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USS Glover (FF 1098) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Glover (FF 1098). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 259 crew members registered for the USS Glover (FF 1098).

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Martin, Christopher (Stretch)OS21982 – 1984OICan't believe I found the Glover on the web - what a flashback! My liver still hurts from 3 months in the shipyards in Piraeus.
Slaughter, BillYN(SW)1982 – 1986OPSAlways remember Jonesy, Red, Marty Ilistening to Hank Jr), Pacelli, Doc, PNC Davis and triple threat CCCt..the trip to Kiel and running over the fishing boat..the months in Greece, playing softball everywhere..going to Venice..
Bacon, Bt BobBT21982 – 1986BBroke our shaft and was towed in a storm. The New Jersey opened us up when we scraped her getting underway.We ran over a fishing boat in the English channel. What an adventure
Napier, KevinBT21982 – 1983Eng.I came to the Glover just before deployment to the Med. I remember the shaft falling off. Getting towed was not the best. Man, but Athens Greece was worth it!
Keenan, BrianSH31982 – Aug 25, 1985SupplyLots of great people. Worked with SH1 larabee, SH1 Gipson, SH 3 " Butch" Williams. Jeff Hull, Jeff Manake,Mike Cavic and many more. Got my 20 via the NYANG. Retired in 2010.
Clarence, Albert Jr.GMT1 (SW)Apr 1982 – Apr 1986WeaponAnyone remember the XO 666
Herbold, Davidftg2Apr 1982 – Jul 19862nddoes anyone remember the date we where towed in to athen greece when we had the steam leak in the main to hear from ed again
Sedgwick, DarwinBT3Apr 15, 1982 – Mar 4, 1985BMy first ship. The best and the worst in a lot of ways. My truck was towed the day I reported. I did not have a rack for a month but got to do some TDY to some neat schools untill they got me a rack. The C.O. liked pit snipes.
Cavic, MichaelOS2(SW)May 1982 – Mar 16, 1986OIHad a great 4 years! Would like to hear from old friends. Does anyone know where Sean Dye is or how to contact him?
Gaskins, SamuelbmcsMay 1982 – Jun 1985deckgreat captin, great xo, great ship
Milne, Roy profile iconMM2Jun 1982 – Jun 1985MFirst ship, Honduras, Panama Canal, coast of Nicaragua with BB-62, busted prop shaft off Beirut, tow to Athens with 52/53 degree rolls, AF club in Glafada, working for Herbie Wheatly, hanging with Dino & Foster. GREATEST
Boozer, JoeE-6Jun 19, 1982 – Oct 18, 1988OC Division Communication DepartemntThe best command I have ever served on. Whenever I talk about the Glover I always talk about the Great Lake Cruise we made. I can't remembering having so much fun in my entire life. Love that cruise. Met tons of people,
Bost, MichaelMM2/SSJul 1982 – May 1984Great bunch of guys to serve with. Hangin' with the Weps guys in Greece and Beirut Medcruise '82-83.
Smith, LarrySTG2Oct 1982 – May 1984ASAlot of great memories guys. I got out after 10 but I always wish I could go back and relive some of the stuff we got away with. Hope all my shipmates are doing well. I live in Atlanta, please look me up if you're in town.
Foster, ErnestEN2Oct 1, 1982 – May 4, 1986A GANGHad a great time aboard GLOVER, 1st command , Served with Sanders, Gibbs, Wooster, Pucher. Got out been went back in and joined Seabees and retired in 2006 as EO1. Serving aboard Glover was some good times. Had a blast.
Cannon, SidBMCM(SW)1983 –
Ledonne, MikeSK21983 – 1987Supply
Gadwell, DannyMS3Jan 3, 1983 – Jan 3, 1988messwhats up boys still talking with bm2 k herlhy bm2j kirk like to hear from you
Nicholson, Charles/ Nick The D***BTJan 10, 1983 – Sep 17, 1986BButch I have lost your number, fellow bts , Im still steaming, far east, and abroad. Never stopped sailing.
Ferran Cruz, Juan GLCDRMar 1, 1983 – Apr 1, 1985CIC/OPS
Free, GregRM3Apr 1983 – Aug 1986OCHad a great time onboard the Glover. Great group of guys for shipmates, Jonesy, Pacelli, Mastey, Vigue, Brammier, Woody, Cole, Nixon, the list goes on and on!
