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USS Morton (DD 948) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Morton (DD 948). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 261 crew members registered for the USS Morton (DD 948).

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Doucette, DonRN1958 – 1961RadarPlank owner.
Jarvis, AllanMM-21959 – Apr 1961Aft.Eng.Rm.
Emanoff, KarpBT-11959 – 1961How many of us are still around?? I am here. I will be at the reunion in Renton, Wa. on August 15, 2007. Hope to see any of yout here. Karp
McAvoy, DennisJan 15, 1959 – Jul 15, 1962
Taylor, Robert (Bob)snFeb 10, 1959 – May 20, 19601stPlank Owner
Ward, JoeSFP2-DVMar 1959 – Nov 1961m and RPlank owner, only one to ever water ski behind a Navy Destroyer. Had some good memories and some bad ones. Now that I look back it was some good years of my life and I met some life long friends. It was hell getting transfered off the 948
Ackerman, RichardET2Apr 10, 1959 – Dec 15, 1959ElectronicsPlank Owner. I was with her being built at Ingalls Ship yard
Moore, John B. " J.b."MM2May 26, 1959 – Jun 12, 1963MI fondly remember many of my shipmates , I am in touch with some .Adventures and misadventures .
George, JamesDD 948Sep 9, 1959 – Sep 11, 1963GM
Christensen, TomSONARMAN 2ND CLASSOct 8, 1959 – Sep 9, 1963FOXLots of "Sea-time" Alwayse at sea! 2 West-pac cruises
De Montegre, LarryDC2Nov 1, 1959 – 1961Damage ControlmanArrived on board late 59. I remember Joe on water skies...we would lose sight of him in the troughs. I was one of two that carried "Doc" out of sick bay and laid him on deck. Sadly, he passed away as we carried him.
Kirkland, Neil F.FN, EM3Dec 1959 – Apr 1962R
Greer, LeeGM2Dec 1959 – Jun 19622ndPrecom school at Norfolk 59 Honor Guard Captain at Commisioning Underway sea detail helmsman In charge of Mt 31
Brock, JamesSOG3Dec 21, 1959 – Feb 9, 1963Fox Div.can attest to the water skiing story I have photos. Lots of sea time lots of ports of call. One of the best experiences of my life. Good crew and great Sonar team. We kicked Butt.
Bourns, JohnnyRadarman 3rd class1960 – 1964OIfor USS Morton Quarterly Newsletters contact I saw Joe Ward water ski behind the Morton in the Gulf of Siam (Tonkin Gulf) in 1960.
Gustin, JerryFA TO BT3Jan 1960 – Dec 1961BThe Morton and USS Hoel boiler rooms gave me a great start in my civilian life and a High Rise Building operating engineer. Open 5 new high rises over a 41 year period in Los Angeles. Retired in Colorado now.
Thiss, HoytLTJGApr 1960 – Oct 1961Disbursing OfficerReported aboard in Hong Kong and departed in Sasebo.
Funderburg, John (T-bird)SM2Jun 1960 – Jan 1964OCI remember wild bill and slattery's calvary very well. 2 westpac cruises, golf of tonkin.
Smith, JamesSAAug 1960 – Feb 19621ST divisionI was on-board when the ship pulled a guy on skis' . Went on a WPAC cruise in 1961. Had a fire that took the life of our medic "Hipp".
Rowland Jr., Donald E. RollieSN E-3Aug 24, 1960 – Aug 16, 19621 st
Gregory, Anthony (Tony)SASep 16, 1960 – Sep 16, 1962O/I and 1stI was stationed on board Morton for 2 yrs, loved every minute of sea duty especially WestPac cruises.
Kimmell, DoyalET2Oct 1, 1960 – Oct 1962OI
Yates, AlE3Sep 1961 – Jul 19641stGood Freinds,Good Memories.
Gee, DavidSN1962 – 1963S
Dutra, KennethSF3Jan 1962 – Aug 18, 1965R
Sizemore, FrankRM2Mar 10, 1962 – Mar 10, 1964OC
Nagy, ZoltanSK21963 – 1966Supply
Bybee, NorbertLTJG1963 – 1965DCA, R Divisonv
Hoos, AlanQM3Feb 25, 1963 – Sep 5, 1966I didn't think so at the time but the time I spent on the Morton we're some of the best times I remember....Vietnam and all................
Marchesano, MichaelRMSNSep 1963 – Jan 1966OCI had a ball on the ship. I remember Alan Hoos, Frank Sizemore. That time in the Gulf of Tonkin was something else. I will never forget it. Had some really good friends and people on that ship. email me at
Hegland, GeorgeRDSNNov 1963 – Feb 1965OI divisionFunny how you remember only the good times. I even have fond memories of boot camp. To all my old shipmate buddies, I wish you all well. I'm a born again Christian now so I hope to see you all in the great hereafter.
Butler, James profile iconSeaman E3Dec 1963 – 1966Serviceman E3Anyone know what happened to JD Hughes? He got his hand caught in the steam press.
Kordowski, EuegeneSN1964 – 19671st
Barnes, Roland (Barney)MM31964 –
Altfeltis, John A.SMSN - SM31964 – 1965OC DIVISONMy first ship right out of bootcamp .. The Morton will always have a "SPECIAL" place in my heart .. One of the last of the Navy's, ALL-GUN Destroyers .. Fair Winds, Following Seas, John A. Altfeltis, SMC (SW), USN-Retire
Carter, Ronniemm1964 – 1965engine room1st ship and 1st combat
Gabriel, RonaldMM31964 – 1967M
Metz, PeteSNJul 1964 – Feb 19661st/S deck Seaman in 1st div through 64 WESPAC. then xfered to S div. xfered to USS Canberra CAG2 in feb 66. came back on active duty in 1975 retired as SKC in 1993
Wagner, DannyE-3Jul 1964 – Oct 1966Deck Force, Supply.From the first time Icame aboard I felt at home, a lot of great times & memories. My G Q Station was Mt.51 in the magazine, loved Hong Kong, my favorate port. Loved it when we were at sea, like Awsome feeling out there!!
Altfeltis, John A.SMC (SW)Oct 1964 – May 1965OCMy 1st ship out of boot camp and the one I am most proud of. I started out on deck force and thanks to Hollis McBride and Gleason Eads, became a Signalman Striker. You men were the GREATEST! Fair Winds, Following Seas, John A. Altfeltis
Ransom, SpikeSNOct 15, 1964 – May 15, 1965OCI was in the program that you would go to the fleet for nine months or less before going to "A" school. I was a Radioman. I ran the boards (messages) around the ship for Radio Central. Boarded in Subic Bay.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1964 | 1965 – 1968 | 1969 – 1972 | 1973 – 1976 | 1977 – 1979 | 1980 – now

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