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USS Mitscher (DDG 35) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Mitscher (DDG 35). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 199 crew members registered for the USS Mitscher (DDG 35).

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Nelson, PeterDK21950 – 1955DisbursingPeter was my brother who passed on several years ago. While surfing through various website I came across a picture that looks like him but it was taken aboard the USS McGowan. Would this be a sister ship and would the crew have interming
Larose, GordonPetty officer 3rd classMar 1, 1953 – Mar 15, 1955Interior communicationsServed on the ship from 1953 to 1955. Anyone out there who may have served with me?
Hale, BillEM2Apr 1953 – Feb 1954ElectricianPart of commisioning crew for the DL2. My year was spent on shake down and in port for repairs or mods. Working with engineers from GE convinved me to go to Northeastern. Married a girl I met in Boston . Been married 50-years!!!
Elkins, Haroldrm3May 6, 1953 – Jan 4, 1955communicationsworked under thaxton dale first class radiomanbaham
Harty, James(ollie)RM31956 – Dec 1959COMMUNICATIONS
Jacquart, Phillip (Flip)RD1Aug 1956 – Oct 1959Operations
Lange, Sr, Robert WGMG3Mar 17, 1957 – Jan 31, 19592nd - GunneryI am the Ship Corrdinator for the USS MitscherDL2/DDG35 of the DLA for info on the DLA contact me or go to for reunion info or contact me at 410-768-0751 on the USS Mitscher DL2/DDG35
Traft, RaymondSep 1957 – Sep 1959
Johnson, TimETR-2May 1958 – May 1971OEA great experience, with some great guys! I wish we had all stayed in touch, but now we can. Can you believe I live on Sailors Arizona!
Easler, RobertSHSNAug 22, 1958 – Aug 21, 1960SupplyI was the Ship's Barber on the USS Mitscher DL2 from Nov. 1958 to Aug. 1960. The Navy was a good experience for me, & gave me an opportunity to mature & grow. I traveled to areas of the world I wouldn't have otherwise.
Midgett, JimmySN1960 – 1963Division 1I would love to hear from anyone serving during this time, especially: Eddie Hummel, Bransel "Gabby" Godfrey, Alton Alford, Rubin Santana, Ernesto Vasquez, Enrique Moreno.
Stewart, PatrickDCFNDec 27, 1960 – Jul 22, 1964served from 1960 to 1964. anyone serving during this period please contact me. was 4 great years,and a bunch of great guys.
Bangert, Sammy B.DL21962 – 1965
Barker, NelsonRDSNMay 1962 – Jan 13, 1964OI
Mancuso, LouisMM3Aug 31, 1962 – Jan 7, 1965MRemained on USS Mitscher until her decomissioning. Transferred to USS Vesole DD878. Presently working at Stony Brook University as Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Sciences. Presently living in Ronkonkoma, NY.
Farrah, SheridanET2Nov 1962 –Electronicsjust reminiscing and thinking about some good times 78 years old but it seems like yesterday .... Shed
Jernigan, Al Cherokee1964 – 1966
Bauer, Frankunknown1965 – 1969signalmanMy father was a Plank Owner and passed in 2011, I wanted to see if anyone remembered him. Frank Bauer, was a signalman and then worked in supply from what I was told. Please email me if you knew him,
Tinney, JohnFTM-11966 – 1968TPlankowner --lots of fond memories of my time on the Mitscher---shipmates please look me up---now live in North Carolina
Bennett, Jim,FTM11966 –WeaponsProud Plank Owner, Onboard till 72. Live in Durango, Co
Herring, Jr., Arthur Eugene (Buddy)LTCMD1966 – 1969Weaponsposting this for my father who died from a heart attack when he was 45. he'd been retired for 2 years. I think he'd like to see him name here. I think i got the years right. I was at the commissioning. He was the weapon's officer.
