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USS Decatur (DDG 31) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Decatur (DDG 31). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 288 crew members registered for the USS Decatur (DDG 31).

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Kirkwood, TerryRD30000 – Oct 1, 1971OILance Bell and I met on the Decatur and remain in contact today...what adventures we had together then...and what comradery we have shared since!...I remember many of the names I see here... God Bless all...Terry
Allen, Dick.Sonar 3rd ClassOct 1956 – Apr 1958sonarPlank Owner of the Decatur DD 936, Commissioned December 7, 1956. Cdr J. J. Skahill, Commanding Officer, LCDR D. V, Cox, Executive officer.
Disinger, FosterSOG3Oct 1956 – Sep 1958Sonar
Van Brocklin, BruceSNOct 26, 1956 – Jul 28, 19582 ndserved with SN Bob Massicotte, SN Joe Carisilo, SA GeneChittenden ChiefTorpedeoman Tony Castlegrant,Chief Gwynn, RM Chief Delaney, BTC Smith,BTC Edwards.
Hill, AlanEM2Nov 10, 1957 – Aug 10, 1960 Electric Shop with Stepp EM3. Derato EMFN, Stratton EM3,Krause FN
McPhee, TimE3May 28, 1958 – May 28, 19601sthey are there anyone one around from the good old days
Gant, RichardYN2Mar 1, 1959 – Mar 10, 1960OCYou can see the updated USS DECATUR page at: We also have a discussion list
Merchant, HowardSA & SNMay 11, 1959 – May 14, 19602ndServed on deck force, ships office, mess cook. On fire team in Naples.. Transfered to ET A school Great Lakes thanks to LCDR Ewing (XO). Retired ETC Dec. 78. Remember well Toulon France and Nanu Boilel (fell in love
Russell, Ralph (Rusty)SNMar 19, 1960 – Dec 15, 1962DECK APE
Bergen, BillBT 21961 – 1965EngineeringLiving on a small farm in Florida after a career as an over the road trucker. I would love to touch base with a good buddy from back then, Jimmy Bordeaux
Poole, DougLTJGJun 9, 1961 – Jun 14, 19631st
Helmreich, BobLTDec 10, 1961 – Aug 1, 1963
Myers, LaurenE4Aug 27, 1962 – Aug 27, 1964RepairCuban Missile Crisis, Caribbean and back 8 times, going through the Suez and back, ashore for a bullfight in Spain when the bull won, collision with The Lake Champlain and helping to haul in the fuel line, end in Boston
Fraioli, RichardseamanSep 1962 – Sep 19641st divisioncoxswain motor whale boat 1963-refueling detail-aft steering control lost refueling from carrier Lake Champlain-Mail helicopter crash aft deck-caught sharks in the Red Sea at Suez Cannal-Cuban Blockcade.1963 .
Thompson, DeeMM 1Oct 1962 – Jun 16, 1964Mmet the ship in the Cuban crisis and left after the collision withthe Champ
Bill, GoodwinRD31963 – 1966RadarServed through Cuban Missle Crisis Kennedy Assasination Being Torpedoed In Port Lake Champlain Collision Looking for Stienhauser,Teczar, Randaza, Bickham
Rice, DennisFTM-31966 – 1967WeaponsPart of the commissioning crew. Helped install and operate telemetry for both guns and missles. Bill Gratza to this day still remains one of my best friends. Currently disabled with terminal mesothelioma. Take care.
Carver, JohnPN31966 – 1968SHIPS COMPANY
C Ameron, Thomas JIC-3Feb 1966 – Aug 1969ELECTRICALReported precom and worked SOAP TEAM until sea trials. Went to Long Beach, West Pac 1 cruise. Hated every minute of it but I love the men and the memories now. Lt Smolens thanks for not writing me up in Jamaica
Fryer, BertTM1Feb 1966 – Feb 1971ASI enjoyed the camaraderie and the cruises.
Noe, Charliemm1Jun 1966 – Jul 1972m and rwas in #1 eng rm and was in charge of r div and worked on air cond did t westpacs was on board when we stopped in the mendus island
Millar, Johnmmm-2Jun 1966 – Dec 10, 1968M-divEnjoyed my tour from Restart through westpac and first deployment
West, JamesQM3Jul 5, 1966 – Apr 20, 1970OPS
Kelly, JohnRD2Aug 1966 – Oct 1969RadarGreat crew. Many fond memories and friends. Wish all my shipmates the best.
Mowrer, FrankSNSep 1966 – Jun 1968deckFrom transit at Long Beach I went to Newport Rhode Island. for fleet training. fire fighting , damage control etc. went to Boston ship yard,was the xo's yoeman, till I got out in 68.
Gratza, BillFTG3Sep 1966 – Jul 1968WeaponsBoston was fun on pre-com. Virgin Isles, Puerto Rico & Acapulco were better. Shipmate Dennis Rice and I became life-long friends. Dennis passed away Dec. 2013 from meso. The Dicky-do & our UA were memorable for us both.
Nailor, RobertYN2Sep 1966 – May 1968EngineeringYN3, Eng. Yeoman, Pre-comm in both Newport, RI and Boston, MA. Went from SA to YN3 while assigned DDG31. Plankowner.
