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USS Jason (AR 8) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Jason (AR 8). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 1096 crew members registered for the USS Jason (AR 8).

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Hayes, BruceEM 31963 – Sep 8, 1966
Bellinger, RogerSP51963 – 1965R1Anyone who remembers me.
Cakebread, OrvilleseamanFeb 8, 1963 – Dec 21, 1966lst & 2ndRun Captain's gig , made west pac Looking for Neil Ardilino and any of the bow hooks.
Ritch, TimSEAMANJul 1963 – Mar 19662ndI came aboard in early part of '64 and made one tour overseas in '65. Gonna try to make it the reunion in June - hoping to reconnect with some buddies!
Balicki, CliffordIC3Oct 1963 – Jan 30, 1967r3
Balicki, CliffordIC3Oct 1963 – Jan 1967r3its been a long time. really enjoyed my shipmates & friends. if any of you know who i am please try to get intouch with me. would love to hear from you. or
Adams, James "Joe"ENFANov 15, 1963 – May 15, 1964DC Gang.The Jason was my first duty station from Boot Camp. Worked with Floyd Kelly and "Mitch". Went to EN"A" school, sub school, and spent my career on subs on the East Coast. After discharge, went to vet-med school. Thanks guys! Joe.
Stumbo, John1964 – 1967Corpsman and LithographerWorked in sickbay for 6 mths then a couple years in the print shop. Two Westpac cruises. Left ship in Taiwan in '67 for Seattle and separation.
Vandegrift, Mike (Van)SN1964 – 19662ndLooking to contact any Shipmates, Looking for WestPac Cruse Book 1964 -65? Thanks
Course, WilliamEMFN1964 – 1966Repair Office Crew
George, Raysf21964 – 1967r1 I was assigned to the shipfitter shop when I came aboard in 64. In 66 I worked in the reapir office where part of my job was doing the watch bill for repair dept. I am looking for anyone that remembers me.
Duke, BarryE3Jan 1964 – Mar 8, 1965DentalLoved my time on the ship. I was also stationed at Camp Penelton.
Stabile, FrankSK3Jan 1, 1964 – Apr 15, 1966S - 1Worked in the Supply Office and then in the Text Library
Ressling, JerryDTJan 7, 1964 – Sep 30, 1967dental departmentI ALSO WAS STATION AT CAMP PENDLETON MAINSIDE FROM 12/29/1963 TO 09/28/1964
Richards, DavidMM2Mar 1964 – Nov 1967MGreat ship and crew
Zeagler, WilliamMR3Apr 26, 1964 – Oct 22, 1967R2
Rea, Charles MichaelSFP2 DV2May 1964 – Dec 1964Locker
Dorsey, JerryPN3May 17, 1964 – Feb 1967OperationsWas SN, knew I was headed to mess cooking or deck force, but with a little typing and IBM machines, to Personnel Offices, handling leaves, transfers, liberty cards, etc. Wish I had stayed in. Have cruise book.
Harris, WaltEMFNAug 1, 1964 – Aug 8, 1966R-3Had a great time on the (west-pac) cruise. Enjoyed Hong-Kong and all the other ports. Love to see some of the Guys again like Jim G, Bear,Steve B, Richard H, Tom B, and The Fredrickson brothers
Boyle, Wilmer / ButchEN2Aug 1, 1964 – Sep 22, 1966aworked on the boat deck for eo1 wright made two trips to wespac remenber the fla/tex bar well made eoc in th navy reserve seabee, with mcb 21 lakehurst nj in 1985
Davidson, David (Dave)ENS/LTJGSep 10, 1964 – Aug 1, 1966MMany great rememberances of the "J". Still have a picture of it in my office.
McDowell, JohnNov 1964 – 1968
Bly, RogerGMSNNov 1964 – 1965Deck-2You never forget an experience like that was. Great crew
Fredericksen, Raymond Lil FredEMFNNov 8, 1964 –REWIND SHOP R-3 DIV.came onboard to serve with brother bill (big fred) went to rewind shop made west pac 65 cruise then went to a school. 66 67 uss d. braine. dd630 west pac. then uss bradley de1041 with west pac with another brother scsn
Turney, GeorgeMM1Dec 1964 – Jul 1967M / AI worked in the forward enginroom, then tranfered to the AC& R shop. The Jason was very good duty, lots of memories. Want to attend a ships reunion.
Henson, JosephE3Dec 8, 1964 – Sep 5, 1965
Brown, DavidDTDec 16, 1964 – 1966Dental DeptMy greatest memories at 18 yrs old was aboard the "J" doing a West Pac cruise. What a brotherhood aboard. Definitely contributed to the person I became throughout life....
Wellman, James OakieFADec 19, 1964 – Aug 1965Gyro repair
Napzok, NickEM3Dec 26, 1964 – Sep 10, 1965AThe Jason was my first assignment after boot camp in San Diego. I'll always have great memories of that tub and it's great crew especially the guys in the ship's company IC repair gang with whom I had the privilege to work with.
