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USS Vulcan (AR 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vulcan (AR 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 896 crew members registered for the USS Vulcan (AR 5).

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Garman, ThomasO61969 – 1972dentaladdu COMSERVLANT
Leininger, PhilE31969 – May 30, 1970DeckGreat experience serving aboard the Vulcan in Norfolk and sailing to Cuba, Jamaica and Virgin Islands!
Caldwell, John (Jack)HM2Jan 1969 – Oct 1970Medical
Minnick, WilliamHT3Jan 2, 1969 – Nov 4, 1972r
Kaminski, Leonard (Ski)MR2Apr 1, 1969 – May 25, 1970RepairI worked in the Upper Machine Shop. I was part of the cruise to the Bahamas in the spring of 1970. I still beleive that cruise was so the Navy could have the coffe grounds cleared from under the ship. AR5 or Building 5?
Tippett, DouglasMR2Apr 1, 1969 – Jul 9, 1971R2
Humphries, DougSEAMANJun 1969 – Aug 1971DeckIn Cuba i was range finder for the forward 5 inch guns. we almost hit the tug pulling the target.
Cheatham, MickeyET1Jun 1, 1969 – May 30, 1973R4I worked in the Calibration Lab. Looking for old shipmates. Send me an e-mail.
Powers, HowardE2Jul 28, 1969 – Sep 5, 1970B222852I love my country but i was done wrong and i deserve compensation
Humphries, DougE-2Aug 1969 – Aug 1971
Kelley, DanE2Aug 3, 1969 – Jun 3, 1971I had a great time on the Vulcan. I also remember the trips to Gitmo where our gunners mates almost shot down the plane that was carrying the target.
Humphries, DouglasSEAMANAug 10, 1969 – Aug 10, 1971DECK
Herron, Jay "Little Herron"Sep 1969 – Feb 1970laundrymy misfortune was to be stationed on board with my older brother Frank Herron 3rd,now deceased,but it became a sorry situation...we went to Gitmo together and spent a weekend in Montego Bay. Frank was ships barber and ran the laundry.
Eden, JoeIM3Sep 1969 – Jan 4, 1974R4Worked Electronic Repair/Typewriter shops/MIRCS Lab. Played football, basketball/fast and slow pitch softball from 69-73. Great teams. Shipmates:DanKelly,MickeyCheatham,Woody,Bottman,Foreman,Mac
Bergami, JohnDP2Oct 30, 1969 – Aug 6, 1971supplyThe quarterly trips and target practice were quite an experience.
Bainter, BruceMRFA to MR3Nov 21, 1969 – Dec 31, 1971Outside repairLooking for any one that can remember a liberty cruise to San Juan and later to St Johns. Liberty was canciled and we were sent to Vietnam. I am trying to get a date to look up in the Deck Log in National Archives.
McLendon, David (Mac)HT.3Dec 31, 1969 – Sep 15, 1972shipfitters shop I had a great time on that grand old lady, the friends I meet and times we had will always beclose to me.
Sauer Jr, LouisLI-21970 – 1972I served on the US Vulcan in the early 70's. It was know as the USS never sail, Pier 5. We went to Cuba for two weeks and they shot the guns for the first time in years. The lights in sick bay blew out and some windows broke on the bridge.
Guerra, EdPN2 1970 – 1972EX-PERSONNEL OFFICEGood times on the USS Never Sail. Transferred over to the Seabees from there. Still have the plaque. Does anyone remember passage way cleaning and inspections before Captain Harlan would call Liberty??
Lehmann, MarkE-41970 – 1971comservronI was in the pipe shop with Gaskil, Osbourn, Dunn ect
Sims, Jerrydc1970 – 1971R Divthe Vulcan was one of my favorite ships.
Lamberti, VinceEM 21970 – 1972R3Rewind shop
Decatur Jr., William Gerald (Jerry)EMFMJan 3, 1970 – Nov 7, 1971Outside Electric Shop R-3Clamon. Prosser, Smart, Beers, Knolte, Nixon, Baker, Florino, Marino. The times we had and the hard work we did!!
Muster, RobertE-4Jan 6, 1970 – Mar 3, 1973R-3Electric motor rewind shop.
Scarantino, MichaelETN-2Feb 11, 1970 – Oct 20, 1972Electronic Repair ShopI worked in the repair shop repairing ships equipment, and the crypto lab. I also performed installations and repairs of equipment on ships that were tied up along side of us.
Martin, FramlFM3Feb 28, 1970 – Oct 31, 1971R-1was division yoeman for a while and ordered supplies after that, have good memories of friends, cruises, motorcycle trips and norfolk night life, remember mr. gaskill he played the guitar as i recall.
Fisher, EdwardE4Mar 18, 1970 – Dec 14, 1972cpo cook
Goddard, HerbENGINMAN E-4Mar 27, 1970 – Jun 15, 1972Boat Shop / boatat least we never got sea sick, good food,enjoyed lifeboat duty. I have a hard time remembering names but do remember Master Chief Ackert. looked like a bulldog! One of the guys in my shop gotmeintoNASCARand am still
Denzler, GaryMR3Apr 1970 – Sep 7, 1973Machine ShopI enjoyed playing on the 1971 football team that went 16-0. Love to hear from any of those guys.
Schulz, BillBT3Apr 1, 1970 – Mar 29, 1973
Mendoza, JesseSNMay 1970 – Dec 1970R4I was In this division for a short time. But by far it was my favorite. I just just remember having a great time every day
Allman, FrankMM3May 16, 1970 – Jan 28, 1972R2/38C-Outside Repair(Valve Slab)
Kucera, AnthonyHM1Jun 1, 1970 – Jul 1, 1974HGreat ship. Best food in the Navy.
