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USS Decatur (DDG 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Decatur (DDG 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 285 crew members registered for the USS Decatur (DDG 31).

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King, StevenMM21968 – 1972WESTPACI'm retired and living near Greenville, SC after spending more than 20 years in Connecticut and then spent 18 years in Florida. I was honored to work with Chief Whetstone and his band of Snipes!
Robinson, Paul Aka "Little Robie" profile iconMM21968 – 1971MServed with brother Doug "Big Robie" Robinson
Wilson, Richard profile iconBM 31968 – Nov 1969Deck DivisionRetired Federal Service Owner "Little Bear Gun shop" Served 2 years aboard The Ship Then served 3 years at Brown Water Navy Vietnam
Bond, John (Jack)FTM2Feb 1968 – Jun 1972Weaponsthree westpac cruises AUSTRALIA THREE TRIPS
Scheu, DonRD2Feb 1968 – Feb 1971OIGreat Division to work with! Great Travels, Great Crew and Grand Vessel!! Always In The Right!
Rudd, Luther F. Jr.Apr 1968 – Oct 3, 1969BT.I would not trade my experience aboard the Decatur for anything. Although I do not see my shipmates anymore I believe I have made some lifelong friends whom I will never forget. The BT devision had some great guys as well as the entire ships company
Carter, Garyyn3Apr 1968 – Nov 1969engineeringLots of great memories and friends from the Decatur. Tritschler, Alonge, Farmer, Millar, Lebens, Honeycutt. Laws, Gregg, Malone, Alcon and all the engineering department
Johnsen, JjE3May 1968 – May 1970EngineeringMany fond memories on the Decatur. The bad memories fade with time. In my 2 years on board as a member of the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club we saw alot of the world.
Johnson, Edward Mike profile iconSeaman thru Radioman Second ClassMay 6, 1968 – Aug 12, 1970OperationsWould like contact with shipmates when I served aboard. Was junior man in radio for some time. Learned much from those above me. Visited Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Pago Pago, Hawaii. Miss it a lot.
Spade, VinceMM3May 30, 1968 – Feb 27, 1972MShe was a great ship, we made 4 WESPAC cruises, a midshipman cruise and a lot of local ops in SOCAL. Made a lot of good friends, MM2 Ron Fleet, MMFN John Newland, MM3 Jose Hurtado and MM3 Steve Estep. Great ship, great times.
McClellan, Richard/rickLTJGJul 1968 – Jan 1970operations
Lebens, FrankLTSep 1968 – Jun 1970Engineer OfficerGreat memories of a hard working engineering division
Harrison, CarlRM2Sep 1968 – Sep 1968Westpac
Forth, MichaelE-41969 – 1971SupplyMade lifelong friends on the Decatur, Bill Enold, Steve Leszuk, Rick Gressman and Paul Andrews still sailing the high seas together.
McGovern, ToddSN1969 – 1970DECKI arrived on-board March/April 1969 upon transfer from USS Braine DD-630. I completed the Westpac in 1969 and upon return to Long Beach received orders to NAVSUPFAC Danang RVN. My BMCs were BMC Crenshaw and BMC Williams
Whetstone, JosephBTCS/BTCMFeb 1969 – Aug 1972B DivisionAs a BT, this ship was was the hardest to cope with in the fireroom. I remember how hot it got to work and stand underway watches. One thing that BT's all have in common is their loyalty, and Decatur were the best.
Houck, JTGMM3Feb 4, 1969 – Mar 16, 1972MI/GHad some good times, and those are what I remember. The friends I will never forget, Jerry, Gary, Joe, Jack, Lurch, Superman, Buck Buck, and all the rest. You made my tour worthwhile and helped shape my life. Take Care.
Sniezak, JoeQM3Feb 19, 1969 – Aug 1, 1972NavigationWhat a great time. Playing and singing in our band in Subic, Hong Kong and Australia. Amazing how you forget about all the mid watches and crap you had to go through and just recall the good times.
Jensen, Nickoles ( Nick)SN TO GMM2Feb 26, 1969 – Jul 2, 1971MI GMy first ship out of "C" school.I really loved it. I learned alot of professionalism on that ship which has carried over into my civilian life. Just between you and me, after steering watch during a typhoon sucks!
White, DonaldFTM2Mar 1969 – Nov 1972M / GTwo Westpac cruises Indian Ocean during Bangladesh war. Two midshipmen cruises. We were steaming while the JPJ was in port.
Otis, JohnBM3Mar 5, 1969 – Aug 19701stlooking for anyone who served during the time I was aboard the decatur. does anyone remember why we were at manus island around july 1970, I think?
