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USS Vulcan (AR 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vulcan (AR 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 896 crew members registered for the USS Vulcan (AR 5).

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Sholten, RussE31960 – 1960COOKAlso worked for Father Young and FIRST CLASS DEWY HAULK
Carpenter, Ron profile iconOM21960 – 1961RepairWas assigned to the Optical Shop, with Mike Harness from Denver, John Luhring from Dallas, John Curry from New England, John Schubert, Baker. Had a great time on the Vulcan until I got out in Dec. 61.
Neal, Dudleynot sure1960 – 1962CookMy father served on the USS Vulcan during the early 60's as a cook. He has since past and I'm looking for anyone who knew him. Please contact me at 804-586-6450. My name is also Dudley.
Haney, LloydMR3Jan 1960 – Jun 1960R2
Dorsey, JimmyMachinist Mate 2nd ClassFeb 2, 1960 – Oct 12, 1962R2 Outside RepairWent to Mayport Fla. Baltamore Md. for Drydock. Went to Gitmo in the Cuban Missle Crisis. Went back to Baltamore to the Ship Graveyard to get spare parts. Then went to St Johns New Brunswick,Canada
Abramson, Fred (Abe)Machinist Mate 2Feb 12, 1960 – Aug 3, 1963M DivisionStood top watch in the Main control engine room.
Taylor, MikeMR2Feb 15, 1960 – Aug 26, 1961R-2If anybody out there still remembers me I live in Noblesville, IN now. Email me or give me a call. 1/11/07
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Hammack, Ronsf2Apr 10, 1960 – Sep 21, 1963r 1I was in the pipe shop. It was a good job, I learned a lot and had alot of good friends.
Ferracano, PatrickBT3Jun 1960 – May 23, 1963"B" Division Aft Fireroom We didn't go to sea very much, just enough to qualify for "Sea Pay." I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis and I still remember most of the names of the guys I served with.
Devine, Jim (Andy)DK3Jul 1960 – Feb 1963supplyRan soda fountain and ship store then transferred to Disbursing had great time many great memories. transferred to USS Antares ak33 for rest of time on active duty. was not on antares when fire occured. would like to know about it.
Cracco, JoeSMJul 1960 – Mar 1963DCI left the Vulcan in 1963, since than i have married with two children and now have six grandchildren. I remember those days as mostly wonderfull as a carpenter on board. The only sad time was the cuban crises
Devine, James AndyDK3Jul 15, 1960 – Feb 15, 1963supply
Devine, JohnSNSep 17, 1960 – Nov 22, 1962CommunicationsI served with my twin brother who was a dispersing clerk we wer there for 2 years and then were transferred to the Antares in the Med
Callaway, HershelFNOct 15, 1960 – Jul 24, 1964R3
Brooks, Richard/brooksieMMFNDec 1, 1960 – Apr 10, 1961Engineeringforward engine room. I made the cruise to San Juan PR then was sent to MM"A" school.
Southard, Robert/bobSNDec 1, 1960 – Jun 15, 19611st/DeckMade cruise to P.R in Feb 61 and Newport R.I in April 61. More than 30 of us assigned TDY awaiting opening at NW Training School. Had 5"-32 training and landing craft training at Dam Neck and Mill Creek VA.
Joslyn, Dick ("Jos")MM31961 – Aug 26, 1964R-3 Valve Repair ShopMarvin, Ain't you the one that got stuck in the Coffee Grounds under the Vulcan? I worked in the valve repair shop under Chief Ross. I have very fond memories from the Vulcan. Friends forever.
Schubert, JohnOM 3Feb 1, 1961 – Mar 30, 19645 Worked in optical shop. I was upper handling room captain on forward gun. Vulcan was in Guitmo during the Sept before the Cuban Missle Crisis. It was sent to San Jaun PR for duration.
Wedan, DarylMR3Aug 23, 1961 – Dec 3, 1962engineeringCuban crisis, Gitmo training, Hey Dick Smith MRFN where are you?
Bailey, RogerPN3Oct 1, 1961 – Nov 1, 1963E XI was Chaplins assistan, and later worked in captains office.
