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USS Richard S. Edwards (DD 950) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Richard S. Edwards (DD 950). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 111 crew members registered for the USS Richard S. Edwards (DD 950).

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Amorosi, PeterFTG30000 – Nov 6, 19782ND DIVISION
Huntington, FredTM21958 – 1959torpedo gang
McGovern, Robert(Bob)SOSN1958 – 1960Sonar
Solis, One DragonBT 2Sep 13, 1958 – Jun 19, 1962
Fleming, MalcolmQM 21959 – 1963
Woodward, Roy WoodyRMSM1960 – 1961Com
Morrow, BobSeamanAug 2, 1960 – Jun 30, 1963Deck hand boatsman mate
Craft, JoelRMSNJun 1, 1961 – Jun 6, 1962 If I had gone aboard the Eddie before I went aboard the StPaul I might have made another cruise. Or two.
Keller, GrantBT31962 – May 1966
Wass, DickSOSN1962 – 1963Fox
Fletcher, Minyard (Fletch)QM2Jun 1962 – Oct 1964
Gardner, DewayneRM3Jun 3, 1962 – Jan 28, 1966OC
Spain, DaleFTG2Dec 26, 1962 – Aug 30, 1965FoxRetired in July 2005 from the Metro Nashville Police . after 30 years. Married, three children, one son, two daughters. Son served aboard USS Carl Vinson. Highlight of time on Edwards: Sept.1964 Tonkin Gulf incident.
Johnson, DaleE41963 – 1965OperationsRadarman
Steltz, JoeFTGSN1964 – 1967FoxI Served under Chief Spilker and Rea both good men. Chief Rea is still living at this tim in Virginia
Faris, VinSTG3Feb 1, 1964 – May 30, 1965FoxAnyone who has any information they would like to share about our trip into Tonkin Gulf in 1964 please contact me. I'm trying to do some research on that cruise and the incident.
Lujan, Jose Antonio Nicholas(nick)E-3 GUNNERS MATEJun 1, 1964 – Sep 1, 1966GIam looking for old shipmates. like Robert Beck,for example, if anyone knows,letme know.
Jones, GarySNJul 1, 1964 – Jul 2, 1966oci was the tall skinny guy who delivered messages for the radio shack.
Sheetz, Charles Richard (Rick)CS3Jun 6, 1965 – Sep 10, 1968Commisary supplyMy 1st year on board the Reddie Eddie I was a Gunners Mate then I switched to Commisary Supply. I have been in Law Enforcement past 35 years and have a book published names Moonshine,Watermelon and Rock Salt.
Thommen, William F.TM3Oct 30, 1965 – Jun 25, 1968FOXRETIRED TMCM (SS) IN 1993 WITH 28 YEARS SERVICE
Laubach, ClayYN3Dec 19, 1965 – Feb 10, 1968Engineer YeomanEngineering Yeoman - and Ships office
Albritton, William HoyleLTJG1966 – 1969Everything
Escott, WilliamRD3Jan 1966 – Feb 1967OILooking forward to the San Diego re-union June 2008, would love to hear from Ray Pelletier
Deitrich, KenYN3Feb 16, 1966 – Nov 3, 1969Operations
Thomas, StanleyLTJGDec 1966 – Sep 1969
Page, LorenLT(jg)Jun 1967 – Jun 1969Fox, 1st, DCATwo WestPacs
Shults, RoyRD-21968 – 1970Go to for our reunions
Davis, DalSMSA-SMSNAug 5, 1968 – Aug 5, 1970OCFirst ship after boot camp.
Giannone, MarioE31969 – 1970Ship's cookHad a great time in Hawaii. Miss being out to sea. Looking for John Gibson from Minnesota and Mitch Taylor from Kansas.
Stevenson, JimEM 3Apr 1969 – Jul 1969R
Lambert/piersak, Steve profile iconsm31970 – Sep 1972oc
Keleher, DaveETN3Jul 15, 1970 – May 15, 1971OperationsI didn't serve on the Edwards very long, but I enjoyed every minute of it.
Van Marter, JimRM2Aug 1, 1970 – Feb 28, 1974COMMUNICATIONSMY FIRST SHIP AFTER RM "A" SCHOOL.
Clark, BradleyMM2Sep 1970 – Dec 1973Saw the recommissioning of the Ready Eddie and the West Pac including Operation Linebacker and the mission into Haiphong Harbor. Can we be that old? Am now in the airline business........see the connection?
Kapeghian, JohnGMT 1Oct 1970 – Mar 1972ASWRecommision 1970, Great crew. no H.P. air leaks. exhausted all small arms ammunition, flares,and grenades on the S.A.R. GMTC Retired,22/10
Sheard, RobertCS3Oct 1970 – Jul 1972supplywas on the recommisioning detail made cs3 while on the edwards. was the jack of dust and was transfered off half way through 72 westpac by high line transfer
Kapeghian, JohnGMG1Oct 1970 –ASbest ship, best crew, & a new ASROC sys. Capt. Deal,ASW, MM'S, BT'S, EM'S, SK'S we worked great together. no HP air leaks, thanks BOB F. SH1 thanks for taking care of wives even after you wife was hurt before we got to pearl. t
Farrar, DonOS3Nov 1970 – Apr 1973OI
Carpenter, DanEM3Nov 1970 – Nov 10, 1972RGreat time. Came on board before 1971 re-commisioning and stayed until the Xmas cut 1972. Great times, great ports. I learned a lot, grew up a lot thanks to many on board.
Amestoy, MarkMM3Nov 1970 – Apr 1974Maft.engroom.ruled.............Esicar,Clark,Price,Reusch,Garrett,Johnson,Amestoy....What a crew,anyone want to hit the beach. Hope everybody is alive and well...

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