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USS Glover (FF 1098) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Glover (FF 1098). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 259 crew members registered for the USS Glover (FF 1098).

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Webb, TonyQM31978 – Aug 1, 1979OPSI was a Quartermaster and tansferred from the USS Sylvania AFS-2 -- loved celestial navigation. I was told the USS Glover was to cruise around the world. LOL I was the person who tried to save the life of Signalman Jimmy Vital in Djibouti.
Byrd, Theodoreradiomen1978 – 1979radiomenAnyone that remembers are port visit to mumbasa kenya
Antonacci, Terry (Nuch)CTICS (RET)May 21, 1978 – Aug 16, 1978OSUSS Glover was my first ship and I had a great time and learned many things. She was then designated as AGFF-1. I was a PO3 at the time I served onboard her and turned 21 in Mombasa, Kenya and became a Shellback as well.
Lewis, SanfordYN1Sep 1978 – Sep 1981AdminThe longer I live, the more good I remember about GLOVER. Thanks HMC Farmer - When I made YNC I remembered your example and what you told me. I got nostalgic last week looking through the MIDEAST/MED 79/80 CruiseBook
Ruiz, IshmaelSN-YN3Sep 1, 1978 – Aug 1, 19821st Divisionhello everyone who served onboard. some of my most memorable moments, initiation and becoming an official shellback member. making all the port visits to: djibouti, beer on the pier, kenya, pakistan, spain & italy. my best time ever...
Swanger, DavidBM3Sep 15, 1978 – Nov 20, 1982deck divisionHad great times with everyone.Miss all of the guys i served with.
Schaefer, RalphMSCSOct 1978 – Feb 1982SupplyCame aboard as a frocked chief and left as a senior chief. Served 3 1/2 years onboard.
Overbaugh, RichardBT1979 – 1982FIREROOMremembering great times with the snipes'art,ski,john,rod,dave beach,shady brady,sperm whale (john aryers) chief teters.
Kelley, MikeSTG21979 – 1982Sonar GangBooze Brothers...Stick, Pit, Wildman, Mr. Fabulous, Jake,Bruno,Hardcore... Some amazing times, serious ball players... a bit of Booze mixed in there too...
Halle, BruceGNG2Jan 1979 – Oct 28, 19822ndRabbit's back on the ship. Email me at
Farmer, DocHMC (SW) USNJan 15, 1979 – Feb 19, 1982AdminLearned a lot, saw a lot of good sailors, some excellent CO's and XO's, some not so good. Will always remember the Taz!
Bostic, BrianSTG2Aug 1979 – May 1984ASOriginal Booze Brother "Stic Booze" Kelly, Block, Bruno,Bollinger, the Booze brothers. Sonar tech that played on the softball team that kicked butt across the fleet.
Pergola, JohnBT3Aug 3, 1979 – Feb 14, 1983Had The time of my life will never be able to duplicate it, Trying to get a Reunion for all the Glover Crew If your Interested please e-mail me at
Levangie, ArtieBT 3Sep 1979 – Jan 1983ENG
Karoly Jr., Bernhard "Bernie"RM1Sep 5, 1979 – May 28, 1982OCRported aboard 2 days before deployment to Mideast/ Med cruise 79-80 remember the good times.Retired on 28 May "82
Craddock, William (Willie)MSSNOct 24, 1979 – May 17, 1980OPSI was assigned to the Glover when it was being refurbished in the shipyards in Portsmouth, Va., and was discharged before it took it's voyage to Marblehead, Mass. I enjoyed my time on the ship, and got to know a couple guys before I had to leave.
Forester, SteveE3Dec 23, 1979 – Jun 19821stHey guys just found the web site. Still can't believe I'm seeing names from the past, ie Bruce Hailey(Rabbit) and Nick Glasvasich. It was Nick that gave myself & Mike Tindall Nicknames. I was Freeride & Mike was give me.
Gowe, Randy Gowe PattyFIREMAM1980 – 1981engNever left portsmouth shipyard . Ride by it coupe times week on my tugboat an think about all you hole snipes. still live on Tilghman Island MD.
Downs, Timothysk3/sk2Jan 1, 1980 – Dec 1981stores division / supply dept
Pounds, Larry,,curlyBT 3Jan 10, 1980 – Jun 21, 1983BHad gr8 time had gr8 cruises had a good bunch of guys on the ship sometimes miss him older we get more we think about things like that
Palmer, Ned /short Sh-tenfnFeb 8, 1980 – Jun 15, 1983A GangI got to surf a few cool countries, greece,cuba,learned to snow ski in greece...made some good friends....
