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USS Antietam (CV 36) Crew List

The table below contains the names of sailors who served aboard the USS Antietam (CV 36). Please keep in mind that this list does only include records of people who submitted their information for publication on this website. If you also served aboard and you remember one of the people below you can click on the name to send an email to the respective sailor. Would you like to have such a crew list on your website?

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There are 152 crew members registered for the USS Antietam (CV 36).

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Ursery, John Pritchard1942 –J.P. Ursery was my uncle and I recently found a photo of the entire ship, CVS 36. He served on the ship during WWII. Any information regarding his status would be helpful..
Henry, Dixie Wendall1942 –My father was a Marine on the USS Antietam during World War II. He referred to it often and proudly. Does anyone remember a young marine from Arkansas? Not sure of yr. of service but would love to hear from anyone who knew him.
Jeter, DanielFIRST CLASS ENSAug 15, 1942 – May 20, 1953I worked in the boiler room keeping the ship going. I spent most of my time in the engine room. I knew my shipmates,but I was never on deck.
Lawrence, JackCHIEF PETTY OFFICER (RN)1943 –dad was with the fleet air arm and seconded to the us navy and very proud of it. He never spoke of his experiences but was still proud and sad. I would like to find out after all these years just a small amount. Thank you to anyone who can
Butler, RaymondSeaman 1st ClassJan 1943 – Oct 1946UnknownMy uncle Ray Butler. Tragically he was killed in a plane crash on his way home to Marlborough MA right after discharge in Oct 1946. My 84 year old mom is his sister. Has lots of pics of ship and gifts from Japan.
Jester, HaroldSeaman, First ClassAug 26, 1943 – Jan 28, 1946SV6Harold is my father. He died in 2001. I am posting this in his memory. Paul Jester, San Diego, 858-382-1690.
Hirschman, WillieSN1Nov 10, 1943 – Jun 10, 1945catapult
Hasty, Edward (Buster)AOM3/cNov 13, 1943 – May 28, 1946V4Commissioning crew, plank owner
Pollack, Walter J.1944 – 1945
Adams, Richard "Dick"1944 – 1946Original plank owner. Passed away 03Feb1998.
Hazel, Robert Lewis1944 – 1945This was my father-in-law. I believe he was a gunner of some sort. Would love to know more. Email me at
Wheeler, JimMACHINIST MATE1944 – 1945Machine shopMy dad was in the machine shop. If you knew him let me know. He is ill but would probably like to hear from you.
Hensley, Bill?1944 – 1946?Bill worked on the flight deck. I'm not sure about the dates he served. Does anyone remember him?
Duffy, Joseph1944 – 1953V-2 Engineeringmy grandfather is a plank owner and with her for years. I have the picture of her in tokyo bay in christmas 1945 with mt.fuji in the backround hanging on my wall. i also have a group pic of V-2 engineering and list of names from 1945.
Krozier, AlexS1C1944 –unknownReporting for my uncle whose WWII service record shows he served on USS Antietam where I believe he served on a gun crew. He died in 2006 at age 92. he also served on USS Caldwell (DD 605) and USS Sanborn (APA 193) during the war.
Feezle, Robert "bob"RDM 3C1944 – 1946RadarI was on board when the ship was commissioned in 44. I want to say hi to my buddies Harold Garbus, and Michael A. Partlend. They were my drinking buddies and would welcome a reply from anyone who knows me.
Landry, EdwardPETTY OFFICER1944 – 1945Plank Owner My father served US Navy on this ship
Wilkening, George (Irish)S1/C1944 – Feb 22, 1946Deckreporting in for my father, George R Wilkening (Irish)
Cox, Claud/redSeaman 1cl1944 – 1948GunneryMy father shot the 5" guns. He was first assigned to a submarine but missed a ship out and was reassigned to the Antietam.
Lang, Victor Or WhiteyGM31944 – 1948AirWas a Gunners Mate on the USS Antiedam. Looking for anyone who served as well.
Wunder, Albertsv-61944 – 1946?For my Dad ... Albert "Albo"Wunder . Who proudly servied on the antietam as the ships cook. Sometime around 1944/1945 . God Bless you all. And Thank you !
Healy, Francorpsman1944 – 1945corpsmanthis is for my father, John "Jack" Healy...he is 88 yrs old and doing very well.....trying to obtain the Christmas 1945 photo taken in Tokyo Bay....
O'Brien, Larry1ST CLASS WATER TENDERJan 1944 – Jan 1945
Fall, Albert B.Lt (jg)Mar 28, 1944 – May 26, 1946Signal officerSigning up for my dad. He passed from cancer in 1963. If anyone has pictures or stories please contact me if you would.
Briggs, JosephSeaman 1st ClassMay 13, 1944 – Feb 6, 1946Plane CaptainThis is for my dad. He is 91 yrs old and was a member of the original crew and has a certificate for Original plank owner.
Daffer, JohnPetty Officer 2nd ClassMay 30, 1944 –Arresting Gear (V1G)Assigned as she was built (New ship construction). Served on the first crew. Aviation Bowswain's Mate 2nd Class
Conca, Ray/cowboyET3Jul 24, 1944 – Jun 12, 1946K-4I was a plank owner on the `A`. Way back in `44. Would like to hear from some old salt`s.
