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USS Shangri-La (CV 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shangri-La (CV 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 669 crew members registered for the USS Shangri-La (CV 38).

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Moore, DavidSA, RMSA1969 – Dec 1970CRWestPac cruise---her last---included Rio, Wellington, Sidney, Yokosuka, and of course Subic Bay PI. Worked in the radio shack, and also D-J on the ship's radio station WAOK as "The Ghost Who Walks."
Baranuk, DanielQM21969 – 1971NavigationServed on-board during West-Pac and stayed until deco.
Larson, EricE31969 – 19701st
Rozos, MikeQM31969 – 1971NavigationGitmo, WestPac, Round the World. Great memories
Isard, BobYN31969 – 1971Admin
Amirault, WayneBT21969 – Jun 10, 1971B
Dufour, GregFTG31969 – 1971Fox
Service, TomET11969 – 1970OEdeparted ship in Yokouska for NESEP Program
Padgett, ReginaldE31969 –1st deck
Pempey, WalterFN1969 – 1970Repair Division (R)I was in R division and was asigned to pipe shop. Good memories of everybody. LtCdr. Thomson was division officer. Next command was ARD-16 at Davisville, R.I. Afterwards we switched to AFDM-7 at Mellvile, R.I.
Steward, ThomasFN1969 – 1971FiremanNeed to find someone to verify that the crew was allowed to go on shore when the ship was in Subic Bay, PI. I have symptoms of Agent Orange.
Musker, BobSK31969 – 1971S-1Served with a great bunch of guys. We worked hard and played hard. Am proud to have served.
Barringer, BillSF31969 – 1971R Division Metal Shop
Whitehead, Thomas WABF31969 – 1971V-4I was a below petty officer in charge of the forward JP5 pump room . My duties included storage and distribution of JP5. I was in charge of the sequence of filling the JP5 tanks .
Russell, JamesAT21969 – 1971IM3
Scavone, AnthonyMM3Jan 2, 1969 – Sep 20, 1971MWorked the evaporator gang.Want to say hello to Lary Parkhurst listed on this site. He did all of my sewing for me and everyone else. Patches clothes etc.
Wallace, Barrygmg3Jan 3, 1969 – Sep 15, 19695th
Hunsicker, BruceCS3Feb 1969 – Aug 1971S-2First ship, picked up on Med cruise, finished all the way to decom.
O'Connell, MarkSF3Feb 1969 – May 1970R DivisionThe memories created on the West Pac cruise are some of the fondest created in life The friendships I made and the pride i have for serving on the Shang have created many wonderful stories for my new grandchildren.
Johnson, Lowell ( Rick Or Ricky )E-3Mar 1969 – Apr 1970S-3Sure would like to talk to or see some of the fellows again!
Bennykofer, FredBT-3Mar 1969 – Apr 1973B DIVISIONI was assigned to the #1 Fire Room from 1969 to 1971.I decon.the Shangri-la and was reassigned to the uss lexington in 1972 and i decon it in 1973
Pempsell, Melvin DAT-3Apr 1969 – May 1971Worked in the Fire control shop on radar altimeters in AIMD (Aircraft Intermediate Maintaince Dept.) Was also divisional PPO.
Black, J.d.AQ 2ND CLASSApr 10, 1969 – Jan 21, 1971aimdmade one and a half med cruises and one westpac on the old girl. experience of a lifetime. wouldn't take a million for it. she was totally worn out, but still got the job done.
Parkhurst, LarryE4/MM3Apr 15, 1969 – Jan 31, 1971M Like to hear from old friends, like very much to have an a reunion of some sort, maybe at the ships reunion , if it's located in close proximity to everyone. I think it would be a blast.
Dulin, DonaldSKSNMay 1969 – 1972S-1Proud to have served with this crew! And definately proud to have PARTYED with many of you around the world.
Poraczky, GeorgeASM-3Jun 1969 – Nov 1970VFP-63I was a plain Captain on the flight deck for the RF-8G Crusader VFP-63. I was on board for three Carrier carrier quals in 1969/1970 and did the last West-Pac Cruise. Just remember the good old salt water cool-aid !
Held, David (Woody)ETR3Jun 7, 1969 – May 29, 1971OEReorted on board in Veleta, Malta. First cruise, first liberty port, first time exposed to a different culture. Left the ship in Boston, Mass. really great memories of the west pac cruise
Rozos, Michael RozosQM3Jun 14, 1969 – May 3, 1971NavigationGitmo, Roosy Roads, WestPac......lot's of great memories. Look forward to hearing from old shipmates
Mills, Captain MillsE-2Jul 1969 – 1971M Division Evap gangI'm glad to se some of the people that I worked with in the evap Gang on here--I remember,Danny Rourk--Tony Scavone--Steve Brewster and everybodys favorite--Magic Mike Marker-Who rode with the Warlocks-out of Florida--
Lessl, XtomAK 2 retiredJul 2, 1969 – Apr 30, 1971DeckWas in charge of ship's incinerator and gear locker during cruise. Got out and went back in the reserves. Went from Seaman to Airman then retired as SK2. Rate consolidation.