Marshall, Hoyle/danCTM2/ETN2Apr 1969 – Oct 1969ElectronicsFlying fish, sea bats, Pearl Harbour when they walked on the moon, New Jersey's last cruise
Harness, Emmett (Peewee)yn2- seaman on decaturApr 1969 – Jul 1971x divisionspent about 3 months in deck force, then was in ship's office, a great ship and shipmates, would not take anything for my memories of the Decatiur
Collom, RichardFTM2Apr 16, 1969 – May 1972Weapons
Gutierrez, GutzPN3May 3, 1969 – Aug 29, 1970"X"
Simonsen, Howard "Skip"SK3Aug 1969 – Feb 1970SupplySpent most of 5.5 months in port at Long Beach after shore duty in Viet Nam.
Deyoung, AlYN3Sep 1969 – Jun 1971Weapons, Ship's OfficeLeft for our Westpac cruise on Friday the 13th, 1970. As a member of the Black Cat Squadron (we were the flag ship)we were predicted to be sunk by a California psychic. Obviously we weren't but did go through a typhoon.
Willis, "RaymondSNSep 1969 – Dec 1970One WestPac cruise in 1970. Remember John Otis, Eddie DeVito, BMC Crenshaw, Michail Meyers and I did't like the Navy then, but wish alot of times I could go back and relive those days, I would do things differently.
Fought, MikeETR3Sep 1969 – Jun 1971OEThanks to J.P.North for getting me an ET slot. Friends with Hank Osuna, Smitty, Kelly.Al Farnham, John Cowley, Big Al, PC (postal clerk} Mike Avazono Actually enjoyed the typhoon, Wespac, Austraila and New Zealand.
Deyoung, Allan/alYN3Sep 1969 – Jun 1971Weapons/Ship's Office
Ganus, James [jim]BT-2Sep 1, 1969 – Apr 1, 1972Bhad alot of fun nooners at gull park in long beach eddie gasque contact me at or anyone who was aboard 1968-1972
Sechrist, RonaldFTG2Oct 1969 – Apr 1971GMade a WESPAC cruise in 1970.
Avezzano, Mike AvezzanoQMSNOct 10, 1969 – Jan 7, 1971nhad a great westpac cruise,including austrailia new zealand and cambodia
Steighner, BobIC2Nov 1969 – Sep 1972R3 great years with only positive memories of serving with the finest men anywhere; that's all that's left in this aging brain. Blessing prayers for ALL of you!!!
Wellmann, Steven/ CrashBMENov 1969 – Jul 19721stWent on two Westpacs.and two trips to austrailia. Served with C monte who married my sister
Schafer, NickSeamanNov 15, 1969 – Feb 15, 1971EngineeringAboard for the 19710 westPac. Love to see all those ports again. Seemed to have missed a few. Too much San Miguel. Turned 19 in Taipei, Mostly all good memories.
Paradiso, WilliamMM3Dec 1969 – Sep 1970eng rm
Gasque, EddieBT2 (BTCM)1970 – 1974 was leading p.o in both fwd and aft firerooms. was hardest working ship i ever was on. was on several westpacs and down under trip. to the guy, manus new guniea was just a fuel stop. hey david bjorje!!!
Gasque, EddieBT2 (BTCM)1970 – 1974. hey bjorge.. (was leading po of both fwd and aft firerooms. hardest working ship i ever was on. made sev. westpacs and austraila trip. remember many boiler causalties. for the guy who asked, manus new guniea was just a fuel stop .
Steed, Noelan (John)ETR-11970 – 1972OEA great ship and crew, and the best OE division in the fleet at that time. I still own Lt Quinn $40 for my Subic O Club tab. Apologies to those who I ticked off. Nothing personal, it just came with the territory
Smay, Terry SmayEM2Jan 1970 – May 1971R -Made (1) WestPac Cruise in '70 and was on the SOAP Team in Long Beach before I was transfered to my 3rd ship in May of '71 for my 3rd WestPac Cruise. I have alot of good memories and would love to hear from any of my former shipmates.
Hause, WilliamEMCMJan 25, 1970 – Dec 1, 1972RServed as R Division Leading Chief, stood EEOW, Underway OOD, and was DCA in Westpac. Made two WestPac Deployments and two cruises around Australia.
Kluchar, JerryEN3Mar 14, 1970 – Oct 18, 1970engineering
Huntoon, Stuart-aka The KidmmfnJul 16, 1970 – Sep 15, 1973M aft eng
Kohn, JohnEM3Sep 1970 – Jun 1971RServed during drydock period after in-country Vietnam service. Supposed to be 'recuperative' duty. Worked for Chief Hause with Grunvalds, Showalter, Lipe and a whole lot of other great snipes.
Grinvalds, JohnEM3Sep 1970 – Aug 1971R DivisionA lot of time in Long Beach
Corter, RexOS3Nov 1, 1970 – Apr 1, 1974OSI thought I knew everybody on the ship. Looking at the names, I guess not. Maybe I've forgotten. Didn't want to enlist, when it came time, I didn't want to leave. Great times ... saw the world. Would like to hear from you old mates.

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