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USS Jason (AR 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jason (AR 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1096 crew members registered for the USS Jason (AR 8).

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Walden, Dennis Wallymm31971 – Aug 1973engineeringsurved in the Aft engine room and Valve repair shop
Chamberlain, Edht2Jan 1971 – Nov 1975r1 weldshopWould like to hear from any one from 71-75
Garrett, DavidMR1Jan 10, 1971 – Jun 7, 1975R2I made 2 1\2 west packs got to see vietnam, hong kong, philipines, japan, tiawan, okinawa, wake, and hawaii.loved every minute
Burton, JerrySK2Jan 10, 1971 – Aug 10, 1974SupplyHated it while I was there but now have nothing but fond memories of that time of my life. Served with many good men and had a lot of fun.
Chavez, ManuelMR2Jan 11, 1971 – Aug 25, 1974R-2assign to Jason after A school. Two westpac toures, Worked and party with great shipmates in the main repair shop. Good times, had appandectomy under way not so good.
Malenfant, William/billIM2Jan 20, 1971 – May 18, 1975R-5Worked in the MIRCS Lab, typewriter repair shop, and watch/clock repair.
Lieb, TomMM3Jan 21, 1971 – Feb 2, 1974EngineeringThey sent crewmembers to the engine rooms to do "extra duty" as punishment! We LIVED there! Tough dudes we were. Ya work hard - ya play hard. Loved the West-Pacs! My heart hurts to think where old Jason is now. But great memories prevail !
Mills, KenEM-2Mar 1, 1971 – Jun 23, 1972E Division
Pascoe, LeeRD3Jun 1971 – Aug 1974Radar
Stano, Frank/ragsE3Jun 1971 – Feb 12, 1973 deckapehad one hell of a time memories i will never forget and as for the guys they were all awsome guys i will never forget them being a crane operator was just as much fun thanks for the great times
Bres, Harold DS5Jun 1971 – Oct 1976S5Made several friends during the 5 years I was on the Jason. James Hall, Danny Smallwood, Ed Greeley, Pat , Jay Perez, Joe Taylor, Steve Besterci, Dave Deimer and many other DS's and DP's.
Heimer, DennisMR2Jun 12, 1971 – Jun 13, 1976Great ship, Great Time. 2 1/2 WestPacs, no regrets :)
Bargman, David profile iconMM-3Jul 1971 – Oct 1974A-Div.Started in the fwd eng rm then went to the AC&R -steam heat shop. Had fun on west pac. In Sasabo consumed my share of Beer. With Chuck Wilcox
Johnson, Alan "Big Al"gmg3Jul 30, 1971 – Dec 4, 1972gunneryGreat ship! Lots of great experiences.Loved the "swim call' in the middle of the pacific ocean during our westpac in 1972.
Gass, MikeE-3Aug 1971 – Jan 1973GunnersmatesMy third and last duty station before discharge. I had been with the boatswainmates prior to being stationed on the Jason. I had been in transit for about 3 months on the Jason before being assigned to the gunnersmates.
Abrams, DuncanEM3Aug 1971 – Dec 1972Electrical
Gianzero, FrankE3 deck apeAug 1971 –BMI was on the Jason for a short time. West pac was a trip I will never forget. I got to know a couple of good guys that I hung out with good memories. We went to the zig zag club a lot. I was a DJ there for awhile.
Grosse, Charliee3Sep 27, 1971 – Aug 17, 1973supplyjust looking for old shipmates. I had one hell of a time in those two years. I am retired and just watching my "plants"grow.If anyone knows what happened to SK3 Al Walker, or SK3 "Killer" Killen please pass along the info.
Barnsley, EdIM2Oct 1971 – Dec 1973R-5
Crowhurst, DonaldseamanNov 1, 1971 – May 11, 1972deck crew
McDonald, John / MacKyMM3Dec 1971 – Jun 1975engineering
Luke, BillMM 1Dec 1971 – Dec 1974R2Reported to Jason after completing O2N2 school. Worked in outside repair shop 38 Charlie and later moved up to repair office as POIC. Best tour of duty I ever had. LOVED it. Would like to hear from old buddies!
Welborn, Phil M.EN3Dec 1971 – Jul 1973EngineeringAssigned to USS JASON following 13 month NSA Viet Nam deployment. Released to Balboa Naval Hospital 18 April 1973 with broken knee. Discharged 13 July 1973 - Honorable Discharge
Aylesworth, Bob (Baboo)EM31972 – 1975R3 electrical repairWhat a gtreat time in my life!
Allen, Arthur/artMR4 / MR51972 – 1974Upper machie shopMade the trip to Sasebo Japan for support work. Tied up in old LARGE Japanese dry dock and never left port. Rode bikes alot all over. Where is Tommy Town, S.F./Cal., Frost from New Jersey. She broke down on the way over, towed to port in Japan, BEER!