Perry, Jon B.LI3Nov 1961 – Aug 1964R-5I worked in the Print shop forward under the skullery. Was on the Vulcan when JFK was President and assinated.Went to Gitmo Bay during the Cuban blockade.Had a wonderful time and made many great friends on the ship.
Dooley, AlSNNov 1961 – 1962Deck
Badke, Richard (Ralph)EM-3Dec 15, 1961 – Aug 15, 1965R-3Went to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, Haiti, Antwerp, Belgium Le Havre, France, Grenock, Scotland. Cuban missle crises, Dominican crises
Burks, BillyDT 2ND CLASS1962 – 1966Dental LabI am completing this for my dad who served on the Vulcan in Norfolk when I was a small child - he loved that ship! I remember a Thanksgiving dinner on the ship when I was about 6. I would love to hear from anyone that knew him.
Von Hof, GaryBM31962 – 1963Main Deck
McGee, JohnMM31962 – 1965R2
Hellewell, DaleEM31962 – Aug 1963RepairSan Juan during the Cuban blockade.
McGown, CharlesE-51962 – 1964Optical RepairI had a wonderful time aboard the Vulcan. We got to go to Europe (several places), assist during the Cuban crises and the Dominican Republic for their squabble. I bought McGown plaid in Brussels.
Neal, DudleyUnknown1962 – 1964CookMy father served on the USS Vulcan during the early 60's as a cook. He has since past and I'm looking for anyone who knew him. Please contact me at 804-586-6450. My name is also Dudley.
Thierry, JoeDT 3RD CLASSJan 1, 1962 – Aug 1, 1963Dentalliving in utica new york
Calloway, Marvin E "Cal"MM3 - DIVER SECOND CLASSMar 3, 1962 – Aug 16, 1964R-2 (Valve ) R-1 Boat)Worked in Valve Shop under Chief Ross and MM1 Martin. Went to Dive School, then worked on Diving Boat under Ray Libel and Dive Officer Lt. Austin. Loved the ship and the tour. A great adventure. Thanks Vulcan and fellow shipmates. "
Reeves, FrederickEM 3Apr 1962 – Dec 17, 1964R-3San Juan during Cuban Missile crisis, and hurricane, fought fire on USS Antares. Remember Jesse Green, Bill Buchanan, Gonzalez. Married two sons/6 grand kids and 1 great grand son
Brown, Joe Wessley BrownMM3May 1962 – Sep 1964R2I worked in the valve shop under Chief Machinist Mate Ross. I went to the Carribean on her during the Cuban crises.
Urbanic, SimonOM3Jul 1962 – Mar 18, 19655I served in the Optical shop, repairing Navigational equipment.
Santorski, Larry (Ski)SKSNJul 12, 1962 – Jul 3, 1964S-1 supplySpent a couple months in the 1st Div. Deck Force then transferred to S-1 Div. Supply (Storekeeper)
Green Jr., JesseEM3Sep 1962 – Jul 15, 1964R-3I remember the men listed by D. Kemp in addition to Alford,Arsenault,Martains,Gurcullio,Badke,Jester,Kay, Buchanan,Scheffler,Reeves and others I have great memories of the Vulcan. I'm married/3 kids/5 grandkids/a Boxer dog and 2 cats.
Askew, JerrySep 4, 1962 – Sep 7, 1963
Lowell, DavidSep 10, 1962 – May 10, 1965
Kemp, Donald (Don)IC3Oct 1, 1962 – Sep 20, 1964R-3Remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, The USS Antares on fire at sea, and rescuing the yacht Northern Light. I remember, Black IC2, Steveson IC2, Green EM3, Baker MR3, and Wheeler EM3, Stone EM1, Harriman, Palacky and Nastos. Where are you?
Salabak, GaryMMNov 1962 – Sep 9, 1964Engine roomLooking for Ed Buckley whom I served with on the USS Vulcan.
Krass John, NoneSNDec 2, 1962 – Dec 1964DeckFirst Lt's yoeman and Capt.'s Driver

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