Oakes, Thomas ( Tom )IC3Apr 6, 1966 – Nov 8, 1968EProud plank owner. Had some really good times in Philly and we had one heck of a crew. Am making an attempt to locate other members of the commissioning crew. Please e-mail or call 843/655-9374
Gills, BillYN3/Yeoman1967 – Nov 29, 1969OperationsPlankowner. Great ship, great crew, lots of fun. Gitmo, San Juan, Jamaica, Key West. Phily Shipyards to drydock Porthmouth, VA. and Norfolk.
White, William (Bill)EM51967 – 1969EngineeringPlank owner and many memories
Jones, LeonCS2May 1967 – Nov 1969SupplyPre--comm and plank owner. I remember those long shake down trips getting the problems worked out.
Snyder, MilesSNMay 11, 1967 – Dec 18, 1967SignalProud to be a plank owner
Wing, RonaldLTJGOct 20, 1967 – Aug 19693rdI was MITSCHER's first Missile Officer. I also had collateral duties as Special Services Officer, Library Officer, and Protestant Lay Leader. We had a crew rock band and closed circuit radio station. Advanced to LT.
Towas, RobertBT3Oct 26, 1967 – Jul 26, 1971Navy - USNI am Robert Towas's wife, Debra. Does anyone remember him from the USS Mitscher from October 1967 to July 1971? If so, could you please contact me via email/response to this site. Thank you in advance for your help.
Kellner, JamesFTM2Dec 31, 1967 – Apr 1, 1971Weapons, 3rd Split my time between MK 118 computer and 48 radar. Proud to be a Plankowner.
Siegert, TcE3/341968 – 1969ENGINEERING/AFT ENGINE RM
Beard, DennisRD21968 – 1969OIPlank Owner
Baird, CharlesE-31968 – 1968EngineeringPlank Owner and served in engine room
Rickman, Billy (Rick)NOT SURE1968 – 1971This is Billy Rickman's son....... my dad passed away sevral years ago but always talk about the Mitscher he was aboard from 1969 till 1972 I think not sure of dates contact me if you knew my Dad I would like to know what he did
Wilson, JerryPC31968 – 1968OperationsPlank Owner-Radar-Asst Postal Clerk
Conner, KennethFIREMAN1968 – Dec 1968Plank owner. On board at June 1968 recommissioning at Philadelphia Shipyards.
Ken, WilderFTM21968 – 19693RDPlank owner. 3rd Div. Assigned to guided missile radar.
Beal, LesterRD-31968 – 1969OI DIV.Plank Owner
Amick, Harold (Hobo)RD21968 – 1969OIPlank Owner.
Blake, HowardFN E31968 – Dec 12, 1968engineering FWD engine roomplank owner
Marks, BillSM-3Jan 1968 – Jul 1971OCPlan owner. Lots of good memories.
Morris, RaymondSK2Jan 1968 – Aug 1969SupplyPlankowner/Pre-Comm Bldg 83 in Phila Navy Yard. Only recall the names of two persons in Supply, Greg Adams, Mike Gall. My contact
Trousdale, Gavin "Gabby"RG3Jan 7, 1968 – Jun 28, 1969OperationsPlank Owner Worked on SOAP TEAM in a warehouse off of the ship
Gall, MikeSK3Jan 10, 1968 – Oct 14, 1969supplyMember of original crew of 1968 commissioning.I also have good memories of Ray Morris & Greg Adams as well as our supply officers Strick & Butler.
Crawley, RichardFTG 2Mar 1968 – Aug 1969Plank Owner - Great Ship
Schmitt, JoeSH 3Jun 1968 – Oct 1968Ships ServiceI only spent a few months on the Mitscher when she was in the yards in Philly. It was great for me as my hometown was only 10 miles away.
Preston, RonaldFAJun 9, 1968 – Jan 1, 1969engineering
Carlson, GeorgeQM2Jul 1968 – Jan 4, 1970NAV.plank owner served with a great group of guys. I would love to be contacted via e- mail.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1968 | 1969 – 1971 | 1972 – 1974 | 1975 – 1976 | 1977 – now

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