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USS Jason (AR 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jason (AR 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1096 crew members registered for the USS Jason (AR 8).

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Miller, LarryDC1973 – 1974Did west pac tour.left me with memories i will never forget,also shipmates that were good freinds.
Buckley, ChesterML21973 – 1976R2 Foundryi don't remember no jolly-j, i remember the Bachachi Maru, the crazy 8 ship.
Schuh, Ronaldsn1973 – 19752nd
Connors, PatMR2Jan 13, 1973 – Aug 8, 1976R-2 Main Machine ShopMade 2 1/2 WESTPAC cruises and had a ball. Still in touch with some of the 31-A guys.
Brown, MarlynIC3Feb 2, 1973 – Feb 15, 1975Engineering
Huddleston, Gerry HuddlestonHT2Mar 10, 1973 – Jul 6, 1976R1Great time looking back at it .Still get together with some of the other guys I served with. What fun we had in Sasebo, Yokuska, Okinowa, Seattle, Alameda,and remember the blast we had in our stop in Guam.
Nevarez, TheodoreE-3 May 24, 1973 – May 24, 19752nd BMGreetings to all
Barta, FrankE3Jun 19, 1973 – Feb 15, 19732 Deck ApeHad A great time on the Jason made alot of friends and memories
Smallwood, DannyDP3Jul 1, 1973 – Jul 1, 1977supply data processingi have email address for several other dp and ds during1973 to 1977 if you can,t reach me at try or 770-335 5124 atlanta ga
Sorensen, DavidHT2Jul 11, 1973 – Aug 18, 1977R1I was on jason for pearl and 2 west pacs moved the Admiral out of Sasebo on the first trip Loved Sasebo Looking 4 John Aspenwall,Don Fortier Tom Borden,Richard Rivera,Sal Botello,Mike Urquijo and others who rode MC's
Flores, DavidseamanSep 1, 1973 – Aug 21, 19751
Sellars, JohnSep 10, 1973 – May 31, 1976jrsellars@tds.netRode her in San Diego and again in Pearl Harbor from '82 to '84. Worked in the Foundry, R-2 Div. Remeber my first CO Capt. Gygax. Remeber "Rope Yarn Wednesdays". Remeber ML1 Norman Thompson, he had a great influence in my career.
Rodger, BruceBM3Sep 22, 1973 – May 24, 19752nd Division
Hall, James (Jim)Oct 1973 – Jul 1977SupplyMy time on the Jason is filled with great memories, Terry Purdom (Nebraska), Danny Smallwood, Harry, Dave and the crew. Made a couple of West-Pac tours, wrestled for the Navy Team, 3 or the 4 years. The AR-8 time flies...
Hall, James (Jim)DP3Oct 20, 1973 – Jul 2, 1977SupplyStraight out of high school, into the USN went to data processing school in San Diego. Wrestled for the Navy team during time on USS Jason. Had some very powerful times while in, great memories and friendships. Living in Minnesota now.
Hart, DanielHT2Nov 1973 – Aug 1977R-1 div Shop 11AThis was the best ship out of the 5 ships i served on in my 24 years i was in.
Feigl, David / DaveDec 1973 – Feb 1976
Mercado, FidelMR21974 – 1975R 2
Pate, JamesE31974 – 1976deckdid my job,left,went back to real rate
Vincent, DavePM31974 – Dec 1976Pattern ShopWesPac, awesome. Olongapo, Guam etc. Where is Sorensen ? Rebuild a K model sportster on the way to Seattle
Musgrove, CharlesLI1Jan 1974 – Nov 1975R-5Worked in the Print Shop with great guys. LI2 Chuck Capps, LI2 Doug Stevens, PH1 Chester Tolls. Ship's pistol team captain. I stayed in the Naval Reserve for 36 yrs and retired as a CDR, Supply Corps.
Kono, LewMR2Jan 10, 1974 – Mar 15, 1976R2Gallery Machine Shop. Worked with Tafoya, Allen, Howie, Ludlum, Frosty, Chief Calkins, Dan, Capt. Tolg. I am a wild Christian now. Hard to believe? I know. Loved my Nav Buds!
Ogan, Locklin (Swabby)E4/SK3Feb 1974 – Feb 1974S1Reenlisted in Naval Reserves 1984 retired in May of 2006 as SKC. Last duty station Fleet Hospital Dallas in Kuwait. reside in Rockwall TX. Wanted to say hello to all my supply buddies, Fred and Bill. God bless you all.
