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USS Decatur (DDG 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Decatur (DDG 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 288 crew members registered for the USS Decatur (DDG 31).

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Baker, DavidMM31980 – 1982M2nd boat,2nd WestPac. Good times,good memories.
Decatur, HerbertMM31980 – 1983I HAD SOME GOOD TIMES
Hermatz, RandyMM21980 – 1982MI'll never forget those awesome WesPacs! Sasebo, Pusan, Hong Kong, Olongapo, Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland! WOW! Edge's Horse rules!
Staten, MelvinYN21980 – 1983AdminSearching for YN Herman Davis and SH Alfred Howard.
Bates, JohnHT2Jan 1, 1980 – May 16, 1984repairwho all remember the west pacs and the austrailia visit and the time we lost PO3 Schoenie over board in the north china during a helo op? got him back though didnt we? god we were so scared and hoping to see him again ...
Wyant, Raymondht3Jan 1, 1980 – Oct 22, 1982RWISH I WOULD HAVE RE ENLISTED
Tscherteu, ErichHT2Jan 2, 1980 – Jul 6, 1983r
Tscherteu, ErichHT2Jan 2, 1980 – Jun 2, 1983RGreat ship, great crew!
Harmon, BrianSTG2Feb 1980 – Jan 1983ASWThis was the last ship I served on and the best. The ASW division worked well together. I discovered that it is better initiating a Pollywog is better than being one.
Deering, TimOSSR-OS3Mar 1, 1980 – Mar 1, 1983OIFirst and best ship!!!
McCutchen, MacET3/2Apr 1980 – 1983OEHated the Prick (Hufswine), I worked for, but really loved the travel and the experiences. Working for Justice Department as IT manager now. Fair winds and following seas.
Iten, 110QM3May 1980 – Dec 1981NavigationEnjoyed my time and West Pac. It was a true cruise from Hawaii to Austalia/New Zealand.
Head, James FTMJun 17, 1980 – Oct 12, 1981SAm Had a great time with all you guys, sure did enjoy Australia. Does anyone know where Steve Dersham went
Tscherteu, ErichHT2Jul 19, 1980 – Jun 1, 1983RLots of great memories,great to see some old shipmates listed here!
McCutchen, Bob (Mac)ET2Aug 1980 – May 1983OEFondest memorries are of the "Hammer-Heads" in OE div.
Gilleland, GregSA , BM2Aug 16, 1980 – Jun 19831STGreat times in the navy on board the decatur. rember alot of great friends john goodrich,shawn cochran, ken mushrow too name some thanks for the good times one and all your friend Greg
Walker, VincentMSSNAug 19, 1980 – Aug 1, 1983Suppl;yI had great times with the crew
Mason, Reginaldrm3Aug 20, 1980 – Apr 11, 1983boats/opsplay on basketball team
Hardin, JosephBM/SNSep 5, 1980 – Jun 8, 19821stI think often of our west pac. Hawaii Kwajalein Guam Japan Korea and Australia, could not ask for a greater crew. I miss all of you. My shipmates I will always remember you And the hard work we did and good times .
Lomas, KevinEM3Sep 6, 1980 – Jul 8, 1983Elooking back on my 12 years of active duty having been assigned to 5 different ships and doing 7 west PACs far the best days of my career where spent on the USS Decatur.. In first division as well as E - div ..
Martinez, Jose/joeHT3Dec 1980 – 1984REPAIR DIV.This was a part my life I frequently talk about a short period of my life, the few years I spent aboard were good years. To all that remember me keep in touch.
Buckley, MarkIC31981 – 1984EBest time of my life. LOts of good people
Green, DennisPNSN1981 – 1983PersonnelWhat a great boat! Did two WestPacs on the DickyDoo. Hey remember the bumper stickers? "318 Feet of Whoop Ass DDG" And the guys who would dress up as Neptune's Beeeitch to get out of shellback hazing... Good times.
Adrianzen, Ericbt31981 –eng.Hope to hear from ya all
Cull, JohnBT31981 – 1983Engineering2 cruises ,decommissioning,great crew and one hell of a ride.
Benham, KeithET2Jan 1981 – Apr 1983OEGreen Monday...Anyone remember? How about the 1st day Stern reported on board...Chief MAA tried to take away his model gun...Stern stomped it to pieces. Very funny. 2 west pacs...the best one was the one we went to Austrailia. Good times
Artym, RockyhmcJan 1981 – Jun 1983x divisioni cannot add anything to the comments of my shipmates. it was a great ride and have many fond memories. would love to get together for reunion or bbq, how simple is that. thanks for a great time., i retired hmc .
Urtz, MattOS2Jan 23, 1981 – Jun 30, 1983OIMy first ship. Had some great times and made some lifetime friends. Still in touch with a Tim D, Pete, Sammy and Lt Boren. Anyone know the whereabouts of Eddie Gasaway or CWO Slaten.Retired from Navy in 2003.
Benham, KeithET2Jan 30, 1981 – Sep 1983OE
Worster, WilliamSH3Feb 1981 –Supply
Daniel, GlennIC3Feb 18, 1981 – Aug 16, 1983A GangWonderful ship with a great crew
Gremillion, Steve "Grem"HT2Mar 21, 1981 – Jun 23, 1983R DivisionNoticed a couple of names on the list, John Bates glad to see your name there. I did two WestPacs on the Dicky-Doo. Some of the greatest times of my life. I do remember Dan going overboard on Portside Helo Fire Rescue
Cunningham, ChrisET2May 1981 – 1983OE/OPSMy fondest memories of being in the Navy are from this ship. I really liked that boat. Crew were all friends and the skipper (CDR Mills) was a good man. I would have re-upped for 20 yrs if I coulda stayed on the old Dickey-Doo.
Boren, Wayne (Chop)LCDRMay 1, 1981 – Jun 15, 1983Supply2 Westpac's. Decom crew. Great ship and crew.
Jerkovic, NickBT3Jun 1981 – 1983Good times. The beginning of one hell of an Engineering career.
Rivera, CarlosLTJGJun 1, 1981 – May 31, 1983COMM OFFICERTwo deployments, Japan, Australia, Bahrain, New Guinea, Samoa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Korea, Singapore, some good times, some tough times
Rivera, CarlosENS-LTJGJun 1, 1981 – Jun 30, 1983OpsCommo
Holt, JamesMS 3Sep 3, 1981 – Apr 1, 1986supply
Noland, LeeSTGCNov 1981 – Jun 30, 1983LCPO AS Div1st LCPO billet and 1st ship since 9/71, drilling reservist. CO Mike Mills and XO Bob Allee are two of the finest officers I've served with. The CPO mess was the best I ever belonged to. My fondest memory, making shellback in 1983.
Pytlak, JosephICCDec 1981 – Jul 1983EGreat shipmates. I retired in 1995.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1967 | 1968 – 1970 | 1971 – 1973 | 1974 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – 1981 | 1982 – now

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