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USS Shangri-La (CV 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shangri-La (CV 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 669 crew members registered for the USS Shangri-La (CV 38).

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Soliday, WayneLT1965 –My father served, as an A-4 aviator, on the Shangri-La in 1965. I am not sure of the exact dates as he passed away recently, and didn't get a chance to ask, however, he was on board when she was in a collision with the Perry.
Jamison, JerryJO31965 – 1968X
Burbank, DaveBTFN1965 – 1969B-Div Oil Shack
Hensley, FrankShipfitter Pipe 2nd Class1965 – 1968R
Woodall, DouglasAN1965 – 1966V6June 10, 1965 blown from the flight deck into the aft gun tub. Still dealing with those injuries at the age of 67.
Turner, DelABE 3rd class1965 – Sep 16, 1967v-2 catapultswrecked motorcycle in Jacksonville Fla. one night
Riley, LionelAGAN1965 – 1966OA DivisionThis was my first Command after leaving "A" School. I enjoyed every minute of it! I really miss the Shang!
Nash, JohnABH 3Jan 19, 1965 – Dec 24, 1967V3served with Bernie Eades, Jim McBee BT3, Second Class guy from Conn. last name Finociaro. All in all it was avery enjoyable part of my life though at the time I suspect I didn"t think so. Would be glad to hear from anyone in V3 division at this ti
Hicks, James "Jimmy"ETN2Mar 1965 – Oct 1967CR & OE2 Med cruises, 2 yard periods & 2 trips to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba for fleet training - what a ship! Collided with U.S.S. Perry off Italy in '65
Jurasek, MikeRM-2Mar 1965 – Apr 1969crA GREAT TIME WITH SOME CRAZY GUYS
Hicks, James "Jimmy"ETN2Mar 1, 1965 – Aug 1, 1967CR, OE
Adams, GregE3Apr 10, 1965 – May 19651st
Hughes, RoyAO3May 1965 – Feb 1967G
Dever, DonE3May 13, 1965 – Apr 28, 1967AOn the Shang with Ponchin, Work, Strubank,Lubin,Capps,Buttingero,Lapraire,Dan Langen(sp) the stories i could tell ,could fill a book! On board when we got hit by the USS Perry and dumbed oil on Cannes beach! remember?
Donaldson, Ed (Don)ETR-3Jul 1965 – Sep 1968OEWonderful experiences on a great ship and crew.
Cherry, CalvinAO2Jul 1965 – Nov 1969GMFlight Deck Ordance Petty Officer. Division friends; Paul Holland, David Pargman, Terry Mastropasqua, Willie P. Owmby, Carlos Owmby, Charles Shipman, Charlie Riddle and Raymond Stark.
Ward, JohnMM2Jul 1965 – Jul 1968M & A
Bangeman, PatrickANAug 1965 – Mar 1966Flight Deck Tilly for the A-4's Injured on deck March 65, transfered to Naples for Stateside duty. I was blind in one eye and the Dr.'s felt I should not be aboard ship any longer.
Gissiner, Ron profile iconETR3Aug 1965 – Aug 1967OEWe spent 8 months in the Philadelphia shipyard, then went to Gitmo. Had a 9 month cruise to the Med, and then shortly after I was discharged to work in the defense field and space program.
Onan, TedSep 1965 – Jun 1969RCame aboard in Mayport Fl. as a fireman, left as SFP2. Made 3 Med cruises.
Hayner, BobDC 3/CSep 1965 – Sep 1967R66-67 Med cruise, Gitmo 2x, Philly yards. Wouldn't trade the experiences for anything. I can be reached via We have reunions EVERY year.
Snell, DavidE-3Sep 1965 – Jul 1969V-1at first part of the crash & salvage team then a fly2 yellow shirt. all and all an adventurous time.
