great Chiefs in the mess. Some good marines onboard also.
Krout, LornePNSNJan 28, 1992 – Nov 30, 1992Admin/ Personnel Office
Bennetts, BrianQM3Feb 1992 – Apr 21, 1994
Johnson, Thomas (Tom) profile iconET1 (SW)Feb 1992 – Apr 1994OEGood Crew, and a Great Captain. Congrats to Captain (now ADMIRAL) COLE our last CO.
O'Brien, JohnSN e3Mar 1992 – Apr 19942nd division deck
Stukenbrock, KenBM3Mar 31, 1992 – Apr 1, 19941st Division Deck DepartmentGreat Ship. I never regretted serving. Had many good times. I am sorry I missed the decommisioning after all the work put into preserving that rust bucket.
Stafford, DavidBMSNApr 1992 – Mar 19941st
Davenport, DavidMM3Apr 1992 – Apr 1994Mp DivisionGlad I found this site. Hope everyone I served with is doing well!
Harbin, Eric / BudyroeE-2Apr 1, 1992 – Apr 1, 19942nd Division Deck DepartmentI worked on replen and flight ops.
Harbin, Eric / BudyroeE-2Apr 1, 1992 – Apr 1, 19922ND Division
Harbin, EricE-2Apr 1, 1992 – Apr 1, 19942ND Division DeckI had a knickname budyroe. I assissted with flight ops and underway replen. I had a good time and cherish the memories and guys I served with.
Harbin, Eric (Budyroe)E2Apr 2, 1992 – Apr 2, 1994SecondI served in second division deck department. I was given the knick name Budyroe by the guy on our flight deck. I had a great time in the service and served with some great guys.
Harbin, EricE-2Jun 1, 1992 – Apr 1, 1994Second Division Deck Department
Hogg, BenjaminPNSNJun 12, 1992 – Apr 21, 1994Personnel/AdminFTN
Collins, Dan CollinsLTJGJul 1992 – Apr 1994ENG / ELEC
Broussard, Cal profile iconBM2Jul 1992 – May 1994THIRD
Young, Tharin "yungenater"EM2Aug 1992 – Feb 1994ENG/EThis was my second boat. met some good poeple here. Some real cretins too, but mostly OK guys.
Young, Tharin "yungenater"EM2Sep 1992 – Feb 1994ENG / EDisregard my earlier post, I was not yet free to speak my mind. With few exceptions, this ship was my worst. Most of the crew I served with deserves to die in the gutter, or be raped in prison. May she one day rot in razor blade hell!
Burnette, Rogermm3Sep 1992 – 1994a-gang/the pit
Robertson, Frankie Randall S profile iconmm/ht3Sep 28, 1992 – Aug 3, 1994enginemen main space the pitBest Boat I ever served on!!!! Great Crew!!! Gulf war Operation Restore Hope, Somalia!! in Steeleville,il 62288 204 South Charles St FRANKIELOVE
Reynolds, MikeRM3Oct 1992 – Apr 1994CommunicationsHey Shipmates, Hope everyone has had a good life. I didn't see any radiomen listed, so thought I would be the first. Thanks for keeping the ship afloat during the Persian, Indian and Somalian deployments!
Robinson, Ryan profile iconE3/ANNov 1, 1992 – Jan 2, 1993DeckI was on da lil flight deck wit Lex n Modeste da crew put me unda der wings n really taught me lot didn't no how green I was enjoyed da best crew eva...
Shannon, EricSM3Nov 14, 1992 – May 21, 1993Deck/OpsRemember a few names on here. Kind of surprised that I don't see many sigs that I worked with. If anyone wants to get in touch with me, drop me a line at:
Sajdak, PaulBM31993 – 1994Email:
Calabrese, JoeE-21993 – 1994deck
Hodapp, ThomasSMFeb 1, 1993 – Apr 1994DeckThe first boat i was on went to AT school got out of the Navy in 1996 and joined the Army in 1997 now at FT. Bragg.
Groves, Thomas Big-tE-3Mar 1993 – Apr 1994Deck SeamanThis a great ship,I had alot of fun & great memories when we went to Spain & Italy & Norfolk live was the Sh%$!!!
Delcour, JamesEM3May 1993 – Nov 1993E DivChecked onboard the day before it was announced the El Paso was going to be decommissioned. I helped disconnect battle lanterns but refused to work on live items without proper tagout procedures. Spent rest cleaning.
Stanley, ChristopherE-3Jun 5, 1993 – Apr 17, 1994MedicalLooking for an old friend Ucef Terry. If anyone knows him, email at Thanks
Kernek, DanFIREMANJul 1993 – 1994A-GangFun times!
Gutierrez, Theodore "the Gooch"E-2Jul 4, 1993 – Apr 21, 19941st DeckGood Memories! WOW This Is Cool To Find This Website And See Your Names! Whats Up Hirschi, M. Cambell,J.Calabrese Anyone heard from Hirmas or Mc Clung?
Jason, VolkertPN/E3Jul 10, 1993 – Apr 16, 1994naI was on the El Paso the last 2 months of its last tour. It was a hot one. Didnt see many ports because I was the new guy. I was always on watch. I never thought to look this up before but would love to hear some stories of when the ship wasnt so old
Mead, Michaele-3Aug 15, 1993 –deck deptwas here till day we decomm and then went to uss ashland lsd 48
Butler, MatthewE-3Sep 1993 – Apr 1994Boatswain MateThis was my first ship...and my last as I went to Roosi Roads after this...Some of the worst people in the world were here....thieves and of the biggest places that helped me to chose to get out of the Navy. glad she is gone
Bullock, BrandonEN/E-3Sep 1993 – Apr 1994A-GangThose were the days! The biggest engines I have worked on to date.
Reinstadtler, MichaelBMSNSep 15, 1993 – Apr 21, 1994Deck Department
Squyres, Shaun1994 –Gentlemen: I have recently aquired a 26 Motor Whale Boat that Navy sources confirm was assigned to the El Paso for 18 years. I plan to restore her, does anyone have any photos? it appears she hung on the Port side
Meader, Bill3-2Jun 4, 1994 – Jun 4, 1994r/repair
Wahler, LeeLCDR & CIV1998 – 1999I worked on converting the El Paso to an MSC ship at BethShip in Balto. It was redesginated T-LKA. Was meant to help Marines over amphib shortage. She was to be in ROS 5 day activation. Finished 80% of mods then steamed to NISMF Phila

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