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USS Shangri-La (CV 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shangri-La (CV 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 669 crew members registered for the USS Shangri-La (CV 38).

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Pumyea, RobertE31968 – 1971Deck
Bucy, GaryDP1/DPC1968 – 1969S-7The best DP/DS gang afloat. Peanut, Tammy, all you guys made the liberty ports interesting. Don't forget the Hawksnest and the Legion, and the Beaches.
Garrison, GeorgeADR21968 – 1971VAW-121 DETACHMENT 38 WILLY FUDD SQUADRONI was in charge of the Line Compartment under the port flight deck & llater in charge of our squadrom powerplant shop on the hangar floor. Our berthing space was just under the flight deck at the fantail of the ship/2 around the world trips
Crabtree, RonnieYN31968 – Oct 1, 1970XI made 6 months of the '68 Med cruise, the '69 Med and the '70 WP until October when I was transferred off the ship. Worked in the Chaplain's office '68 and Captain's office '69-'70. Would love to hear from anyone f
Montee, DaveBT2/E51968 – Nov 1969Served aboard Shangri-La from sometime in 1968 thru Nov. 1969 when I was discharged. Worked in #3 Fireroom.
Howard, DarrellETR-31968 – 1971OEBoarded her in Jacksonville & disembarked just prior to her leaving for decommissioning. I stood out on the jetty as she sailed out. Like all sailors, I had a love/hate relationship with the Shang but I was teary eyed to watch her go.
Callens, ThomasGMG31968 – 19705thIserved on Shang for almost 2 years , mount 54 with the marines. What a bunch to get along with. I also was assigned to the magazine crew.
Wetherbe, StephenSFP21968 – 1971R Divison
Dillon, Richard profile iconHN1968 – 1969X and H (Medical)Worked in the Chaplain's Office for a short time before moving to Medical Department. Would like to hear from anyone I might have known.
Wilburn, Bpc21968 – 1971xworked in Post Office 1969 to ship was decomissioned in Boston MA. in 1971 have cruise books and model of ship.
Wilborne, Bobpc-31968 – 1971x Was on the old Girl to the end and remember all the great adventures. Spent first 3 months in Chiefs mess then a month on deck force then got into the Post office. Have 4 of the cruise books and a model of the ship.
Russell, GlennPC 31968 – 1971Xspent my time on the Shang and left after decommioning to return to the Post Office in St. Louis. I am now living in Southeast Missouri.
Kelley, LarryE41968 – 1970AIMD
Gilliam, FurmanE51968 – May 1968E DivisionGreat Learning experience and great men! Served with Kerry Johnson that needs to come back to see us. Jack Hadley, Joe Lewendowski, Kneepar
Bruner, DavidMM1968 – Jun 7, 1971after engine roomVisited med twice and went around the world. Went to Viet Nam for 8 months also went into subic bay Pi. Many times. Went into Danang harbor to pick up arestimg gear cable. Anyone have agent orange or asbestos exposure?
Maguet, DennisE51968 – 1972fules
Kelly, WilliamFM1968 – 1971M DIVISON
Bosley, JosephEN31968 – 1970ACame aboard in late 1968 as a Fireman and was assigned to the reefer gang (A-3). Made 3rd class and went to the diesel gang (A-2). Transferred to riverboats in Vietnam in 1970 after making 2nd class Engineman.
Forrest, RichardE21968 – 1970BLooking forward to attending the USS Shangri-La Reunion in Mayport Florida
Chagnon, Bill (Chag)DC31968 – 1970R2 Med cruises
Nutter, JohnSM2Jan 1968 – Jan 1971CS
Johnson, KerryEM 2Jan 1968 – May 1971EI have probably only talked to two guys from the division since I got out. I see Kimbrough attained the rank of EM5. If I knew that rank was available, I might have reenlisted. LOL. Still Kicking
Amaral, JoeSMJan 1, 1968 – Jun 1, 1968OS
McSorley, Patrick profile iconIC 2Feb 1968 – Jul 30, 1971E divisionWorked in flight deck lighting shop . Main job was keeping all the lights lit on the flight deck. Retired 10 years ago from Verizon . Worked there for 28 years , including Bell Atlantic and Newe Jersey Bell.
Hamilton, DonaldE-4Feb 1, 1968 – Jun 1971aviation hydraulicsLooking for Mike Emerson, Pittsburgh, KS, and Sam Wiswell,from Idaho, who served aboard USS Shangri-La, from 1968 to 1971. Mike was in AIMD aviation eletronics, and Sam was in the tire shop.
