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USS Albert David (FF 1050) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Albert David (FF 1050). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 194 crew members registered for the USS Albert David (FF 1050).

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Welch, MikeMM31972 –engineroom
Echterhoff, JohnTM21972 – Aug 25, 1975ASWIt's been a long time since '73 WestPAC. Retired now. I worked in the nuclear power industry for 33 yrs. as a Quality Assurance Auditor. I'm looking for gun-line info. for the A.D. during this time-frame.
Finch, William (Rock)EM3Mar 1972 – Mar 1974ElectricalRemember Yokosuka, Sasebo, Subic, Bangkok, Taiwan, DaNang, Gunline, China Sea, 50' waves, HI, Alaska, etc.?
Blankenship, JamesMMFNJun 15, 1972 – Sep 15, 1974Engine Room
Creer, DougMM3Jul 1972 – Oct 1973M Division
Reed, TerryRM2Aug 18, 1972 – Jun 30, 1975OCFirst tour on the David. Great shipmates.
Lovett, RandyDE 1050Oct 1972 – Sep 1, 1975
Blankenship, James profile iconMMFNNov 15, 1972 – Apr 23, 1974Engine RoomServed with Bob Gunner MM2, Dave Foster MM1, Chief Scoggins, Chief Pierce,Larry Silvia MM3, Mike,Welch,MM3,and many other great men.Was on board for 73 West Pac Yokosuka, Sasebo, Subic,Taiwan,Hong Kong Gunline.
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Deibell, Allan/dbSTG3-STG1Dec 10, 1972 – Aug 12, 1977ASW1st ship out of "C" scol. PB 3rd. LPO's name was "Smitty". Singer in the "Ship's Band". Got married, left Nav, got divorced, back in Nav 'til 95.
Romanow, JohnIC3Dec 10, 1972 – Aug 15, 1975engGreat times on the Big A
Stafford, JohnBTFAMar 1973 – Mar 1973BI was TAD on the Albert David. I hitched a ride from Subic Bay, out to the Connie in the Tonkin Gulf. I stood watches in the fireroom, and still haven't quite figured out those pressure fired boilers... or the crazy S.O.B.'s I met down there.
Arseneau, DavidSTG2Jun 1973 – Apr 1978WeaponsI am living in Phoenix, AZ, not far from where I lived when I joined the Navy. I spent nearly 5 years on the Albert David. We had a great crew during my time on board. I welcome email from anyone.
Satterfield, JerryOT1Jun 1973 – Jan 1975OTRemember the tour well. Turned out to be the only ship I rode in 21 years. Retired in 89.
Janus, J. J.OT2Jun 1973 – May 5, 1976OT (TASS)
Barnes, RickyRm3Jul 1, 1973 – Jun 1, 1977Radio roomI remember petty officer shaw sending a rookie for a bucket of steam from the engine room. And yes NMFQ does stand for what it means :)
Bryant, NormSR-GMG2Nov 1973 – Jun 1977First ship/Still have that picture. Retired as GMC in Jan 1994. Work at San Diego Superior Court now. E-mail s welcome. Looking for Ed and Regina Wrage.
Darlington, JohnOSSA1974 – 1975OI/CICChief pain-in-the-butt OS during the infamous TASS Westpac '74. Remember Club Sampaguita?
Dyck, JayQM3Feb 1974 – 1975ONI was along for the WestPac cruise in '74. I served as a quartermaster along with QM1 Barger, QM2 Brothers, QM3 Reece and QM3 Lovett. Our navigator was Ltjg. Heller.
Darlington, JohnOSSNApr 20, 1974 – Jun 6, 1975OI
Scott, NortonOS2May 1974 – Dec 1978OI
Green, JeffMMSep 1974 – Aug 1976MBack in Tucson where I started. Albert David was actually a pretty good time for me.
Workman, David (Bags)QM2Nov 1974 – Aug 1978Navigation
Arganbright, BobBMCNov 13, 1974 – Jun 3, 1977FirstI had a great time on this ship. I've been retired since 1984 and would love to hear from old shipmates!
Halvorson, GregoryMM3Nov 23, 1974 – Sep 9, 1977engine room/main controlHad a great time, looking for Mac
Steagall, William (Bill)LT(JG)Dec 1974 – Jun 1977OCI was commo and OC divo. Stood bridge watches, and dry dock watches when we went through overhaul in LBNSY. "No, Mr. Steagall, NMFQ does not mean No More Freaking Questions", It was a great crew and I was lucky to serve.
Lind, ArnieIC2Nov 1975 – Nov 1976EngineeringIt was a small ship! I had just gotten off the Sterett CG31, and onto my 3rd yard period and 3rd ship. Dale M , Reuben S & Chief Doan where are you?