Mead, KenCHIEF PETTY OFFICERSep 26, 1944 – Aug 30, 1945Aviation mechanicsJoined the US Navy 1941 before the War. Spent four years on Long Island as emergency rescue.
Dingerson, William A.Y2COct 1944 – Jun 1946E
Delevante, KennethYNS21945 – 1947VBF19 - VF20APlank Owner-great ship
Meyer, William (Bill)1945 – May 1946Looking for James Edward Kinsey from Dallas Texas
Felker, RaymondSN1945 – 19462NDCame aboard while fleet was off Samar, P. I. Ran a rearming barge and later the on the Captains Gig. Made the overnight cruises between Guam & Siapan, cruise to Hong Kong, Tsingato China. 1946 Loaded marines aboard at Tsingao and off loaded on Guam..
Frank, Neil "Pops"Seamen 2nd Class1945 – Feb 9, 1946FourthNeil Franks is my Grand Father in-law. As 12/25/09 he sit with us as we enter this information. Neil says the reason he was called "Pop" is because at age 24 he was one of the older crew members on board.
Allen, Bruce/jr.officer cook1945 – 1948unknownI am looking for any information about my Dad (Bruce Allen,Jr.) during this time period. He said he cooked for officers?You can contact me at He passed away in 1997. Thank you all for serving...
Kepler, David C.Seaman 1st Class1945 – 1946Flight deckDad was a plank holder and was on board until his discharge. He worked mostly on the catapult crew. He loved his time on board and had many good stories to tell.
Garland, Edward Jack profile iconus navy aircore1945 – 1946airmy father served from 1945-1946, had 94 carrier landings 2200 hours in the air on the antietam. celebrating his 90th birthday soon,looking for jonny brown,my wing man
Tangney, Robert "Bob"RM1945 – 1946Radio/TelegraphRobert "bob" Tangney, my grandfather, served as a radioman, I pretty sure. He passed away in January of 2000. If anyone remembers him or has any stories, I would love to hear from you.
Babbitt, Edwin Robert Jr.?1945 –?My father was aboard the USS Antietam in 1945, 1946 we believe. If anyone knew him, what he did aboard ship, etc. please contact me at I am working on genealogy for the Babbitt family. Thanks!
Radford, Robert3rd class Petty Officer1945 – 1946Personnel office
Sykes, Harry F.ELECTRICIAN & MOVIE OPERATORJan 1945 – May 20, 1945EngineeringOriginal Plank Owner. I would like to find a list of all original Plank Owners and/or commissioning crew. Please contact me if you can help with this!
Eberly, ChuckETM 3/CJan 1, 1945 – Jun 15, 1946Electronis TechnicianWould like to hear from anyone in above Division, especially Ben Lewis,M LaChapell or any others.
Baker, Harold C.CV36Jan 1, 1945 – Jan 1946Flight Deck OrdananceListing for my late father who was Aviation Ordanance Petty Officer 2ND Class and rode the Antiedam into China October 1945 and later back to post-war Japan
Anderson, HaroldJan 28, 1945 – 1946Aviation MedalsmithThis is my Dad, he was on the maiden crew, being re-assigned from the USS Intrepid. He passed away 4 years ago, if anyone is left I would love to here from you.
Beckwith, GilbertSeaman EnlistedJan 28, 1945 –RTICMy Father retired as commandor after reenlisting as an officer in 1949 and passed away in 2005 he is survived by a loving and devotional wife and six children six grandchildren and three great grandchidren
Bates, Lester L.EM1/CFeb 1945 – Oct 1945EEM1/C retired 1970 ICC served 31 years in the U.S.N. telephone:(520)-625-1640 MailingAdd: HC70 box 3335 Sahuarita AZ 85629
Weidman, RobertSEAMAN 1ST. CLASSFeb 1945 – Mar 1946My father, Robert C.Weidman was a plankowner from U.S.S.Antietam's first crew. He served aboard her for his entire enlistment. He died June 6. 1998 at age 72. This is in honor of his service,and his memory. R.C.Weidman,Jr.
Shoemaker, DanS 1/C (AOM)Feb 10, 1945 – May 13, 1946V-4
Pettine, Charles A.FIREMAN FIRST CLASSMar 2, 1945 – Aug 1946BPlank Owner, part of the very first crew onboard when first commissioned
Parese, Frank J.EM3cMar 12, 1945 – Apr 12, 1946electricalMember of original crew,a plank owner in charge of all sound powered phones had a repair shop and a striker right under the flight deck,also slept there,good duty but pretty,noisy when landing aircraft
Gault, JohnWater Tender 3rd ClassApr 1945 – Apr 1948Engineer B Class (Fireroom)I'm doing this for my father. He shares stories about the navy and his time on the USS Clay and the USS Antietam. He was 17 when he enlisted in '45 and served until '48. He saw the world in the navy.
Dobson, PatrickAG2Jun 25, 1945 – Dec 16, 1945
Dunsing, Adolph (Al)PFCAug 1, 1945 – Jun 15, 1946SeaGoing MarinesMy dad is 81 years old and reminiscing about his time on the USS Antietam, If anyone remembers him, please contact him at
Bassett, Charles (Chuck)Seaman 1st ClassSep 1945 – Jun 1946Can't RememberMy father served on this carrier. His assignments were: Fire station duty, Twin 40 gun 2nd loader, Bow watch below flight deck.

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Select the period (starting by the reporting year): precomm – 1945 | 1946 – 1953 | 1954 – 1958 | 1959 – now

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