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USS Jason (AR 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jason (AR 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1096 crew members registered for the USS Jason (AR 8).

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Hines, BillHTFN1981 – 1983R-1
Horn, Joeen31981 – 1982engineering
Hall, MikeBM 31981 – Jul 2, 1983Deck
Larkin, PeteHT-31981 – 1985R-1 Sheetmetal ShopTo many great memorys to talk about . But I still tell all of them to everyone I meet. I am married for 22 yrs with 3 boys and I live in Freehold , NJ .I am welder for the Navy at Lakehurst, NJ
Berenis, Tony (Bones)HT31981 – 1985Rlooking to reconnect with guys that worked in the maintenance shop.
Parker, KenHT-21981 – 1984R-1
Beron, Jim (Jimbob)HTJan 1981 – Jul 1984R-1Hi guys and gals....Hope everyone is doing well...... The Jolly-J was a blast, good people,... good times. *turn2*
Davis, Paul E-4Jan 1981 – Dec 1981repair
Wilson (Wyatt), Patricia ReneeYN3 (Now Commander)Jan 3, 1981 – Jun 13, 1983Admin and then R Division Yeoman1st duty station. Served onboard 1981-1983; one of the 1st few women to be assigned aboard ship. Reported as an undesignated seaman; now a Commander. Got out for awhile and did reserves; back on active duty since 2005.
Deckard, Lora03E/LTFeb 14, 1981 – Mar 14, 1984Deck/OPSIt was my first duty station. I really missed the comarderie. I worked my self from deckhand to RM2. It was a great experience....
Rodiguez, Joe FlacoMM3Feb 18, 1981 – Jun 12, 1984"M"good to see some of the old boys names we had some good times on the wagon
Britton, HankPN3Mar 1981 – Sep 1982Personnel (Educational Services)Spend about a year and half onboard. I was pretty worthless when I first showed up, but with the help of PNCM Quimpo and Mr. Nauta, I developed into a reasonable decent personnelman. I'd love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Cobb, LillieIM2Mar 15, 1981 – Aug 1, 1984R-5I worked in the cal lab with a great group of guys. We had the best time on Westpac in 1983. I went on to Nav Sta and then Subase before I got out in 1989. I have very fond memories of the Navy.
Quintal, QuinEM2Mar 18, 1981 – Dec 31, 1983EOne of the few women in this department when we went into Dry Dock to refit the Jolly J..
Peckman, TonyET2Apr 1981 – May 1982ElectronicsGreat time, great shipmates. Unfortunately, most of their names escape me. Only one I remember is Bronwyn Davies.
Smith, Darrell profile iconHT1(SW)Apr 12, 1981 – Jun 20, 1984R-1Shop 11A, 56A. Retired HTCS (SW/AW) . Live at Roland, OK
Lorkowski, Christopher profile iconET1May 1981 – Oct 1984R4-Cal LabThe memories I have of the Jason along with the friends I made across the ship. I got out in 87 and have worked in the electronics field since. Anyone who remembers my feel free to contact me!!
Comeau, MarkHT1May 1, 1981 – Sep 1, 1984R1 Weld Shop
Books, RandyOM3May 25, 1981 – Aug 17, 1985R-5It's great to see some familiar names on this site!
Bredemeyer, AlCWO3Jun 1981 – Jun 1983R1 & Quality AssuranceEnjoyed the time spent on the Jason
Henderson, VanessaE4Jun 5, 1981 – Oct 10, 1984ElectricianI am looking for Chuck. My time aboard was exciting. Especially when we visited the other islands in Hawaii
Hagen, GregoryRadiomenJun 15, 1981 – Nov 15, 1983OPS
Galloway, William (Bill)MM3Aug 1981 – Sep 1985MI had a lot of great times in the forward engine room. Longest shaft, Best screw. Anyone can get in touch with me at After I left the Navy, I got a job as a boiler operator with ADM.
Lawrence, DwayneBM3Aug 1, 1981 – Aug 1, 1985DeckIt was an experience I'll never forget! Email me if you remember me.
Casarsa, Janice Petty officer 2Oct 1981 – Sep 1985R5Made some of the best friends ever while on board and created many great memories.. Love to Robin, Carol, Lori and Glen.
Beckman, DawnYNCNov 1981 – Mar 1984X-2Sorry to hear the JASON was decommissioned. I wonder what ever happen to the Chief Achor wall hanging I made for the Chief's Mess?
Wilson, MattBM3Nov 1981 – May 19842nd DeckI had a great time on the Big "J". I worked with the riggers loft and crane crews. Anyone I served with feel free to drop me a line.
Lucero, BettyE2Nov 10, 1981 – Jun 21, 1982DeckThis was the best time of my life, Hawaii was too awesome. Would like to hear from anyone that did remember me. I was always in trouble. Now I'm a medical analyst for the government. Go figure.
Ebner, TomBM 2Dec 8, 1981 – Oct 16, 1985DeckI was in Deck 1 and 2. I moved from Ohio to Hawaii in 1981 and still live in Hawaii. I married a local girl and have a couple boys. Thanks to my USS Jason shipmates for helping me "cut my adult teeth"...
Groshek, SteveEN2Dec 20, 1981 – Sep 20, 1985R2
Fennell, JimEM31982 – 1983Really sad to hear that the Jason is gone. we must be getting old.