McHaffie, DickSANov 20, 1975 – Jul 7, 1976DeckAlbert Dildo...Not there for long. Got there with Fred Craver, Dan Hensley & Ed Wrage. Had a lot of fun at the Scuttlebutt, Frank Morales was a good friend. Can't believe it's been 30 years
McGill, James H. "mac"MM11976 – 1978M
Mahler, KeithMM21976 – 1979AFishing for subs, rock & roll
Keene, GeraldBM/SN1976 – Oct 29, 1977deck
Sloan, RobertOTA31976 – Jul 1979OT DivLooking to contact my old shipmates
Gabbard, Michael ( Bones )BM3Jan 19, 1976 – Jul 4, 1979First Good memories on the A.D. Good friends and really good times. Hated going 5 knots for weeks though!!!! Anybody remember West-Pac Don't think my body could go through P.I. again but I'd like to try!!!!! E- Mail me!!!
Barton, BruceQM3Mar 1976 – Jun 1978NavigationSince the late 1980's she's been the "Para" D 27 of the Brazilian Navy. As of 2005 she was still active.
Hardin, TwidgetOT1Mar 1, 1976 – Jan 7, 1978ASWMemories of old. Left before westpac. Overhaul in Long Beach was great. Cruise up Cal coast. Hawaii cruise. War games. Still have my lighter.
Sloan, RobertOTA3May 1976 – Jul 1979OperationsAfter leaving Navy did stint in Pa. National Guard and went back to Naval Reserves ( MIUW 206). Retired from Phila. Prisons after 11 years. Presently Pa. State Corr.Off (13 years)
Wilke, JimOS2Jun 1976 – Nov 1979OI
Wulff, JayMSSNJun 1976 – Nov 1977Supply, Just a cook.
Hanson, FlagzSM2Aug 14, 1976 – Sep 1, 1981OCLooking for old shipmates: RM3 Jon D. Criss, IC2 Dave Reed...and others Find us on the Devo facebook page.
Wright, JohnHT-21977 – Apr 15, 1979R-Div.My first ship. A lot of friends. A lot of fun. I remember ROH in Long Beach. And West-Pac.
Skinner, David (Skinny)SR-TM21977 – 1979First/WeaponsI remember west-pac 78...was not to good the morning (bones) was kicking my rack saying get up Hensly because i was in the wrong in P.I. miss all the gang M.J.,Jeff,Freddy,Cliff,and all.
Laramie, ChuckGMG2Feb 1977 – Jul 22, 1980WeaponsWorked as Boatswain Mate for first year then became a striker for Gunners Mate. i look back with Nostalgia now...not while I was there. hung out with a lot of great guys and had a lot of great times.
Horne, ThomasGMT3Apr 10, 1977 – Oct 31, 1980WeaponsTime sure does fly. But i can say it was an interesting experience on the ship.
Kent, ChrisQM3Jul 1977 – Aug 1980NavigationThree years of partying, learning lifes lessons and gaining some maturity. Great bunch of shipmates. Spent a tough year in deck div. before joining the Nav div. Recall Laramie, Kabrick, Danley, Gabbard to name a few.
Arrington, JeffBT3Aug 1977 – Apr 21, 1981Seems so long ago we all lived the same memory
Abraham, Richard (Abe)mm2/mmcAug 1977 – Aug 1983mDid 2 tours on the mighty Devo. Had some good times and some bad. I can't really remember all the bad times.Spent alot of time looking for Russian subs.
Hamilton, Thomas(Scooter/lb)OS3Sep 1977 – Sep 1978OIWorked with Skip Bellon, Wilke, Tershak(?), Davenport, Williams, Scott (Whale) Norton. OS1 Williams. Never will forget Chief Mulder and that amazing moustache. WESTPAC was no fun for me as I left early w/emergency.
Jernigan, JerryHM3Sep 1977 – Jun 1979Hospital CorpsmanI reaaly loved the WesPac in 1978
Hitchcock, JonBT3Oct 1977 – Jul 1980BNever worked a day in the hole. I did all my time in the oil shack. Got out and have been working as an industrial lab tech ever since. I guess once a skate always a skate! Have fun...
Oliver, FrankieBM2Oct 15, 1977 – Feb 18, 1978First DivisionI landed on the AD for brother duty with TM 3 Tom Akin. I left the ship on a Hardship discharge due to my father having Cancer and I was needed at home. I made some friends onboard, but remember RTC orlando #324 Oct 77
Saltman, BillE5Nov 1977 – Oct 1981deckcrazy times
Vinzant, Thomas/tomMM3Nov 1977 – Jun 1981EngineeringWent on 2 West Pacs Enjoyed working with all the crew.

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