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USS Jason (AR 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jason (AR 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1096 crew members registered for the USS Jason (AR 8).

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McAllister, Mark (Mac)RM31985 – 1987OCMy first ship and my first PI experience!
Reed, DavidMM2-MM11985 – 1990AC&R-Boat ShopHawaii was great.Watching Capt. Cook being takin away was even better. Just like to say hi to anyone who remembers me. Hi!!! My e-mail is Anyone ever hear from Sevi,j.Thompson or Jay Sportsman?
Smith, Tommmcs1985 – 1988engineering (M/A div) Still around and kicking. Would like to hear from past shipmates. Had some gooooood times on the jolly J. My email address is or Looking forward to hearing from some of you.
Thompson, JamesEN31985 – 1987A
Aune, SteveMM31985 – 1988M DivisionLooking for anyone who served with me who might have some pictures of me when I broke my wrist and had a cast. I am trying to file a claim on my never healed wrist when in Diego Garcia. The Navy has no record of this.
Day, MikeLTJan 1985 – Nov 1987OPS & RStarted in OPS as CIC Officer then went to Engineering as the DCA and R Division Officer.
Martinez, AndrewIM3/E-4Jan 1985 – Apr 1, 1988R-5An exciting and memorable time in my life. great times , good friends, and a few scary moments. It's all good. If you remember me< feel free to drop me an E-Mail @
Mollohan, Christopher (Mo)E-4 MMJan 8, 1985 – May 15, 1990R-2 DIv. Valve ShopMiss everyone who i was pround to serve with.I hope to get in touch with everyone and share pics.I still stroll through the old west pac photos email me at
Franson, JaneFNFeb 1985 – Apr 1986R2Best time I had in the Navy was with the folks on West Pac 85'. The good old Jolly J! Does anyone still have pictures of our wreck with the WillRamit Willamette in Hawaii? Please email me!
Franson, JaneFNFeb 1985 – Mar 1986R-2
Moriarty, CareyHT3Feb 1985 – 1987Engineering
Pickett, BenjaminBT3Mar 1985 – Apr 1988
Cochran, RobHT2Mar 1, 1985 – Sep 1, 1988R-1Good seeing some names I haven't seen in a long time. The Jason was a great experience. Check out Facebook for others
Liu, MontyApr 1, 1985 – Jan 31, 1990DeckCAPT Jantz passed on, Aug 22, 2008. He is interred at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary
Rohde, Lynnht3Apr 15, 1985 – Jun 18, 1987r divloved my time on the jason went on to be a seabee
Zerr (Zebo), RickCHIEFMay 1985 – Dec 1989R2Hey guys, Just thinking of the old days.
Unruh-raykowski, CarolEN2May 1985 – Dec 1988Repair
Unruh-raykowski, CarolE-5May 1985 – Dec 1988R-2My time in the Navy, especially onboard the Jolly J were THE best years of my life. I stay in touch with many shipmates and we reminesce about all our great times. I'd give anything to go back to those days.
Lund/deverin, NancyEM3May 1, 1985 – Jan 30, 1986EngineringThis was my favorite time in the Navy. Quite an experience. I'll never foget it.
Cable, RickSK2May 1, 1985 – May 1, 1990Supply S1I'll never forget all the friends and experiences.
Workman, Michael (Or "Woody" Thanks To Chief Condon)BT2May 5, 1985 – Dec 29, 1988BLike to hear from shipmates from the mid to late 80's era of the jolly J's M&B division. Boy we threw some bitchin' division parties over in PI & Hawaii, made me grow up fast. Fun times but I enjoyed the San Diego years the best.
Tveit, Tom TvHT-3Jun 1985 – Aug 1987R-1 11-A and 64-A carpenter shopHI ALL Had a great time on 2 PAC's a home port change to San Diego. I couldn't wait to get out but I look back on active duty with fond memories.Spent 4 years in USNR stationed back at Pearl. Was a great way to spend 2 weeks in the summer.
Phelps, KathyDC1Jun 1, 1985 – Sep 10, 1990Sheetmetal Shop - ER09
Griffin, John / GriffEM3Jun 1, 1985 – Mar 1, 1988ESurvivor of the collision with the Wilramit, 6 hour electrical switchboard watches, and my first day on the ship being sent to get a BT punch in the engine room by Nelgie. Any of my old shipmates, send me an email, hope all is well.
Beckendorf, SheilaRP3Jun 10, 1985 – Dec 26, 1988CHCServing aboard ship was a great experience for a young adult woman. I am blessed and thankful today for an awesome opportunity.
