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USS Albert David (FF 1050) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Albert David (FF 1050). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 194 crew members registered for the USS Albert David (FF 1050).

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Jackman, GeorgeSH-2Aug 1967 – Apr 1970SupplyPre-com to 4/1970
Smith (Smitty), WalterSH31968 – 1971SupplyHey shipmates this is Smitty I worked in the laundry and store. Would like to contact others from the time period above.
Ruble, BruceRD31968 – 1970OIPLANKOWNER !!! My first ship .Got out in 1973 RD1Baby Robert Brandon/RD2Billey Joe Jackson ORIGINAL RADAR GANG.. VANCOVER BC(DEVENSHRIE HOTEL?)VIET NAM (shot pigs in Danang harbor?)?Re uped in 73 ret in 91 as an OS1(SW).. What a ride !
Gowins, MarlinE21968 – 1969EngineeringI was aboard the Albert David when first Commisioned in 1968. I was there for only about 6 months before I was discharged. I can't believe it was sold to Brasil. What was that all about ? Shhhhhhhish !
Arnold, ThomasSeaman1968 – 1970DeckforceGreat times. would love to hear from shipmates. I am a plank owner.
Classen, RichSK3 plankowner1968 – 1969Supply
Fones, JamesLT1968 – 1970ENGINEERINGIn 25 years I was never happier than when I served on the Albert David. My engineers were the best and we painted a Red E on the stack during our first tour. I will never forget finding my BTCM and the CO enjoying libert
Kinard, Robertic21968 – 1970engineeringplankowner. great crew had a good time serving.
Timmons, Lewis/timSeaman1968 – 1970Gunners MateI am looking to connect with other shipmates that were in during 1968-1970.
Smith, Walter SmittySH 2Apr 1968 – Feb 1972SupplyI operated the ships laundry and store. Am a plankowner
Giesler, JohnBTApr 1, 1968 – Nov 1, 1971Engineering
Donalds, John (Jc)ETN 2Jun 1968 – Jun 1970OperationsPlank owner. Pre-commissioning through her first West Pac. What a trip !!
Moore, MichaelPN2Jun 1, 1968 – Jan 4, 1971OPSPlankowner
King, MichealE4Jun 1, 1968 – Apr 1970YN3Im a Plankowner
Markovich, PeterST-1Jul 1968 – Dec 1972AS
Taylor, TeeST 1Jul 1968 – Apr 1978ASPull 2 tours on the Big AL
Markovich, PeterE6/ST1Aug 1968 – Dec 1972AS DivisionPlank Owner
Thompson, DouglasSTG3Sep 1968 – Aug 1970SonarServed as a sonar operator. On board ship at commissioning ceremony in Bremerton, Wa. Not on list of plank owners that was taken 3 months prior. Was on first WestPac to Viet Nam and back to Long Beach, Ca.
Whannel, DennisGMG3Oct 19, 1968 – Mar 12, 1972gunners mateplankowner
Yun, TerrySK3 plankownerOct 19, 1968 – Jul 1, 1971SupplyAnyone wanting to swap a story about big Al e-mail me
Wrye, JimBT2Oct 19, 1968 – 1972Engineering Boiler RmPlank owner
Tillson, JaredQM2Oct 26, 1968 – 1971OperationsPlankowner; made first Westpac. USNR after active service Retired 1990 while serving in a NEAT unit as QMC with 23 total years service..
Turner, RichardFTG3Nov 24, 1968 – Nov 24, 1972G Divisionbegan in deck division, transferred to G Division to become an FT
Gianoly, GinoSTG2Dec 24, 1968 – May 28, 1972WeaponsThe Albert David was the only ship I served on. Made the Westpac cruises in 1969 to 70 and 1971 to 72 - separated from the ship for discharge while in Yokosuka Japan and airmailed to Long Beach.
Pederson, Dan "Pete"SM31969 – Nov 1971Our WestPac was a great experience with some really great guys.
Washington, CurtisBT-21969 – 1970Boiler Room
Mumaw, SamBT3Mar 1, 1969 – Mar 1, 1971EngineeringHad a great time and have located some old shipmates. Still looking for Jay Deboer
Pabis, JohnRD 3Oct 1969 – Feb 1973Operations
Rumble, William (Bill)Ltjg.Oct 31, 1969 – Jul 1970OIServed as CIC Officer. Ship dodged Typhoon June in Nov 1969. CIC crew: RDC (?), Henderson, Morelos, "Buck," Pabis, Rehder, Jackson, Rodgers, Ruble, Fong, Guest, Galarde, etc. Served on the "Gun Line" and plane guarding.
Sully, CraigE11970 – 1972weapons divison
Krause, TomE41970 – 1972deck divisionGreat officers and crew aboard USS Albert David. This ship had one of the longest continuous gun-line duties, in between liberty ports of over 90 days, while off the coast of Vietnam. I was proud to have served on her.
Schwartz, KennethE4Jan 1, 1970 – Jun 18, 1973Gunners mateCrew members from 1970-1973
Langston Jim, DiamondLtJan 2, 1970 – Oct 27, 1972GUNS & AHey you all missed a great reunion this weekend. Contact me at to hear about the next one and join the Big Al Association posted 29 July 2012.
Eisenbach, Robert (Ike)BT2May 1, 1970 – Aug 20, 1973M
Finnell, TracyIC3Jul 1970 – May 1973
Jordan, TyronSep 7, 1970 – Jul 4, 1972Westpac Nov, 1971 to July 1972 on record to us as the best can in the theater at that time. Never missed a committment. Out shoot every other ship in the fleet. She was called the Dirty D back in day. Great ship and crew.
Heman, DennisSK2Oct 1970 – May 1974Storekeeper
Dress, CharlesOS3Oct 1, 1970 – Dec 31, 1972OIServed aboard USS Platte AO 24 WestPAc cruise 1969 ~ 1970 and USS Albert David DE 1050 WetPac cruise 1971 ~ 1972.
Silvia, LarryMM3Dec 1970 – Jun 1974EngineroomServed with Bob Gunner MM2, Dave Foster MM1, Chief Scoggins, Chief Pierce and many other great men. was on board for 3 West Pac tours. Great Ship---Great Guys ---Great Memories!
Bates, AlQM31971 – Dec 12, 1972we all grew up on that cruise... i retired in 1998 as a DPC
Manherz, Petemm31971 – 1973a divisonGood times on the Big Al, Ah the Golden Bone!
Shedd, Charles profile iconE41971 – Sep 1, 1972MAssigned to the Engine Room. Worked with a great group of men.
Conductor, SamuelQM1Mar 1, 1971 – Mar 1, 1972NavigationThe year I was there we did a westpac tour and were nick named the galloping ghost of the vietnam coast we would shore bomb one place and be in another the next day.
Richartz, BrianGMG 3May 1971 – Aug 25, 1972Gun GangCame on board after first tour on a flat top and loved the rocking and Rollin of the Tin Can (BIG AL). Have great memory's of West Pac 71-72
Landry, KenOS3Jun 1, 1971 – 1973OI
Enquist, EdSTG3Oct 1, 1971 – Feb 1, 1973ASI often think of the interesting times we had on WestPac

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1977 | 1978 – 1982 | 1983 – now

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