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USS Decatur (DDG 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Decatur (DDG 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 285 crew members registered for the USS Decatur (DDG 31).

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Parsons, DavidET31971 – Dec 1972OEDid 1 Westpac in 71-72. Remember being in Indian Ocean over Christmas 71. Started in radar then went to EW group. Got to see a lot of the world, Subic Bay, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Pango Pango, Hawaii.
Gallion, DanielE-5 Radioman1971 – 1972CommsGreat ship and great crew. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Pago Pago, Hawaii. And don't forget the sea scout cruise. Never forget the emergency recall in the Philippines.
Shrader, Butch profile iconE-5 IC1971 –engineering
Jerabek, MarkETN -31971 – Jul 1973OEGreat ship and crew along with lots of memorable times. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Pago Pago, Hawaii and the Philippines. (Looking for the "Garbanzo Brothers") Allen Kelly, Patrick Richards and Carl.
Nix, RodSN1971 – 1972WepsI remember leaving half our crew behind at the U.S. Naval Base under emergency orders, and sailing through the Indian Straits headed for the coast off of India to evacuate U.S. citizens.
Snell, HerbertE3Jan 3, 1971 – Sep 4, 1972
Rigsby, James Michael (Mike)B T3Mar 1971 – Aug 1974B
Roussel, RockyGMM3Mar 15, 1971 – Mar 15, 1975GMGreat seeing some old names. Who was with me in Subic, Hong Kong, Pearl, Perth, Guam? Seems like it was yesterday.
Skamel, ThomassnJun 1971 – Dec 8, 1972deck
Voss, StanleyOS 3Jul 1971 – Jan 1975deck and o.s.i remember alot of the names,but its been a long time since then and i was only 17 when i got onboard..nice seeing some familiar names...had a great time and will never forget them.....stan voss
Meehan, RogerseamanJul 13, 1971 – Feb 19, 1976bm
Parker, JimSK3Aug 1971 – Nov 1972SupplyGreat experience made one westpac tour.
Holmes, DonET2Dec 25, 1971 – Apr 13, 1972Great sight seeing tour of Australia, New Zeeland, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Taiwan, American Samoa.
Daniel, LinPN3Dec 25, 1971 – Sep 15, 1973Ships OfficeWould like to be added to crew list and find out about the guys I served with while on the USS Decatur
Roll, Kim/ RolloSEAMAN1972 – 1974BoatswainProud to have been aboard her
Mabey, JerryGMT31972 – 1976AS
Olson, BillMM31972 – 1972eng.Stuart Huntoon, good talking to you! Would like to connect with Roberto Caudillo, a good man with a great,gracious family. Won't forget you Bob and the good times!
Olin, Melton JMM2Jan 1972 – Dec 1974M DivisonAft Engineroom
Smith, JoeSNJan 2, 1972 – Dec 4, 1972I worked under a BM3 or BM2 who was in charge of the Captain's Boat located on the 02 level. I finally ended up as a Seabee w/ 20 yrs. 3 mo. & 22 days & retired 01 April03. SK1 Joe E. Smith U.S. Navy (RET.)
Olin, MjMM2Jan 6, 1972 – Dec 20, 1974M
Gerard, PatHMCSApr 1972 – May 1975n/xIt was a great three years with a great crew to be associated with during long deployments.
McPherson, Gary (Mac )gmm2May 6, 1972 – Sep 4, 1976SamSaw a few names of great sailors I worked with and hope they are doing well and I'll hear from them . JT , Stan Voss, mac the QM , and others . update, add JT Houck, Don Stille, Jon Sherrill, Mark Barr, Lee Dominguez !
Bjorge, DavidBT3Jul 21, 1972 – Jul 19, 1975bi did'nt like the navy when i was in, but i wish i could go back!
Phillips, ByronMM3Sep 1972 – Jan 1976MTwo WESTPAC's. After Engine Rm w/best crew in Engineering under Cmdr. Katz. Made MM3-TWICE! Bunch of hard working, great guys and lots of memories. Hey MUNDY remember Guam? After discharge spent 25yrs. as Control Operator w/SCE Power Plant
Mundy, JeffreyMM1Oct 1972 – Feb 1977MSpent three WESTPAC's including demining Haiphong Harbor. Saw the end of the war on her. Served with a lot of good men whom I do miss. I see men I served with in the roster. Cdr. Katz was an excellent officer.
