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USS McCloy (FF 1038) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS McCloy (FF 1038). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 224 crew members registered for the USS McCloy (FF 1038).

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Burrier, JohnMM3Dec 13, 1958 – Dec 14, 1990engineroomi spent 4 yrs onboard some good memories and bad walking on the bulkheads in storms and decom we put her together and gave it a new life a few times changing shaft bearings in a hurricane was not fun
Welsh, DanRM3Jun 21, 1962 – Sep 27, 1965communicationsgreat ship great captain...was plank owner of the mccloy
Phillips, Anthony/tonyIC21963 – 1966EOriginal crew member on precom detail and a plank owner
Dumars, JackETN3Feb 1, 1963 – Jul 1, 1964CommunicationsIt was interesting to live in a motel and drive to the ship yard each day. I got sick after the Cuba missle blockade and was on shore duity after that. About april of 63, we all were alarmed the day JFK was shot.
Vorholy, JosephmmfnJul 1, 1963 – Jul 2, 1965engineringoriginal nuclius crew member . beginning crew precom schooling at newport ,Ri. homeport .inaguration took place at charleston ,SC. us naval base october 1963. originaly designated as DE-1038 !
Hartsook, Gary profile iconMM1Jul 16, 1963 – Apr 1965MWas in charge of the engineroom after I made MM1. Was plank owner.
James, O'NealSH2Sep 15, 1964 – Jan 14, 1970Ships Service
Yablonicky, AntonICC1965 – Nov 1967RReported aboard as IC3, made2 in Norway, Shipped over for "B" school in '67, then went to JFK
Nova, Robert (R Barton)EN 31965 – 1967Dash Helo Deck, Throttle Watch, and Bridge Spec Sea DetailWhat a crew. Paslowski, George, Clem, "Old Man" John, Buda, Russo, more. I joined the listing McCloy in Newport, then to South Boston (remember buying cases of beer beside the drydock?), then to Newport, then to the North Atlantic. Wow.
Lewis, Roger (Louie)STGSN - ST1Feb 1965 – Dec 1969UMy fondest memories of my 13 years of service were aboard the McCloy. Thank you Captain Colbert for most of those fondest memories
Lisic, JohnFTG3Aug 8, 1965 – Jan 5, 1967WeaponsI'll always remember my friends aboard the McCloy and wonder what became of them. I served under Lt. Brandt and worked with Dave Budda, Jack Lenard and Bob Smith. I was the old guy in the FT crew, the "Ancient Mariner".
Snyder, PeterENS, LTJG and LTNov 1, 1965 –MPA, DCA and XOInitial tour was as MPA and DCA. Several years later came back as XO
Schling, WallyQM21966 – 1969operations
Getz, Robert (Herder)RD 3Apr 1966 – Feb 10, 1969OperationsMy first and only ship,Europe,caribean,S.America,Artic circle, equator and lots of roughseas Some of lifes most memorable experiences, On the whole a great bunch of guys!
Wilkinson, JohnETN 2Jul 1966 – May 1967CommunicationsHey Paul S, I was looking at some old 8mm film I took while on MATCHMAKER cruise in 67. Remember your bruised face from a skiing accident while we were in Bergen Norway? Lots of good memories while on the McCloy.
Schmidt, CharlieICFNOct 10, 1966 – Nov 15, 1968R
Schmidt, CharlieICFNOct 14, 1966 – Nov 26, 1968R
Colbus, LouisLCDRDec 22, 1966 – May 10, 1968Operations/Administrtion
Walker, BurmanDC 2Mar 15, 1967 – Nov 8, 1968RMcCloy was the 2nd of many ships during my 22 yr career. She was one of the best duty stations I had. Made 2 cruises, became a Shellback and Bluenose, went through a major overhaul in Boston and went through GITMO in Cuba.
Russo, Pete RussoBT 2Oct 1967 – Dec 4, 1970B
Peck, Michael (Mike)STG3Feb 1968 – Jun 1969URough weather equivalent to the song "Dancing on the ceiling", or bulkheads, or water tight doors. Anything but the deck.
Osborne, Eddie L. (Ozzie)Seaman/boatswainmateFeb 1968 – Jan 19691st.
