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USS El Paso (LKA 117) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS El Paso (LKA 117). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 569 crew members registered for the USS El Paso (LKA 117).

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Cox, PaulRD21970 – 1971OperationsAfter serving my first two years on an LST, the El Paso was like a cruise ship! Great memories of Gitmo, the Carribean and the Med. Oh to be young again ... maybe not. God Bless the USN and all who have and still sail on her ships!
Carlson, ChrisBM21970 – 19721stAlways wondered what happened to James "Sinatra" Easton. Hello Guthrie, Green and all the rest of you plank owners. My dad BMCM Carlson Passed away a couple of years ago but he and I always talked about the USS El Paso.
Malick, DouglasRD31970 – 1971radarThe first crew of the USS EL PASO, it had that new car smell.
Chagnon, Bill (Chag)DC21970 – 1971RPlank owner
Nace, RobertE-3Jan 1970 – Jun 29, 1973both supply and b divisionI was one of the plank owners when the ship was commissoned in 1970. I became a BT and spent my 4 years in the hole
Fisher, TomEN2Jan 1970 – Dec 1971APlank owner
Kane, PhillipE3Jan 17, 1970 – Apr 8, 1971b
Johnson, MarkBM2Jan 17, 1970 – Jun 10, 19732NDted expired in 2004 in Branson MO.he was my best friend and I will miss him dearly To him I wish Green Grass and High Tides Forever.LOve YOU BEAR MARK Johnson AKA SPANKY
McIlhenny, ThomasLTJan 17, 1970 – Jun 15, 1971EngineeringI was 'Bull Snipe' (Chief Engineer), serving before and after commissioning out of Norfolk. Best experience of my ten-year Navy career! We blew up two main generators; but that was a design flaw by the mfgrs. Good ship.
Bell, JohnQm2Feb 14, 1970 – Sep 15, 1973OpsHey Bob King! Remember me? We had such fun
Rasch, GeorgeRD3Feb 21, 1970 – May 29, 1971OIIn School and out to see on the first two years. We went to getmo, Cuba and than to the mediterranean. I remember transfering water to the Guem to wash down the helos
Salois, RaymondMR2Feb 22, 1970 – Nov 1973A
Anthony, TonyFTGC CMAAJun 1970 – Sep 1972FoxGreat ship, good crew and officers BEST IN CLASS all Es.
White, Wayne (Kk/boing)RM3Jun 1970 – Jan 1974Opns/CommHad fun, learned a lot and would take neither anything for the experience or do it again for a million dollars (ok, I'd do it again for a million, but I'd hesitate)...Any radio shack'ers still out there?
Cover, Terry profile iconRD1Jun 1, 1970 – Jun 1, 1972CICRetired and travling the world
Fulton, BobE2Sep 1970 – 19712Brand new ship, still had to chip and paint.
Nelson, Fred?freddy FarkleBT3Sep 22, 1970 –engineeringwho would of thought id still be alive for that matter who ill bet somebody killed Teter by now lol
Cox, PaulRD 2Oct 1970 – Dec 1971Operations
Centrone, JerryHM2Nov 6, 1970 – Mar 6, 1971Made a Carib cruise and a Med cruise on El Paso Very Proud to have served
Harden, RickLTNov 19, 1970 – Nov 15, 19732nd, 3rd & NavigatorGood times outnumbered bad. Worked hard, played harder, Remember 1st anniversary bash @ Galveston;CH46 crash landing on deck; Tucumcari on the rocks; Rosie Roads Oclub;Capt Cole. Remember lots of names on this list.
Picken, CyEns/LtjgDec 1970 – Jul 1972admin X DivFirst replacement officer for commissioning crew as 1st Division/Personnel Officer. My one 1a station was Wave Guide commander for the M-8 boats. I was also the Legal Officer for the ship. Great crew/ship
Correll, WayneQM 3 /QMSN1971 – 1973Navigation teamAfter my USS Arneb duty this new ship was great! I remember see'ing the automatic hatch boards and thinking no hatch duty on this rig!I don't remember any of you. Spain,Turkey,Greece,France,Tunisia,Italy,Malta, Cuba/Carib
Carroll, JohnOS31971 – Nov 1973OPSafter decommissioning uss Vermillion out of Little Creek I went to Uss El Paso did a couple of Med tours and a few Carib. trips.
Hummel, BobYN21971 – 1973Ships officeGreat times good friends good duty
Parker, AndrewBM41971 – 1974DeckSmitty I'm back! mink mink
Woodard, LonnieE21971 – 1974FirstLooking to see if anyone remembers serving with me. I remember serving with a guy we called Polly/Pauly.
Steyer, ScottE-4Jan 31, 1971 – Nov 1, 1972"R"Hull Tech
Gill, RussellEN3Feb 1971 – Nov 1972A GangWorked at keeping landing craft running. Made one Med cruise an then was given orders to report to ACB2 in Little Creek.
Webb, MontyOS3Feb 1, 1971 – Jul 4, 1972OperationsIt was a Great Ship to be on.It had Great Food.
Graeter, DonENS/LTJGApr 1971 – Jan 1973SupplyMy service on "El Barco" was one of the great experiences of my life. So many wonderful memories and friends!
MacK, SteveOS2Apr 1, 1971 – Jul 24, 1975OPERATIONSGreat Duty,Loved all the guys!
Stevens, MartinEM3Aug 1971 – Jun 1973Electrician / Master mess duty / ProjectionistState of the art ship. Life lessons / proffesion achieved aboard are still with me to this day. Many memories, good and bad. How bout that Carrib cruise!?
Kelley, John profile iconEM3Aug 1971 – Nov 1971Electrical Shop
Chandler, William profile icone-3Aug 24, 1971 – Apr 10, 19733 rd boatfond memories as member of a fine ship . thanks to capt. k j cole for sail boat lessons. hi to hinegardener,hatcher,hunt,j.j.,abraham brown,&all the rest
Goodling, StevenpfcSep 4, 1971 – Oct 27, 1971I worked 3 rd. shift in laundryI was a Marine that rode this ship from Morehead City NC to Turkey then to Barcelona Spain. I recall a chopper trying to land while crusing through the Med. It had engine problems and would up in the water. Great time i
Siniard, BillBM3Sep 11, 1971 – Apr 9, 19751st & 2ndenjoyed seeing the world with some good folks
Beaudet, Philip profile iconHM2Sep 12, 1971 – Mar 14, 1972MedicalHot Buttered popcorn and Risk in sick bay. It was a great ship and crew. We had a loony doctor attached during our med trip. Here is a link to the 8mm video I shot during Operation Snowy Beach.
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Masterson, TomGMG2Oct 1971 – Aug 19754th.enjoyed every day
Kratochvil, JoeGMG2Nov 1971 – Jun 19754THHad some tuff days and hard nights, but my time aboard was one of the best experiences I've ever had. And I had the opportunity to share it with some of the best people I've ever met.
Longyear, DennisPN3Nov 1971 – Sep 1974X Division Ships Office
Kegelmyer, JimBM3Dec 1971 – Sep 19731stI remember sailing with many good men on that ship, Joe Kratochvil especially.
Tompsett, ThomasQM3Dec 17, 1971 – Aug 28, 1973Navigation
Lisa, VincentHT3Dec 21, 1971 – Sep 15, 1975R DivisionGreat Ship Great Crew! Hey Charlie Ziemer. Mole! Big Moody! Scott Styer! Bill Drinkwater! We had great times in the Med and South America cruises! Hey to ALL crew from 1971/ 1975! I am on face book let's hear FM you!

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