Parish (Plumb), SandraSH3Jul 1985 – Jun 1988S-3 Barber shop and store (someimes in the laundry)The Jason was one of the most fun times of my life, other than being a parent. I had a blast, fell in love, got married, saw the world, and made some lasting friends. Get on face book, it is a blast and a great way to reconnect, see who has
Smith, TommmcsJul 1, 1985 – Nov 30, 1988m-divgreat time, looking to hook up with old address is
Lawrence, RaymondIM2Jul 15, 1985 – Dec 11, 1987R5 / MIRCS 96ASurvived two IO cruises and a collision. Served under Captains C.I. Cook and J.J. Hogan. Loved Hawaii. To all of my friends in R5, hope you are well.
Coghlan, ChrisHT1Jul 18, 1985 – Oct 17, 1987Like to hear from shipmates off the Jolly "J" Chief Rich, Parker & Martin's Finally made HTC 2002, HYT(No E-8 quotas)& have to retire 12/4/05 Need to buy a USS Jason AR-8 patch for my scrap book; SOS for Jason patch,Hard to fi
Tourrette, AndreHT2Sep 2, 1985 – Sep 2, 1986R-1 Sheetmetal then EngineeringOnly onboard for a year, but I was there for the wreck with Willamett. Still an HT although I got out in 89, metalwork is in my blood every day.
Shattuck, John "Sharkie"MR1Sep 13, 1985 – 1990R-2This was my first ship and made me into the sailor I am today. I loved every minute of it.
Kentrup, RobMR2Oct 1985 – Nov 21, 1986repairhad a great time on the jason made alot of great friends any old friends (
Hammar, PhilHT3Oct 15, 1985 – Jan 13, 1989Repair (Sheet Metal Shop)Some of the best times of my life. Wished I made a career out of it. Oh well life goes on. Did meet and hang with some great people (Shipmates).
Burr (Tipsword, Atkins), DeborahHT2 (HT3 THEN)Nov 1985 – Oct 1986then R-1 (11A & 17A)Goodness, I was only 17 when I reported. A little older now :(. Got to experience the Willamette thing, the Peal Harbor thing, the TJ drunken thing. Wow. Been a loooong time. More at
Sangco, JohnE-4/ HM3Nov 1985 – Mar 1987Medical DepartmentHi, I got sick while serving this ship and ended up in medical discharge Honorable. But I still remember the fun days. USS JASON AR8 was still stationed in Pearl Harbor Hawaii in dry dock for 7 months when I reported in
Reed, Davidmm1Nov 1, 1985 – Nov 1, 1989A-Gang,AC&R-Boat Shop great time,good people
Trusty, MikeBTCNov 15, 1985 – Jun 21, 1991BOILER REPAIR AND AFT FIREROOMLots of good times and good friends. Retired after Gulf War.
Wilson, AlanE5/ET21986 – 1988R4Was on the ship when it collided with another. Sent us to dry dock for a year in Hawaii. Sweeet! I went to college and got an EE degree. I currently work at Micron as a design engineer.
Roach, WilliamHT31986 – 1990repair
Tahtinen, RandyMR11986 –R-2
Yoder (Zallar), ErickaBM1986 – 19911stI still have dreams about that ship and getting underway. She was such a big part of my life. It breaks my heart to think of her as SCRAP!
Lyon, TimSN1986 – 1990ADMINHello everyone...I would love to hear what everyone is doing...
Black, DavidPC11986 – 1990X-1 and X-2 Post OfficeI really enjoyed this old ship. I would really like to hear from any of you great shipmates that helped make the Jolly J a great tour of duty.
Ross, ChuckBM1(ssdv)1986 – 1990Repair
Lilly, Albert (Pineapple)ML21986 – 198981A/R2
Thorne, ScottieSeaman1986 – 1987DeckExperience of a lifetime. Loved every minute onboard and many fond memories. Shipmates were awesome.
Wernsmann, ChevelleE-21986 –EngineeringAn adventure I will never forget.... glad I got to experience all that I did while enlisted and especially all the people I had met. Wouldn't change a thing. Hope to reunite or get in touch with those people.
Takash, ChrisE5 ET21986 – 1990Repair...R4Some of the greatest times in my Naval career were on board that ship. Some of the best people I've ever met in my life were on that crew. Anyone please feel free to email me I would love to reminisce with you about the
Harris, TanyaDECK APE (HEHE)Jan 1986 – Sep 1988DeckWe had some great and wild times on the Jolly J; and in all the ports. Went from deck ape running the helo locker to be a CTT Wizard. Would love to hear from y'all.
Kassmann, JoanneE6/MS1Jan 1986 – May 1990SupplyFirst time underway on a Navy ship in my career and we hit another ship. What a better way to start sea duty?
Peralta, DanoMM1Jan 20, 1986 – Sep 1, 1991R-2 Division Valve ShopThe best ship I ever served, and friends and shipmates. Let's keep in touch.
