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USS Shangri-La (CV 38) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Shangri-La (CV 38). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 669 crew members registered for the USS Shangri-La (CV 38).

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Frisk, Harry Aka GeneCS20000 – Dec 30, 1956Bake Shop and Galley
Zellers, HaroldUnknown1937 – 1943UnknownI am registering for my grandfather, who passed away in 1989. I know only that he was an aviator assigned to the USS Shangri-La, CV 38. I would enjoy hearing from anyone who knew him.
Gove, Edwin ( Ben )Aviation machinist's mate second class (C/R to AD3 9-9-47)Jun 20, 1942 – Apr 23, 1948aircraft development squadron Ben was my father-in-law , He did not talk much about the time he was in the service. Our family would like to hear from anyone that knew Ben.
Cibulka, Rudolph AlbertLT J.G.1943 – 1944My father served on the Shangri La during WWII as a one of the Boiler Room Engineers. Not sure of the dates he served, he passed away before I could get more information, but he spoke of it proudly.
McDonald, FrankCOXSWAIN FIRST CLASS1943 – 1945
Marley, JessePETTY OFFICER 2ND CLASSFeb 1943 – 2003He was aboard USS Shangri-La from the day it set sea in February 24, 1944 until November 3, 1945 when He mustered out as a Petty Officer 2nd Class. Information provided by Jess' grandson Eric Marley.
Andrews, DonaldEM2Nov 20, 1943 – Mar 29, 1966E DIVReported aboard at Brooklyn naval yard, took fleet training at gitmo,rode out 2 med cruises,middi cruise to quibec,amrag grp crash, the nkp crash,the Bob Hope show and lastly 4mos yard period at philly, I then went home
Dickinson, WallaceMACHINST MATE1944 – 1946My dad was on the Shangri-la during WWII and or up to the time his enlistment was up in 1946. I am not sure of the dates because my father died when I was very young. When I was 5-6 years old he brought home an aircraft carrier model we put together.
Larose, Alvin P.RM21944 – 1946My brother now deceased served on the Shang participating in action off Siaphan and Japan home islands.
McDonald, FrankBM21944 – 1945My father served aboard CV-38 on shakedown cruise to Trinidad then onto waters off of Japan until the end of the war.
Chacon, DanielSEAMAN1944 – 1945
Wekluk, MichellePR11944 –Parachute RiggerMy Grandfather, Michael Wekluk, was a proud Plank Owner. I now have his certificate hanging on my wall. We loved to listen to his Shang sea stories. If anyone knows him, has pictures and/or stories to share please contact me.
Morgan, Walter -RED-ARM 2C1944 – 1945VB85Gunner in SB2C Helldiver in air wing VB85
Drzich, JohnAM3C1944 –Aviation Repair CrewThis is my father-in-law. Not sure of exact dates of service. Found his picture in a group picture of the repair crew.
Totman, Robert (Bobby)1944 – 1946usnavymy uncle bobby was knowen as the smallest sailor on tthe largest ship trying to find out more on him if anyone remembers him or knew about him contact me he was a aircraft mechanic. thank you
Stanton, Lewis "snuffy"SEAMAN1944 – 1945This is my Uncle. Story is told of his serving aboard the "Shang" as she was steaming towards Tokyo as the war came to an end. His Father made both he & his brother; Edward Stanton (USAF), a 10" hollow ground knife, His bit for th
Freeman, ZussmanSEAMEN IST CLASS1944 – 1946My dad passed away in 1962 but he was proud to have served on this great ship.
Pearsall, Richard RichABM 3C1944 – 1946V1Twould like to e mail with snyone from V1T 1944 to 1946
Lee, EdwardTorpedoman 3rd Clas1944 – 1946AviationDad passed away in 2002. Plankowner and he kept a short diary in his Blue Jacket.
Wawrzyniak, DanielSC31944 – 1945GalleyI am entring this for my father who passed away in 2002. I would love to here from anyone who knew him or anyones family member who knew him.
Keen, EdwinSeaman 2nd Class Watertender1944 – 1945unknownThis is for my father, who died 4-30-1966 in a car accident. He helped build the Shang and was on the maiden voyage and on the ship till he got out of the Navy due to injury. He was on the USS Indianapolis before that.
Eldred, GeorgeS1/C1944 – 1946V1AIstill think how lucky we were to survive those jap planes
Maynard, Billunknown1944 – 1945unknownMy Grandfather William McCarthy was a plankowner on the Shang. That's about all I know. I have his certificate. He passed away in 1980. Would love to connect with anyone who knew him back then.
Ziegler, HenryTorpedoman 3rd Class1944 – 1946AircraftMy Dad served as a plank owner on the Shangri-la with pride but didn't speak much about his service. He passed away in 2002.
Robbins, Joe DLt. Cmdr.Jan 1, 1944 – Jan 1, 1945VF-6 & VF-85Any one know Lt. Cmdr Joe D. Robbins on the USS Shangri-La. He was a figher pilot, ww2 and korean war. He was my dad, I put this up for my dad, he passed in 2007.