Roberts, DarrellEN3Jun 13, 1970 – Mar 23, 1974Engineering A GangLooking for EN2 Dorsey.EN2 Boyd, EN1 Ramsey, EN2 Clark or anyone in A gang 1970 to 1974
Reed, Davide-4 shipsserviceSep 10, 1970 – May 28, 1972ships servicei remember gitmo and how we almost shot the plane instead of the target.The food was great . I was proud to serve my country . My chief was Welcher . he was good guy. The memories of the Vulcan will not be forgotten
Livermore, OliverSEAMANOct 1970 – Jun 19741st and Captains OfficeI enjoyed all the time aboard the Vulcan.Would love to find those friends again.Charles Walker fr PA.The cruises to Cuba once a year, and several Liberty cruise. Halifax, Puerto Rico, the Ft Lauderdale ports were lots of fun too. Email me.
Johnson, Thomas (Tw)RM3Nov 1970 – Dec 21, 1971CommunicationsThis was good duty, but disappointed that I was discharged before women were allowed on board. :)
Wright, RichardMM3Dec 20, 1970 – Dec 31, 1973Outside Repair / AC & R
Carlsen, Richard profile iconRM3 Staff Radioman1971 – 1972operationsLooking for some of the good old boys from the radio shack.1971-1972.Luke you out there?
Nicholas, Denzilunknown1971 – 1974HrWanted to let L Cordell that Denzil Nicholas from Fairmont West Virginia passed away in 2003 From skin cancer at the age of 48. I would love to hear from shipmates
Gompertz, EdmundSK-31971 – Aug 13, 1972SUPPLY
Wright, RalphHT 21971 – 1972Sheet metal/ pipe shopLooking for old friends
Baylor, GregE31971 – 1972DECK, MESS COOK (BUTCHER SHOP)Had some great times and some not so great times. Passed all requirements for BM3 but was not going to extend 6 months to wear the crow.
Raynor, PatQMSAJan 1971 – May 1971OPShellva experience -
Smart, Donald (Max)SeamanJan 1971 – Dec 1972SupplyFirst ship after being overseas in Morocco. Mess Cook and then went to Supply (Office) then transfered to the storerooms. Best ship out of all the ones I was on. Good times inport and at sea.
Brewer, RobertE-7Jan 21, 1971 – Dec 4, 1974BGREAT SHIP.
Repyneck, DennisHTJan 21, 1971 – Dec 7, 1972A 1Worked in the sheet metal shop. What a great job. Everyone said the ship was welded to the pier. Worked with Danny HUff Luther Paige, Bràd Gentry, Dave Sidel, Wright. I remember the Vulcan was the cleanest ship I was on.
Plaisance, CarlE-4Jan 30, 1971 – Aug 7, 1973Galley
Matte, Joseph (Joe)PN2Feb 1971 – Apr 1974Enlisted Personnel OfficeServed with Chief DeCastro, Chief Greisenger, Bob Tucker, Pat Sweeney, Ed Jezik (sp?), Ed Guerra, Bill Vandagriff, and many other great guys. Contact me if you remember me.
Nielsen, RoyE-5/SHIPFITTERMar 1971 – Dec 8, 1972R-1Ahoy Mates, Weld Shop Shipfitters had the ability to weld up everything but the Crack of Dawn, but were known to have the ability to mend a broken heart. Anchors Aweigh
Pence, WaymonE-5Mar 1971 – Nov 1972Boat ShopRebuilt and tested small craft engines, injectors, governors, super chargers, etc. for numerous ships throughout the fleet trough out the world. Was assigned to Admiral Anderson's Barge until new Admiral brought his own
Weaver, HaroldHT3Apr 1971 – Sep 1972R-1Time went fast on the Vulcan. Great bunch of guys. Throwing large things over the side was fun. Throwing 6011 welding rod at jelly fish in port was challenging. Skeet shooting off the fantail was great.
Lucas, Lee (Luke)RM3Jun 1971 – Aug 1973OPS/Radio CentralLooking for RM3 R.A. (Dick) Collier, and RM3 A.R (Art) Creech and any other RM station aboard 1971 thru 1973. Lots of good memories about these times!
Goodall, Thomas A.CDRJun 1, 1971 – Jun 1, 1974Executive OfficerThis was the last ship I served on during my 29 years in the Navy.
Mirra, RayEngineman E-4Jun 1, 1971 – Sep 1, 1972Boat Shopwe painted an 6-71 jimmy with Xmas colors when the chief was on leave. he blasted us for us.
Grapes, RogerJun 11, 1971 – Feb 6, 1974Lisn E3Worked in print shop- Paint locker-Mess Hall
Lambert, PaulHT3Jun 14, 1971 – Aug 4, 1973REPAIR
Tucker, BobPN1Aug 1, 1971 – Dec 15, 1974X DivWithout question, the most hardest working group of men I met during my 20 year career. Meaning every department, every division, and most specially the Personnel Office. To sum it up, just a great bunch of guys!
Griffis, EdwardQM3Aug 13, 1971 – Feb 25, 1975OperationsI worked in the Pilot House and was a Helmsman. I worked with Harry, Bently, Binky, Howey,Stuby,Tomchex, Big B, Armstong, JR, Mr Kennedy, and alot of other great people. I would wind the clocks and talk alot. Thanks for all the fun.
Murphy, JamesElectrician mate 3rd classSep 10, 1971 – Jan 10, 1974Electrician mate 3rd classConnection with fellow mates
Grzywacz, ThomasET1Nov 4, 1971 – Mar 1973R4
Hill, DonHM2Dec 1, 1971 – Mar 1, 1973Medical Fresh from a SCU as a medic with the marines this was a chance to see what shipboard life was like. As a "Doc" I had a lot of responsibilities and met a lot of great people. The ship was amazing! They had really talented craftsmen.

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