Elliott, CharlesABH 2Feb 2, 1968 – Jun 1972V-1
Faust, Frank (Lee)Lt (jg)Feb 16, 1968 – Aug 5, 1969AdminDuring my time with the Shang I was qualified OOD (underway) and Education officer
Thomas, RourkeBT 3Feb 20, 1968 – Nov 21, 1969BThe '68-69 Med Cruises were a great learning experience for me.I learned a lifelong trade in the Navy and I have been working in the boiler industry ever since. A great bunch of young men; a once in-a-lifetime experience.
Rourke, ThomasBT 3Feb 20, 1968 – Nov 27, 1969BI was in #4 Fireroom during two Med Cruises 68-69. I learned my lifelong trade in the Navy; it was a great experience. I am still involved with boilers and power plants to this day.
Check, ConnieSK2 Feb 25, 1968 – Jun 15, 1970S1How can anyone get verification of being in DaNang and being flow off the ship to boots on the ground. We did this in supply but VA says there is no records of this or the fact the ships evaporator was down while in Nam
Sidebottom, JamesAE3Mar 1968 – Oct 1969AIMD AE ShopRepaired aircraft instruments and served as mess deck MAA for a short time. Would like to hear from shipmates from the AE shop.
Adams, Jessie LarryE3Mar 1968 – Sep 1969ABH ?Jessie's son is looking for anyone who knew his father. Jessie died when he was only 2, and never got to know his dad. Anyone who served with Jessie we'd love to hear from you.
Wilson, PhilMM E4Mar 1968 – Dec 22, 1969MM/ O2 N2 Plant
Hebel, GerryETN2Mar 1, 1968 – May 10, 1969OE
Turano, John profile iconDK2Apr 1968 – Aug 1970SupplyGreat times, good people and very nice liberty ports. Made 2 Med cruises before being transferred to NAS Jax/Cecil Field with VA-72. Where r Siggy, Foley, Shaw, Geiger, Schullian, Reynolds, Freddy Gregory, Steve Rose
Grover, Scottmm4May 1968 – Jul 1971A-1 divThis time was a very good experience for me . I enjoyed several Med cruises and then circled the world on the Viet Nam cruise. Would love to talk to old buddies David Kilgore John Leaman and others in A Div.
Bruner, DavidMM3May 1968 – Jun 7, 1971Machinest Mate, After Engine RoomGrew up a little but should have done more
Lee, AlanQM2May 14, 1968 – Jun 10, 1971NavigationLooking for old Navy buddies
Wedel, DonaldAK3Jun 1, 1968 – Mar 15, 1969S6
Krzewinski, JoeET2Jun 4, 1968 – Sep 3, 1970OEMy first ship. Wonderful group of guys in CE Division.
Black, J.d.AQ E5Jun 8, 1968 – Jan 21, 1971imdworked on aviation firecontrol radar.
Weber, JohnMM3Jun 10, 1968 – Nov 28, 1969MPlenty of good times after looking back. A lot of great guys in the EVAP Gang. Wondering what ever happened to Dale Lindahl, Steve Horn, Kelley?
Danford, Richard Loy "Rick"E3Jun 10, 1968 – Feb 15, 1970secoundi was a boatwain mate on station 5 i took care of the afterbrow i took care of the painting and all of the rope work for al the ship mates that came on board i was very proud of my work i miss not being on the shangi-la cvs38 hope one day
Rush, GeorgeABH3Jun 19, 1968 – Jul 30, 1971V1crash and salvage I was proud to have served with a great crew. Hope to hear from anyone from v-1 division
Brazzil, ThomasABH-3Jun 21, 1968 – Jun 10, 1970V-1Served proudly on the Shang. Would like to hear from anyone during this time.
Adair, DannyAO3Jun 28, 1968 – Jun 12, 1971GWorked the flight deck in G-Div from 69 to decom in 1971 any old G-Div buddies send an e-mail I still live in Ohio. The reunion in 2005 is in Cleveland
Cimo, GaryBM1Jul 1968 – Dec 1969Deck DepartmentI'm looking for information on the Med Cruise I was on in the summer of 1968.
Weber, JohnMM3Jul 1968 – Dec 1969M EvapsAnthony Scavone. Saw you were listed and I was wondering how you were doing. I remember you being from NY and your family moving to Calif.while on the Shang. Have some info on former guys we were on the Shang with.
