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USS John S. McCain (DDG 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John S. McCain (DDG 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 150 crew members registered for the USS John S. McCain (DDG 36).

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Borquist, RobertSN BOSNSep 2, 1953 – Jan 15, 1955
Borquist, RobertSN BOSNSep 2, 1953 – Jan 15, 19551 st deck&01 levelE R King capt -H H Ries exec/o orig crew comm. charlestown navy yard Boston Ihave comm. book with crew listing of DL3
Fullmer, Loren/lorenaduneMMFNApr 15, 1960 – Aug 14, 1963MBeautiful ship! Ihad my cruise book damaged by water, would like to find another if possible. wes pac march-61-sept-61
Hanson, CurtisDK3Oct 1960 – May 1962Supply
Rigell, James (Jim)PC-3Oct 1961 – 1963OCWorked as Operations Yeoman, Ships Office, and PC-3 in Post Office. Looking for others from this time period.
Wolf, LeroyIc3Jan 7, 1962 – Aug 11, 1964RMany memories
Parmeter, GeorgeEM2Feb 15, 1962 – Dec 20, 1965E HAD A LOT OF GREAT MEMORIES
Sampson, DavidFTG3Apr 1962 – Feb 19642ndServed during "Operation Dominic" atomic bomb testing. Transporation PO in 1963&1964
Dewolfe, WolfieBT 2Jun 1, 1962 – Sep 1, 1964EngineeringI would enjoy hearing from anyone in engineering, both fire rooms and engine rooms
Manley, KenEM21963 – 1965R
Zamzi, SamMR21963 – 1964Engineering A Gang
Falconer, GeneRD3Jan 1963 – Jun 1966OIThe last cruise was fantastic, Sydney Fiji, Acapulco, thru the PC decommissioning in Philly June 1966.
Neal, ColemanE-3 SHApr 1963 – Oct 1965ship serviceman
Taylor, BruceFTGSAAug 18, 1965 – Sep 4, 1966FOX
Harper, TerryBT1Jun 19, 1967 – Dec 19, 1971B Lead PO forward fireroomWas a member of the primary commissioning crew in Phila. shipyards. Brought the ship from east coast to west coast (Long Beach) made the first west pac.
Naab, MichaelTM2Apr 10, 1968 – Oct 25, 1968Early pre-commissioning detail: 30 men, nothing to do. (Shipyard activity focused on Mitscher DDG 35.) Our service records (not us) transferred to CVA 60 for a month, just to preserve TAD status! Finally transferred out. What a boondoggle!
Harper, TerryBT1 LPO FORWARD FROct 6, 1968 – Nov 8, 1971B DIVPRE-COMM CREW Worked with BTCS Mahoney, BT1 Tom Neubarth. BT1 Victor Ryan, and MM2 A.L. Tucker. Great ship and crew
Reardon, TedFTM21969 – 1972worked in missle plot with lance,john and bob-enjoyed westpac transferred to east coast after mccain reasigned to san diego-
Devenberg, Robert ECPO1969 – 1972Skivie waver lol (Signalman)Had to add dad's info to this page. Thanks for serving dad! One of my favorite memories as a kid was riding the ship from San Pedro to San Diego in (I think) 1971.
Reutter, DaleSM31969 – 1972Communications
Courtney, GeorgeQM2Jan 19, 1969 – Nov 15, 1972NavigationAsst. to the Navigator, directed ship's movements from 1969 to 1972, Second Westpac cruise to Vietnam. Coordinated ship's movement while underway, engaged in gunfire operations, and while entering and exiting ports.
Brubaker, Goerge ARM2Feb 1969 – Dec 1972OC (Communications Radio)Contact me about ships reunions and located shipmates
Baliva, David // NunzioRD 2Feb 1, 1969 – Jul 20, 1972OperationsGreat people served together and remained friends forever!!!!!!
Hawkins, RogerSNFeb 21, 1969 – Mar 1971FirstWorked on deck force, as cook,and forward lookout
O'Brien, Barry "Ob"Mar 1969 – Feb 1971Was a MM2 and MM1 then. Made MMCM and went LDO - retired in 1985. Now retired in NC Looking to find Joe Churchill
Brubaker, GeorgeRM2Mar 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1972OC (Communications Radio)living in Reinbeck, IA 50669 ..Retired USN * John Deere Tractor. Researcher for former crews of USS Yorktown (Naval Museum in Charleston, SC).