Walker, Eric Michael "Wildman Booze"GMG2Mar 16, 1980 – Mar 17, 1983WeaponsWe Had The Best Crew And A Top Of The Line BOOZE Brothers. Really Miss Them All,And All The Haze Grey And Underway!!!
Whitmore, Steven "Red"PN2Apr 15, 1980 – Dec 8, 1983OPSHad a hell of time aboard the GLOVER and remember our time in Scaramanga, Greece shipyards. Awesome softball and flag football teams.
Whitmore, StevePN2Apr 18, 1980 – Dec 1, 1983OPSServed with PNC Davis and SM2 Jones (Jonesy), Stick Bostic, and big Dave Shieb.
Albertine, JohnPO3Jun 1980 – Sep 1980OpsUS Naval Sea Cadet Summer cruise to Rockland Ma
Whitlock, TerryBT1(SW)Jun 1980 – 1983BThe Glover was my first ship and Chief Tieters was my BTC. I had a great time.First port was Rockland Maine. Went on a few cruises on the Glover.Had some really good times.Best Friend was Ed Briley,Hi David Shaieb.G crew
Shaieb, DavidBTJul 1980 – Jul 1985BI still think of some of you guys. Glad to have been part of the brotherhood. I'm still in (reserves) and wish I could get the Glover back and sail that old tin can one more time...BTTW.
Shaieb, DavidBT2/LCDRJul 10, 1980 – Jul 10, 1985BIt looks like many of you I wondered about are on this site. B-Div and Glover kicked ass, except for when it sucked. Many hot days down in the boiler room with the funniest sons a bitches I ever knew. Still in reserves in CA.
Humm, RansnSep 1, 1980 – Jul 1, 1983deckGOOD times miss some of the crew though not all :)Has anyone seen or heard from Joe Zayas or John Wesley
Vineyard, Jesse "vinny"FF 10981981 – 1985Deck ape 3 years lots of fun broke down spent time in Greece what a blast My E- mail address is
Stinson, MichaelSTGSN1981 – 1984ASI will never forget the 3 months we spent in dry dock in Greece when our "shroud" let go and bent our shaft.
Brunat, Bruno BoozeSTG21981 – Jun 1983ASWWho could forget "Booze party of 12" when we went to dinner. Wassup Stic, Bost, Smitty and the rest of the sonar gang. STG is Second To God!
Miller, DanBM21981 – 1985First DivisionGood times on the Glover. Still good friends with Jay Studer. Was his best man at his wedding.Look me up on Facebook D.J. Miller
Lavalley, ScottGMT21981 – 1982Deck/Weapons
Anello, KennethE-31981 – 1982deck
Jones, Daniel (Jonesy Of Course)SM2Jan 1981 – Jan 1984OPSServed with Tisdale, Willie Carter, Jeff Manakee
Jenkins, JerryEW2/EW1Jan 1981 – Jun 1, 1984OpsCan't believe all you guys are on here. Stretch, Jonsey and the whole gang. Remember all the times that we had in Greece.
Watson, JackEM2 (SW)May 1981 – Jan 1984EThrough the Ditch - Pacific Ops between Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador with USS New Jersey. Med Cruise 1982-83.
Coward, BradOS2Aug 1981 – Apr 1984OIDeployed to Med 1982-83. Broke down off Israel. Spent remainer of cruise in Greece shipyard.
Lockenour, Mike/lockSTG2Aug 11, 1981 – May 11, 1987Antisubmarine WarfareParticipated on ship softball,basketball,&flag football teams. Enjoyed my time on board and the Navy life. Very appreciative of where that direction has landed me in life. Those of you who stuck it out, I salute you. God bless you!
Conti, JayOS3Aug 19, 1981 – Mar 7, 1985OII had some Great times on the Glover and some very very Bad times! But, the Glover and my Shipmates helped me grow up from the immature kid I was! Thanks to OSCS Gregg for turning me around, I Retired as an OSCS!
Brammier, MartihRM3Sep 1981 – May 1985OPSServed with Clay Cole, Mike Smith, Brian Vigue, Chief Peterson and a host of other radiomen..Left the Navy in 85-Re-enlisted in the Army 30 days later and served an additional six years as a Drill Sergeant in Fort Knox KY and Fort Hood TX.
Carmody, EdwardLTOct 1981 – Nov 1984DCA
Wooster, Michael BigwooMM2 (SW)Dec 3, 1981 – Dec 28, 1985A Gang

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