Beck, LeroyAO3Jul 1968 –G-3Onboard from 1968-Decommissioning
Bond, LarryABH3Jul 12, 1968 – Mar 29, 1971V 1Fly 3 Flight Deck Director
Riddle, CharlieAO2Aug 1968 – Jul 30, 1971GMHad a great time and served with outstanding men. Made a Med cruise, Gitmo, WestPac and a few carrier quals for the fly boys. I would like to contact Roy Bourn, Glenn Ramsey and the Ownsby boys along with others that were in GM or G divis
Estes, Gordonbt3Aug 1968 – Jun 1971b division 4 fireroomasigned to 4 fireroom,worked boilers and power houses untill i retired in 2008
Fitzpatrick, Ken/fitzYN3Aug 1968 – 1969XWorked in CMCO and the Captains office
O'Neal, EdwardGMG-2Aug 1968 – Jul 1970Master-at-ArmsReported onboard and went to 5"/38 school. Went on 9 Month med. & 1 year Veitnam cruise. Sent to MAA force and later became Ships Investigator. Hung around with Lale & Liskey. Left ship while in Veitnam.
Garcia, Paulbt2Aug 1968 – Jun 21, 1971BHave kept up with a few from my div. member of the Shangri-La reunion association. would like to hear from any shipmate . attended Shang's reunion in San Antonio this past June with my gm buddy Ben Deleon.
Dall, James (Jim)QM2Aug 1968 – Oct 1, 1969NavigationAfter 3 years in the Pacific / Far East I really enjoyed my final year on the Shang and making a Med cruise. Would be great to hear from guys I served with.
Smith, Dave (Smitty)ABH-3Aug 1, 1968 – Jul 30, 1971V-1Some of the most memorable times of my life were those on the Shang. Meeting new people, learning all about the Navy & shipboard life, & who can forget crossing the equator & becoming a Shellback. What an experience!
Cimo, GaryBM2Aug 1, 1968 – Dec 17, 19701st
Sommer, Robert (Bob)PN3/PN2Aug 4, 1968 – Nov 1, 1970X DivLooking for some of the guys from the Personnel Office.
Lale, KennySNAug 9, 1968 – Mar 1, 1971Chaplins OfficeShe was a grand old lady and I sort of hated to leave her. Wish she could have been made into a memorial. Made 1 Med Cruse and went to Yankee Station aboard her for 9 and a half months.
Garcia, PaulBT3Aug 23, 1968 – Jun 21, 1971FIRERM.Have located quite a few bts and others.Member of the uss shangri-la reunion assoc.If u remember me,contact me Have found out Granquist SMIADEK WAANANEN have passed on. GOD BLESS ALL
Merkle, FrederickGMG 3Sep 1968 – Jan 1970GCame aboard in 68 while in drydock in Norfolk, Left when decommissioned.
Gibson, HaroldGMG2Sep 1968 – Jul 30, 1971WeaponsWent on the Med Cruise in 1969 and also the WesPac Cruise in 1970 and stayed on board for the decommissioning at Boston Naval Shipyard on July 30 1971. Have a lot of fond memories during those years.
Allison, JamesMM3Sep 1968 – Jul 1970M DivWorked in the Aft Engine Room.
Hadley, JackEM2Sep 1968 – 1971E DivisionWorked in distribution
Beck, LeroyAO3Sep 1968 – 1971GCan not believe I pasted up "A" school for this worst yet best command. Hats off to all who served. Came back in after de-com in Boston and Ret. AOCM in 1999.
Peacock, James profile iconIC3Sep 1968 – 1971Engineering My brother Mike was also an IC3. I am now retired after working as a civilian Fire fighter at NTC Orlando the NSA Naples Italy.
Silva, RobertSK2Sep 1968 – Jan 20, 1970Supply ( Office & FWD GSK)Thought they were scraping her the night I arrived in Mayport.. Remember the hole the tugs put in the FWD storerooms the hole through the side of the ship in our head so you could see the ocean. Loved that ship!
