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USS Parsons (DDG 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Parsons (DDG 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 244 crew members registered for the USS Parsons (DDG 33).

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Schnitz, StevenSM31969 – 1971SignalmanGreat group of guys
Schirman, William (Bill)FTM 3Feb 1969 – Jun 1973WeponsWas on board for the fishing boat incident and the move to Japan. Many great ports and memories.
Long, MikeGMM2Mar 1969 – Aug 1973WeaponsI would like to get in contact with former shipmates
Still, GaryGMG2Mar 15, 1969 – Sep 1, 1971ASASROC Gunner's Mate
Hinson, ClaySNMay 1, 1969 – Dec 1, 1970First DivTrying to contact Commander James F. Kelly Jr. to prove we were docked in Denang, Vietnam in 1970 for medical reasons. Any information would be a great help. Contact by or phone: 7314429551.
McGrath, Robert profile iconE3May 10, 1969 – Jan 1971supplyA time of very fond memories with guys like mike heller,harold seaman,bob geary,mike munsie and many other guys from the 1969 to january 1971 era. Westpac from 3-2-70 to 9-3-70 most memorable time of my life.
Pratt, Bob (Bobby-d)BT3Jul 1969 – Nov 1971BI remember stealing the deck apes' buckets and swabs and throwing them overboard after we used them to clean up the oil. I dropped a soot bomb on a BTC while the Quarterdeck was on the 02 level. We were cleaning the stacks at the time.
Munsie, Mike profile iconIC2Jul 1969 – Sep 1972E-DivFor those who remember MM2 Jerry Hahn (Retired as MMCM), he passed away last year. We served during those same years. Like me, he never left Japan. I'm still in Japan & working for the Navy.
Hackney, JerryE3 - MMSep 10, 1969 – May 24, 1971Engineering
Vano, Anthony "Tony"RM 3Oct 1969 – Jan 7, 1971Had great time aboard her. Was on her when it was struck by a tuna boat. had to go in the whale boat and find the survivors. Rescued all 18. One tour Vietnam.
Burnstein, GeneRDSNOct 1969 – Oct 1970oiFirst ship I was on, and 1st WestPac cruise -- was there when the rotted fishing boat rammed us. Also was part of the gang that caught a poisonous snake in the Gulf of Tonkin and having to release it by lantern light.
Bush, TomSK3Oct 1969 – Jul 1971Supply
Bush, TomSK3Oct 9, 1969 – Jul 1, 1971SupplyOne tour of West-Pac. I was aboard for the great Tuna Boat encounter. I was the commisary storekeeper.
Feenstra, Charles (Chuck)TM3Dec 1969 – Dec 1971ASW
De Cristofaro, PeteE4Mar 1970 – Nov 1973SupplyI was the guy who got you PARTS And showed the movies on the mess deck and sometims on the Tarter deck bulkhead!
Houston, VictorFTG2Mar 10, 1970 – Mar 12, 1972FOX2 WestPacs, India -Pakistan Cambodia What a Great Ship and Crew Will always be in my heart Would love some photos of gunfire support and chasing carriers would also like any photos of Bangkok, Yokosuka Sasebo, Hong Kong, shell back
Chaney, EdwinQM-3May 15, 1970 – Jul 13, 1973NX Westpac when tour started.Walter E. Olsen Captain. Long Hours on bridge,Radar fixes, Log Book, Carrier OPS & setting clocks. Alot of memories Yokusuka,Subic Bay,Gulf of tonkin,First Ship in Cebu sense WW II,71 Christmas Indian Ocean
Herrmann, RussellSTG3Sep 1970 – Jun 1971Weapons
Johnson, DavidHT-2Sep 9, 1970 – Nov 22, 1973I beleive I was Doc Freeman's relief. We took over the Tonkin Squadron. Was the most accurate 5"-54 on the line. Spent many months and round on the gun line. I reinlisted on the line under Capt. Walter Olson.
Pratt, Bob "Bobby-d"BT-3Oct 8, 1970 – Dec 10, 1972BI worked in the after fireroom as a messenger and upper level man. At the time, I was the only one in the div who could put the steam drum together
Minske, MartySTG1Nov 1970 – Dec 1973ASI am interested in any health issues my shipmates may have that can be attributed to three years off the coast of Nam. I have had prostate cancer, a heart attack and now have peripheral neuropathy.
McLuckie, TomRMCS1971 – 1974OCWould like to connect with any/all Parsons sailors who forward deployed to Yoko in Nov 71
Salter, Ken (Salty Dog)BM31971 – 1975FirstVisiting all those foreign ports made sea duty worth the crazy hours. Besides bar hopping, the best times were riding motorcycles all over the country. And do we need to discuss all the weird food we ate?
Stroop, PatLTFeb 1971 – Sep 1972OIWhat a ride!!
Wells, LesterSM3Feb 15, 1971 – Apr 18, 1973was on board when changed home ports
McCormick, JohnSeamenFeb 15, 1971 – Aug 30, 1974Ship Servicemen ,Ships laundryCame aboard in San Diago. Went to Japan. Remember sitting at GQ Loading projectiles into the gun. I remember being at sea for 72 days in the Indian ocean,Singapore, Subic Bay and many more places. Please contact me.