Laxamana, NicasioSNFeb 5, 1974 –2nd division
Ogan, LocklinE4/SK3Feb 19, 1974 – Nov 12, 1976S1This was my first ship and tour of duty. I worked in supply under SK2 Lucky Unea. I also played sports I wrestled at 140lbs, played flag football and coach and played softball and coached. Undefeated in football and softball 1975.
Lawrence, DaveMR2Jul 1974 – Jul 1978R2I worked mostly in the Gallery Machine Shop. West Pac to PI, Yokusuka, Sasebo, Keelung, Guam bring back great memories! Also enjoyed working with so many like Joe Krueger, Jerry Hess, Steve Goforth, Jasper Cox, Louis Beckolcze, Arnold Sharkey, etc/
Hernandez, Robert (Bob) JMLFN-ML2Jul 1974 – Jan 1978R-2Served in foundry, MLC's Thompson and Garmin,ML2's Doucher,Smitty, Daubs, and good buddy ML2 Chester Buckley, Murphy Smith and Trent Hiatt. Lot's of memories, most are preserved in copious amounts of alcohol. I am now an engineer in Fl
Pink, William profile iconFN / EN3Jul 1974 – Dec 1978Engineering "A" & Repair Boat engine
Noernberg, JohnHTFN E-3Aug 5, 1974 – Jan 26, 1976Weld ShopI did 2 West Packs. Sasebo was awsome. Remember the R&R in Seattle & Ships party at Long Beach? Miss the crew @ wish to hear from Mike Maloney of San Jose & Dave Mobley of KY. E-mail me at
Duffy, RichardMMCSSep 5, 1974 – Jan 10, 1977MP DIVRough start but ended up being a good tour of duty after a few bugs were worked out.
Mason, Randy(PN)SNOct 1974 – Jun 28, 1976PersonnelLong Beach/Seattle/Japan/Taiwan/PI of course Super Typhoon Pamela/Guam. Had a "Mojo" crew at the grocery store in the alley behind one of the bars. (Andy Capp) ?
Stokes, DennisMM2Oct 1, 1974 – May 17, 1976refer & steam head inland, mm top watch at sea2 great years in san diego & long beach & seattle washington. darrel alcorn ar you still around?
Lehto, StanleySK1Nov 1974 – Sep 1975S-1I worked in the Technical Library
Jenkins, DavidE-2Nov 11, 1974 – Dec 26, 1975Deck departmentI was never on a ship until I joined the U.S.Navy.I learned a lot and if any body know how I can get a ballcap from the Jason.Please contact me.Thank you David
Marsh, LannyIC 31975 – 1978IC ShopHad great time time trips to Seattle, even if we did break down on the way. West Pac - with our unscheduled side trip to Guam to clean up after hurricane. Chipped a lot of paint and laid a lot of tile. Still in San Diego area.
Henning, TimE31975 – 1977R1worked in carpenter shop alot of fun west pack Seatle Longbeach made alot of screen doors in Guam. Hey Brooks
Jensen, BobMMFN1975 – 1977ENGGOOD TIMES
Peak, StanE51975 – 1978Deck Force/R4I came aboard as A deck hand and left as a lithographer. Transferred to Tokyo Japan. Pacific Star and Strips.
McCullough, MichaelEM3Feb 1975 – Jun 1978Electrical Shop E-DivisionEnjoyed the trip to Seattle and the Westpac with a stop in Guam. Worked under EMC Santos and PO1 jones and Wells.
Ramsey, Samuele4Feb 10, 1975 – Aug 28, 1978r2 division main machine shopthis was an experience to remember
Ramsey, SamuelMR3Feb 15, 1975 – Aug 28, 1978r2spent most of time aboard in the main machine shop
Cox, JasperMR2Mar 1975 – Aug 1976U-32, light machine shopCame from USS Oklahoma City CLG5. Worked in upper machine shop, 1976 half days as Div. supply PO. Best time was Div. party in Japan or in P.I. @ White Beach on 75/76 WesPac.
Clark, MichaelBT2Mar 1975 – Nov 1978B & R2 Boiler ShopReported aboard fwd fire room then assigned mess cranking. after that reassigned to aft fire room. worked for BT1 Whittington, BT2 Beasley (I ran the fire room after BT1 transferred) I transferred to Boiler Shop where i finished my tour.