Devolder, JoeWATER TENDERFeb 1944 –This is my uncle who passed away in 1952 - I am looking for anyone who might have served with him aboard the Shangri-la in 1944 - he was a water tender and a plankholder.
Blackburn, Vincent UdellPETTY OFFICER FIRST CLASSFeb 1944 – Oct 1945Served as original crew Shangri-La from launch to the end of WW II, Storekeeper (passed away 1992 - info from son, Officer William G. Blackburn, California Highway Patrol, Ukiah CA)
Defazio, MauroELECTRICIANS MATEFeb 24, 1944 – 1946This is my grandfather's information who served on her when she was commissioned.
Johnson, LloydMACHINEST MATE THIRD CLASSFeb 24, 1944 – Feb 11, 1946This is my father. He served very proudly aboard the Shangri-La as a plank certificate holder until he was discharged in 1946. He often told his sons of his pride in serving the Navy. He died in 1984 passing his strong sense of patriotism on to us
Tainow, Herbertgunners mateFeb 24, 1944 – Dec 23, 1945g.o. divisionMy dad Herbert Tainow was the third man on avenger torpedo bomber during WWII he died in 2004 I do not know his rank or division He lived most of his life after the war in south florida
Lang, Stephensk first classMar 1, 1944 – Aug 15, 1946s divisionRan clothing and small stores, helped out in the "gedunk" stand serving up cigarettes, candy bars and ice cream for "a small fee". Served with Capt. Barner in the Pacific, Oregon, and am proud of the job.. Plank owner and will corres
Cigich, Patrick M.YNT2CMay 4, 1944 – Apr 1946
Brown, Jesse profile iconMotor Machinist's Mate Third ClassMay 16, 1944 – May 21, 1946SV6My dad was really proud to have served on the USS Shangri-la. He liked his Commander & had tons of good stories to tell about his time down below in the engine rooms.
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Jackson, Robert "Bob"SEAMAN, SECOND CLASSMay 22, 1944 – Jan 11, 1949My father Robert Jackson served in a gun crew on a gun turret on the side of the ship. He was a plank owner and went into Tokoyo after the surrender of Japan.
Post, MaryannunknownJun 1944 – Jun 1947unknownI am entering this for my father. I am hoping to see his name.
Roberts, Harry O. "squqre Deal"YEOMAN 2ND CLASSJun 19, 1944 – Feb 1945My father served on the Shangri-La from Norfolk, Virginia in June 1944 till it went to Hawaii in Feb. 1945. He disembarked in Hawaii to be attached to the officers. If anyone knows his poisiton and history on Hawaii, I would appreaciate i
Radigan, Arthur W.SEAMANJul 10, 1944 – Apr 9, 1946My father in law served on the Shangri-La when it was commissioned and as part of the original crew he is a plank owner.
Reightler, Kenneth "Red"AM2/cAug 27, 1944 – Sep 2, 1945V2MWorked in OxygenShop and on Flt deck servicing all aircraft with O2 botltes, changed O2 related equipment. Somtimes helped Para Riggers fit masks,pack chutes.
Uher, BillSep 1944 – 1946My dad was a plank owner on the Shangri-La. He played in the band and wrote arrangements for them. He had great stories - never talked about the serious side of war. He had fond memories of the ship and raised his kids with "field days
Smith, ClarenceACMMSep 10, 1944 – Jan 15, 1945not surefound this information in a relatives papers, just thought it would be nice to add his name to the list, it looks like he did 30 years and was called back to service.
Randall, VictorS1 U.S.N.Sep 12, 1944 – Nov 7, 1947This isnt really Victor E. Randall, but this is actually his nephew and i am looking for past crew members of the U.S.S. Shangri-La. Vic had a stroke last winter and is now in bad health so please email me if you were on the ship for the commishining
Schuster, Gabriel (Gabe)EM3Sep 15, 1944 – Nov 28, 1945My father, Gabriel Robert Schuster was very proud to have been on the Shangri-la. Unfortunately he died at the age of 50 in the year 1967. I wish he was still around to see all of this. I have photos to share of his navy friends.
Gebo, William BillSeaman 1/clSep 15, 1944 – Mar 1946V1A
Litzinger, Wade 'Shorty/foamite/litz'Aviation Ordnanceman 3rd ClassOct 29, 1944 – Feb 16, 1946V-50 & VB-85This is my grandfather. We have his diary and about 100 photos that he took during 1943-1946. Would love to hear from anyone that knew him or that may be able to identify more guys in his photos.
Palmer, Felix LeeAVIATION RADIO TECHNICION 2 CLASSNov 24, 1944 – Dec 15, 1945Air Group 85Great Memories
Hopkins, JosephSEAMEN 1ST CLASSDec 1944 – Apr 1946VCL
Ashlock, Waldo Francis "bud"S1CDec 21, 1944 – Jun 20, 1946

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