Van Selow, WallyPCC1972 – 1974CommGreat ship, but slow when making it across the pond. Made chief while onboard. Great mess. Would like to hear from shipmates
Quarm, "Doc"..HN-HM21972 – 1975MedicalWas the Operating Room Tech on board. Had a great Sick Bay crew. Remember the "Jet Plane" Dr. Feinstein? Did two "6 month" West Pacs, but each were closer to 11 months.
Chivrell, ChadHT 3rd. class1972 – Jan 21, 1975maintenance shophello my friends i will never forget you for the rest of my life and our memories of Subic Bay Philippines and because I am living there now 39 years later Harvey Bryant Mike Bertolino Elmer Roberson Phil Welborn
Casey, Brianmr21972 – 1973locksmithThe usual wespac stuff plus that mid-Pacific BBQ & "swim call" (worst sunburn ever), Subic Bay monsoons, bicycling Sasebo, endless days at sea, channel fever and colorful civilians on the San Diego pier, then months and months in dry dock.
Clausman, Sharonnone1972 –noneLooking for Rickie Harger
Berthiaume, BillFN E-31972 – 1973Gyro Repair ShopWent on WestPac, wife Elaine joined us in Sasebo Japan. Had many alcohol related parties in our small apartment off base at 11-11 Hiramachi!!! Mike Long, John Stump, Sheckie, Neil Bruskin, 1st Class Bill Lewis Greatguys
Joe, PriceFR1972 – 1974Repair Came on board the Ship In Sasabo Japan Assigned to Machine shop
Brunette, SteveDC3Jan 1972 – Oct 4, 1974A DC ShopTwo west pacs, had a ball in PI & White Beach.
Scott, JohnCTRSNJan 15, 1972 – Aug 12, 1973CommunicationsLots of great memories, while on board I worked in the Radio shack. I was a CT and probably the one and only ever to be assigned to an AR. I am sure it was a mistake but to be honest it worked great for me. Would like to get msg's from friends.
Hall, LarryFR E-1Feb 9, 1972 –Electrical Repairman
Purdum, TerryDP3Feb 18, 1972 – Jun 7, 1975S5Served with great guys Ed Greeley, Jay Prez, Danny Smallwood, Charlie Wolf, Harry Bres, in the data processing room. We had alot of fun in Subic.
Martinez, AlfredoBM3Feb 19, 1972 – Oct 9, 19752nd - DeckHey guys trying to get in touch with fellow crew members from my era, I have never forgotten my memories aboard this ship and the guys, and the ports we traveled, Email me or feel free to send me your phone number all calls will be returned
Martinez, AlfredoBM3Feb 20, 1972 – Oct 9, 1975DECK -I am looking for crew members for the years 1972-1975. I am still in love with the service to my country, and the guys that traveled with me aboard the USS Jason....
Brunette, SteveDC3Mar 1972 – Oct 4, 1974DC ShopLooking for HTC Chuck Howard, A Division, DC Shop
Slater, JimE-4Mar 1972 – Aug 1973EngineeringEnjoyed my time in Japan and Hawaii during the westpac tour.
Mazurek, DonBM2Apr 1972 – Jan 17, 19741st
Barr, MichaelE4Apr 1972 – Jun 197535I worked gallery machine shop and then tool room plus locksmithing.
Woods, GaryHT3Apr 1972 – Nov 1974pipefitterHello everyone.I worked in the pipefitter shop from 72 to74. I would like to here from any one from that era . I am now working as a commercial truck driver for a underground pipeline company here in San Diego .
Reisdorfer, JohnHT 2Apr 1, 1972 – Aug 31, 1975Ships Company-DC ShopWe (DC shop guys) had some very interesting experiences during my stay on the Jason. There was a ton of fun had and hard work done on that ol' Grey Girl. Sure wish I had taken advantage of more She had to offer.
Witt, BarrySNJun 1972 –DECK
Doherty, ThomasMMFNJun 21, 1972 – Nov 1975EngineeringGreat to have made contact with some of you guys today 3/21/17
Lee, RobertSeamanJun 27, 1972 – Jun 27, 1975S1I was onboard from 72 to 75 first on deck then to cook and finally to supply in the main storeroom. I learned a lot from the firstclass lucky who was in charge. Seen alot of different places when we went on westpact.
Driscoll, PatrickDP 2Jul 1, 1972 – Nov 26, 1975S1Worked in the small data processing shop on the starboard main deck. Formed a rock band (including 3 horns!) on board and we played once on the boat deck going over. Used to rehearse in the forward 5" gun mount! Cool Breeze - where are you?
Gonia, GeraldE3Jul 8, 1972 – May 18, 1974Evaporator crewI worked evaps for two years with Harry Alsup, Rick Humphrey, a few others that i can't remember. If you were there drop me a line.
Newsome, RobertHT3Jul 15, 1972 – Nov 25, 1975RepairI remember my USS Jason days well. Two WestPacs and trips to Seattle and Long Beach. Bad times all but fogotten, good times were many.