Fullerton, DwightCS3Sep 5, 1965 – Jun 25, 1968S2
Bryson Jr., Dewey L.BTSep 10, 1965 – Jul 12, 1970boiler repairman
Peters, WayneCYN3Sep 22, 1965 – Dec 22, 1968CR DivisionMade 2 Med Cruises and 3 Gitmo Cruises Spent 7 months DryDocked in Philadelphia Served under Ltcdr's Mathews and Hite
Brasher, BruceBOATSOct 1965 – Dec 1968Second
Louton, JohnnyFnOct 15, 1965 – Sep 15, 1966Repair1st ship out of boot camp. Became company yeoman 1st day aboard. Left for "A" school.
Elliott, Bobmm3Nov 1965 – Aug 19, 1969A5 o2n2looking for any one in the o2n2 gang between 1965 to 69
Selke, HankAO3Dec 1965 – Oct 1967GM DivI had a great time. It was my first time to see places outside the US.
Ivy, Terry "Don"E-4Dec 2, 1965 – Oct 1, 1969V-1FLY-1 PO
McDougall, Gordon profile iconHM2Dec 7, 1965 – May 1967HEnjoyed the tour on board.
Allen, JohnYN31966 – 1968OPWorked in Operations Office - 2 Med Cruises
Burgett, RaymondRM31966 – 1967CRReported aboard from RM A school as RMSN, got out end of 1967, returned to active duty 1981 and retired 1999 as RMCM
Majavec, GaryE41966 – 1969E Division LightingDoes anyone know anything about Billy Newcomb E6? Interested in contact from any of the old crew.
Gatschenberger, Dave Candymane31966 – 1968shipserviceman s3divisionabighellotoallmyfriendsins3divison
Gatschenberger, Dave/candymanE31966 – 1968S3 Ship servicemanDo you want a candy bar or soda or would you rather go on liberty?
Hanz, Ronald profile iconYN31966 – 1968XFirst assigned to to food services, as I could type. Then went to X Division, working with SN Gardzinski and a LTJG whose name is gone, then Legal with LT Schaffer and YN Jim Whisman and later YN Ted Rock.
Gemignani, GeneAG II1966 – 1969OAAG II OA division. Worked as an Aerographer. Office on the 07 level. We were essentially the weather office. Took hourly observations, plotted weather maps, briefed the captain on forecasts. Put together target forecasts
Beck, HenryLt (jg)Jan 1, 1966 – May 19681stI was 1st Division Officer
Fisher, RichardPH3Jan 5, 1966 – Sep 5, 1969Photo LabStarted in Weather and then to flight deck V-1 before getting into the photo lab the last two years.
Lenninger, Ronald [lenny]IC-3Jan 20, 1966 – Oct 10, 1969ECAME ABOARD WHEN SHANG WAS IN DRY DOCK IN PHILLY. MADE 2-1/2 MED. CRUISES LEFT IN OCT.1969
Soley, AndrewPO3Mar 1966 – Nov 1968V-3Came aboard 50 years ago in Philly. Had some good time and good friends which I have not seen or heard from since.
Lessner, DavidSFM2Mar 2, 1966 – Aug 27, 1968RCame aboard philly shipyards and stationed out of Mayport fla. Made two med cruise. Left ship late 1968 and transfer to Randolf in Boston shipyards
Cherry, CalvinAO2May 1966 – Nov 1969GM Division, Flight Deck Ordance Safety Petty Officer
Craig, KenCYN3May 1966 – Oct 1969CRCrypto Dept
Overly, JimmyBT3May 8, 1966 – Nov 19, 1969B
Overly, JimBT3May 20, 1966 – Dec 18, 1968BWorked in # 3 Fireroom and the oil shack. Re-enlisted and transferred to a west coast destroyer. Retired in Oct. 1987 as BTC(SW) Still racing-see my website Blown Fuel Altered-Classic Nitro Funny car! Driving!
Koenig, KennethE-2Jun 1966 – Dec 17, 1970Airman
Johnson, DonaldE-3Jun 1966 – Mar 1969S - 3Worked in Dry Cleaning and Laundry
Zellars, RickDC 2Jun 1966 – Jan 1969R DIV.
