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USS Lake Champlain (CV 39) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Lake Champlain (CV 39). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 214 crew members registered for the USS Lake Champlain (CV 39).

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Seibold, Vincent F.AK3/21958 – 1959S-6Great crew, Great ship, good memories
Jeannotte, KeithBT3Jan 15, 1958 – Jan 15, 1962Boiler #1 Fire RoomThey called me Chiefie because of Shoshone Blood I remember names like,Hindel,Brundage,Marshall, Norris,Moore,Murns,Runyan,Puckett,White,Two- Johnsons,Posey,MaCormick,Friel,Ernest NoDak, Brier,Flikenger,Crunk,Fuller,Meadows,Gagne,Farrar
Jayne, John HLLTMay 20, 1958 – Jun 6, 1960Junior Dental Officer
Jayne, John HLLTMay 20, 1958 – Jun 6, 1960Junior Dental Officer
Points, Edmon L. profile iconFN SNJul 30, 1958 – May 30, 1962Fireman/BarberThis is for my husband, Edmon L. Points who now is deceased, he has for years tried to find some of his old navy buddies. If anyone knew or remembers him feel free to contact me.
Young, ChuckRMSNAug 1958 – Jul 1959OR Mayport - N Y Shipyard - Gitmo shakedown - Mediterranean Cruise
Kramer, JimFT3Sep 1958 – Sep 1960FOXIm still kicking
Barber, R D profile iconCWO3Oct 1958 – Oct 1962EI went aboard as an ICFN and left as an IC2 to go to IC"B" school where I was promoted to IC1. As a recruiter in Galveston, TX I was promoted from IC1 to WO1 in October 1967 and retired in 1978 as a CWO3.
Lard, KennethFT2Dec 8, 1958 – Sep 19, 1962Fox
Steinberg, EdABE31959 – Jan 30, 1962V-2Recovery Ship 1st US Astronaut. May 5, 1961. Med Cruise. Shakedown cruise Gitmo. Halifax Nova Scotia cruise
Allen, JamesNW-31959 – 1962WI am looking for anyone who worked in the Armory during my time on the Champ
Gill, ArtE-41959 – 1962Ninth Naval DistrictSearching for my father Art Gill. Looking for USS Lake Champlain CVS-39 shipmates. He remembers a few names: Thomas Mitchell, Larry Toonen, Carrol Blackburn, Charlie Loonison, Donald Frame, and only last name Forbes.
Nelson, Richard profile iconRadarman1959 – 1965RadarMy father served as a Radar Tech from 1960-1965. If anyone recalls him or has photos of that time, I would be most grateful. Jean Nelson (zhanna777 at me dot com). Thank you.
Newberry, RichardPH3Jan 10, 1959 – Jun 15, 1961OP Photo LabI belong to the Uss Lake Champlain Association Inc. We have great reunions and I reunited with shipmates not seen for forty plus years.
Brady, GeorgeADR3Jan 21, 1959 – Jan 20, 1961V4Great ship and Division. Waa/c fuel checker and division yeoman. Had a great time working the flight deck.
Brady, GeorgeADR3Jan 21, 1959 – Jan 21, 1961V-4Great 2 years. Med cruise, Middie cruise, shakedown in Guantanamo after drydock in Bklyn Navy Yard. Best buddies were Mitch and Mateja. The Champ could really get up and go.
Beckwith, EldonDC3Feb 17, 1959 – Mar 26, 1962Repair DivisionI Enjoyed My Time Aboard The Champ
Burns, SamABF2May 1959 – Oct 1960V4Made the Med Cruise in 1959. Had a great time.
