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USS Vulcan (AR 5) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Vulcan (AR 5). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 896 crew members registered for the USS Vulcan (AR 5).

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Montano, StevenSK20000 – Oct 5, 1985S-1
Rothe, Blaine1887 – 1990repair I.C.E./Valve shopThe Vulcan was my first ship after bootcamp, where is she now?
Padgett, Ervin1940 – 1944MedicalDeceased 11/06/2007 Marie and Ervin Padgett had 2 sons and 7 daughters. Ervin was a devoted single father after the untimely death of his wife Marie in 1967. Ervin retired from the US Navy in 1961.
Spears, Lester / L.o.will find out1940 – 1945will find outI am putting together a scrapbook for my Great Grandfather Lester, I'm not sure on the correct dates and ranks but will fill them in as soon as I get them from him. would Love to see pics from this time.
Buttram, Glenn M. "Bloke Potts"Machinist Mate 1st Class1940 – 19447thPlankowner
Henderson, Edward L. (Red)CHIEF MACHINIST MATE1941 – 1944This information is being entered to honor my Dad, deceased 23 March, 2001. Dad left Active Duty Service on 5 Nov. 1945, after 10 yrs, but remained in the USN Reserve until 16 Nov. 1963, for a total of 28 years of service to his country.
Davis, DaveSF 1ST/CMay 1941 – Jun 5, 1944Engineer
Wheat, Thomas A. Jr.FIREMAN, MACHINEST\'S MATE 1ST CLASSJun 1941 – Aug 1944Entered in 7th, ended in 10th
Worl, Harry "skin Head"CHIEF METALSMITHJun 14, 1941 – Dec 1944Repair Force
Amstutz, Robert, BobFirst Class StorekeeperDec 21, 1941 – May 22, 194513th DiviswionThe best time. Great Ship. "looking for "red" Severe one of my best best freind.
Laliberte, GeorgeSIGNALMAN 3RD - 2ND1942 – 1945My Father served on the Vulcan during the war as a signalman. I wish I can remember exactly when and wish I could ask him now. He passed away Sept.1,00. I do remember he had a side job sewing patches and chevrons on uniforms for crew members.
Roth, Doug (Doc)MM21942 – 1945My dad, Elwood (Ellie) served aboard Vulcan during WWII. Had some great "sea stories"! He got to visit his ship while I was stationed in Norfolk during my naval career. What an awesome day! Dad passed away on Feb 16th, 1997. Rest in Peace
Falk, Danielmachinist1942 – 1944repairEntering this for my father. I wish he could have explored this site before he died (2005). He was very proud of his service.
Lynn, David 'Scotty'GM2c1942 – 1946unknownFor my dad, who served approx during this time. Scotty died in 67, when I was 2. I am very interested in any stories, pictures, memories, etc. anyone might have about him.
Rheam, Edward ME-5, 2nd class petty officer - PA-CM2 US Navy1942 – Oct 26, 1945USNMy grandfather served on the USS Vulcan from 1941-1945. He passed away in 1972. I have some photos of him and some of his mates on leave -do not know who they are, a Brotherhood of the FBI cert and pic of the Vulcan
Sullivan, Peter AFC2/CMar 7, 1942 – Oct 11, 1945NavyPeter passed away Oct 22, 2007 age 94. He loved his family & country. Served in Africa and Pacific. 'God Bless America' played at his funeral. Casket draped with flag. Military honors ceremony at grave (live taps/flag folding).
Rachels, Jesse B.Outside Machinest Mate,3rd.ClassApr 1, 1942 – Jan 1, 19457
Hackel, DonaldAS S2C S1CApr 14, 1942 – Jun 21, 1945My dad served on the Vulcan during WWII. He passed away on June 10, 1984 from Metastatic Prostate Cancer. He was only 59 years old. Janice Hackel-Presti
Malgieri, Gerardo "Jerry "EM 2 CLJun 1942 – Nov 1945ElectricianMy Dad served on the Vulcan during WW II. He has many fond memories of that time and still talks about his adventures. He kept a log of all the ports the Vulcan entered: from the South Pacific to North Africa.
Arnold, Milton1943 – 1946My dad was a cook. He told me about the ships entry into the harbor at Japan and the captain obtaining cases of Jap rifles. Locking them into the brig until departure in the US. We still have the rifle and bayonet. He passed away in 1994.
Kull, Walter E. (Gene)SHIP FITTER FIRST CLASS1943 –Also served on the USS Mustin and USS Prairie. Was a member of a small boat party that went to the aid of the HMS Arrow in Algiars harbor. Received the Navy and Marine Corps medal and the Oak Leaf Emblem from the British government.
Pigage, BobLTjg1943 – 1944Weapons
Huff, EdwardLt1943 – 1946OrdinanceI am writing for my father who past away in 2005. He told many stories of his time aboard and during the occupation. He wouldn't eat certain things after his tour. I remember Capt Caldwell stayed with us after the war.