Burnz, Robert profile iconFTM2/1 (FTMC)Sep 1966 – Nov 20, 1969MIWorked in Missile Radar with Petzold, Candel, Rosenthall and Justin. On precomm crew. Plank owner. Last crew member to touch her in Pearl Harbor just before RIMPAC 2004 when she was sunk as a target. Best duty of 20 yrs.
Taylor, MarcLTSep 6, 1966 – Feb 28, 1969WeaponsPre-comm, plankowner, shellback. Great crew! I remember the Tartar crew knocking the tail off the QF-9 drone at Roosevelt Roads and the Gun crew hitting the WP flare counterbattery fire at Vieques. Good memories.
Schultz, DennisDK3Sep 14, 1966 – Sep 14, 1967SUPPLYI remmber the long hours settling all the FSA and temporary duty per diem once the ship was oommissioned.
Connelly, BobFTM3Sep 15, 1966 – May 29, 1969WeaponsPre-com in Newport 'till end of 1st Westpac. My only ship. SPS-48 gang with Carlson, Lawrence and Schmidt then Gun plot with Eli Kinkaid. Captain's 1JV phone talker for Capt.Bagget &Allen Ship's diver, rescue swimmer.
West, TonyRD2Sep 25, 1966 – Apr 22, 1970OIPlankowner (1967) and Shellback. Excellent crew and Excellent times.
Willis, RichardFTCSOct 6, 1966 – Dec 10, 1969MINucleus Crew at Boston Naval Shipyard. Plank Owner. Great group of guys. Sad to watch the SINKEX but proud of the fight she put up before going down. Great memories. Active reunion group available for all Decaturs,
Boehlke, JoeE-4Oct 9, 1966 – Mar 18, 1969SupplyServed on board from precom until return from first Westpac cruise. Was storekeeper working for Lt's Birindelli and Tepovich in Supply office.
Koehler, DaveRM3Oct 16, 1966 – Jul 14, 1968OCPlankowner, Served with Deleware Ben and the Calif. Dreaming gang.
Serafine, Albert "Mark"ETR2Nov 1966 – Jun 6, 1968OEI reported aboard while Decatur was in Boston Naval Shipyards for DDG conversion.Plankowner and made E5 on board. Sailed through Panama Canal to San Diego where in May of 68 I received separation from Navy.
Myrick, ThomasFA-MM2Nov 2, 1966 – Mar 3, 1969M Div.
Powers, Ed "Doc"HMCNov 10, 1966 – Jul 25, 1968MedicalI was a PreComm crewmember in Boston and the ship's Medical Dept Representaitve. I remember HM2 Bill Hickey being awarded Navy Cross during the commissioning ceremony, and the cruise to the West Coast via the Panama Canal to homeport at Long Beach
Collins, Carroll (C.c.E-31967 – 1969deck divisionThat was, looking back, one of the greatest adventures of my life - playing drums in numerous foreign ports, and drinking my way across the Pacific Ocean. I'm sure i had a great time, I can still remember some of it!!
Tyler, WilliamFTG31967 – 1969GunsI joined Decatur in Boston drydock in 1967. I was a plank owner. Left the ship in 1969. I was an FTG3 and ran gun plot in 68,69., One of the great experiences of my life.
Posalski, MarcFN1967 – 1968Engineering
Daly, John J. IIIJan 29, 1967 –
Smolen, TheodoreLTMar 1, 1967 – Jun 9, 1969MPALooking for MMCS Dyer
Talejkowski, Alfred (Ski)SF1Apr 29, 1967 – Feb 7, 1968RI was part of the original 5 member crew, in Boston Shipyards for DDG conversion.Plankowner. I made CPO and styed in for 22 years. Retired 1974.
Lawrence, JoeFTM3, then FTM2Apr 29, 1967 – Apr 19, 1969WeaponsReported aboard ship when in Boston being retrofitted from a DD to DDG, as a result of damage during refueling. Reported to Chief Carlson, and worked with Bob Connolly and Chuck Schmidt. Looking for contacts with crew
Hihn, JerrySK2Nov 1967 – Feb 1971SupplyServed in Supply SSC under Birindelli and Tepovich. Was fortunate to visit Decatur 1 more time on March 9 2004 with two shipmates and wife. Great time was had by all. Thanks James Webb, Ray Oliver. See you guys again soon. Reunion, lets go.
Marticorena, BillPO3Nov 1967 – Feb 1969AdminNavy Reservist. Served on Deck Force prior to receiving YN3. Originally from Southern California, currently living in western PA.
Marticorena, BillYN3Nov 1967 – Feb 1969WEPSWEPS Yeoman for LT Geneco. Great WESPAC in 68. Shellback. Friends CJ Collins, Haynes, Riddel, Sullivan, Walters, Mehl & Mike Taylor. Never forget the experiences, especially ripping off our sonar dome in S.D. just before shakedown.
Hihn, GeraldSK2Nov 1, 1967 – Feb 3, 1971
Hihn, GeraldSK2Nov 11, 1967 – Feb 3, 1971sAll you Decatur sailors check out website at for reunion updates and all kinds of other stuff..

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