Gonzales, Raphael 'ray"SK1Mar 1975 – Aug 1976SanDiego,Seattle, Guam and the P.I.I didn't know I was supposed to work in the NAVY...remember the forward hold we had to share with the country band?!!!me and my buds initiated rollin' into Pearl Harbor jammin" aft!Where's my PEEP
Loy, RitaGMGSNMar 1975 – Feb 1977R-5
Demesones, Gregory/demonBTFNMar 18, 1975 – 1976B-DivisionMichael Clark/call me 703-498-0886/remember Smitty from Queens and Roche from Yonkers/you were from Baldw. L.I./Prayers for the deceased-BT2 Hoss(motorcycle crash nite of Div. Party)-also Melcher and Feidler(car crash)
Fredricks, AlFTGSNApr 1975 – Oct 1978R5
Howard, DonET2Apr 1, 1975 – May 4, 1977R4Worked in the ET Shack. We had a calibration lab, a crypto lab, and a radio shack. Worked for Chief Hansen and CWO3 Carnell and Mr. Brophy. Contact me if you remember WestPac of '76.
Howard, DonAR 8Apr 1, 1975 – Aug 1, 1977R4Worked in ET shop. Would love to hear from any crewmembers who made the 75-76 WestPac, especially anyone from R4. Does anyone have any contact information for Bob Crocker?
Caldwell, Wayne (Maddogg)DT3Apr 17, 1975 – Jan 10, 1977DentalHad a blast on the Jason. Many, many good memories. We also evacuated folks from VN in 1975-76 WesPac. And moved equipement and personnel from Sassabo, Japan.
Scheele, PeteMay 1975 – Feb 1977DC Shop
Obre, KenIC3Jun 1975 – Oct 1978IC Shop and R3Made West Pac in 75-76, with stop over in Guam. And the longest trip from San Diego to Seattle.
Loyd, DaveJul 1975 – Apr 1979Made two westpacs and rescue mission to Guam. Fond memories of all. Worked in the Gyro repair shop in R3 div.
Poirier, ChuckPC2Jul 1, 1975 – Jul 15, 1977ADMINgreat ship alot of fine memories of west pac and guam clean up would like to find chuck white OS2 had a blast doing the mcarthur day shoot
Lombardi, Johnpc3Jul 4, 1975 – Aug 10, 1976ops
Rohde, RickE4Jul 5, 1975 – Jun 26, 1976Special ServicesI had a great time on the ship. She went to dry dock the day I left. I made some really good friends that year.
Forrey, DeanHT2/HT1Aug 1, 1975 – Jul 25, 1977RepairI spent my time onboard Jason in the NDT Lab.
Thornton, Jerry WICCOct 1975 – Jan 1977
Thornton, Jerry WICCOct 1975 – Jan 1977I was ship superintendent.I worked under Captain Campbell.
Yakey, PhilEN3/2Oct 1975 – Mar 8, 1977A Division AC&R ShopHad just come the from USS Abnaki and service off the coast of Vietnam. Just got on board before WesPac 76. Loved Subic Bay, Yokosuka, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Guam. Lots of great memories.
Stevens, JeffreyLI3Oct 30, 1975 – 1978om2Looking for David Marsden we served together on the Jason. Aslo were room mates while stationed in San Diego
Kilczewski, Steve(ski)ETN-2Nov 1975 – May 1976R4WesPac 76 was GREAT. Whatever happened to Pinkston and the rest. We had a great cruise.
Almada, AlvinHM3Nov 17, 1975 – May 25, 1978MedicalIt was a great adventure and where I began to grow...I owe a lot and glad to call you shipmates....never forget my stint on the mail-buoy watch.

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Jerry HubbardJun 7, 2021Branson, MissouriWe have just wrapped up Jason reunion week for 2019 in Branson, Missouri. Tentative dates for the 2021 reunion are June 7-10. If you are interested please contact Jerry Hubbard at the email address listed. Also find shipmates on Facebook. The group is USS Jason AR-8. Any Jason shipmate is welcome to attend the reunion or join the FB group. Looking forward to meeting more shipmates at the next reunion. A great time was had by all at the most recent one. P.S. - Jerry doesn't do a lot of online stuff so I posted this for him. Barbara Hacker - USS Jason 1980-1981

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