Budfuloski, JohnMR21982 – 1984Machinary RepairmanIn reading, I recognize some old friends.. I hope everyone is well. Some really good times on the J. I'm living in So. Cal, surfing and still see some of the old crew. Drop me a line... I'd love to hear from you
Rawl, O'Neil (Bud)HT31982 – 1984Repair
Waelbrock, Richard (Red) profile iconET11982 – 1985OE/Ops
Williams, DawnE-3Jan 1982 – Mar 25, 1985Deck
Schwartz, DavidBT2Jan 1982 – Nov 1985BoilersHi, don't know if anyone remembers me, I worked in the firerooms, and the oil lab
Cruse, JamesHTCJan 1982 – Jan 1986p&e and pipe shop 56aany shipmates out there contact me. assigned to p&e and pipe shop 56a
Williams, Clarence(Chillie Willie)EN3/E4Jan 1982 – Sep 21, 19842ndDeckI am hoping to find old shipmates who made my first time away from home bearable. And to see what has become of them.
Davis, ToddIC2Jan 7, 1982 – May 11, 1985R3IC Shop, Jason "Rock", Steel Beach!
Silva, BarbaraSk3Jan 7, 1982 – Sep 1984SupplyLazy days on Jolly J. Used to be strickland reach out if you remember
Garcia, GilbertBMSNJan 19, 1982 – Oct 14, 19842nd deckYo! Just dropping in to say hi to all the folks ..........................................................................................................................................................................
Theel, RussellEMFNFeb 12, 1982 – Aug 1983EI Remember SC Russell teling LTJG WALHZ If he needed something from 1 of "HIS MEN"he should ask him and he would delegate someone !! we we're all flabbergasted.So many memories from backthen I kick myself for not buying camera rememberSh
Hope, Laurie AnnDP3Mar 1982 – Apr 1985Car Couns, Mess Deck Yoeman, S-7Lots of good memories, fun times. Westpac 83. Big Island, Long Beach, CA. Active 82-85, went to Detailers in DC till 86, then did Reserves 86-95 in DC and HI. ~ Met spouse on the ship. RM2 Hope, ITC(SW) Ret./ other names: Howard, Enos.
Hutchinson, AngelaBMMar 1, 1982 – Sep 1, 1983deckDont know if anyone remembers me. married Henry Swanson also a BM
Provo, GregBT1 (SW)Mar 1, 1982 – Oct 16, 1984B Div
Ransom (Wirfs), CarolQM3Mar 11, 1982 – Mar 12, 1985OPSWas a striker and made QM3. I have fond memories of the Jolly J and had some of the best times of my life. I retired from the Navy June 2013 as am NC1(FTS). I was a career force recruiter my last 14 years of service.
Hagen, CarolQM3Mar 19, 1982 – Apr 13, 1985OPSI was in deck,then OPS. I treasure my days on the Jason. I would love to here from anyone who remembers my laugh!
Farmer, Hillery/docDT3Apr 1982 – May 1985DentalEnjoyed the tour, Hawaii, The Rock, and the WESTPACS. Retired as CPO in 2002. Reside in Marietta, Georgia.Email me.
Bremmerman, RickDP3May 10, 1982 – May 10, 1984S-7Married DP3 Tammy Keeney, 1984. have 2 girls and living in Washington state. Medical Retired in 1985
Fields, KelliE-3 non-designatedJun 24, 1982 – Jun 24, 1984R-1Would love to hear from all fellow crew members aboard the USS Jason AR-8 from 6-24-82 to 6-24-84. Please e-mail me Kelli Fields
Juarez, JohnHT3/2Jul 1982 – Jul 1986R-1Was in weld shop. Can contact me @ Married Connie Harrison still married after 19 years-4 kids!!!! Would really like to hear from Joey Clark, Gerome Binkley, Gary Foulk, Hank Larson, HT1 Bradbury
Godlewski, RonaldEM3Jul 1982 – Jul 1984EFirst ship duty, representing half of my enlistment. Lordy, how much as changed since then! ;o) Well, I'm a novelist now and would like to hear from any of my old shipmates. Who knows, maybe I'll do some work about the ol' girl! ;o)
Oncale (Bartley), BarbaraYN2Jul 1982 – Oct 1985X-2Some fond memories.
Boetker, Gary (Bo)HT1Aug 1, 1982 – Oct 1, 1985RTJolly "J". Great ship and fond memories.
Thompson, HughNCCS/NCCMOct 1982 – Nov 1984X-2, Command Career CounselorA really great tour of duty, terrific crew and Chief's Mess. I benefited greatly from my time aboard USS Jason and served with some of the the Navy's finest. Why do good things always have to come to and end?
Cox, JeffIM 2Oct 30, 1982 – Mar 10, 1986R-5 MIRCS LabSee some familiar names and remember fun times
Jaime, Orlando/ojDT3Nov 3, 1982 – Jan 18, 1986DENTAL/MEDICALrcvd orders to Portsmouth Naval Hosp Left 1 month before the collision w/williamette. Served with Dt3 Hillary Farmer, DT2 Marie Frye, DT3 Scott Slagle,and three others. Made two West Pacs.

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Jerry HubbardJun 7, 2021Branson, MissouriWe have just wrapped up Jason reunion week for 2019 in Branson, Missouri. Tentative dates for the 2021 reunion are June 7-10. If you are interested please contact Jerry Hubbard at the email address listed. Also find shipmates on Facebook. The group is USS Jason AR-8. Any Jason shipmate is welcome to attend the reunion or join the FB group. Looking forward to meeting more shipmates at the next reunion. A great time was had by all at the most recent one. P.S. - Jerry doesn't do a lot of online stuff so I posted this for him. Barbara Hacker - USS Jason 1980-1981

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