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USS El Paso (LKA 117) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS El Paso (LKA 117). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 568 crew members registered for the USS El Paso (LKA 117).

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Huntington, ThomasBTFA1975 – 1976BHad some great times and met some good people. Learned a lot while serving in the engineroom
Sutton, GregsonE-2Jan 1975 – Jul 7, 1978supply & deckIt was my first ship and last I had alot of good times made two med and a couple cribbean criuses, also made a life time friend and an officer who I have much respect for. I enjoy my time the good and the bad
Thorpe, William (Bill)LTJGJan 15, 1975 – Dec 31, 19771st and 2ndA great ship and crew. I did 2 Med and Carib cruises. Had great times in Palma, Spain and Naples Italy.
Warren, DouglasBM3Feb 1975 – Sep 1979Second
Murray, DavidEN 2Feb 1975 – Sep 1978A GangWhat a great crew! You don't get golden anchor awards without having a great crew. What got me going was seeing the ship at the navy yard in Philly and talking to Fred Taylor. Hope we can pull together a gathering!
Gray, BobLTFeb 15, 1975 – Aug 9, 1976DeckGood times, better cruises, the best shipmates. Founding member - Lens Club
Gray, BryantMS3Feb 28, 1975 – Sep 30, 1978Supply S-2I worked in the Galley, Bakeshop, Wardroom, and Captain's Mess.
Harder, Joe Little JoeEN3Mar 1975 – May 1977engineeringit was a blast ,miss being on board.miss the ports in europe,and also miss the midrats.
Behling, BernhardGMGSAMar 17, 1975 – Nov 16, 19764th Div then 2nd DivWould love to hear from Pete Lewis and Mike Chevis email:
Burns, Roger ( Seapup)EN 3Apr 1975 – Oct 19, 1978AHad A Great time on her.
Chamberlain, Guy profile iconLieutenantApr 10, 1975 – Jul 10, 1978NavigationGreat ship. Great crew. Great adventure. Lots of time at sea and many fantastic port visits.
Harder, Joe Little JoeEN3May 1975 – May 1977engineeringit was a blast ,met a lot of good people.miss being on board,and all the freinds.also miss midrats.thanks moose.
Larson, JimBT2May 1975 – 1979Bmy first ship. reenlisted when in dry dock in chester and went to great lakes. Best time of my life was abord her. anyone know where pete lewis is at? Can contack me at or james P larson on facebook
Garcia, ElioSR SA SN SH3May 1, 1975 – Jan 1, 19782nd; SupplyGreat Adventures; wish I had kept in touch with more people-but too young to had realized time would passed...AHOY! Went back to live in New Jersey; now at Miami Beach, FL.
McLaughlin, EricLKA 117May 22, 1975 – Sep 24, 1978signal bridgeremember the smokers on top of the cargo holds...........I was 2 and 0 the retired the gloves........................and how about palma majorca....some serious liberty
McLaughlin, EricSM2May 25, 1975 – Nov 19, 1978signal bridge
Wright, DougBM2/1Jun 1, 1975 – Apr 30, 19781st and 3rdGreat ship.Great crew. Anyone remember the parties at the farm? Liked it so much I came back 82 to 87 as Ships Bosn
Cox, MarkSK1Jun 27, 1975 – Jan 28, 1976Supply
Allen, JamesSm2Jul 5, 1975 – Jul 5, 1979OPSChecking to see if Ted Guy SM2 signed in. Had a great time
Stuhl, RandyFTGSNJul 7, 1975 – Aug 25, 19774th Division FireControl and Gunners Mates
Wells, RickRM2Jul 23, 1975 – Dec 15, 1977OCI have fond memories of my time aboard ElPaso. If anyone remembers me, feel free to contact me.
Brown, RickSM3Jul 26, 1975 – Mar 10, 1978OPSSaw the old girl in Philly a couple years ago, even got to walk around the main deck. Lots of memories of a great crew, great friends, couple Med and Carib cruises...fuckin-aye..
McLaughlin, EricSM3Aug 23, 1975 – Sep 19, 1978signal bridgeremember the smokers out on top of the cargo holds my short lived boxing career 2 and 0....some great times as I remember,especially in palma de majorca....sweet liberty
McGill, StevebmsnOct 1975 – Jul 1978deck 3rdhi all had a great time met alot of good people special thanks to the best shipmate and person ive ever met for all his help and all the fun times we had and a great spade player bm1 haywood thanks boats
Keaster, KevenGMG3Oct 1975 –3rd
Keenan, BobBMSNOct 17, 1975 – Dec 28, 19782ndGood times, made some great friends. Did two Med Cruises & two Caribbean Cruises.
