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USS Vulcan (AR 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vulcan (AR 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 896 crew members registered for the USS Vulcan (AR 5).

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Edmunds, JohnMM31983 – 1988R-2
Kent, TomMS21983 –Supply S2Hello to all my old shipmates hope all is well with everyone and there families. I was on board when we were sent to shipyard in Boston.
Hawk, KristineMS21983 – 1985SupplyAmazing and unique experience, serving on Vulcan. Got to meet a LOT of people.
Dempsey, MikeBT31983 – 1986R-2 41A
Cates Andrews Carroll, Lisa profile iconFA1983 – 1984R-2Would like to hear from some of you...
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Coyle, Thomas profile iconHT21983 – 1983RepairWas onboard TAD from USS Virginia (CGN-38) meet a woman from the Vulcan at the "ANIMAL HOUSE" - had a great time. Woder if she remembers me.
Ellis, Davesk11983 – 1984s-1Had good times on this ship. Miss my division. I still would luv 2 have the wrestling belt that I won in the storeroom. I retired in 95 and luv living in WV. NOW AN EMT.
Carroll, LoriSK2Jan 1983 – Feb 1986S-1
Kellogg, JimHT 3Jan 1983 – Jul 1986R 1Worked in pipe shop. Worked hard partied hard. Lots of good memories.
McClellan, JamesMRCJan 1983 – Aug 1986R-2WCS, Valve Shop, was constructed in the lower machine shop while in Boston Shipyard 1983, with LPO MM1 Tony Angles & his artwork displays inside & outside of shop, Great group of guys I have ever worked with from 83 - 86
Brown, JoeE5/HTJan 7, 1983 – Aug 7, 1986Pipe ShopHad a great time. Enjoyed th cruise and Singapore / Spain. Became a shellback on the Vulcan.
Fasseel, Doug (Face-man)EN2/DVJan 25, 1983 – Jan 25, 1985Dive LockerGreat tour
Gilbert Jr, John HSH2Feb 1983 – May 1987Supply I had the best time on this ship. Most of all my supply buddies.
Maggi, Gerald (Jerry)MR2Feb 2, 1983 – Sep 21, 1987R2I had a great time working with you all. Other than every memory of my wife walking down the pier when we were pulled back to pier 5; I think going through the shellback initiation was one of my favorite memories.
Undset, JohnDS 1Mar 1983 – Jun 1986S-684-85 IO Cruise "Crossin the Line" Kenya, Singapore, Costa del Sol....all Rocked!
Eichelberger, Ike (Chuck)HT3Mar 1, 1983 – Sep 1, 1986R-1While on board the USS Vulcan ar5 I made the rate of ht3 I just wanted to reach out to see if there's anybody that I can get in contact with I just wanted to say this was the best part of my career on board that s***
Greg, FarrellOS2Mar 15, 1983 – Sep 15, 1985OperationsLots of memories and lots of places visited for a ship that was supposedly welded to the pier.
Newman, JohnE6 BM1Mar 27, 1983 – Oct 31, 19851stthis was my last ship before i ret my email is usn2285@yahoo i hope to hear from you ps. i was the royal baby at the shellback ceremony.....jog anyones memory.
Blake - Garner, MonaIC3Apr 1983 –Repair DivisionWorked in the IC shop with Larry Wolf and others. Married MM4 John Garner in 1984. Still married after 30 yrs.
Ewens-pierre, BarbaraSK2May 1983 – Jun 1986S1Hey, great to see some of you guys from "our" time on the ship. It was my favorite ship I served on, I was on 2 others. Made it to SKCS(SW), retired in 2002 now at MARMC as GS9. Doing alright. Ken, you're looking good.
Wixson, DanMMMay 1, 1983 – Oct 13, 1987R-2
Neill, Roger ( Little Joe)MM3Jun 1, 1983 – Jan 17, 1986Looking for old friends.
Demartino, Dave "deano"HT3Jul 11, 1983 – Jul 11, 1987Repair E-5 shopI honestly enjoyed my time on Vulcan. The friendships I had made the time enjoyable. I have alot of great memories of my time on that great ship.
McCormick (Was Hibner While Onboard), SueMS3Aug 1983 – Apr 1985S-2Have many memories of the my time onboard. The places we went (still till this day believe Mombasa has the best looking beaches I ever saw), the friendships I made (though I regret losing touch with so many of them) and everything else
McCormick (Was Hibner While Onboard), SueMS3Aug 1983 – Apr 15, 1985S-2Lot of memories, and a lot of growing up was done by me on the Vulcan. All is good though.
Laliberty, KevinMM2Aug 15, 1983 – Mar 15, 1988R-2Learned a lot about repair which carried on to my current job.
Jurgens, MarvinSH2Aug 17, 1983 – Jul 17, 1987S3 SupplyHad a good tour on the ship. Made a lot of good friends.
Judd, RichardHTFR TO HTFN and back (CO's mast veteran)Sep 1983 – Aug 1986R-1 (insulation and asbestos removal)seems like a lifetime ago....went to a lot of cool places. became a shellback... I remember bug juice... just saw a picture from feb 2008 of the ship being scrapped. what a shame... a lot of history... and many memories for me.......
Moore, Raymr2Sep 20, 1983 – Apr 19, 1986repairI was on the med./I.O cruse in 1984/1985 and i was the machine shop/repair div.
Canute, YvonneSH 2Oct 1983 – Jun 1985S-3Lots of memories!!!
Avery, KenSK3Oct 1, 1983 – Jun 15, 1986S-1I had some great times as well, and would love to catch up with some of the guys from back then. Anyone hear from Randy Motsch?