Kirkwood, GaryADJ2Jun 10, 1966 – Oct 30, 1969AIMD
Green, WillieCYN3Jun 15, 1966 – Aug 30, 1968CR CommunicationsCVA-38
Wiese, PaulRM2Jun 15, 1966 – 1968Communications1.5 Med cruises and a lot of fun!
Hull, ChuckYNSNJun 22, 1966 – Jun 3, 1968XI was the (MAA) Master-atArms yeoman for about 15 months then was sent to the Discipline Office. I worked for Chief Ski GMC (Ed SidorskiI who was the chief Master-at-Arms.I made 2 Med Cruises. There is a USS Shangri-la Reunion Assc.
Andrew, JacksonPC 1Jun 30, 1966 – Jan 8, 1968OperationsPostal Clerk in charge. On ALTO team on the Med cruise 1966. November 67 transferred to base waiting retirement January 1968
Johnson, JohnE3 BoatsumateJul 1966 – Jul 1968Second DivisionI am looking for my L.T. Jess. My divison officer about an incident, that happened to me when I fell in the water from a small boat, when I was on duty.
Robinson, Jimmie J.RM2Aug 1966 – Aug 1968CRMany great memories...I had 2 classmates that I graduated with from Odessa, Texas and my brother aboard...
Mastropasqua, Terry (Aka: Sam) profile iconao2Aug 8, 1966 – Oct 1, 1969guided missileworked with a group of good men it was a small division .we all got along pretty well .being in a small compt. we did i realize it was a good learing exp.
Garton, RonaldBT/3Aug 15, 1966 – May 4, 1968BI worked in # 2 fire room with some really good BT's. Great times in the Med. Would like to here from anyone (Art Bower,Tom Powers, Bill Tomey, Gary Burton, Ect) who worked in # 2 fire room.
Bebout, DavidE 4Aug 20, 1966 – May 21, 19684thhello to all that served on the Shang and has anyone spoken with or heard from Roy Stokes?
Flynn, ThomasABF-ANSep 1966 – Oct 3, 1969V-4
Molare, JosephE4Sep 1966 – Feb 1970OILooking back I am grateful for the time I spent on board.
Flynn, ThomasABF-ANSep 1, 1966 – Oct 3, 1969V-4loves working on deck fueling planes, just missing it.
Spillers, DanielEM2Sep 11, 1966 – Sep 11, 1968ELighting/Low Voltage Electrician. Two Med Cruises with plenty of sea time. Off the coast of N. Africa during the 6-Day War. Good ships crew and experiences I'll never forget.
Witt, HarryCVA 38Sep 21, 1966 – Feb 20, 1970Ships Service, (Laundry & Ships Store)I would like to correspond to any of my old friends and associates
Adams, LennyRM3Sep 21, 1966 – Feb 20, 1970CR Made 3 Med Cruises and left the ship just before Pac Cruise 1970. Would like to hear from my old radioman buddies. Worked in Secure Teletype, Ship to Shore all 4 years. Great Times !!!
Ward, DonaldAQF-3Oct 1, 1966 – Aug 5, 1968
Granger,m.c., PeteAE3Oct 18, 1966 – Nov 29, 1969V1Flight Deck Crewman,Telephone & Elevator optr then Ouija Board.Would like to hear from those who were also in V1 or V3. To Steve Oram: It wasn't my fault man! Be Bless, Pete
Ehlert, TomSK3Nov 1966 – Sep 1968S-1
Ward, DonAQF-3Nov 15, 1966 – Aug 5, 1968VF-13, Aviation Fire Control Tech. Fixin' Radars on the Crusaders!
Carter, David profile iconAMS 3Dec 1966 – Oct 1968AIMD, IM 2I worked on the COD as flight crew and mechanic,(structures and some engine). After that I worked in the sheet metal repairing aircraft components.

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