Gray, Mike (Bootcamp)RMSANov 1975 – Sep 1977CommFlying into Philly, saw #117, couldn't believe it. The good years in the Med, Palma, hiding in Naples from the SP. The gang in the shack, Jimmy, Albert, Moose and many more. 3rd shift fresh doughnuts, ah
Smith, DennisBMSM/WAITING BM3 OPENINGNov 15, 1975 – Jul 10, 19772NDGREAT TIME .YELLOW-7&8 BOOM OPP. LTJG Thorpe & LTJG Dee both suportive Officers. BMC Hecke good man.
Hecke, DonaldBMCDec 1975 – Jun 19782NDRETIRED IN 1989 TO HOT SPRINGS ARKANSAS.
Rotvig, TomFTG31976 – 1977Weaponsfirst ship and what a crappy place. Underway a lot but never went anywhere. Officers and senior enlisted more inyerested in their careers than men and mission.
Clarke, JohnGMG31976 – 1977WeaponsBest year of my life. Looking for GMG2 Sansone and GMG3 Cheek, Chief Perkins or Chief Steiner all fine men. Anybody heard from them ?
Cogdill, JerryE-31976 – Aug 30, 1978EngineeringLikek to hear from any of my engineering friends from the electrical division. Tom Klauke is the only name I remember. he was in the IC division.
West, DonE-51976 – Sep 1978AGood memories. I only wish I could remember the names of my shipmates. Hopefully someone remembers me.
Allen, KenEN 21976 – 1978boat crewgreat buds, loved some of the ports we pulled into, had some great times, still hate that "beeping" song! Miss you guys in the gang!!
Cram, GregBM2Jan 1976 – Oct 19802ndMet great people, a couple still good friends to this day. Great ports of call. Thank god we served during peace time, but we were ready. To this day every time I hear Marty Robbons sing El Paso the memories come back.
Jones, Robert profile iconbm3Jan 11, 1976 – Oct 21, 19771st divisionHey guys, like so many of you I can't remember names, I do remember my division petty officer,Bm1 Avaleno. What happened to him and Rob Kruger these are the only names that I remember and my brother David Jones.
Grabow, JackMS2Feb 1976 – Jun 1978S2Ship's baker, and Capt Greive's MS. I will always treasure my at aboard her. It has ALWAYS been a GREAT ship.
Stevens, GaryE2Feb 1976 – Oct 1976seaman then yoeman for engineering divisionin 1976 fell down flight of stairs found out in 1982 i had actually broke my back looking for the sailors who were working on mess deck same time as me and also looking for buddies tomson and garcia
Fellows, TimMM3Feb 1976 – Aug 1979"M"Great gator ship to serve on. Easy steam plant ,great hull and very sea worthy ship. We had a great crew at a time when things weren't so paranoid. Sailing C/E on oil tankers now - more paperwork than anything else.
Prejna, DavidBM1/MA1(SW)Feb 3, 1976 – Mar 8, 1978DECK / ADMINGreat Ship, Great Crew. Lots of good memories of the ports we visited. I've seen all parts of the world. Retired 1992, went into driving a 18 wheeler to see the USA. About ready to retire the 18 wheels for a RV. Got to keep traveling,
Horton, BrianBT2May 15, 1976 – Mar 3, 1979"B"Tremendous experience. Served to define my career in the civilian power industry. Great people those BT's; Ball (BTC), Lee (BTCS), Rowbotham (later BTC), Beasley, Pringle, Sides, Ridzak, Chevis, Hammond, Matte, Kiesel, Larson, & Creekbaum.
McGregor, BrianEM3Jun 1976 – 1979'E' DivisionGreat ship, unforgettable memories. e-mail me guys!
Menard, Charles (Stretch)BMSR-BM2Jul 25, 1976 – Feb 21, 1980BoatThe best ship and crew in the FLEET. The most outstanding 3rd div ever. Stretch and Artie what a team. You call we haul!!!!! Wet or dry landings are specialty. Thanks
Snyder, MichaelMS2Aug 1, 1976 – May 31, 1977 You know what they say. Your first ship was always the best.
Kiner, MichaelOS1Sep 1976 – May 1980Deck and OPS
Davis, Richard Pmm1Sep 3, 1976 – Sep 3, 1982engpj brown call me at 570-417-4133... my son's email
Sim, MitchLTJGNov 1976 – Nov 19791st, Comm,Legal,AdminLoved my time on El Barco Magnifico! That is except for the year in Chester, PA during our "six month" overhaul. The highlight was our 76-77 Med deployment. Ah, Christmas in Naples.
Sabia, RobertRM3Dec 10, 1976 – Jan 8, 1980OPSGreat ship but the year that we were in Chester PA turned out to be a year in hell. Guess who was onboard? Guess what happened? To my ops comrades - sorry for what happened.
Brown, JeffMM2Dec 30, 1976 – Aug 30, 1980What a trip! Engineroom LPO from 1979-1980. Never got the HP air compressers to work in four years. E mail me R P Davis En3 Larson, where are you guys? I still have videos.

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