Ivie, TonySH3Oct 19, 1983 – Jul 17, 1987S-3 (supply)Great times on this ship. The wonderful friendships, hard work,the ports of call (Canada,France, Spain, Africa,ect.)Becoming a Shellback. Miss that bond with such hard working sailors. New email Let me hear from ya.
Bernardos, Berniee-2Nov 10, 1983 – Oct 24, 1986machinst mate
Benoit, JosephBT2Dec 1983 – Jun 1987EngineeringHardwork, good friends and great times.
Campbell, JrMR11984 – 1988R-2/S-2R-2 Div LPO, ROVSS LPO
Eubank, James (Eubie)E-11984 – 1986e-5 shopI was a major fluck up during my time aboard the vulcan. my two best friends were the brady twins, but i am still a friend to all who call me theirs. i spent way to much time on ship restriction,and deep sin for just bieng a stupid sailor
Fernandez, LuisaPN21984 – 1987Great Times...Med Cruise and IO Cruise....
Lange, GaryMM3 1984 – Jul 18, 1987R2I was called lurch by some people.
Scofield, Timothymr1984 –r2I'm baaaaak
Lodwick, BobMR21984 – 1986R-2 Machine Shop
Patton, Craige31984 – 1986repairafter reading other remarks i dont see that anything i would say to be of any purpose
Long, DanaDS21984 – 1988S7The Indian Ocean and Med Cruise were awesome.
Sanders, ChristopherBt31984 – 1986EngineeringGreat time became a shellback
Mitchell, RobertMM11984 – Jun 13, 1990RepairValve Shop, P & E
Albers, FrederickET21984 – Jul 7, 1987R4
Cotham, KennethHt21984 – 1986R1I was in the sheet metal shop ht2 cotham wondering what happened after navy with everyone I became a professional firefighter
Leatherbarrow, Dean "leather"E-3Jan 1984 – Oct 1987Evaps & B3
Hebert, DennisemJan 1984 – 1988r3 51bhad a great shop,worked with some great people.i left just before gitmo.
Mercado, GregoryBTCJan 1984 – Dec 1984R-2Great shipmates, great times!
Calvo, CyrilEMJan 1984 – Jun 1987E-Div. "VEPCO"
Sterns, RonaldMMFNJan 15, 1984 – Oct 3, 1986MP-1had alot of fun & made alot of friends from many different places. worked hard but also played hard.
O'Brien, KevinE-3 MMJan 16, 1984 – Dec 1, 1988Engineering
McCarthy, MonicaENFAFeb 1984 – Apr 1985R2/ Boat ShopHad a great Shipmate's in the boat shop. I am ENFA Vincelette aka Vince
Bolsega, JohnHT2Feb 28, 1984 – Feb 28, 1986Repair Heavy Metal ShopLooking to re unite with former crew members.
Meinert Jr., William (Bill) Aka DocHM1/HMCMar 2, 1984 – Jun 1, 1985MedicalI kind of miss the "OLD LOVE BOAT" someone shold write a book about the 1984 cruise!
Addice, BobDP3Mar 9, 1984 – Nov 9, 1986S-7I have some great memories of great friends onboard. Enjoyed the marathon poker games in the the DS shop while at sea. Someone told me before I got onboard the ship doesn't go anywhere. They lied! Anyway,thank you guys and gals! GOD BLESS THE US
Eddins, JamieEN3Mar 11, 1984 – Oct 1987A
Smith, BuddhaHT-2SWMay 1984 – Oct 31, 1989r-1 r-6
Renwick, MikeMR 2May 1984 – Jun 1986R2Good to see all of you
Deahl, Larry profile iconBT3May 5, 1984 – Oct 2, 1987R2
Smith, JohnEM2May 9, 1984 – Mar 28, 1988EE01
Stensaas, DaveBM3Jun 4, 1984 – Jul 18, 1985DeckCrazy days in Norfolk. A good strom or two. Lost in the fog once. The friggin' I.O. McMains(Toad), Muster, Smitty, WAPAHO, Hawthorne. You guys were awesome.
Koraska, BillBT3Aug 6, 1984 – Mar 3, 1986Engineering Ships forceGreat time and dammed hard work. 6mth IO cruise, 3 mth in GITMO standing 6 & 6. Singapore and Singapore Slings.
Boyster, Georgeht2Sep 16, 1984 – Nov 19, 1988r-1worked in carpenter shop and heavy metal shop.i had a great time and would love to see some of the guys i served with.
Lange, GaryMM3Oct 1984 – Jul 1987EngineeringDid any of you ever have to go "bilge diving" in the shaft alley. If you did you would not forget. 8' of greasy oily and who knows what else, water. Boobie, from Iowa, if you ever see this, contact me. Or any of you guys from then.
Jimmy, DarbyEM-3Oct 15, 1984 – May 25, 1988VEPCO E-Div
Paul, MikeIM1Nov 1984 – Aug 1991R4 35D Clock Shop & 96A MIRCS LabSpent 7 years on the Vulcan and have many memories. The 86 Med cruise will always be a highlight. Lots of great shipmates!
Alford, RobertE-5/BTNov 1984 – Nov 1986R-2Between QD watches to bridge watches, from fly away team to pit watches my time on this ol' gal was a huge learning experience. Most memorable was when we had to have our cracked screw blown off with C-4.
Owens, MichaelE-3 SNNov 15, 1984 – Oct 24, 1986DECK DIVISIONMy best time on the ship was on the io cruise in singapore.

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