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USS John Paul Jones (DDG 32) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS John Paul Jones (DDG 32). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 302 crew members registered for the USS John Paul Jones (DDG 32).

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Ohara, Daniel (Rizzo)1972 – 1973
Dillard, RichardBT-21972 – Dec 9, 1975
Combs, ChrisE-3Feb 1972 – Sep 1976R Div A gangHad a lot of fun with some great guys. Bob Rainey, Bill Thomas. Loved giving Marv and Doug a hard time in FC central. Never forget when Bill and I went out in Japan and had shrimp tempura and lots of saki!!!
McNabb, MarvinFTG2Feb 7, 1972 – Feb 1, 19733rdThe memories I have, Endicott coming back in a towel, my pal Bill Thomas, the big minesweep. I still have stories written on JPJ letterhead. Wouldn't trade them for the world.
Endicott, LarryFTG-3Apr 1972 – Jul 17, 19753rdMarvin, I still haven't found my pants! Probably a day doesn't go by that I don't have some thought/memory of my time on the "Jones." I still see Dan McDonald and Bill Thomas every-so-often. We are planning to get together this su
Draugelis, Joe (Stretch)SK2Apr 1972 – Jan 4, 1974SupplyLooking for SKCS James IVEY. Loved driving his 1973 AMC GREMLIN X. Also any other guys who were on board the same time I was.
Franklin, Roger profile iconem3May 1972 – Jan 24, 1974E
Downing, JohnFTM-1May 1, 1972 – Oct 8, 1976Weapons-ThirdOn board for over four years. From working the gun line and NSAR to evacuating Saigon. Looking for anyone there during that period, especially anyone from Fire Control.
Medford, Philip (Mad Med)PO2- MM2Jun 1972 – May 1976Machinest main in EngineeringRecived Comindation for enableing the John Paul Jones in Meeting all of it's Missle firing missions While beeing Severely under man'd and keeping a high level of moral among my subordnets issued unit commidation in Hong Kong Bay By Caption An
Draugelis, Joe (Stretch)SK2Jun 1972 – Jan 4, 1974Supply(Optar SK)Came on board via a Marine Huey from the USS Denver off the DMZ. Got shot at the next day by Charlie, as we all did. Remember SKC Jim Ivey and driving his 73 Gremlin X. Had a great time during our tours to Nam.
Valverde, BenGMG 3Jul 10, 1972 – Jul 9, 19752ND
Weaver, JohnLTAug 1972 – Aug 1975OC DivisionOC Division was a great group of men to work with.
Powers, WayneBTAug 1972 – Dec 1975EngineeringJust checking in to see if anyone from this time frame developed cancer, could be from Agent Orange in the water off the coast. Could get disability from the VA. Please contact me at
Knupp, NormSTG2Aug 5, 1972 – Nov 21, 19754thJoin the USS John Paul Jones Association at This is for members of the crew for DD-230, DD-932, DDG-32 and DDG-53 or Friends of the Association.
Harper, MikeSEAMANSep 1972 – May 1975WeaponsStarted out as a deck ape and ended up in weapons. Did two tours and 3 days in the brig in San Diego on bread & water. I miss the guys (Willie Helton, Marvin Noble and Dan aka: Ronrico Rizzo). There were some crazy times. Subic Bay!
Valverde, BenjaminGMG 3Oct 10, 1972 – Jul 10, 19752ndLooking for Marvin Nobel and Dave Holland . Benjamin Adams ; Carl Wilhelm ...
Trachet, JimBT3Nov 1, 1972 – May 1, 1975BGreat time in the after fireroom
Wheeler, Charles (Corky)MR-3Dec 1972 – 1974A gangJust found this sight. It's been a long time. I remember Roger Franklin, Joe Boughton, Ackers, my boss Banta. Mm Robinson. Chris Combs. Plemans
Dodson, RaySTG2Dec 28, 1972 – Sep 18, 19744thI served with a great bunch of guys and made one WestPac in 1973. The year we swam in Haiphong Harbor - post mine sweep :) .
Parker, MikeDECK APE1973 – 1974Harper, Rizzo, Moore, Valverde, Puskas, Goodie and the rest. Remember the parties at my place? Love to here from you guys.