Spicer, FrankOS3Oct 1972 – Jul 1975OperationSpent a very interesting 3 yrs there a couple of WesPacs and had some very good friends..
Johnson, Merle (John)SK3Oct 1, 1972 – Jun 7, 1973SUPPLYWEST PAC TOUR 72-73 WE HAD THE BEST CREW in our class of ship
McMillan, William (Mac)QM2Nov 1, 1972 – Aug 1, 1976N/X2 Wetpacs, 2 yard periods and a great bunch of guys.
Hall, LeoSNDec 1972 – Jun 1975AS/DeckBest experience ever, WESTPAC 1973 & 1974 - 1975. Great to see familiar names of the crew. Roger what have you done with yourself?
Ames, KennethBTFNDec 1, 1972 – Jun 1, 1974BServed with both Blake Waterhout and Craig scripture. Was so glad i was a BT. Taught me much. Still work for the DOD at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard at Bremerton Washington State. Got to see the conversion to target ship
Henscheid, G.c. "Josh"MM31973 – 1973(Forward Engine Room)Served for about 8 months waiting a billet to open for Nuclear Power School. Spent most of that time in Viet Nam Region (various missions...)
Helmig, JerryRM21973 – 1975Communications
Augustine, Thomas (Augie)ETN21973 – 1975OPS i'm in las vegas look me up great to see ole salts
Ravert, BrianETNSN1973 – 1976OEAnybody have an extra '73 westpac cruise book?
Nixon, Rodneysmsn1973 – 1974communications
Dan, JohnsonE21973 – 1974HTA rather crazy lost soul in these days. Some good times and better friends.
Scripture, CraigBT2Jan 1973 – Sep 1976B I can't say that it was all good or bad, but it was an experience that I am glad I had. I was in the forward fireroom. Better than Blake's aft, but not as good as Rigsby's Oil Shack. Man was that pit hot! Hey Bjorge I don't wanna go b
Krukowski, Anthony   NEWIC3Feb 13, 1973 – Nov 10, 1973RNuclear Power School after being transferred in Nov 73. Wound up in submarines after nuc school Retired as EMCM(SS) in May 1992. Worked in civilian commercial nuclear plant in for 20 years retiring in March 2013.
Waterhout, BlakeBT-3Feb 20, 1973 – Jun 28, 1976BTwo westpac cruises, SOAP team in the shipyard at Long Beach, Supply P.O. for after fireroom. Remember lots of Boiler Casulities in and around Tonkin Gulf area. Had a lot of fun in Hong Kong. Took lots of good pictures. Shame she had to be sunk.
Grabowski, MatIC3Apr 1973 – 1975R2 Wespacs and a lot of crazy times
Mora, MarkIC3Apr 1973 – Jan 1976R2 wespac's, started in #2 Engine Room as an FA. I joined the IC Shop after IC A School. Working on a DD/DDG Website and collecting copies of the Cruise Books and photo's.
Phipps, Randy (Purdy Lee Spackle)stg 3Apr 24, 1973 – Dec 22, 1974sonar / torpedo / asrock / deckHey Tidbitts,when ya comin back to cal. G.rose,icalled ur house once but never got ya. and B.W.Baker ,Talouse, D.LGraff, Rex Corter, Yagi, . So many more i cant think of. THANKS FOR THE MEMORYS. GAB
Goldammer, Michael (Goldie)EW1May 1973 – May 1978OIThe Navy molded my life. Still think of the good ol days on board the Decatur. Great ship, Fantastic crew. BZ to all. After all this time, still working as a Defense Contractor for the Navy.
Ormsbee, Milfred/preacherSEAMAN 2Jul 1973 – Jun 1975FIRST
Mauro, DaveEtsnAug 1973 – 1974E
Standriff, Robertsh-3Aug 11, 1973 – Aug 11, 1978suppybest time of my life
Pospisil, William Boats ( Pop)BM1 (BMC)Sep 15, 1973 – Oct 18, 19751ST
Loiselle, RobertIC 3Oct 24, 1973 – Sep 23, 1976RepairWas in the fwd fire room then changed to the IC shop I had a great time. Like to hare from ya.The names bring me back to alot of great times.
Shoemaker, ScottEM 2Nov 1973 – Jan 1974RServed on board through two overhauls after her return from Vietnam, one westpac Cdr Katz was Chief Engineer for whom I became log room yeoman because I could type. Overhauls at National Steel and Portland Oregon. Saw Hong Kong and Hawaii

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