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USS Jason (AR 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jason (AR 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1096 crew members registered for the USS Jason (AR 8).

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Parker, LeonMM11968 – 1974M I made 5 westpacs and loved everyone of them. I was in the fwd eng. room and seen alot of changes made to it. the two new main feed pumps which were about half the size of the old ones.I seen #1 bolier blow up. and LP turbine fly apart.
Wilson, Michael MikeMM21968 – 1969Shop 38C
Shields, LarryBM31968 – 1970deck
Parker, LeonMM11968 – 1976M
Woehrle, JackETR21968 – 1969R4Worked in electronics calibration shop.
Herr, DonMR3Jan 1968 – Aug 1969R2Worked in Heavy Machine Shop, Westpac '68, Seattle Sea Fair '69.
Schultz, BillDS-2Mar 1968 – Jun 1969SupplyI was the junior computer repairman, working with Mikie Kissell. One westpac cruise. I remember the self-inflicted grenade at Vung Tau that put the J in drydock in '69.
Franklin, ThomasEM2Mar 1968 – Jul 13, 1971Power Shoplots of friends and memories 3West Pac trips
Cardaropoli, AnthonyHM2Apr 3, 1968 – Nov 30, 1968DispencarySpent less than a year on the Jason. We went to Hawaii, Philippines, Taiwan and Vung Tau, Vietnam. Our sistem ship was damaged in a typhoon and that ruined our WesPac tour for 1968. Went to Amphib Base in Norfolk next. Made a lot of friends
Harris, TedIM2Jun 1968 – Dec 10, 1970R5Many great memories of the "Jolly J", (2) Westpac cruises, San Diego, "PB", LaJolla Cove, trips to "TJ" and many more......
Lee, HenryETN2Jul 28, 1968 – Sep 25, 1970R-4I mostly enjoyed my tour of duty here, and greetings to Jim Bloom and Bill Schultz. It was a good learning and growth experience.
Rokusek, StanBM2Sep 1968 – Jun 25, 1972R1 Sail Lockercame aboard in Subic Bay, Deck Div. with Larry Myers and Ray (Dickie) Callaway. worked in Sail Locker with Chris Herold, Rick Lowe, Garland Arbogast, Rick Wright, Dan Diggins, John Trachey, Dilbert Postlewait. Whewww!
Mitchell, JohnEN2Oct 1968 – 1971AGood memories of the years spent on the Jason. Two Westpacs with even more memories. Sasabo and Subic seemed like home away from home. The event remembered most was the at burial of "Faithful Dog" (The Lizard.
York, 111, HarryBm3Nov 1968 – Feb 7, 1969DeckI came aboard the Jason in early February of 1969 staying for about 5 months until I was transferred to Vietnam to I.U.W.G. 1, in Nha Trang, South Vietnam and then to Operation Seafloat in the Mekong Delta.
Schissler, TerryEN2Dec 1968 – May 1970A DivisionLooking for any of the old crew, really enjoyed the time spent on her.
Black,, DonaldSN/PN3Dec 1968 – Oct 1970AdminMedically separated as PN1, now 100% SC.
Hiznay, JoeMM21969 – 1972Outside RepairIn port top watch aft engine room, GQ throttles aft. In charge outside repair. At the end in 72 only Bluejacket to stand quarters.
Grindstaff, RayDC11969 – 1970Eng/DC ShopActually my first tour-did another tour from72 to 74- great time Reunion with some great shipmates every two years at Branson.Still friends after all these years
Siegel, Ron (Ziggy)SK3Jan 1969 – Jan 1971SupplyI drove the ships flatbed truck and was the forklift operator on the pier. Later I became the outside storekeeper, dealing with merchants and Navy Supply Center. Handled all the walk-thrus for supplies. Miss those days.
Kloos, MikedpsnJan 10, 1969 – Jan 6, 1971supplyenjoyed being on the jason had some great shipmates
Boyd, DonBT 2Feb 4, 1969 – Jun 14, 1972M-Divisonwas in aft hole with Lump Taylor,Bobby Black,Resenick two westpacs run with Howerton,L.Parker,Urban,Schibi,Trout,Stires,Fat Buddie Sloan,three of us have same tatoo on our arses.
Conley, JohnDCFNMar 1, 1969 – Nov 30, 1969Damage Control ShopBeing my first assignment after boot camp and DC "A" school it was a real learning experience. The trip to Seattle was the best. Left after a few months for Naval Support Siagon.
Hartney, John profile iconSAMar 15, 1969 – Oct 1, 19692nd Cranes1st Duty Station: assigned to cranes and I thought it was great duty. Listened to stories about Vietnam from the BMs'. Submitted a "CHIT" requesting transfer to RVN Orders arrived for S.E.R.E. within 30 days grew up fast
Swarens, C W "Bill"CYN3Apr 1, 1969 – Aug 14, 1970OPSWestPac was an experience. Radio Gang was a wild bunch while tied up in Subic Shamrock Club was home away from home !
Hemme, KennethLTJGApr 22, 1969 – Aug 10, 1970MI was M Division officer.
Greenlee, TommyMR3 main machine shopMay 1969 – Nov 22, 1972R2Had lots of friends worked hard played hard
Hynes, Douglas profile iconIM2Jun 1969 – Mar 1972R5I am looking in the hopes of contacting some of the guys I served with and have multiple questions for some of them. I'd like to talk about some of the events we experienced together.