McCormick, JohnSeamenFeb 22, 1971 – Aug 23, 1974Ships Serviceman
Martin, DanBTFA-BT2Mar 1971 – Oct 1974BWorked in After fireroom, came aboard just before we changed Homeport to Japan
Lambert, AllenBTFA-BT3Mar 3, 1971 – Feb 25, 1974BAlmost 3 years in the After Fireroom. Great times and some not so great (usually my own clowning fault.) Now a Brigadier General in the United States Corps of Chaplains, who'd a figured? God Bless you all, I had a great 3 years
Wappes, DennisE 2Mar 8, 1971 –IstI was aboard until the ship changed its home port to Yokosaka, Japan, at which time I was transferred to the USS Hanson, DD 832. Had it not been for hardship conditions, I would have loved to stay with the ship as it had a great captain and crew.
Greathouse, Kent " Crazy-horse"BT - 3Apr 1971 – May 1973B-I was all over that after fireroom. Help with the ship moto " We steam for God, Country, and forever "
Greathouse, Kent " Crazy-horse"BT 3Apr 1971 – May 1973BI helped give the ship a new moto : We steam for God, County, and forever !
Burns, MikeYN3Apr 8, 1971 – Dec 19, 1972X & GStarted in San Diago then Homeported to Yokuska. Worked as Weapons yeoman then transferred to main office. ASROC patrol also short stints in radio shack and CIC. Great crew and Captain Olsen was great
Williams, JimE-3May 1971 – Jun 1973Deck I had a great time on board and in all the ports. A lot of good memories and people.
Robson, William/robby3rd class/btMay 8, 1971 – Nov 28, 1973bwould like to hear from anyone who remembers what we were awarded MUC and CAR for? Details and/or copies of award letters requested if possible. Look forward to hearing from my steaming buddies from B&M div.
Wilus, JohnRM2Jun 1971 – Oct 1972Boaded her in San Diego. Cruised to Yokusuka with stops at Hawaii and Midway. Christmas '71 playing tag with the Russian Navy in the Indian Ocean. Many months on the "gunline" and northern SAR, Many very good liberty calls.
Kurchev, KeithGMG2Jun 1971 – May 1973GRecently found this site. Many memories of Japan and the Parsons
Davis, ThomasLCDRJun 15, 1971 – Jan 20, 1973Weapons OfficerShe was a good ship with a GREAT crew!
Delong, David--loopyGMT_3Jun 19, 1971 – Apr 14, 1974gunner's mate -asroc and where ever if you were there you know what i mean. to all that were salute my friends, to those no longer with us-- a salute to absent friends. hey e-mail or write meif you wish. does any one out there know the date the plane sprayed us off the coast
Barnard, NormanE2 SEAMAN APPRENTICEJun 28, 1971 – Sep 29, 1971First First ship- served aboard out of 32nd street naval base in San Diego, Ca. during rough-training exercises for duty off Viet Nam. Not aboard long but have fond memories.
Bisson, Phil profile iconTM3Aug 1971 – 1973ASWe had a great crew and AS Division had a close knit bunch of guys. The Shimoda Japan anniversary Basebal game was a lot of fun but not so much with the 5 typhoons we went through. We were at sea 72 straight days
Fillers, Fred FillersETR-3Sep 1971 – Jan 1974OEAboard for the home port change from San Diego to Yokosuka and a heavy optempo through the end of the war.
Laffey, MichaelMM3Sep 1971 – Apr 16, 1973After Engine RoomWorked in after Engin room with a great group of guys was medivact home after a motorcycle wreck. I had a good time till then.
Zoob, JosephFTM1Sep 1971 – Dec 1973FOX DivisionCame aboard just before our move to new homeport in Japan. Gun Line, SAR Hanoi, Indian Ocean, crossing the Equator, Black ship Festival, Great times, Scary Times.
Thompson, Shelby JamesMM3Sep 11, 1971 – May 5, 1973M DivisionGreat ship and great crew! We hit all assigned targets with our 5"54 and I believe we were the 1st to use the Tartar Missile to hit a surface contact. The attack was from a Vietnamese fast boat.
Kilgore, SteveRM2Sep 27, 1971 – Aug 12, 1973OperationsLooking for dates when Parsons made Port of call into Danang and Cam Ranh Bay if anyone has that info? Was great to visit all the ports around Westpac.
Barley, JackMR1Oct 1971 – Mar 1975"R"Great 4 years.
Ott, Ken profile iconFTM3/FTM2Oct 1971 – Feb 1976FOXThose were the days ... Honky Tonking in Yoko, 72 days in the Indian Ocean for a "shake down" cruise, Gun line off Nam, and finally got to the PI. Anyone know what happened to Chief Dan Wiegratz, Fox Div., in 1972?
Shaw, LloydOS2Oct 5, 1971 – Sep 16, 1973OIThe booze the broads the gunfire what a great adventure!
Hilliard, FrankRMCNov 22, 1971 – Nov 15, 1973OCWent from RM1 to RM2 to RMC in a very short time...

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