Billups, GlenPH2(SW)Mar 1986 – Oct 1990
Billups, GlenAR 8Mar 1, 1986 – Oct 1, 1990R-5ph2(sw)
Topkoff, JamesRM2Apr 1986 – Jul 1989My First ship and 2 pacs. Bother duty with Ted. send me some e-mail if you remember me.
Montoya, MichaelMM2May 23, 1986 – Dec 17, 1991M / A / R-5I hated every moment in the "Pit", The port visits made it bearable. Being in R-5/MIRCS was great, good people, good working conditions. Made a lot of friends on board and went to places I'll never forget. In some ways I miss those days.
McCauley, JeffCDRJun 1986 – Jan 1989Repair
Dearston, JerryGM2Jun 1, 1986 – Jan 29, 1991R-5
Garrigan, DouglasYN3Jul 1986 – Jul 1988Admin
Mulalley, CarlHT1Jul 1986 – Dec 1987R-1 DCPOSHIP SUCKED
House (Weinfurtner), LynnSNJul 1986 – Jun 1988Deck 1stI married Charles House and we have six kids. really enjoyed my time on the Jason. I would really to hear from my old friends. I hope all are doing well!!
Kubik (Utz), KateQM3Aug 1986 – May 1990OPSIt was a blast, one of the best times of my life. Would love to hear from old friends. I am back on the East coast now.
Augustino, MariaRP3Aug 1986 – Nov 1988CHCMissing the old days lately, especially all the friends I made on the Jolly J. If you remember me, drop me a line.
Spohn, Randy - Daddy-oAug 15, 1986 – Jun 15, 1989RAs my first ship in the navy, she took me through some rough seas and good times, I still hang out with Mike Rollins and live in San Diego. I now am going to retire on November 30 2007. It has been a great career and I have fond memories
Gray, MichaelHT1/HTCSep 1986 – Feb 1992R-1/ROLPO,and then Shop Supervisor of Shop 56A Pipe Shop. Made HTC IN 1990 and tranferred to the Planning Office. Three deployments and member of Ship's softball team.
Elliott, JeraldE-5Sep 1986 – Mar 1988Deck DepartmentBM3 Chris Rhodes Call Me!507 269 7128
Wayne Campeau, "Brewster"MR1Oct 1986 – Feb 1992R-2Retired from the navy, now working as a power plant operator. Had alot of good times with alot of great people!
Hills, DanDP3Oct 1986 – Apr 1990S-7Lots of great memories of the "Jolly J" (and some not so great ones haha) but we were fairly spoiled in S-7. The people I served with on this ship were some of the finest I'd ever served with. Would love to hear from old friends.
MacH, John / MacHE5/HT2Oct 14, 1986 – Oct 1990R1Had alot of great memories aboard the Jolly J.
Groves, WillieE3Oct 19, 1986 – Oct 19, 1989Boatswain MateGood to see a lot of familiar names, looking forward to one day seeing everybody at a reunion
Renholzberger, MichaelHT2 / HT1Oct 20, 1986 – Nov 30, 1991R1 Div Weld Shop 26Agreat times great pacs fantastic friends loved my navy years retired july 98. two boys 21 and 25. i now live in indy love to hear from old friends.
Clinton, Steve 'Stretch'MM2Nov 26, 1986 – May 25, 1990AC&R / A-GangHow is everyone doing? What a ride the Jolly 'J' was. Poor ol' Diego Garcia will never be the same. I'm still getting coral out of my rear! Drop a line. Currently in Florida raising havoc and kids.
Hale, JarvisPC3Dec 19, 1986 – Jul 15, 1990Sup old ship mates. For those of you who remember me and Pc3 O'Bannon use to run the post office . Remember I was the one that RM2 Tookes was crazy about. Gina Harris I still got a pic of us in Diego Garcia. If you rember hit me up.
Salak, PeteFNDec 26, 1986 – Sep 26, 1990EngineeringI was down in main control (THE PIT). I had a good time onboard the Jason. I really enjoyed the West Pacs. Funny thing, the Jason was decommissioned on my birthday...LIBERTY CALL... LIBERTY CALL.
Cottrell, RicE4/EMDec 28, 1986 – Sep 20, 1990R3Looking to connect with my pals from R3 on the Jason from 1987-1990

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Jerry HubbardJun 7, 2021Branson, MissouriWe have just wrapped up Jason reunion week for 2019 in Branson, Missouri. Tentative dates for the 2021 reunion are June 7-10. If you are interested please contact Jerry Hubbard at the email address listed. Also find shipmates on Facebook. The group is USS Jason AR-8. Any Jason shipmate is welcome to attend the reunion or join the FB group. Looking forward to meeting more shipmates at the next reunion. A great time was had by all at the most recent one. P.S. - Jerry doesn't do a lot of online stuff so I posted this for him. Barbara Hacker - USS Jason 1980-1981

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