Ferran Cruz, JuanLTMay 1983 – Mar 1985CIC/OPSGreat ship and crew of operators. Capt Norman ran a tight ship but we all appreciated the leadership with which the ship was run by all the crew on down to the new recruits. Andros/Autec/Jittery Prop were great experiences for all.
Gibbs, TimEN2Jun 1983 – Apr 3, 1987A-Ganghad the run of the ship as LPO
Tucker, JamesPN2Aug 1983 – Sep 1987NXUSS GOVER (FF-1098) was in a class by herself. She was an independent runner with a touch of class. The only commissioned ship without a screw... she had a jet pump instead. In her youth she was way ahead of her time.
Hammons, JimOS3Sep 1983 – Jun 1989OITo me the greatest times I had were on the Glover. After leaving I went to NAS Mississippi, but returned a couple of years later to serve during Glovers final years. The hardest thing to do was Scrap Her.
Wilson, Tomht3Oct 1983 – Jun 1986ar division
Edgeworth, Milt (Edge) profile iconSTGCS SW)Oct 1983 – Apr 1987ASThe USS Glover was the last ship I served on before I retired. She was also my favorite. I was proud of the guys in AS Division. They were all true professionals. I will always relish my time on board.
Baker, Tommy Wayne Jr. "buddy"BM2Nov 7, 1983 – Nov 7, 19861st
Brown, Darien/ ''d''MS 3Nov 23, 1983 – Mar 18, 1988desarun 2One of the best ships i was ever on was the uss Glover 1098. I really enjoyed the Great Lake crews and the European cruise.I really enjoyed our stay in Kiel, Germany where I almost went to jail.
Snyder, HowardOSSN1984 – 1985OIBeen a long time...did a lot of growing on in the short time I spent there. Still think about those times so long ago... Wish now that I had been able to stay.. Anyone now how to get in touch with Larry "Pappy" Settles?
Mannie, AjDCC (SW)1984 – 1989RStill kickin up in South Dakota. Best time in the Navy was aboard the Glover, Best crew ever. Been fighting Cancer since June 2011. Looks like where going to beat it. I've received a lot of support from crew members.
Mastey, TomSm-31984 – 1986OCOne of my most enjoyable times in my life was aboard the Glover. Enjoyed the people and ther places we visited. Still talk about the good times to this day. Mason, I remember you....but no one else on the list.
Saxby, RichardHT2(SW)Mar 1984 – Oct 1987RepairOne of the best times I have ever had, learned a lot about work ethic and a lot about growing up. i left here to go to NDT School, still doing welding inspection. When is the next reunion? Connect with me on facebook .
Lundy, JamesMM 3Apr 1984 – Jul 7, 1986MThe best time of my life, sometimes I wish I could relive those days
Cowman, CraigDK2Jun 1984 – Aug 1985SupplyLots of memories for the year I was aboard. Remember hanging with SH3 Brian Keenan, OS2 Michael Cavic and working with a great crew
Moran, Javier (Tony)GMG2Sep 28, 1984 – Nov 10, 1988Second WepondsBest of times,we just did'nt know it.
Fournier, JimEM-3Oct 1984 – Jun 20, 1986What a shock to read some of the old memories. One of my fondest memories-turning on the T.V. in the galley during early chow when the Challenger disaster happened,then red tagged all the kitchen equipment until MS-1 turned it back on.
Adams, DavidOS2Nov 1984 – Oct 1986OIGREAT times, 🤔 let's see...LEO OPS, CLAP👏 in Puerto Cortés, Honduras/req'd to anchor @ "Quarantine Bouy" until crew were cured, BZ! HM1 "DOC" Snyder for the 2 "Silver Bullets" , AWESOME Great Lakes Cruise 86
Moore, MarkSEAMANNov 25, 1984 – Nov 25, 1986DECK DIVISIONCuriousity can be an interesting thing. I'm glad i found this site and nice to see some familiar names. What can i say about the USS Glover and it's crew? It taught me work ethic and discipline,not to mention one heck of a party! Thanks!
Bamrick, Patrick S. "Bam"QM2(SW)Dec 15, 1984 – Jan 10, 1988NavigationKiel Week 87! 22 days of of German beer. And Great Lakes 86. Punctuated by much liberty in the Caribbean. Much fun was had by all.

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