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USS Parsons (DDG 33) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Parsons (DDG 33). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 244 crew members registered for the USS Parsons (DDG 33).

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Rogers, Deveil (Butch)ICFN1960 – 1961R
Olson, PaulMM2Feb 1960 – Oct 1962MLeft the Parsons for seperation , I had one day left before getting out and the Cuban Missle Crisis happened. Two days later I was on the USS Stoddard DD566 heading for the Panama Canal.
Scott, Jon---- ScottyGMG3Mar 1, 1962 – Sep 1, 1965
Anderson, Thomas/andy profile iconGMM21966 – 1970WeaponsI had some good times on board and met many good friends. I would like to contact Bill Garrett, Jim Crowe, Charlie Brown and Mike Long.
Garrett, Billy Et1ET 11966 – 1971operationsThe Parsons was the only ship I was on and made two westpacks on her. Hoping to contact Tom and any one else who was on Her. Bill Garrett ET 1
Beall, Thomas/tom profile iconETN21966 – 1968ETPlank owner, but transferred off before the Parsons went to WestPac.
Garrett, BillyET11967 – Jul 1, 1971The Parsons was the only ship I was on. Plank Owner and Shellback. Was a great time.
Mohr, DonaldMM-31967 – 1969M"Plank Owner" from fram (working with the yard birds)to several tours of Yankee Station. Top watch forward engine room. Emergency and Battle stations throttles forward engine room "Main control" Shellback
Cox, MichaelBM21967 – 19711stWas Plank Owner and served my full 4 year duty aboard the Parsons
White, FloydBOILERMAN 3RD CLASS1967 – 1969boilermanplank member parsons boxing instructor boilerman
Bell, Mike / Tinkerstg31967 – 1969aswPlankowner / Shellback. Looking for Greg Furse-Best buddies on board & on shore-lots of good memories. Any one intersted in talking please contact me.
Karby, JohnMM31967 – 1970MMost people know me as Jack.
Gust, Kenneth KFTM21967 – 1969Weapons DivisionThe Navy learned to NOT put expensive radar antennas above and behind smoke stacks as they did on the four 900 class DD's converted to DDG's.
Sitta, SteveBT3Mar 1, 1967 – Sep 14, 1970B DivisionOriginal crew starting in March of 1967, in Long Beach Naval Shipyard. Plank Owner. Commissioning was in the Fall of 1967. Stayed on crew until discharge in September of 1970. Became a Shellback on February 23, 1969.
Kahn, BrianMM3May 1967 – Jul 1969Eng
Karby, Jack profile iconMM3May 1, 1967 – Nov 15, 1970MI spent my entire stint in the Navy on the Parsons. Really enjoyed the West Pac cruises and all the exotic locations we visited. I still communicate with a few shipmates. I was looking here looking for reunion info.
Posoli, JohnLTJun 1967 – Jun 1969ASW OFFICERPlank Owner, Shellback, Was a ptoud member of the crew from Pre-commissioning thru eight month Westpac cruise. My greatesttwo years ever!
Hockel, Lloyd profile iconLTJun 1, 1967 – Sep 30, 1969Supply
Barracato, RichardJun 15, 1967 – Mar 15, 1969Richard Barracato, SHB3, Plank Owner, Shellback, Vietnam Veteran.
John, CummingsFTG1Jun 15, 1967 – Jun 15, 1969FTG's & GMG'sLong Beach Conversion to DDG. Tarter SQAT at PMRF. Acapulco shakedown. Westpac. Tonkin Gulf. North Korea shot down one of our EC121's. We mustered a big task group up there. Not much for liberty on that cruise.
Doyle, Maurice (Jimmy)cs 3Jun 15, 1967 – Feb 16, 1969supply divisionwas aboard for the maiden voyage been to nam twice sure brings back memories miss them days.Still remember cooking for the guys the only one i hear from is richie barracado.take care and god bless everybody
Duplease, RobertE3Jul 1967 – Jan 19701stPlankOwner,Shellback,went through two typhoons. Through North Korean waters during crisis.Served in North Vietnam waters 1968-1969 as Plane Gaurd.