Camma, Albert JLTAug 1969 – Jul 1970Sick Bayserved as Ship's Surgeon. Would like to hear from any of my corpsmen especially those who helped me with the casulties the night of the flight deck fire off the coast of florida.
Perry, FrederickFNAug 1969 – Mar 1971RJust like to say hello to my old shipmates.
Tucker, Ronald profile iconFNAug 4, 1969 – Feb 23, 1971U.S. NavyUSS Shangri La CV38 was built in the 40's, the asbestos on board was never removed. it flaked all over the place. Nearly all on board was exposed. if you drank the water while docked in Da Nang, you were exposed to E.O.
Tackett, ThomasABH-4Aug 15, 1969 – Jan 10, 1971V 1Around the World World Cruise 1970 to Viet Nam/Assumed Fly 2 Crew leader responsabilities after John Sexton was killed in fire and also Crash & Salvage tractor driver-Best Friends John Arrison, Eddie Chaveous & J. Sexton
Mumm, ThomasMM3Sep 1969 – Jun 1971A gangWest pac cruise was memorable because of crossing the Equator, Around the World cruise, and crossing the international date line. I remember Ron Johnson and Barry Molt. I still open the cruise book randomly to think back to the good times.
Wilhelmi, Jerome (Jerry)E4 CS3Sep 1969 – Jul 1971S2I came to the Shangri La after Commisary A school. We did a West-Pac cruise that entailed an around the world cruise with an Equator crossing and a shell back enisciation. Went to Boston for decommissioning.
Wallace, Barrygmg3Sep 1969 – May 1970G Division
Weaver, James LeePH1Sep 1, 1969 – Jan 10, 1971Photo LabRound The World Cruise with 9 months on Yankee Station in 1970.
Johnson, RonaldFIREMANSep 8, 1969 – May 10, 1971mAll I wanted to do on the cruise was to be home, but looking back, it was a great experience. Two more M Division guys Larry Parkhurst and Anthony (LT) Scavone who are listed on this page, brought back good memories. Thanks guys.
Lyons, JohnE-3Sep 9, 1969 – May 7, 1971R-Div.Great memories.Now involved with the Reunion Assoc. Lots of sea stories that get better every year.
Rivieccio, JohnANPHSep 12, 1969 – May 10, 1971OPS Photo LabI was a Photo Mate on her last cruse to the West Pac. She was old and worn out, but she was still a grand old lady with a lot of history.
Heasley, PatrickABOct 1969 – Jun 1971V-2 Catapult #2enjoyed the cruise, except for the flight deck fire. I was there till the decommissioning, hated to see it all end.
Thomasen, TomYN2Oct 1969 – Jul 1971A Division/Log Room YN
Drenthe, AlbertEMFNOct 9, 1969 – Jul 10, 1971LOOKING FOR BOB ROYA AND DAN SPENCER
Sagstetter, WayneATANNov 1969 – Jun 1971AIMD-IM3Any one from the AQ shop
O'Neal, William (Bill)AK2Nov 1969 – Dec 1970S-6 Aircraft Supplygreat cruse with a good bunch of hard working sailors
Prindle, DennisE-3Nov 1, 1969 – Jun 30, 1971R
Ashe, JohnAE3Nov 5, 1969 – Jul 30, 1971im-3in march 1970 we departed mayport fla for vietnam and a world best friend was james taylor of detroit. we went to boston ma. and were there from march 1971-july 31 1971.left there for vp24 and iceland.i live near brevard nc
Johnson, DonaldSeamanNov 15, 1969 – Jun 11, 1971V-3Good times, good memories. am honored to have served with my shipmates. The SHANG, what a trip! Never another like her. Air Office crew.
Mosley, WilliamATR3Nov 30, 1969 – Jan 29, 1971VA-152Looking for anyone in VA-152 who were in the detachment that went into Chu Lai on May 17 1970 and also went back on May 22 1970 to check out aircraft.
Summerville, DanielRD3Dec 1969 – Jul 31, 1971OII was a radarman working in OI division. Came aboard in Mayport 12/1969 , after BE&E school and RD A School. Went on the "WestPac / Around the world" cruise and stayed aboard until the end in Boston.
Dines, DavidHM3Dec 15, 1969 – 1971sickbayDr. Camma, I was one of your corpsman who helped with the burned fligh deck crew. I also was one of the corpsman who stayed with the great lady to the end in Boston.

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