Scott, JohnCTRSNJul 15, 1972 – Aug 10, 1973CommunicationsI was probably the only Communications Tech to ever be on the ship. I worked in the Radio Department. While on board I saw the end of the Nam and ended up in Japan, the Philippines, Guam, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. I loved it and have great memories.
Lee, DanPN3Aug 1972 – Jan 21, 1974AdminHad a great time on the Jason, Witnessed the collision near Taiwan. We also had a fire during our return trip from Westpac in Jan 73
Schneider, MarkHT3Aug 1972 – Aug 1975ENGINERINGLiving in Wisconsin since getting out of service. Looking to find some of my old ship mates.
Mark, SchneiderHT-3Aug 1972 – Aug 1975Eng. dept.
Mitchell, DennisSEAMANAug 16, 1972 – Aug 26, 19752nd decki served from 72-75 as deck-ape i really miss being aboard. miss all my jason friends.proud to be part of the jason family.spent a lot of time in japan.
Snyder, MikeLtAug 20, 1972 – Dec 15, 1975supplyDied of Lung Cancer in 2008 caused by asbestos exposure in the Navy, mostly while aboard the Jason.
Rathman, Jeffreye-4Aug 25, 1972 – Aug 25, 1975R-2Worked in main machine shop.
Price, HaroldHT 3Aug 29, 1972 – Aug 25, 1975WELD SHOPBest time of my life. would like to hear from or see some shipmates from the weld shop or the pipe shop. I am from Ohio.
McKinley, MacYN3Aug 30, 1972 – Aug 25, 1975R1I had a good time being aboard USS JASON. I went from almost being BM to Yeoman. Any of you remember chief sage, chief sarrat, or ltcm carpenter, wayne britzey (known as henry)
Warren, CharlesE-3Sep 1, 1972 – Jan 1, 1975gunner mateIt was the best 3 years of my life. Did 2 wespacs. Stationed in sasabo japan. Truly got to see the world. Now working at V.A hospital in los angeles. Have my own karate school due to my training I got in japan.
Sorensen, Jim profile iconSh3Sep 1, 1972 – Jun 6, 1974SupplyLooking for any of the sh's that served during 1972 to 1974. Also looking for any one who played on the ships football. Team we had in Sasebo.
Trujillo, Alfred (Buddy)RM-3Sep 22, 1972 – Jun 19, 1975Deck/Gunnery/CommunicationsOne of the best times in my life. I started with the deck division then switched to Gunnery and finally radioman. Mount 52 was my G.Q. station
Hudgins, Roy profile iconE2/Hull TechOct 1972 – Aug 1975R1Had a great time criss crossing the Pacific. I worked in the Carpenter Shop, right next to the gang plank and we got to watch everyone returning from shore leave. That was interesting!
Sorensen, DavidHT 2Oct 13, 1972 – Jul 1, 1979west pacserved on Jason in ship fitter shop 1973-1977 and in weld shop on and off I took an old harley on west pac and did a lot of work on it in the paternmaker and shipfitter shop.did 2 west pacs sasebo (remember the three ace's) pi guam okinawa!
Harger, RickieHT3Oct 24, 1972 – Jun 18, 1975R-1I learned a lot during my time aboard the jason. She was a fine ship !! There were a lot of highly skilled craftsmen with a lot of years of experence I learned from. They were my most valueable asset! Good Ole west pac, what atrip!!!!
Hearn, JackEM3Nov 1972 – Jun 1975R3 & R5the good old rewind shop and outside electrical repair, The Uss Kitty Hawk was my last out side Job, but before I made rate as an FA and FN I work'd in the Evaps with some great guys, Harry T Alsup, Jerry Gonia
Hokanson, Glenn profile iconYN3Nov 1972 – Jun 19, 1975OperationsStarted in Deck Division chipping paint. Moved up to OPS Yeoman and had some great duty. Sad that she lost her guns but she kept up with the times. Good memories!
Hearn, JackEM3Nov 24, 1972 – Jun 15, 1975R3 & R5I loved my tour onboard the jason, went onboard an 18 year old kid and left a man
Guzman, DavidPC3Dec 10, 1972 – Aug 31, 1975S-2/Deckhand/then OperationsI had a really great time aboard the Jason. Miss the good old times. I was a boat's transfer to the post office, I remember crazy "Cowboy Donnelly", Harold Rouassue, from Alaska, Ron Shue. Want to hear from my buddies.

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Jerry HubbardJun 7, 2021Branson, MissouriWe have just wrapped up Jason reunion week for 2019 in Branson, Missouri. Tentative dates for the 2021 reunion are June 7-10. If you are interested please contact Jerry Hubbard at the email address listed. Also find shipmates on Facebook. The group is USS Jason AR-8. Any Jason shipmate is welcome to attend the reunion or join the FB group. Looking forward to meeting more shipmates at the next reunion. A great time was had by all at the most recent one. P.S. - Jerry doesn't do a lot of online stuff so I posted this for him. Barbara Hacker - USS Jason 1980-1981

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