Williams, Glenn A. (Willie)MM-3Aug 1967 – Feb 1971"A" Gang / RI served my entire tour of duty on the Old Parsons, and loved it. I am a "Plank Owner" from the Recommissioning crew. I was the boat engineer on the Motor Whale Boat, when we rescued the crew of the tuna boat that rammed us, off San Clemente I
Freeman, DockSFM2Aug 1967 – Apr 1971R
Furse, GregorySTG-3Aug 1967 – Oct 8, 1969ASST School 8/4/67 then Long Beach "assist" the welders in the dry dock. Plank Owner, Shell Back. Nuclear Weapons Handler. Great times onboard. Playing guitar and singing 60's tunes with Majowicz and Bramblett (sp?)
Isham, JimRD1Aug 1967 – Sep 10, 1970OI
Pollio, LouieQUARTERMASTER (E-2)Aug 1, 1967 – Aug 8, 1969NavigationLots of good memories of interesting Port of Calls. Tough duty during Wes-Pac cruise (Viet Nam era). We really had some interesting characters on this "tin can". Remember getting initiated from "polywog" to "Shellback&qu
Mintier, BobRM2Aug 15, 1967 – Aug 15, 1970OCTwo WestPacs, tuna boat and a lot of really good times.
Gardner, RussellE-3Sep 1967 – Mar 19681stPlank owner. Let the Parsons after final shake down cruise and Alcapocca port of call.
Heald, FredETN-3Sep 1967 – Aug 1968CommunicationsPlank Owner - Transferred off just before the first WESTPAC deployment.
Diemer, JimBM3Sep 1, 1967 – Aug 1, 19691stMy first command, it was great, I had never been anywhere and I saw the Pacific Ocean, all those wonderful ports and had a great time with my new friends and crew mates. I miss talking to all of you.
King, III, E.a. "Rex"RM3Sep 1, 1967 – Sep 11, 1968OpsPlank Owner,
French Jr, HarryE3Sep 7, 1967 – Dec 4, 1970first divshellback two wespacs korea, vietnam yankee station danang . looking for fred travis, william torto, rabel
Finger, WesRD2Oct 1967 – Sep 5, 1970oiPlank owner of re-commissioning Two cruises to WestPac
La Torra, PaulRM2Oct 1967 – May 1969Plank owner, one WestPac tour, became a shellback
George, ReedGMGSNNov 7, 1967 – May 25, 1969
Wood, Gayle (Woody)MM2Nov 10, 1967 – Jan 10, 1971M DivisionPre-Commissioning crew. Plank owner, Shellback. Two tours with some really great guys. After Engine Room. Throttles, Top Watch. In the engine room and saw the bulkhead cave in (a little) when the tuna boat hit us.
Haselius, ElroySF-11968 – 1970RepairMy last command. We were in Da Nang mid 70's anyone have any pic's of same. I was the lead shipfitter at that time, a bunch of good guy's to work with.
Riley, BruceSM2Jan 1968 – Aug 1972OPSMy first ship.. Reported while the ship was in REFTRA in San Diego. Two West Pacs, the tuna boat, Cebu - all great memories. Serived with some great guys Lee Dowden, Pete Krauchak. Remember - Tony Vano an RM.
Sherpa, LeoE-3Mar 6, 1968 – Dec 1, 1969Boilerman BasicI need buddie statements to verify my accident of falling about 65 feet off the stack with a 2 inch fire hose. The VA has not found any records of this incident. If anyone remembers my accident, please contact me.
Seaman, Harold profile iconMM3May 1, 1968 – Sep 1, 1971M divisionRetired senior chief mm living in atlanta any ship mate feel free to contact me lots of good friends were made during those days
Haselius, Elroy "porky"SF1Nov 15, 1968 – Sep 3, 1970RThe Parsons was my last duty station while in the Navy, some good some bad times but mostly good. I remember the tuna boat sinking very well. I was incharge of the shipfitter shop and had some good men working for me and the Navy.

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