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USS Vulcan (AR 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vulcan (AR 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 896 crew members registered for the USS Vulcan (AR 5).

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Terrini, "T"HT31987 – 1991R-1Loved being at sea,Became a Merchant Marine after I left Her.
Amtsbeerg, SteveET 31987 – 1990R 4I was also recalled from the reserves for Storm
Pinson, Dawne21987 –hull tech
Sands, LauraE41987 – 1990Supply
Blide, DavidMM21987 – 1990R-2
McDonald/wilkes, SallieIC3Jan 1987 – May 18, 1990ElectricalHi everyone! Had a lot of great memories on board. Married and have 2 kids. Living in Hamlet, NC. Holla!
Ruble, PhillipE-4/MRFeb 1987 – Nov 1989R2I enjoyed serving in the machine shop.Recalled back to the vulcan for Desert Storm for 4 and half months.Been driving a truck for 18 years.Now owner operator working for FedEx hauling high end cars.
Wicks, MikeSH2Feb 18, 1987 – Sep 28, 1990S-3Hey guys, long time no see. I hope all is well with you all. Lots of great memories from the Vulcan. Give me a shout if you want too.
Kuhlman, JohnMM3Feb 25, 1987 – Feb 25, 1991MP3What's up Gary Lange and Zook
Nelson, MaryBM3Apr 1, 1987 – May 5, 1990Deckwas my first command, really enjoyed myself.
Garrett, RonET 2May 1987 – Aug 1991R-4 67aIt was a great experiance! Miss all the great friends, wish i had kept in touch. You may remember me from getting your electronic safty checks, MARS (phone calls to home), or just getting your electronics fixed.
Nelson, MaryBM3May 14, 1987 – Jun 7, 1992Deck Department
Thomas, JeffMR2Jun 1987 – Mar 1990R2Good Times
Chavez, RickBTJun 1, 1987 – May 10, 1990R-2 41-A Boiler repair shop and engineeringVulcan was a fine ship and had fun serving on her.The two med cruises were a blast.Hope to hear from some of you guys ang gals I served with.Hope your all doing well.
Gravier, WilliamMMFNJul 1, 1987 –Engineering EVAPSThis was one of the best times of my life. People on board definitley made the adventure part true.
Collette, GregoryET2Jul 3, 1987 – Sep 22, 1991R-4Holy cow it seems like only yester(year)!
Lavender, TomMS3Sep 1987 – May 1991supply
Cheeseboro, KelvinMm1Sep 1987 – Nov 1990MpVery first command I would have to say that it was the best ship I been on. The greatest people to serve with. Nothing but love for everyone. My brothers and sisters forever ❤
Barone, JeffreyPO2Sep 1, 1987 – Sep 1, 1993R-7 DiversLoved the time I spent on the Vulcan with everyone. Great friends and awesome travel. love to hear from you
Moore, PhyllisITC RetiredOct 7, 1987 – Apr 11, 1989ADPThis was one of the best ships I was on. Has anyone seen Gala Spencer?
Bartell, Ronald ReronET2Nov 1987 – Sep 30, 1991R-4If I were there today it would be like I never missed a beat. Still very proud to have served on board her.
Garcia, Andrea "Andy"Boiler technicianNov 1987 – Jul 1990MP-Division
Lehman, TomET2Nov 10, 1987 – Apr 4, 1991R4
Jolly, RobertE-3Fireman to RadiomanNov 27, 1987 – Jul 30, 1989R-1Came aboard as a Fireman. Spent several months in the miserable "Lagger" shop. I remember you Balonie and Jim Terinie. Jeff Barone (diver) took me under his wing. I ended up in the Radio Shack. Hated that lagging shit.
Johnson-graves, Verna MSK2Nov 28, 1987 – Mar 31, 1990SupplyWhen I arrived for the first time on a ship, I was scared to death..I meet a lot of nice people who put me at ease..My first med cruise in 1988 was scarry and awesome. I miss everyone and loved the Vulcan. Left in 1990.
Wright, SamE-5/ELECTRICIAN'S MATE1988 – 1991
Stango, DanHT 21988 – 1991R-1
Sliger, Harlan (Bud)BM3 to E11988 – Aug 1990!stMet some good people onboard just sorry I couldnot pass the politcal stress test.
Overby, John profile iconMM2(SW)1988 – 1991Engineering/Oil LabSo many friends, found memories, med cruises, and comraderie. "First ones on...last ones off." The working motto of us engineering "snipes". Good to see all that served on a piece of history.
Hamel (Now Pressey), JohnBM31988 – Aug 18, 1991Deck DepartmentI must say that I miss the ocean...sitting on a bollard looking out over the brilliant ink blue water of the Caribbean by day or Phosphorus Algae by night... like the stars mirrored in the water, right to the waterline.