Jones, William H (Bill)EM31965 – 1968E -Started out standing generator watch, first time out was from San Diago to Bremerton Wa. Bad storm, the screws would come out of the water, got very sea sick. Later went to the moter rewind shop. Did 2 westpac trips, I still talk with 2 of my mates
Bolding, Mary profile icone81965 –repairI signed in to site to help others find info changed info to my name to help another sailor . I added my brothers info with my name . If there is a better way please let me know I am trying to find info for a 92 yr
Mayeaux, PaulDM2Jan 2, 1965 – May 20, 1966R3Only Draftsman on board for 1 westpac tours. Left the ship in Bremerton in 1966 for "Gravy" duty in Taipei, Taiwan with Seabee unit until I was discharged Sept 1967 as a PO2. Far East was fun! Shipmates were great.
Dunn, Leroy JMay 1965 – Oct 6, 1966R2Work in tool crib doing engraving
Rapose, JoelEN3Jun 1965 – May 1966R-2 ToolroomMade a West/pac, stood watches underway in the engine room.... Retired ENCS years ago...went back to college and retired as Auto Shop Teacher at local Community College... often think of all the fun times and fine friends...
Romano, VinceMR3Sep 1965 – Sep 1967R2
Humphrey, RaySASep 1965 – Jan 1, 1966Deck1st Duty Station in USN.
Morgan, GeorgeFTGSep 1965 – Sep 1967Third DivisionGreat ship, officers, and crew! Remember Chief Howell, Dickerson, Townley, Tooley, Beck, Rose, Randel, Pyle, Farver, Eichler, MacPherson, Beigle, Geller, Randal, Sims, as well as Marv Vance, and Tim Lewis. Good times!
Davis, DavidRM3Sep 19, 1965 – Sep 19, 1969OperationsGreat duty allways in port overseas for extended period of time got to know the country. I was the rythum guitar player for the ships underground (underdeck) rock band and Charlie Tate was our lead guitar player. How about an email Charlie?
Hinger, DeanMM 2Oct 1965 – May 1969Engineering
Kay, ThomasOct 1, 1965 – Dec 10, 1968RadioAnd a great time was had by all! I had a really good time aboard the Baca Hatchi (Crazy 8). Westpac was a wonderful life experience. Ah to be 20 again! And that really was 40 years ago. Early chow passes for all RM when flag onboard!
Perry, DouglasmmfnOct 1, 1965 – Feb 14, 1969EngineneringMade 2 WPAC crusises worken in both forward and aft engine rooms as well as evap flat. Had some good times and drank lots of San Megil beer and lots of NIkia Whiskey in Japan lol.
Culipher, James A ( Sam )EN-3Nov 1965 – Aug 1967A - Gang EngineeringI loved this Ship & Crew! I Learned alot durning that time. We Could Make or do anything on that ship. I miss my old pals Erick B. Nordahl, Harold T. Butler, Simme McLeod. George Turney & James. I enjoyed our West Pack Cruise 1967.
Roger, SakashIMSN - INSTRUMENT REPAIRNov 18, 1965 – Aug 25, 1968R-5 INSTRUMEN SHOPHad a real good time on the J met alot of good guys excellent crew.Only ship I served on. Loved Japan did two west pack trips on the Jason.
Williams, HowardDM3Dec 1965 – Sep 1967R-3A love/hate relationship then. In rerospect it was one of the best adventures (Westpac),I ever had. A great ship and lasting friends. Retired as an ISC(USNR),in 1991.
Hawthorne, JimmieMR1Dec 1, 1965 – Sep 7, 1971USS Jason AR-8Looking for someone who knew Jimmie on the ship. If you can email me. We are trying to get his VA case processed for being on Island in Vietnam. Thank you for any help.
Lash, OnSFM2Dec 15, 1965 – Oct 1, 1969R1A good time was had by all!

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Point of ContactPlanned datePlanned locationRemarks
Jerry HubbardJun 7, 2021Branson, MissouriWe have just wrapped up Jason reunion week for 2019 in Branson, Missouri. Tentative dates for the 2021 reunion are June 7-10. If you are interested please contact Jerry Hubbard at the email address listed. Also find shipmates on Facebook. The group is USS Jason AR-8. Any Jason shipmate is welcome to attend the reunion or join the FB group. Looking forward to meeting more shipmates at the next reunion. A great time was had by all at the most recent one. P.S. - Jerry doesn't do a lot of online stuff so I posted this for him. Barbara Hacker - USS Jason 1980-1981

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