Herriven, DavidRM2Apr 1969 – Aug 1970OC(Radio)Quite the change from MSO's. Nice ship. Retired from working, do woodworking, hunting, fishing, etc.
Del, HansonRM2Apr 1969 – Jan 1971OCPrecom at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Plank Owner
Brayall, Samuel / SamRD2Apr 1, 1969 – Jan 5, 1971 Operations / OIServed on the USS Constellation from Radar "A" school Great Lakes , to Vietman Wespac cruise 1968. Transfer to the McCain in the Philly shipyard April 1969, was the berthing PO, before commissioning to DDG36 . Sailed with Her to Long Bea
Trent, RexFTM2Jun 15, 1969 – Feb 15, 19743rdHail to my fellow Shellbacks
Darnell, KenEMFN, EM3, EM2Jul 1969 – Sep 1971E DivisionGreat memories of McCain. I was a career Navy man achieving the rate of Senior Chief, CWO4 and LDO LT. It was on McCain that I learned to be a sailor. I attended her decommissioning. Sad day.
Niswonger, RogerBT-3Jul 30, 1969 – Mar 30, 1971"B" DivisionI was a BT. What can I say?
Filak, Raymond H. profile iconRD3Sep 1969 – Jan 19, 1973OIWas a Radarman serving only on this ship. Two West Pacs. Separated/discharged as a OS3. My specialty was Electronic Warfare (should have been separated/discharged as EW3) and Intelligence Publication File Custodian.
Bohensky, JoeRD 0Sep 1, 1969 – Dec 30, 1970oi Made great friends and served honorably as ship misfit
Turner, Roy E. (Tricky)ETN3Oct 1969 – Mar 5, 1974OEHad a good time in aux radio. Great to get out.
Roberson, MarkETN3Oct 19, 1969 – Jun 16, 1971OEI've had many great jobs in my life, but, westpack with you guys was my most rewarding.Remember gun line Viet Nam while now senator John S MCCAIN WAS POW/-? check out web JOHN S MCCAIN DDG56 return plus her war history.
Scott, Michael L( Scotty)RD2Nov 30, 1969 – Jun 8, 1971OI3rd tour in Tonkin Gulf
Martin, LarrySNDec 1969 – Jul 1971WEAPONS
Hopf, BillETR2Jan 1970 – Dec 1973OPS/OEWas anxious to get out and did. Years have made me forget the not so good stuff. Now I look back with great memories. GREAT bunch of men that I served with!
Hopf, BillETR2Jan 6, 1970 – Dec 18, 1973OEGreat memories. Now, I am a partially retired electrical engineer associated with the electric utility industry.
Reid, JamesRM3Apr 1970 – Nov 1973OC
Hudson, Patrick (Pc)E3 (PC)Apr 3, 1970 – Jul 7, 1971SupplyI was the PC for you guys. It was an honor to be part of this team.
Jones, DurwardRDCApr 16, 1970 – May 21, 1972OII retired off the "Big Bad John". The last of eight ships in a 20 plus year career.
James F. Bernard, Bernie Or Fat FloydBT3May 1970 – May 1972Bretired in 2012 as a machinist from Gardner Denver Co. in Quincy. Been married to my highschool sweetheart for over 41 years. (Wow thats a long time!!) would like to hear from former shipmates.
Brodie, TomE-3Jun 1970 – Mar 1972B DIVISIONworked in forward fireroom like to hear from anyone that was in the forward or after fire rooms E-mail
Weinfuss, MaxFTG 3Jun 15, 1970 – Jun 15, 1972WEAPONSPlank Owner, great ship, great experiences.
Duncan, DonnieRD2Jul 21, 1970 – Aug 17, 1972
Reichenbach, ThomasBM3Aug 1970 – May 1974First
Zabel, StevenSNSep 1970 – Oct 19721st Then Gunners MateJoined Big John in Ref Train in San Diego tied to a bouy. 1St div. Later transfered to gunnery div. Assigned to Mount 52.
Dyehouse, PeterHM3Sep 10, 1970 – Dec 10, 1973
Crawford, MichaelCWO-2Nov 1970 – Nov 1973Operations/OELook back on my time and have good memories of an outstanding crew of men. We had some hard times off of Viet Nam but we were a team that made things happen.
Crew, SteveBT2Nov 1, 1970 – Jan 19, 1974b
Shipman, BillEM3Nov 20, 1970 – Sep 10, 1971EWESPAC 1971 escorted Ticonderoga

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