David, EmmonsDC2Jan 1988 – Aug 21, 1991EngineeringHad the best moments of my life on board this ship. Had the best friends and will never forget the times.
Conley, LarryBM3Jan 1988 – Mar 15, 1990Deck
Heston, JeffMM2Jan 4, 1988 – Sep 27, 1991R-2/38-AHad a great time!! Manos pub,Crete Naples, Toulon, Rota at the end of the gulf war, Egypt, Spain, France the memories are to many to list. If anyone cares, I live in Jackson Mi look me up and say hi
Maloney, DaveHT2Jan 10, 1988 – Oct 4, 1990R-1I worked in the heavy metal shop,with a great bunch of guys,had a great time didn't think it was at that time but looking back it was
Enslow, Kevin SlowmanHT2Feb 9, 1988 – Sep 20, 1991R1Had alot of fun on that ship, anyone who remembers me shoot me an email
Goralczyk, Davebt3Feb 15, 1988 – Mar 30, 1990boileronly command that felt like home with great people . Thank you for the job and life experiences. Found a copy of the med cruise book from 89, and I wrote the dates of each port call as we went along!
Lucero, JillYN3Mar 1988 – Sep 1991LegalEnjoyed all the cruises and miss all the friendships. Chelsie Mayo, named my daughter after you because of your license plates on your CRX. I thought it was spelled Chelsea though. Cathy Contreras. Hi! :)
Souza, ChrisMM2Mar 1, 1988 – Jun 1, 1991MPHey all! Had a great time on the Vulcan... 2 med cruises and lots of memories! We worked hard and played just as hard. I remember lots of long days and nights keeping the ship running right. Go SNIPES!
Frantz, Rachel profile iconSMSNApr 6, 1988 – Jun 30, 1989OperationsI miss the people I knew aboard the Vulcan. I would like to know where they are now. The Vulcan was my favorite duty station. Pea, BT1Oliver, Fortune, Lattimore, Funderburke, Oglesby, I miss you guys, I hope you're well.
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Prive, Douglas "Toad"MR2Apr 10, 1988 – Sep 27, 1991R-2/31-A 38-AParty Time Boys! God, I can't believe it's been 15 years since Decom. Did 2 great Med cruises on her, the second for Desert Storm. How about those Grind Shop poker games!
Jones, Richard L.CWO3May 1988 – Mar 1990R-1The most dedicated group of HT's in the Navy. I was most proud to serve with each of you. Where are you now?
Logsdon, CharlesBT1 E-6Jun 1988 – Nov 1991Repair Valve shop/ P & EGood ship Vulcan aka the LOVE BOAT. Enjoyed my time onboard.
Baechle, RichardHT3Jun 19, 1988 – Sep 9, 1991R-1
Stewart, TedLTAug 1988 – Sep 1991EngineeringAs the last and MPA I had a great time working in the "hole" and sweating like a pig! Lots of great memories with a bunch of great people!
Sells, LevendaE-1Aug 19, 1988 – Dec 15, 1990S-1Chilling in supply
Moore, BrendaSNNov 1988 – Aug 1990supplyHad a great time on board haven't spoken to anyone since my daughter was born both are well nineteen years later and still miss it living in south carolina now
Simpson, DaleMM1Nov 1988 – Jan 1991R-2Bulding 5 on Pier 5, what a joke. That rust bucket never stayed in Norfolk. We were busy being chased by hurricanes and noreaterns.
Lesher, ArthurET1(SW)Dec 1988 – Dec 1990R-4Transfered fm USS Nitro. First 6 months were Med cruise Dec 88-Jul 89. I recall the fly-away tech assists. Enjoyed the entire time onboard.
Churchill, DarrylIC1(SW)Dec 1988 – Aug 1991R3 IC/Gyro
Petta, RaneeE-4Dec 1988 – Mar 1991MMI am on here trying to find some old Navy friends I was on board with. We had some good times on there.
Chloe, Barry profile iconE3/SNDec 1988 – Aug 1991Supply/DeckWAY too many memories to put here! STILL best friends with Marcos Lopez and Jeff Theobalt. I live in Killeen, Texas now. Medically Retired and being Pop Pop to two beautiful granddaughters. Loving life. Hi Jill Lucero!
Cook, BrandonBM 4Dec 11, 1988 – Jul 6, 1991Deck
Kosachunis, Anji profile iconE-2Dec 25, 1988 – Dec 1989Forward Engine RoomI do miss some of the people I met on board and truely wish I could have stayed in touch over the years. Brenda if you read this I want you to know you were my best and only true friend. I so hope someday to find you.

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