Buranen, Randy A.1973 – 1973BT-E-2I meet a lot of nice guys,for the short time I was on. I was the youngest on the ship at the time.I remember that we were ready to pull out,and they came up with orders for someone to go to Adak Alaska.No one raised ther hands.By-By me.
Patterson, BryanBT1973 – 1976BT Forward Boiler roomAlot of good times and hard work. Glover and Dunaway,I new you guys would be life long friends, Miss Jack Rabbit Abbot ,Killer killian, Dillard, The Big Dawg,Kewnart,Zowrno,What a time. Bryan
Parker, JohnE2Jan 2, 1973 – Mar 2023boatmateSucked being there, but I miss the guys, mike harper, puskas, moore, goody. Hey you guys contact me.
Garrett, Ralph (Steve)MM3Jan 7, 1973 – Oct 1, 1977ENGINEERINGNEED FOR SK3 SWEENY TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME AT 716 912 8908 OR WRITE TO PO BOX 46 CLARENCE NY 14221
Howard, KennethJan 10, 1973 – Oct 21, 1975bm
Plemons, JohnE-3 ENGINEMANFeb 1973 – Jan 1974
Williams, JamesLT 03Feb 1973 – Aug 1982I don't knowMy Dad, JAMES G WILLIAMS, served aboard this ship, I don't know many details, just what is on his DD214. He passed in 2009 and I want to get in touch w/ anyone that remembers/knows him RACHEL.WLLMS@GMAIL.COM Thank you!
Plemons, JohnEN-FNFeb 2, 1973 – Jan 23, 1974R
Plemons, JohnEN/FNFeb 4, 1973 – Jan 23, 1974A -My second ship . I was transfered from the USS Kitty Hawk CVA 63 . It was like getting out of a Cadillac and climing into a model T . The Jones was my favorite . Had a lot of fun and made some life long friends ...
Sweeney, PatrickSK3Mar 1973 – Oct 26, 1976SupplyMy first ship, it was a blast. Spent a lot of time in the Gulf of Tonkin and in Olongapo. Rejoined in 82, ran into SKCM Ivey during indoc at NTC SD. Would like to hear from you all.
Marcus, William (Bill)RM2Mar 1, 1973 – Nov 27, 1975COMMINICATIONSPROUDLY SERVED WITH A FINE CREW.
Shuler, CharlesBT 3May 1973 – 1977B DivisionI reported on board and helped refuel the ship for deployment the next day. I was on board when a Crack in the skin of the ship was discovered 1A FDB helped stand watch on Crack until HI.
McCulley, BryanSTG3Jun 1973 – Jun 1975SonarOther guys in the group: Baines, Greiner, Foussat, Hickman, McKenzie, etc. Lost track of everyone for quite some time - living in Austin TX now - and still get seasick!
Cowan, WillICCJun 1973 – Sep 1975EngineeringGood times and good friends on the JPJ. Made the cruise to Nam when the war ended. Seeing the Helos being pushed over the side to make room for more. Retired USN 77, Retired Lockheed Martin 97 Living in Panama City FL
Crabtree, RonaldE-3Jun 26, 1973 – Jun 23, 1976MMHi, all shipmates. Ron Crabtree here. Would like to here from you . E-mail at Still living in san antonio, Tx.
Brierley, JamesMS-3Sep 1, 1973 – Jul 1, 1976Supply
Rainey, RobertSTG2Sep 20, 1973 – Jan 20, 1977Served in 4th Division with: McCulley, Knupp, Garcia, Reiman, Freshwater, Foussat, ENS Wilhelm, and a lot of other great guys.
Strong, DarylRM3Oct 1, 1973 – May 1, 1977oc divisiontrying to find shipmates in the oc division Bob gates,William marcus,Greg chevas, murray,dePaola,as well my favorite cook mssn arnold dietz.. see you all at the reunion in VA may 4-7
Fillible, GaryYNSNDec 1, 1973 – Dec 1, 19751stI would like to contact my captain and xo, Mr Anderson and Mr. Brueggeman (spelling not right) so I can arrange their signature on a large photo of the ship before I frame it.

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