Clendining, ThomasEM1CMay 17, 1943 – Jun 16, 1945ElectricalRemember the air raids in Algiers and the lonely Arab beers. Thanks for the memories.
Pendolino, Samuel profile iconRDM 1st classJul 12, 1943 – Nov 30, 1945Radio and soundMost interesting part of my life.
Fatton, Eugene1944 – 1945My father served on the Vulcan from the Med in 1944 and sailed to Guadalcanal in 1945. I know he did some steamfitting work but I am unsure of the exact rank. He passed away in 1992 and his service on the Vulcan was the only thing he talked about.
Ostberg, RogerMM2/C1944 – 1946not sureBorn 2/26 Dad died 10/03. Huge pile of photos. I have all his stuff collected. Good friends with Marv Chell also on ship and still with us 2/17. ck youtube handle lumberjack1713 hope to get a video up.
Johnson, RaymondMAILMAN 2CMar 28, 1944 – Sep 1944I recieved this information about my uncle and thought it should be entered for him and his family.
Olive, William {carey}PNC E-7Aug 1, 1944 – Sep 15, 1946PersonellBattle of New Gunea / Okinawa / present for the signing of the declaration to the end of WWII on the MIssourri
Roth, CharlesEM3/COct 27, 1944 – Feb 28, 1946ENGINEERING
Samuelson, Edwin (Sam)seaman 1st class (rm)Dec 6, 1944 – Oct 6, 1945company 2222, uss vulcan arr-5Wheres Kelly? (apparently a kelly liked to get lost alot) and the line, " ive gargled more seasalt then youve ever seen"
Chell, MarvMM3/CDec 11, 1944 – Mar 7, 19466MServed in the Fore and Aft Engine Room.I am going to be 80 in Jan. 2007. I still enjoy looking at old pictures of shipmates and compiling my history while in the Navy. I also served on the USS Nantahala AO-60 after leaving the Vulcan.
Tilley, James1945 – 1946My Dad served on the Vulcan during WWII. He passed away in 1983. I know he would enjoy this website if he were still with us. I have a picture of the Vulcan taken during the war also one of Dad and a shipmate.
Farquharson, HowardS1/C1945 – Dec 29, 1947SHIPS COMPANY GUNNERY
Herb, Johnson profile iconHN, Hospital Ham1945 – 1945xxxxxxI am write for my dad who is search of mates from the uUSS Vulcan 1945 serving inFufuoka Wan Kyishu Japan. Conducting mine sweeping operations.
Feldman, Ernest (Ernie)EM3C1945 – Jun 1946Electrician
Fox, GeorgeMM3Mar 14, 1945 – Jun 9, 19466AServed on the Vulcan from Pacific islands, Philippines, Okinawa, Hiroshima and Navy occupation of Japan then to Yokosuka and on to Pearl Harbor through the Panama Canal to the,Brooklyn Navy Yard for repairs.
Hightower, TomRM3Jun 1945 – Jan 1946CPlayed trumpet in the ship's stage band. Regular job as radio operator. Remembering Leyte Gulf, Okinawa, and Japan. We went to sea to ride a typhoon in September, j1945. Liberty in Hiroshima in October.
Phillips, HerbJun 1945 –Dad served on the Vulcan as an electrician and also played sax in the ships band. He didn't talk about much of anything (except playing in the band) from that time so I'm sorry to say that is all I know. Dad passed away in June of 2002.
Kelly, Jim "Kelly With The Glasses"S1Jul 1, 1945 – Sep 1, 1946My father Jim served aboard the USS Vulcan at the tail end of WWII (not sure about the exact dates). Since there were 2-3 "Jim Kellys" on the ship, his nickname was "Kelly with the glasses". Died, 15 Aug 1995. Rest in peace, Dad.
Toleman, HaroldSEAMAN 1ST CLASS RADIOMANSep 12, 1945 – Jul 4, 1946 Served in the occupation of Japan during my tour of duty
Jarboe, KennethHA1COct 5, 1945 – Mar 9, 1946SICKBAY Boarded ship as reserve corpsman 10/25/'45 in Kure,J. & when ship recived orders to depart for states I transferred to Fleet Oiler USS Caliente AO 53 for trip to Persian Gulf to take load of oil to Shanghai China & Tokyo.Discharged 8,&#0
Jarboe, KennethHA1COct 25, 1945 – Mar 9, 1946SICKBAY
Herb, Johnson profile iconHosital Corpman 1St ClassNov 21, 1945 – Apr 17, 1946Medical (unknown from records I have)I am writing for my dad, He serviced on the Uss Vulcan and YMS343 He has share numerous facts about the time and relationships he had aboard the mine sweepers. We are looking for Mates he has served with. My Dad was transfered to the YMS343

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