Hooper, Danny. HoopAirmanSep 8, 1968 – Jul 31, 1971V-1 flight deck yellow shirt Fly 1Had a lot of fun times along with some sad ones as well. Would like to here from Lonnie Walters or John Knotts of witch I had the pleasure of working with on the flight deck. And from anyone else about agent orange finds
Gibson, HaroldGMG-2Sep 17, 1968 – Jul 30, 1971Weapons 5thCame aboard while in drydock in Newport News, Virginia. Remained on board til she was decommisioned in Boston,Mass. on 30 July 1971. Enjoyed the '69 Med cruise and the WesPac cruise in 1970. sure miss those good ole days and the many friends there
Malinas, EdSNSep 25, 1968 – Sep 1, 1969OE
Cowart, RonnieSK3Oct 1968 – Sep 1970S-1 Supply
Mills, SteveAME3Oct 1968 – Aug 1969VF-62Did Med Cruise in 69 as a plane captain with the Boomerangs.Loved the F-8 Crusader.
Johnson, TerryADJ3Oct 1968 – Aug 1969VA-172Did Med Cruise in 68-69 as one of the Line Division POs with the Blue Bolts. A-4C aircraft.
Irvine, DieterSK3Oct 1968 – Mar 1970S-1
Carlson, Leroy LeeE5 YN 2Oct 1968 – Jan 1970OperationsHappiness is Mayport,
Lewis, WilliamHM2Oct 18, 1968 – Jan 17, 1970HI served in sick bay and was responsible for medical supplies. I also did x ray and flite deck. I made a med and west pac cruise and knew almost everyone on the ship.
Koelzer, TomETN3Nov 1968 – Jun 1971
Robert, BobPC-3Nov 1968 – Nov 1971x Spent my time on the Shang and left after decommioning Stationed NAS Jax to decommion Mail where served with John Jenkins PC-1
Diamond, Charlesbm3Nov 1968 – 19713rd deck
Scariolo, JosephFNNov 1968 – Aug 1970B DivisionWas assigned as B Division Yeoman and stood watch in the Engineering Log Room. Made Med cruise in 69 and most of the WP cruise in 70. Good buddies Jim and Mike Peacock and Frank White all from Brooklyn NY, all in B Div
Schaefer, Jonathan anNov 1968 – Jan 1970OC divI remember Lt(jg) Newman in an A4 grabbing the #4 wire crooked and going off the port side and ejecting into the water. Never found the guy.
Rekrut, LeeAO 3Nov 12, 1968 – Jul 30, 1971GMI served in the GM Div from11/68 to 07/71
Millham, BobAANov 15, 1968 – Jul 15, 1971IM-1Looking to get in touch with JD Taylor and Bruce Mullins
Margrave, JimAO3Nov 15, 1968 – Jun 10, 1971G DivisionLooking for any of you old red shirts out there. Made the 1969 Med Cruise and the 1970 WestPac cruise. What a wonderful time of life listening to Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix...
Condra, SandyCS 3Nov 19, 1968 – Jul 29, 1971S2The Shang was one heck of a war wagon with a crew just as tuff who could drink as much JP5 as the planes she carried. I made the last Med cruise, around the world cruise, decom to the end.
Margrave, Jim / GritAO3Nov 20, 1968 – Jun 10, 1971GHanger deck crew - 68/69 - Med Cruise Fight deck crew 70 - WestPac
Riley, RobertfnNov 25, 1968 – Sep 23, 1970B-DivisonWhat a ride 2 yrs got to see the world & met a bunch of good guys. Did learn a good trade, but didn't want to see any boilers when I got out (Chrysler did want me in the Power house which I did turn down.) drop a line.
Ross, BillAQF2Dec 1968 – Jun 1970AIMD - AQ Shop, Test Equip ShopMade the Med cruise of '69, becoming CVS-38 (the only CVS in WestPac with an attack wing), the trip around the world ("Shell Back Initiation", Rio, big storm in the Indian Ocean, Subic Bay.
Thies, JohnE-3 Dec 1968 – Oct 1970B / AFirst assigned to #1 Fireroom then reassigned to A-3 Division due to medical reasons. Worked on mechanical systems (commercial office buildings) until retirement in 1970. Now divorced living outside Washington DC.
Peiffer, WilliamETN2Dec 1, 1968 – Jul 31, 1971OE
Frierson, JohnE4Dec 1, 1968 –4th Division1st Deployment
Kimbrough, BobEm5Dec 6, 1968 – Jul 31, 1971Ehey, remember copa cabana beach. what a night!! Oh, and lets not forget those expensive dice I made that I lost my ass on. I still laugh my ass off when i tell that one. How you doin? Sure nice to hear from you
Hays, FredE-3Dec 10, 1968 – Jul 30, 19711stI came on board in time to make the Med Cruise of 1969 and left the last day of service. i had the honor of carrying the flag down from the bridge and handing it to the Captain. Would like to hear from old shipmates

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