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USS Blandy (DD 943) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Blandy (DD 943). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 201 crew members registered for the USS Blandy (DD 943).

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Crater, Carl ( Crazy Carl )STG 31971 – 1974ASGreat bunch of guys to sail with. I wouldn't bat an eye and do it with all of you again.
Greene, Bill profile iconE 31971 – 1973Commissary
Lannan, SteveLT (jg)Jan 10, 1971 – Apr 24, 1972SupplyDisbursing Officer
Henderson, DennisDMSNApr 1971 – Apr 19741stI would like to find all the guys and friends i served with it would be a good experience to talk to them again.
McTurner, TomE4Apr 1971 – Dec 19741st DivisionI was a BM on her, made 2 Med cruises and a WesPac to Nam in 72-73, gunline during that time. Spent many hours making her look good....made some good friends and memories aboard her, wish she was still around
Taylor, BillE3Jun 22, 1971 – May 8, 19731stCame on board June 22, 1971. This was a great experience. Did a Med. cruise, went to Gitmo. Served aboard Blandy in Viet Nam 1972-1973.Made many more ports of call. Left the ship around 5/8/73 in Danang. Do it again.
Preston, JohnSTG3Jun 28, 1971 – Sep 16, 1974ASBest ship ever
Blazer, MichaelBM3Jul 5, 1971 – Nov 14, 19741ST
Taft, David DD 943Oct 25, 1971 – Jul 29, 1973SM3
Amundson, Maurice CS2Dec 31, 1971 – Jul 3, 1975SupplyWhat a great ship and crew. Wespac 72-73, Med cruise 74-75 and summer of '72 training midshipman out of NewPort RI
Mastbergen, RichardBtfn1972 – 1974Bt
Smith, DavidBTFNJan 1972 – Jan 1974Foreward FireroomJohn Sera called me snake and rat.
Wentz, PaulHT 2May 1972 – Dec 1974RepairLooking for more of R-Division personnel. Looking forward to reunion in Philly Oct 2006
Cainion, Arthur /cheeseBMSMMay 12, 1972 – Aug 15, 1974 1st. trylly a rude awakening
Gass, David R.CSSNAug 1972 – Mar 1974Supply
MacElroy, Edward/ Ed/ MacE3Oct 1972 – Sep 19731STI'm looking for Charlie, Carlos, Marlow and others I searved with, its important, I'm having some health issues and they might be too!
Agnese, Robert/bobSNOct 4, 1972 – Sep 27, 19731stMade life long friends, had great times traveling around the world at a young age. Because of sites like these, im still in contact with a lot of old buddies i served with, and made new friends, who served aboard the USS Blandy, in different years
Marlowe, JamesE3Oct 5, 1972 – May 30, 1976Hull technicianWould like to find some of the guys I served with. Also I am looking for a cap with the ships name on it (Blandy DD-943)
Potteiger, JamesBT3Oct 15, 1972 –Destroyer Squadron 23Viet Nam/WestPac Cruise,Ike,Rock, Little Bear,Piper,John Moak. Miss you guys,
Hollingshead, HowardE-3Jan 1973 – Feb 4, 1974Cook. BakerWouldn't trade this short experience for any longer ones. Kinda miss it all.
Smith, Donnie (Mole)BT3Jan 1973 – Apr 1976I remember my time on board the Blandy and consider them as formational year. Joined Seabee reserves when I got out from active duty. Retired from Longwood University in purchasing. I am now a Southern Baptist Pastor in VA.
Mulvaney, Mike/ M&m BoysBT3Mar 1973 – Nov 1975Aft Fire RoomI hope there is a bar in Heaven
Stuard, Charles (Tuna)SM2Mar 15, 1973 – Aug 26, 1976OCMany fond memories of those days aboard the Blandy.Sad to hear its gone.
Mc Dowell, MacBTFRMay 1973 – 1975bhey marlowe remember barcelona i was the other half of the m and m boys tom the stork neidermeyer kenny dodge gary johnston rory clark friends like no others
Brooks, DanielMACJul 1973 – Jul 1975CMAAFirst ship as the new rate Master at Arms.Many memories from Mediterrean Cruise and Shore Patrol duites.
Scoles, JohnFTG1Nov 1973 – Jul 19782nd division
Velletta, JohnRM21974 – 1976OCOne of the best ships I was ever on. Made some really good friends and have some really good memories. Would like to hear from other shipmates from OC division.
Kutter, KennyE-3Jan 1974 – Nov 1, 1974supplyI was only on the Blandy a short time but I have many good memories and made several friends. I was a mess cook for 180 day before going to California to cooks school.
Africano, Joseph / ArmadilloFNJan 1, 1974 – Jul 31, 1974M#2 ENG. ROOM
Uhl, BobLTJGApr 1974 – Feb 19772ndMy first ship. Many fond memories. Look forward to hearing from old shipmates.
Pacheco, LuisSNApr 1974 – Apr 19761stMade many friends, and would like to get in touch with them.
Albano, JoeMS 3Jun 1, 1974 – Jan 10, 1978Mess Management Specialist--CookStarted out as a Commisaryman--Converted to an MMS. To be young again and do things differently and hopefully better!
Salluom, JerryMM3Jul 1974 – Jan 1976M DivisionAfter decommisioning the Springfield, I was assigned to the the Blandy after it had just come back from Viet Nam (1974). We then took a Med Cruise. Was discharged in early 76 before leaving for the Boston shipyards.
Renfroe, WileyE7/ FTGCJul 1974 – Aug 19752nd
Hoon, FrankMM2Sep 5, 1974 – Jan 2, 1976MGood times, Dale, Tommy, Mike, Fly all the good guys.
Pigeon, Ted / PidgeHT3Nov 4, 1974 – Nov 4, 1978Naples Rome, Sking the French Alps, Gitmo, Boston shipyards(Fire on board) Norfolk,Vatican on Xmas day, Sailing the high seas, What a time!!!!!
Kutter, KennySMJan 1, 1975 – Nov 1, 1975supplyI came abort the Blandy as a deck hand and requested to go on mess duty after 180 days of mess duty I was ask if I wanted to be a cook and I was shipped out to MS school in california. looking for past crew members.
Wurmfeld, DavidFTG2Feb 4, 1975 – Dec 18, 1979WeaponsServed on her for two med cruises and the Mideast cruise during the first Iran crisis
Snelling, John "Jay R"OS2Apr 1975 – Aug 1979OII got to visit alot of places.
South, James profile iconMM2May 1975 – Mar 1979E-1 (fwd engineroom LPO)What a great ship to start off a Navy career. Way too many memories and friends to recount in this small space. Will never forget the numerous rookie bilge trips tracing pipes out hand-over-hand. Thanks MM2 Buggs!!
Stouffer, MikeSTG3Oct 1975 – Jan 1977
Scribner, GaryBT2Oct 1975 – Sep 1980B
Scribner, GaryPO2/BT2Nov 1975 – Oct 1980B-Boilers
Del Guerico, John (Moose)MS3Nov 1975 – Jul 1979Supply
Florence, Louis, SkeeterBTDec 25, 1975 – Jun 1979Boiler Tech
Stewart, Martin/ ScarecrowBT2Dec 28, 1975 – Jul 22, 1979Engineering
Stewart, MartinBT2Dec 29, 1975 – Jul 22, 1979B #2 Fireroom

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1962 | 1963 – 1970 | 1971 – 1975 | 1976 – 1978 | 1979 – now

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