Fern, EdwardABF3Jun 1959 – Nov 1961V4great division with good shipmates
Yoder, DonBT3Jun 19, 1959 – Jun 21, 1962EngineerFire Room #3 and Oil Shack, It was a good time
Pardus, JimRADIOMAN SECOND CLASSJul 1959 – Jan 20, 1961OR
Preston, ArthurAKANJul 1, 1959 – Apr 15, 1961S-6Served as an Aviation Storekeeper Airman Apprentice in the S-6 Division. Proud to have been a part of the recovery of Alan B. Sheppard (first manned space flight)
Harger Jr, Donald profile iconE3Sep 1959 – Sep 19611stLast cruise was to pick up Shepard. Can anyone tell me what the bell sequence for operating open motor launch was. For the life of me, I can't remember. Thanks
Phenix, PaulQM2Sep 7, 1959 – Sep 21, 1961Navigation
Killian, EdAC3Oct 20, 1959 – Jul 27, 1962V-6, Pri-Fly SectionServed during Lifeguard for President Kennedy, ASW demo for NATO command, ASW demo for President Kennedy, ASW demo for Central and Latin American military leaders, Recovery of first U. S. manned space flight - Alan B. Shepard, Jr. on May 5, 1961.
Zimmerman, DavidAO21960 – Dec 18, 1962G
Henderson, Ronald / HankPO3 Electrician Mate1960 – 1964Engineering/Electrician
Williby, John Stephenab1960 – 1961ablooking for shipmates
Eidson, Randalll RandyJan 1960 – Mar 1963VAW 33 Det 34 and VAW 12 Det 34I was a ADR 2 (ac) with the AD5W aircraft.I had 98 landing and 98 catapules. It was a great ship.I pray the guys could all get together again. Thank You for the safe guys all on board. I am LQQKING for a guy name Harold L. He went 2 CT & NJ Randy
Carrier, DaleRD3Apr 19, 1960 – Apr 19, 1964O & IThe Champ was the flag Ship for the Cuban Blockaid, the took R&R at St Tomas VI
Embry, EmbrineABE 2May 1960 – Dec 9, 1963V-2I met and left her at Quonset Point. Married the girl I met when serving on the Champ and am still married to her. Good ladies go together
Knott, BobAE2May 1, 1960 – Dec 15, 1962V-6Black shoe airdale, flight deck electrician.
Shaffer, MikeSEAMANJul 1960 – Mar 9, 1961Deck forceI use to be stationed at the boat house(crash & rescue) located at the entrence to the pier. The boat house crew handled the moaring lines when ever the ship went to sea and returned. Never thought I would end up getting transfered to the Champlain.
Shaffer, MichaelSMJul 1960 – Mar 1961
Mullen, JayPO2Jul 1, 1960 – Jun 1, 1964DeckThis is for my father,I am actually Ryan Mullen. I am looking for a lighter from when Champ picked up Shephard in 1961 (?). Please help me if you can. My Father would love to get that lighter
Miller, JohnAE2Jul 15, 1960 – Jul 15, 1963HS5Great ship, good 3 years
Miller, JohnAE2Jul 15, 1960 – Jul 15, 1963
Hidalgo, PatrickAMS2Jul 24, 1960 – Jul 23, 1962VS 32Flew aircrew on S2F's in addition to aircraft structural mechanic duties.50 carrier landings/400+ flight hours. On board May 5,1961( Cdr Shepard recovery ). Retired Executive Officer Houghton Mifflin Publishers.
Zerilli, Joseph profile iconABH3Aug 1960 – Mar 1964v1 division repair 8 crash crewwas a good place to be in spite of it all
Minne, AlE2 NON DESIGNATED STRIKERAug 3, 1960 – Aug 2, 1960OETwo Years that brought me to manhood and the start of a great career. Great ship! Great Crew. Shepard , Gitmo Shakedown, Kennedy Speech and ASW. Remember greasy donuts? How about the broken egg shells planted in the powdered eggs after 3 wks at sea?
Whirley, PatAB E3Sep 1960 – Apr 1963Flight deckRecovery Ship for the First Astronaut, Was a great Ship. I miss her.
Sitter, MikeSFP2Oct 1960 – Aug 24, 1964RepairWish, I had it to do over again.
Line, Ronald WRDSNOct 1960 – Oct 1962OIIt was a great Div to be in. Served with a great group of guys.
Osterhoudt, JohnCV 39Oct 15, 1960 – Jun 21, 1961VS 32Don't remember exact dattes I was aboard. Was aboard for the recovery of Alan Shepard.
Buckley, DanielAirmanNov 1960 – Aug 1961G

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