Mock, Edward (Ned)SFP3Jun 1, 1969 – Jun 1, 1971naval base San Diego
Johnson, Douglas C.PNCMJun 14, 1969 – Dec 20, 1971Personnel Officer
Johanesen, RobertGMG3Jun 30, 1969 – Aug 1, 19723RDBack in 1969 thru 1972 3rd Division was for the Gunners Mates and Fire Controlmen. I remember that it was a very contentious group of people with a lot of personal politics. Either you liked third division or you hated it. I basically was
Kirkman, WilliamE-3Jul 1969 – May 1970Deck
Lutovsky, GeorgeDP2Aug 1969 – Feb 1971A Great ship, serving with a great group of sailors. Interesting computer system that Univac hardware. Those were the days.....
Wasson, RandyMM3Sep 1969 – Dec 1970AHad fun worked hard
Gronau, Craig (Wolfgang)SK3Sep 15, 1969 – Aug 10, 1971StorekeeperMost of my time was spent in the storekeepers office. I was in charge of the ship's petty cash fund.
Wilkerson, EdEM 3Oct 1969 – Aug 1971Power Shopmade 2 Westpacs
Schwedler, RichardE-4Oct 1969 – 1973Engineering
Bloom, JamesET1Oct 5, 1969 –R-4 Electronics RepairServed on three west pac cruses
Lehman, DonMR21970 – 1974RepairHad a GREAT time on the Jason! Did 2 WESTPAC trips. Started out in the Machine Shop (R2), then moved to R2 Office (yeoman - under WO Bowser). Then moved to Repair Office (yeoman again). Hung out with guys from the Photo-Lab, Dental, and ALL OVER!
Ringstad, TomMR31970 – 1972R-2Hello to: Tommy Greenlee, Don Lehman, Dave Garrett, Manuel Chavez and Doobie Dennis Heimer. Hope you are all well.
Stires, Gary profile iconBT 31970 – 1972bAlso on the USS Arlington (AGMR2) 1968-1970
Wilson, TerryFTG2Jan 1970 – Sep 19713rdThe Jason ruined me for cruise ships, they are just not fun. My daughter was born in Sasebo, learned to sail smallcraft, entered races, hung around all over the ship. A lot of very good men served with me and I learned a lot. Also had a car
Kirk, BillBT2Jan 1970 – Apr 1972R2I was stupid enough and asked to give up what was a cushy job in Boiler Repair to go down and work in the hole. I've wised up quite a bit since then.
Tison, KenMR2Jan 1, 1970 – Jun 5, 1970RWorked in the lower machine shop. Good group of guys. Had a pair of twins, the Smiths. Would like to find a guy in the BT shop that played all string instruments. Can't remember his name.
Wilson, TerryFTG2Jan 15, 1970 – Sep 15, 19723rd Weapons GunneryLoved sailing
Hargrove, JamesHT3Feb 1, 1970 – Mar 2, 1973DC shop
Miller, JohnEN1Feb 20, 1970 – Jun 10, 1975R-2W4 Robinette was the division officer
Keith, Leonard 'comshaw'BT3 PETTY OFFICERJul 1970 – Jun 1974We were the only ones who blew up our no.1 Boiler while boosting steam at Pier One SanDiego during Dress White Inspections. Every one was covered in soot. I mean everyone! Ha Ha! A newbie fireman forgot to purge with forced draft blowers!
Bowcutt, MikeEN2Aug 1970 – Jun 1974"A" gangStarted out in after engine room, made EN3, transfered to the AC&R shop, Ports visited: Vung Tau, Viet Nam, Sasebo Japan, Olongapo, PI. S Korea, Tiwan, kelung, Hong Kong, Romblon
Maxwell, Ron/docHM3Sep 1970 – Apr 1972MedicalGreat ship and crew members. First reenlistment led to a career. 1971 WestPac cruise was the best.
Pier, Larry DE4Oct 1970 – Nov 9, 1971Repair
Debski, RobertML3-MLFNNov 1970 – Aug 18, 1974R2 FOUNDRYDefinately an adventure.
Alex, MichaelMM3Nov 1, 1970 – May 30, 1974MI have had lifetime friends from the Ichiban Bacahachi Maru
Dennert, RogerMM2Nov 1, 1970 – Dec 1, 1973A gang Boat Deck2 Westpac's first one went to Vungtau Vietnam. both times went to Sasebo, Subic Bay, Hong Kong, Taipai, Pearl Harbor. Worked with some great guys
Dunning, GerryE-4 STOREKEEPERDec 1970 – Aug 1972SupplyTwo westpacs to Sasebo/VietNam/Hong Kong/Taiwan/Hawaii and 2nd to Subic Bay, Philipines.
Siemers, BillEM3Dec 8, 1970 – May 5, 1974Power ShopLearned alot from Snoopy Snyder. Made alot of great friends. WestPac was a trip. Hung out with DC shop guys alot. Great crew Great times
Loerch, EricFN/SNDec 20, 1970 – Aug 12, 1972R-5/R-1/DentalI was a stricker and moved around the ship before becoming going to DT school, but I always considered the Jolly "J" my home away from home. I miss it all except mess cook duty.
Loerch, EricFNDec 20, 1970 – Aug 12, 1972R5

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Jerry HubbardJun 7, 2021Branson, MissouriWe have just wrapped up Jason reunion week for 2019 in Branson, Missouri. Tentative dates for the 2021 reunion are June 7-10. If you are interested please contact Jerry Hubbard at the email address listed. Also find shipmates on Facebook. The group is USS Jason AR-8. Any Jason shipmate is welcome to attend the reunion or join the FB group. Looking forward to meeting more shipmates at the next reunion. A great time was had by all at the most recent one. P.S. - Jerry doesn't do a lot of online stuff so I posted this for him. Barbara Hacker - USS Jason 1980-1981

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