Gene French, GeneSTGCFeb 12, 1968 – Mar 25, 1971UUNITAS 68, MED 69 USS LEADER 76-78 USS BRUMBY 78-80 OHPCSTC 1981-83 FLETRAULANTDET MAYPORT 1983-1986
Worrell,, RichardE4Apr 1968 – Jun 1968SupplyI was a DK3 aboard the MCCLOY. I received a two month cut from active duty as the ship was preparing for a South America cruise around the cape, etc.
Dennis, DanEM3Apr 23, 1968 – Aug 11, 19691 stWas onboard for Unitis 9 and came back a shellback remember revolting the day before we crossed the Equator when I was a poliwag. Thought we were pretty bad until the next day when all the shellbacks kicked our ass.
Wales, CarlSTG3May 1968 – Mar 1969Sonar
Phillips, ElmerIC2Dec 20, 1968 – Aug 14, 1970RJoined McCloy in '68 as IC3 in Newport, RI soon after its clockwise circumnavigation of South America. David Rogers was captain.
Rogers, John "George"STG3/STG2Dec 28, 1968 – Jan 7, 1971UActive duty in McCloy was the beginning of a 37 year career in the Naval Reserve!
Marshall, MikeSNJan 1, 1969 – Dec 29, 1969Weapons/DeckRemember Boson Larry Gibbs, "Fleet Ensign" Ted Block, The Arab, June Bug, Lt. D.R. "Wolf" Larson (the deck seaman's nightmare), Capt. David Rogers, Capt. George Allen, Kenny Rouse and the Snakes of 1st Div.?
Sisson, DanEm3Jan 3, 1969 – Sep 15, 1971RI Remeber (Guru) Pete Russo, (Neuf)Mark Panizolli, (Ratso Rizzo) Rich Grimes. ( Tanker) Gerry Tanking and everybody in "The Shop" Too many memories and laughs. Will always cherish those days in my young life!
Langille, Timothy profile iconMM3Jun 16, 1969 – Jul 17, 1971Machinist I served with a great bunch of guys. Been years since our last reunion. Chief Schafer and Lt.Faye were great Officers and supervisors, along with MM1 Gonzales. Was a Great Ship and Great crew while I was aboard.
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Consoer, Keith profile iconSTG3Jul 19, 1969 – Aug 17, 1973UThe only ship I served on. In and out of Port on the Depth sounder. Monkeyfists not my specialty. You could tell when I was at the CZ screen - the glow from that corner lit the whole room. Bad weather made me sick at sea
Minder, RichardGMG 2Jun 1970 – Sep 1973whiskey
Surette, FrankBM3Sep 1, 1970 – Jan 15, 1971fIRST
Murray, KenRD3Oct 1970 – Jul 13, 1972OILove the Navy... hated being in it. Look back now, though, as some of the best times I've ever had in my life. Miss old friends, greatly. Murph, Jackie Powers, Tim Lund, Silvestrie and Daniello.
Murray, KenRD3/RDSNOct 1970 – Jul 1972OILoved being underway. Hated being in port.Catching up with Boomer, Babe Silvestri, Daniello, Joe Lewis, Gino or Murph would be terriffic. We had a ton of fun together, especially down on Thames St. in Newport during the "DE" days.
Silvestri, JohnBM 31971 – 1972deck
Hebert, Bob, Robert, HerbyEn3Jan 1971 – Nov 10, 1972EngineeringShipped home from Germany on an early out in November 1972 after Northern European cruise.
Smith, TimOS3Aug 1971 – May 1973Operations
Peck, MikeRM2Sep 1971 – Oct 1972RadioThought I joined "McHales Navy" when I got on board. Some nice memories and "interesting" folks like Daniello, Ruggles, "Crash" Murray, Ferris, Dargis, Prew,Colwell, Tom King, Nizzy, and Vice Admiral to be Fry.
Lopes, Joseph (Lopin Joe) profile iconSTG3Sep 1, 1971 – Jun 15, 1974Sonar
Rheaume, HankMM2Oct 1, 1971 – May 4, 1973Had a great time aboard the McCloy. After 30 years got a call from my great friend "Snake" BT2 Hope to hook up with hime in 2006
Carroll, JohnE3Oct 1, 1971 – 1973Boiler RoomI remember biting into a steak and getting buckshot. Cook said I got a little extra iron in my diet. Was in Keil, Germany during the Munich Olympics. Good times. Bangs, Chi Chi Rodriquez.,Snake. Left with ruptured appendix, did'nt return

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1971 | 1972 – 1976 | 1977 – 1980 | 1981 – 1985 | 1986 – now

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